Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now that is snow!!!

After all the lame snow falls we have had this winter, we finally got a real one in my opinion. It wasn't slushy, it was just right. Plus we just got enough of it to slow the town down a bit, but not make things totally unmanageable, like in some places I hear.

I decided to brave it and thought we might as well try the stroller as well. Woohoo!

Of course Ducky had to come too on this adventure.

Luckily for me, a good portion of the roads and sidewalks were shoveled by the owners, so it made things a lot easier. Any areas where the snow wasn't cleared, we used the main roads where it was packed down. The traffic was pretty much non existent, which was a huge plus for us. What was really surprising was how beautiful and clear the sky was. It was sooooo blue. Very pretty.

After we picked up the much needed milk, we always run out when it snows, we made a stop at the park! Ariel wasn't too sure about walking in it at first by herself.

She even whined a bit.

Then she got really good and had some people, who were walking through the park, stop and marvel at her speed and determination to get to the toys. Haha.

Look at her go!

On the way to the toys, Ariel met a dog, that was a big highlight!

I did mention Ducky had to come too right? Hehe.

Once she made it, she was a little overwhelmed...

...So we rode the teeter-totter.

Too much fun indeed!


Of course all good things come to an end, and Ariel was so upset when it was time to leave that she cried all the way home. Sniff. Broke my heart, but once we were home and she got a cookie and some milk, things were good again. Until we take on the snow again. Hee.

Monday, January 28, 2008

One of those days...

Its been a interesting day... as I sit and have this lovely moment of peace while Ken is watching Ariel. I am going to miss him when he has to work late a few times this week. Ugh. Before I get into today, let me catch you up on the weekend highlights.

Saturday had Ken back to teaching, but only one class which means he gets to be home earlier! Which is wonderful in my books. This will let us do more things as a family, so its very exciting indeed. We didn't do anything special on this one, just hang out, and relax. Twas wonderful.

Sunday was church and Ken's presentation on animation as an act of worship. It was fantastic, and I am not just saying that. Hee. He has so many people come up and tell him how much it meant to them and how interesting it was. We also want to thank everyone who was able to make it out, it meant a lot to us. Looks like he may be asked back at some point in the future too, yay.

Afterwards we had lunch at Nana's for the triple birthdays, Rita, Ken and Mike. We had gotten Mikey a Quatchi stuffed toy, he seemed pleased. Hee.

Ken got some gift certificates to the local framing store so he can finally frame his special animation cel drawing that he got as a gift. I will post pictures when its finished!

The remainder of the day was a lazy one. I went for a walk while Ken and Ariel napped. When I got home, princess was just getting up, as her naps are somewhat short due to the teething issues. Ugh. I want these eye teeth out, NOW! The poor girl has her hands in her mouth 24/7 these days. Poor thing, and sometimes cuddles don't even work... but that night it did. Awe.

Today was a bit crazy. We had a nice walk in the morning, visiting Nana and Papa on the way back. After lunch Ariel went down for a nap, only to wake up due to the noise outside from the design shop packing up and moving. Its been an on going racket for the past week, so I will be glad when they finish. Ariel then stayed up and NOTHING made her happy. She was so sad and would just stand there and cry. Sniff.

The one time she didn't cry was when she was trying to help herself to the bag of animal crackers on the counter.

Oh course it was short lived and she just stuck to me like glue until it came time for me to make dinner. Then I somehow managed to set off the upstairs smoke alarm while cooking! I have never done that before, and frankly it didn't help Ariel either, as she started crying while I am trying to bat the thing down so I can stop it. Thank goodness Ken walked in at that moment and was able to take Ariel and gave me the chance to grab a chair and press the reset button. The one positive, at least we know how sensitive it is, and I feel safer knowing it will go off if there is something wrong downstairs.

I am off to go do some work on the church directory, since it didn't happen this afternoon. I also was tagged for a bag picture, so I will do that soon too. Its just a little nuts today. Sigh.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend is here and guess what? Snow is coming!

Blah. Again, why? This is getting lame, really lame. So much for things I had planned for tomorrow. I guess we shall see how bad it is in the morning. Argh.

Tis Friday again, and I am left thinking, where did this week go? Ken had a run through for his presentation at church last night with Pastor Dave, so I was on my own, which makes for a very long day. Plus, Ariel didn't get a good nap due to the telemarketers calling. After the 3rd call, she started crying. I don't blame her, I should let them talk to her. Haha, that will teach them. Hee. Either way, we had a fun time, Ariel was totally goofy and kept hiding on me.

1, 2, 3 on Ariel!!! I see you!

During our time alone, Ariel somehow snuck one of Ken's blue pencils by me and decided to taste it. Lets just say the results were messy. We had to go brush someones teeth until she no longer looked as if she had been eating Smurfs.

Today we had coffee party over at Stella's. Ariel enjoyed her fruit salad... then her cheese... then biscuit... then more fruit... then muffin... and eventually more fruit. She still managed a lunch later on top of that. Yikes!

We came home and Ariel spent much of her time playing with her toys. I eventually got her down for a nap, or so I thought. She had been up a few times in the night so I wasn't surprised she wasn't that tired. So I had to get her up again since she was crying her eyes out.

I got a call during that time in regards to laying out the new church directory, so that will be cool. I love doing those sorts of things. Yay. Now I have a very full email of pictures and addresses to sort out. Whee. One big plus is I will get to know the faces of new people.

Once my call was done, Ariel was too. I finally got her upstairs and in bed sleeping and I managed a short rest on the couch. Victory! Woot!

At 5pm I woke up the princess and we had an early dinner. Ken has a conference call with the Art school in California, so he was going to be late. I made up an awesome burger, oh it was heaven. Ken called on his way home and also was eager to get to his burger. Yummy.

After dinner Ken was being goofy with Ariel. This is a dorky song we use to sing when we made Kraft dinner. Ariel thinks its pretty funny.

I am hoping for an early bedtime tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I leave you with a sleeping Ariel from last night. Awe. Count those sheep!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One Day Behind

Ok, I was in the mindset that it was Thursday today, doh! I don't know why I do this sometimes, but either way, nothing was ruined, nothing was overlooked, I was just a day off. Weird.

Past few days Ariel and I have managed to get out more. The weather is nice, just on the cold side. Yesterday we went and spent time with Stella and Donna. I spent the time cutting out the pattern and fabric for a little summer dress for Ariel. Stella had gotten the fabric and pattern last summer and didn't have time to make it up, so I am getting to do it this year. Hee.

We came home in the afternoon and Ariel ran around with a bucket on her head. Seems to be her favorite new game. So far it hasn't effected her intelligences. Haha.

Later we were totally goofing off, which always makes for great pictures...

And video!

Today we had to go buy a new water filter jug as our kept freezing shut. I had tried everything in the past 3 months to fix this thing, and our fridge isn't even that cold. Bah. So we got a new cute one, and its even got a thing on top that tells me when to change the filter. Yay.

Later we got to see Erin and Leah with the kids. They all got to play at the playground and it was lots of fun. I really need to remember the story time at the library, I think its time to try taking Ariel again, since she is getting better at sitting still for books.

After a nap, on both our parts, we played and had an early dinner. Ken was at a screening tonight, so we were on our own. Ariel was a total ham and kept taking off her pants and giving them to me to throw. Strange child!

Tomorrow will bring a coffee date with Nana, some sewing time with Stella and more fun with my little sweet pea!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to Bloggin'

Yes, I took the weekend off, not much happened anyways. Heh. Actually, I had Ken home on Saturday, which was a treat and a big help since I had a meeting that morning at the church regarding the new logo, and now I didn't have to bring Ariel along. I left the pajama gang at home with a list of things to do before I returned, as we wanted to swing out to the craft store to get some stuff for Ken to animate with. Pencils are important tools!

The meeting went better than expected, and I am happy to say a positive reaction, and all voted yes! Whee, so next is the annual general meeting next month, to present it to the congregation. Eek.

After the meeting, I picked up Ken and Ariel and we headed out. Half way there is when the snow started falling. Again with the snow! Good grief. We were quick and I got some new beads to make some more 'pretties' for Ariel, as well as some paper for making Valentines!

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. Ariel napped, Ken animated, and I went for a very soggy walk in the slushy snow. I really need boots, oh well. For dinner I had got a piece of salmon to cook up and boy was that awesome! Ariel gobbled it down with her cooked spinach, yes I said spinach. She loved it and demanded more. I am always amazed at her willingness to try these things, as I lived on bun and peanut butter till I was practically a teenager.

Sunday was church, and I quickly switched so I could be in the nursery, since I got the days wrong in my head and realized I was on for next week when Ken was speaking! Oops. So I was able to switch and now I can enjoy his talk next week when the family all comes too. Anyone who wants to come see him speak, I can let you know the time.

Rest of the day was another lazy one, once we got home from the little meeting they had at church following the soup and bun lunch. I got out for another walk on my own with my ipod, so relaxing. I really need that time I think.

Today was sunny but cold. We started the day having a lazy morning in our pjs. Ariel discovered her shadow, it was funny watching her poke at it.

Then some dancing in the kitchen.

We also tried a new hair-do today!

After the mailman came and I got a few things straightened out with a client we walked down to town to get our pictures printed finally. Haven't gotten them done since summer, so we had um... over 200 that had to get printed. Gack! We then walked home and Ariel was in the zone, pointing at the odd dog and cars we passed.

Upon coming home, I got Ariel to practice some of her letters and words. Too cute!

As I type Ken and Ariel are downstairs watching Donald Duck cartoons. She loves his voice and busts a gut when he talks. Hahaha. So while they bond, I think I will go start filling the albums with this huge stack of photos.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sound of Music

Hey everyone, don't have a lot of time to post tonight, since I am preparing for a early Saturday morning meeting. However, I totally have to share this song I heard on the radio, which I think I may use for Ariel's 2nd Birthday photo video (yes, still far away but I just think its perfect), its just so magical. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Story Of Your Life - Ali Slaight

do you ever stop and wonder where this road will take you
what's around the corner
will it make or break you
is this your destination
or is it the start of something new

what will you accomplish
which way will the wind blow
for every door that closes find an open window
and everyone is watching as you write the story of your life
of your life

and you wont look back
'cause it feels so right
and no matter what it'll be alright
in the brightest day or the darkest night
you will find yourself in the story of, in the story of your life

will you do the choosing or be the lucky one thats chosen
will you recognize the greatness in your smallest moments
and every step your taking, you'll write another chapter
in the story of your life

and you wont look back
cause it feels so right
and no matter what it'll be alright
in the brightest day or the darkest night
you will find yourself in the story of, in the story of your life

everything you are
and everything you do
anything you want it's right in front of you
its right in front of you

and if I turn left or if I go right
no matter what, I'll be alright
standing in the shadows or the spotlight
here I find myself
in the story of my life

and you wont look back
cause it feels so right
and no matter what it'll be alright
in the brightest day or the darkest night
you will find yourself in the story of, in the story of your life

Ariel, find yourself in the story of your life.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lazy Day

Thursday always seems to be a little on the slow side... at least for me, what about you? I was planning to go out to the craft store today in Richmond to get Ken the blue pencil he needs for animating, but then decided to hold off a day and perhaps go after my breakfast with Dad. Decisions, decisions... blah.

After realizing Ariel was nearly out of milk, I took princess out for a walk in the falling snow. Very pretty but kinda wet. I put up the plastic cover on her stroller to keep her dry, but she kept poking it as if to say, let me out of the bubble mommy.

We got the milk and stopped by the quilt store to visit with Stella for a bit. Ariel had a ball with the fabric bin as always. Came home for lunch and nap time. I ended up on the phone during the afternoon with Lesley, as she has already started writing the music for next year's church musical. She was hoping I would be interested in writing the script, ooh. I must say there is plenty of time, and after hearing her outline idea, I think I could come up with something cool. So it looks like I will be saying yes. Whee.

When I heard Ariel in her room awake, I went to go get her, only to find she had taken most of her clothes off. There she stood with a huge smile, diaper (thankfully) still on and her shirt hanging from her mouth. I think its safe to say the girl is teething again.

After getting her redressed in a fresh outfit, we went down to play and get ready for dinner. Ariel is getting really good at the wooden puzzle and can put the pieces for most of the animals in the right spots.

She also did some mowing of our carpet, I think it was looking a bit long. Thanks sweetie!

Looking forward to Friday and the weekend. Ken is actually home this week, as he bumped his classes up a week since the numbers were a little low, in hopes of some more students. Actually works out great as I have a meeting at the church, and now I have a babysitter. Yay.

Well, time for ER, so I shall log off. I need to get a video of Ariel saying some of the alphabet letters. Its super cute, so I will try and get a video tomorrow. Have a good night!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Love Gymboree!

Haha, its an obsession I know. In all seriousness, I had my gymbucks to spend today, and so the plan was to be at the mall when the store opened because it becomes insane with all the crazy ladies shopping within very little time. With getting up early comes going to bed the night before early. Ariel was having her evening snack in her nightgown I had made her from Christmas.

So then this morning we were up by 745am and out the door to get gas for the car by 830am. Gack. It was dang cold!!! I had Ariel bundled up in her warm coat from Grammy and we were off! The drive was good and very little traffic, so we got to the mall about 920am. That gave me enough time to buy Ariel a muffin for her snack at Gymboree while she sat with the other kids and watched the cartoons. Of course she was more into the kids around her and as they all sat in their strollers, they had a lovely conversation. Hee. (Makes you wonder what they say!)

I also had to buy some new bras, ugh. I had been putting it off for soooooo long, but with the wire coming out and stabbing me, I knew I had to do it today. I went to the first store where I found mine and bought 2. They weren't on sale, poo. So while we walked around getting some exercise, I stopped in another place and sure enough they had mine too, and 45% off!!! So I bought 2 and when back to the other place to return the first 2. Confused yet? Either way, I am extremely happy that with buying 2, I have put off the task that much longer next time. Hehehe.

It was only 10 after 11am, and so we came home to eat. Ariel was ready to call it quits too at that point. She was happy to get home to her friend Elmo. They had a good play together until nap time, and I got a quiet afternoon to work on my freelance work. Yay.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for, the Gymboree fashion show! First off, Ariel showing off her bag of loot. We are so set for Spring and Summer now. I bought lots of clearance t-shirts and shorts last summer at the end of the season, so this was more for pretty and dressy things.

First off is this little dress that fits her well now. I bought mostly 18-24 month things for later on, but this one I had to have for now in 12-18. Something special to wear when Daddy speaks at church on the 27th! Love this color on her!

Next is the 2 summer sun dresses. I love this coral one, and its so light and airy.

This one is so CUTE! I didn't think I would like Ariel in plaid, but I DO!

Also got a one piece bathing suit for swimming lessons and just as an alternate suit to have on hand. She loves the water so much, I think we will be at the water park a lot this summer, and maybe this year we will go to the water slides. Whee. I have lovingly called it the 'turtle power' suit. Yes, I am a dork.

Finally, a cute terrycloth pullover dress. She can wear it over her swim suits or as a casual dress for playtime.

Now all we need is some warm weather. Hello? Sun?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Blustery Day or Dumping Grounds

As I type, the windows are rattling from the wind outside. Brrrr... makes me wish for warmer days. Ariel helped me pretend it was summer by trying on her new bikini, ah things to come. She got a kick out of wearing it, so perhaps we will have to go to the pool some time soon. I also think she is almost the right age for her next swimming lessons, yay.

This morning Ariel was demonstrating her new love of dumping anything in sight. So join me with Dump along with Ariel!

Hmmm, this looks like a nice full basket of toys!

Now, if I tip it like this....

...and push it like this...

...and lift this end here...

...a bit further...


Well, that was short lived fun.

Today was a lazy start to the week. We waited at home for the mailman to arrive with our package, and afterwards headed over to visit Nana and Papa. Of course the goofy girl wanted to show off her fancy climbing.

We came home for lunch and a nap, which ended a bit early due to Ariel waking up to the noisy wind outside. That got us to have an early dinner before Ken was home, which turned out to be smart since he didn't roll in until 645pm due to bad traffic.

After watching some new Degrassi and Corner Gas, we are getting Ariel ready for bed. Daddy gave her a bath... which she proceeded to take a dump in... sigh. That was short lived fun too. Oh Ariel, you are quite a girl.

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