Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sick Bugs

Well that wacky spring cold/flu finally hit our house. After a fun start to the week with school and a dress fitting for Ariel's flower girl dress for Kara's wedding, things slowly went down hill. By Tuesday for ballet Ariel was acting not her self. Xander had a terrible Monday night of crying almost all night, nothing comforted him except me holding him. By the time I dropped Ariel at gymnastics, she was saying she felt cold... I thought it was at first because she was in a tank top but I soon saw by the end of class she was running out of steam.

I brought the kids home, got them into their jammies and they both crashed on the couch. Super cute but I felt bad for my babies.

Wednesday morning I made the call to keep Ariel home. She never really got 'sick' like Xander did but her lingering on and off fever made me just want her to rest. I had an appointment with our new family doctor! Yes after 2 YEARS! I found a doctor who has room to take us in her practice... the downside, its in White Rock. However, this woman is WORTH the drive. I use to see her before she went on maternity leave, she was a fellow doctor at my old clinic. So I am happy that we get to see her. She is just so caring, gives the time to each patient and great with kids. So I had an appointment to get acquainted mainly, but one concern I wanted to get checked out.

Xander has one dark black mole on his upper thigh. It popped up sometime after his first birthday and because its dark its one we need to watch closely. Me on the other hand, I have millions of moles all over and had a few I was concerned about but I was put at ease that they were fine. Yay. So with that, we left feeling fabulous that we once again had a doctor, amen!!!

The drive home was eventful to say the least. Shortly after we started driving Xander started puking... like full on projectile puke. Lovely eh? Ariel is freaking out that he is going to get it on her and Xander is totally confused about what just happened. I find a spot quickly to pull over, a Fatburger. Ariel has decided she is hungry and I can't justify using a bathroom and not getting something, sooooooooo I got her a snack and clean Mr Man up. Thankfully no more puking the rest of the ride home. The rest of the afternoon we rested and chilled... Xander discovered a new way of napping, what a boy!

Thursday is our lazy day already, so I baked for my week's orders and the kids hung out. I had 3 cakes this week, all for kid birthdays which is always fun for me. First was a flower pot for my friend Kelly's daughter Taeya...

...then a 1st birthday cake with a baby dino theme. So cute, I really liked this one...

...finally, a cake that was big and colorful - Sesame Street! (Go to my Jaybird Creations website for extra pictures of all 3 characters on this cake)

However by the time I was working on Sesame Street on Saturday my body was starting to feel lousy. Ken was out at an Elder' s retreat most of the day and I had awoken up with a migraine so it was a rough day. I was happy when the cake was finished and more excited with how it had turned out.

Now its Sunday again and we all stayed home from church to rest up. I had a rough night with on and off fevers. My stomach has been bugging me and I just needed to rest. Glad its a long weekend and Ken is home tomorrow. Yay!

This week is a wedding cake week! My good friend Ann from high school is getting married and I get to do her cake, so I am super excited - plus we are attending the wedding so its going to be a blast, just need to get well! I also have a large family photo shoot on Saturday morning so hoping the weather is good.

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kelly ens said...

awww - i hope you're all feeling better soon and that you got some good rest today.
we shared more cake with family at T's family party today...yummy yummy! many even had seconds and i'm SO thrilled there's still MORe for me to enjoy! Loved it - LOTS of compliments on it. Thanks again :)

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