Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Project 365 - Day 90

They were filming in town today, not sure if it was a tv show or movie, but I knew it had to be a second unit since it was such a small crew. Ariel was fascinated by the piles of cords and that they were getting loaded on to the big trucks.... oh that and the fake flowers they planted everywhere.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Project 365 - Day 89

I made these for Ariel's class party tomorrow. They don't look like Martha Stewart's perfect ones, but I am pretty happy with how they came out.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Project 365 - Day 88

I made a batch of paska today, oooh. Couldn't help myself and had a nibble. Yum.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Project 365 - Day 87

Wanted to share the Lent candles from church. Each week a candle is snuffed out leading up to Easter... however, the dirt that is around the candles has been getting more and more beautiful. The first week it was plain dirt, but as of today, it was blooming! It really caught my eye and I loved the symbolism.


This week has been a blur. We got back into the full swing of regular activities of school, dance and the waiting projects sitting in my pile of things to do. Its been great and we have all fallen back into the routine without much fuss.

The main project this week has been the Summer Arts Camp brochure I have been putting together. I had a date with Brenda on Thursday to go driving around collecting pictures and info from some of the instructors we have on board. We have learned that dealing with artists that sometimes you need to go to them rather than wait for them to send it to you.

Ariel in her fairy outfit

We got back home where the kids and I got dropped off for a break and lunch at home, only to find we were in the middle of a power outage. I didn't know how long it had been out since we were gone, but when calling the info line it stated there was a tree which had taken out some wires, so it was going to be awhile. So much for the warm lunch I promised us with is being a super cold and rainy day.

I made peanut butter sandwiches, which was fine with Ariel and we played waiting for the power. Eventually it came back but the cable and internet was still out. I called the service line to alert them and got someone who didn't really give a darn and was like 'we will send someone out on Sunday' ummmm, no. I called again and got a nice guy who was far more open and professional. Sure enough there was an issue and they were working on it while we chatted. With Ken in the final stages of the book, we don't need the internet down.

It got back up and it was time to take the kids to Brenda's. She offered to take them so I could work on the brochure uninterrupted and then join them for dinner since Ken was teaching. Woot! So I worked hard and got the one side pretty much completed and it was nearly 6pm so I went to dinner.

Xander enjoyed playing at Brenda's house, even falling asleep in the arms of one of her kids, awww.

Ariel was glowing and super happy after a fun afternoon with the kids. Although the girl fell and put her teeth in her lip again. She really loves to do that eh? Its pretty purple but healing well. (My pretty girl... before smashing her lip again)

After dinner Brenda and I worked some more and got the schedule for the camp sorted out. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this camp. Its going to be AMAZING! If you are in the area and have kids aged 6 to 13 years old, stay tuned for info. I can tell you this, I will be one of the instructors teaching illustration and Ken is teaching Animation... and that is only 2 of the 8 options we are offering. Ack, so excited!

Friday was mellow mainly because of the crazy running around the day before. I stayed in and cleaned the house, purged enough stuff to fill 2 large bags to donate to Ariel's school fundraiser and made a new recipe for dinner - pork and apple fajitas... YUMMY! We also had coffee with Stella that morning, had a nice walk in the sunshine and basically just let the kids have a 'down day' which they deserved.

Saturday, Ken and I were both wanting the computer, since we each had deadlines. I decided I had some chores to do so I took Ariel out with me to give her some one on one time while Xander slept and Ken worked. We took the cans back to the depot, hit London Drugs and Safeway and had a break at Starbucks (juice for her, coco for me). On the way home I asked if she wanted to go visit the fish at the pet store. She loves seeing them and then today she kinda sighed and said, 'maybe one day I can have a pet'.

We went in and while she looked at the fish I talked to the shop owner. I had fighting fish as one of my first pets when I was younger and figured maybe it was time to share that experience with Ariel. I can honestly say they have made it far easier to get started now than when I was younger. They had a small kit with everything but the fish! So I surprised Ariel and she picked the kit she wanted and then we chose the most beautiful fish.

She was soooooo excited to show Daddy and flew into the house yelling 'Daddy I got a fish!' Ken was thrilled and was gushing that his little girl had a pet. It was so important that we had to go on Skype with Grammy and show her the fish. Blue the fish is now in her room and doing well.

That evening once the kids were in bed, Ken got out the laptop and I plunked down at the computer and worked... and worked long! We turned the lights all out for the Earth hour, but had to keep the computers going. It wasn't till it was past midnight that I could call it a day. I had everything done to show Brenda on Sunday morning, yay!

Sunday was Palm Sunday, Xander's first, eek! Sadly Ken had to go downtown for stuff relating to his book, so we missed him most of the day. I went to church early to take Ariel to Sunday School and enjoyed the practicing of the worship team. Xander loves music so he bopped along.

During the service when the kids were invited to dance around with the palm branches, Ariel freaked. Not usually like her, but she eventually went when her teacher took her hand, only to have her hold her branch in front of her face the whole time! Haha. I think the only reason for it was that she wasn't expecting it. She happily sat at the front to hear the story with the Resurrection Eggs afterwards, so who knows what was wrong.

After church we came home and took over some laundry to Dad and Rita's. While the laundry was going, we went for a walk and Ariel had a run down to see the ducks. It was nice to get some exercise before the rain started.

We got back to fold stuff and then were excited we got to see Dad and Rita as they arrived home from their trip earlier than expected that day! Ariel was thrilled and it made her day.

So that pretty much wraps up the day... except for this. Ariel reading! Brenda gave me a bag of early reader books that her kids used and thought Ariel would enjoy them... she has and just look at what my little girl is doing. Eek, I am proud indeed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Project 365 - Day 86

I will blog more about this soon, but the big event of the house today was 'Blue'... Ariel's first pet. Hee.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 7 months Xander!

Project 365 - Day 85

Some pretty flowers Ariel insisted I take a picture of.


My little man is seven months old today. Gack! Can he be any cuter? I think not. Hee.

Until I finish the brochure for the summer arts camp I won't be blogging... back to work!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Project 365 - Day 84

We came home this morning to a power outage. A candle would have been helpful getting up the stairs with 2 kids in complete darkness.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Project 365 - Day 83

Just playing with a wine glass, whee.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Crazy

Project 365 -Day 82

I wanted to get some pictures this morning while Xander and I walked around town while Ariel was at ballet, but my battery was dead, so I had to get my picture from my deck instead. Here is my garden fairy, I love her.


So last Friday was coffee party at Lynn's place, which was nicely decorated for Easter... that is sure coming up fast eh? I got to have a great chat with Kara about wedding stuff and offered her my services in helping make invitations as part of my gift to her and Chris. Looking forward to it, but the wedding will most likely be next summer, so no rush at the moment, which is good since I am swamped these days.

That evening we got to go out for dinner with friends to celebrate Erin's birthday. She turned 26, making my upcoming 31st birthday seem that much older, haha.

We had Greek food and the most delicious lamb shank! Ohhh, it was sooooooooooo good. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and just enjoy the night without the kids. I'd like to do it again soon... anyone having a birthday?

Ariel and Xander spent the evening with Stella and Jack and had a great time. Its nice knowing we have such great friends to help watch our kids.

On Saturday morning with Ken home working on his book, I left Ariel with him and took Xander to have an adventure in White Rock. With my driving back and forth to the lady doing our American taxes, I have often seen places that I would love to explore, and so I finally was going to do it. I started by going off to Winners, only to find the location had closed 2 days prior, doh. I went to Pier One next door and got really excited to find our glasses on their open stock shelf. Ken accidentally broke 2 of our glasses several months ago but I bought them as a set at Costco and never thought I'd fine replacements. So it was a welcome surprise and I was super giddy.

Then we checked out Wal-Mart, as I had a gift card that has been in my wallet for over a year. I used it to pick up some coffee for Ken and some other odds and ends. One item was a Barbie doll that I will use for Ariel's birthday cake. They had some on clearance and this one has a painted on bodice which is perfect for decorating purposes. I finally got to go to H&M, a store my friend Trudy was always telling me about. I found some cute accessories for Ariel's party and a really cool white shirt for Xander. Before calling it a morning, I saw the Cupcakes shop and brought one home for everyone... I think Xander was cheesed he didn't get one too. Haha.

In the afternoon, I spent time taking portraits of Xander, practicing capturing the light in my subject's eyes. Been reading up on the subject, and wanted to practice it.

Loving some of the shots I got...

... may need frame a few...

... but lots to pick from, haha.

Sunday was church and spending time with Ariel. Since she didn't get to come with me on Saturday, I took her for an adventure walk in the afternoon. She wanted me to do pictures with her like I did with Xander, so I did (would I ever turn down an opportunity?).

She had a ball and it was sooooo warm and sunny.

We walked a long way and I noticed a sudden change in the weather and started getting us to head back... only we didn't get far until it started to dump rain! Ack!!! Ariel and I took cover a few times. I was feeling pretty silly not bringing our coats, but it was so warm and sunny, didn't think rain was coming at all! Ariel was a little cheesed I think, but as soon as we got home we jumped in the tub to have a warm bath, that made it much better. That and a cup of tea, ahhh.

Monday... oh my goodness, Ariel woke up and came down the stairs. I said, 'guess what? You have school today!' She stared at me and said, 'but its Spring Break.' I replied that Spring Break was over, and she squealed and ran upstairs to get changed. Needless to say, it was a good day in our home. Haha. I dropped her off and she barely said goodbye she was so happy to be back.

During her class, I went to Stella's and sewed the top of Xander's new little baby quilt for his Easter basket. Its the dinosaur fabric I bought awhile ago, and I am happy to see its finally getting done. Looks super cute and I just need to finish it up now... maybe tonight?

After picking Ariel up, we then headed to Brenda's where I had a meeting regarding the summer arts camp we are planning. We want to have our brochure done before Easter, so we are planning to get everything collected by Thursday. Brenda said she would take the kids so I could have a few hours to whip it off, yay.

While we were talking we heard Ariel scream. We both bolted and found that Brenda's dog had nipped her hand. Of course Brenda freaked out and got the dog into the garage while I tried to calm Ariel down to try and find out what happened. I knew she had to have done something to make him react. At first I thought she tried to pull him, but it turns out he had some treats and she tried to take one to feed him but he got possessive and tried to protect them. It was an accident and I am thankful Ariel's hand was fine. I had Brenda bring out the dog from 'time out' as we told Ariel, and had him apologize. I wanted her to face him so she wouldn't develop a fear. I am glad I did that, Ariel forgave the dog and said sorry too. It was unfortunate, but it happens. Since I love animals too, I know there is always 2 sides and he was reacting like a dog can when protecting something.

After some more chatting and Ariel playing with the kids when they got home from school, we came home only for me to remember we had no milk. So I kept the kids in the car and drove to the store and ended up doing a week's worth of groceries. Thankfully both kids were in a great mood, something surprising at 4pm in the afternoon. On the dinner front this week, we are gonna try a pork and apple fajitas this week, yum.

This morning Xander got up earlier to nurse and fell asleep with me and at some point Ariel climbed in too after Ken left for work. So when I got up the kids were all cuddled together, very cute!

Then it was ballet and I found out my little girl's feet grew big time over the 2 weeks spring break. She went from a size 9 shoe to a 10.5, crazy! I picked her up a new pair while she was in class, on top of the several other chores I had to do.

Xander got to try out his jean jacket Grammy gave him back at Christmas. It was super cute and again I played photographer with him.

Mommy's little model.

Ariel wanted to get in on the photos too and I got this of her in her favorite rainbow dress.

Then we had a huge skype chat with our friends from the states. I love that thing, makes the world smaller... to my other friends from far away, if you get on skype let me know, we can set up a chat. Skype is free, all you need is a webcam. Woot!

Ok, Ken is working late, so its time for dinner for the kids and I. Have a great evening.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Full Swing

Project 365 - Day 81

Today we were back in full swing, Ariel was thrilled to be back at school with her friends... beyond thrilled! I was back into full swing myself with various projects on the go, I sewed with Stella and got the top of Xander's quilt done, I met with Brenda to plan for the Summer Arts Camp (some of Brenda's brushes are in the picture), did the week's grocery shopping and am now cooking dinner for the troops. I am hoping to share more tomorrow when I will have a lighter day... thus meaning a regular blog entry, woot. Until then, I will leave you with this, Ariel was bit by a dog... stay tuned.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black and White

Project 365 - Day 80

I thought I'd change it up this week and make every picture black and white. I love how they look and you can do some really fun artistic things so that is that. Had to start with this one, Ariel and I went on a photo adventure today and ended up getting stuck in a rain downpour. I took this after we bathed and warmed up, just made me warm and happy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cupcakes are Good

Project 365 - Day 79

Xander and I went and explored White Rock this morning, something I had been wanting to do but its too difficult with both kids when I want to just take my time and look at stuff. I will share more about our adventure later this week, but I had to share my goodies I brought back for the family... CUPCAKES from CUPCAKES, drool. I picked the perfect flavor for each person, and needless to say they were VERY happy.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Project 365 - Day 78

Ariel fell today, nothing major, just a scrape on her knee. However she cried for nearly 20 minutes about it, especially when I had to clean it. Then she didn't want a band-aid... then she did. I am glad she doesn't hurt herself very much, its too much drama.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cone of Shame

Project 365 - Day 77

This poor kitty has a broken leg... he doesn't seem impressed with his surroundings at the moment, or maybe it was because he was wearing a cone. In the movie 'UP', they refer to it as the 'cone of shame'... I think that is pretty much what animals think of them. Get better soon kitty.


Wow, look at me, second blog in the same week. Yay me! I remember when I did that on a regular basis... maybe once Ken's book is done I will again. We are coming into the final stretch and I am sure my hubby will be happy when its done. I can say that what I have seen thus far its even better than his first book. I am proud of you babe!

So this week has been long... can we say I am so over Spring Break, as is my daughter. She keeps saying, I can't wait till fall, then I can go back to school. Haha. We have had lots of fun, but she misses her routine, her friends and a sense of 'her space'. I think she knows that the world revolves more around Xander and his needs, so I think she is missing 'big girl world'. She has been such a great help and I loved getting more time with her than I usually do. She is such an amazing kid, but I knew she wanted to get back to school when I caught her pretending to be her teacher to her stuffies. 'Excuse me little dolphins, does anyone need to use the toilet?' Haha.

One thing Ariel and I did together when Xander napped at various times was chat about her birthday in the summer. As you well know, I like to start planning about 6 months prior. I love to think about theme, collect things so that its fun and not stressful. I love planning parties for the kids, and now I get to do two parties, so I need to be on the ball. Ariel decided what she wants as a theme. At first it was going to be Fancy Nancy, but the character isn't all that well known with her friends here. Then Ariel got hooked on Barbie, and I figured I could do the same things I would have done had it been Fancy Nancy, but just use Barbie instead. Ariel was happy with the idea of a Barbie party, and now always goes on about how everyone can bring their Barbie dolls to the party to play. Hmmm, not sure her little boy friends would have Barbies, maybe action figures could work for them... Barbie likes dating super heroes, haha. Sooooo, I sketched some ideas for Ariel and she is very excited.

I did take advantage of both kids been here to take pictures of them together. First it was some for my Dad's upcoming birthday and then some for St. Patrick's Day that you saw yesterday. Then yesterday we did some for Easter cards. (You can see a little preview in the sidebar with the new profile pics of the kids). The kids were so cute and I got the most perfect shot. Can't wait to share it soon.

I have been sewing like crazy in the evenings and managed to finish Xander's Easter bag. Woot! I still want to get some blue ribbon for the bows on the side, not sure I like what I have on there at the moment. I still need to sew the one that is our family one, so we are getting there. I have a sewing date with Stella next week to work on Xander's lap quilt, the dinosaur one, so that will be great to finally start.

I wish I had more exciting things to share that we did this week, but we ended up wasting 2 day practically. I had a UPS shipment arriving on Wednesday and when it got late in the day I finally called and they said, oh it will be Thursday now, sorry... argh. This poor package has been back to the USA twice due to missing papers. So then it finallys arrives today, its a dress for Ariel that is for our trip to New York for a family wedding, that she is also using in her pageant. Its GORGEOUS! I loved it... then I put it on her... its too long!!! Thankfully, I can sew, otherwise I would have been really upset. I pinned it up and will hand tack the hem up so that when I want to take it down when she grows I can. She is going to be able to wear this sucker for awhile... that is how long it is on her. It should have been just under her knee, but its past her ankle! I'd love to show it off now, but I want to wait till pageant day, its worth it... love this one! Gosh I am mean today... not sharing anything. Haha.

While we waited this morning, Ariel got to 'Skype' with her little friend Kailey. We were having a great time until we lost sound. Turns out a simple case of unplugged speaker and mic on their end, so we will try again this weekend.

Later today we went and visited Michelle who was in town again with her daughter Kaelyn. Xander enjoyed seeing his girlfriend again, hee.

Even getting a tad annoyed when I kept taking pictures during his date. Can't you hear it already? Mom!!! No more pictures!

Ariel was thrilled when she got to feed Kaelyn.

Speaking of feeding, Xander tried something new this week and really took to it. I have this little thing called a 'dipper'. Its like a pre-fork, and he loved it.

Here is a little video, which also includes Xander being cute.

Can't believe tomorrow is Friday! Looking forward to coffee party, and then in the evening Ken and I get to go out... without the kids! I know, crazy stuff eh? Looking forward to it. Then we get back to routine after the weekend and I will have to get back to the projects sitting in a pile on the desk here. I brochure to finish, a painting for a doula to use for her business and various other little things. Lots to do... but its getting late and Ken should be home soon. Yay. Good night!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Project 365 - Day 76

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I made green clover pancakes for lunch today for Ariel and I. When I was a kid anything my mom made green for the occasion kinda freaked me out, Ariel however polished them up with a giggle. Maybe I will try green eggs on her next year, haha.


Will blog again tomorrow most likely... until then, enjoy the cuteness!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stick Man Family

Project 365 - Day 75

Captured this moment while Ariel was drawing this morning. Too sweet... not to mention much cuter on paper than on my walls. Ha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is a time for bling!

Project 365 - Day 74

This is a balloon from Ken's sermon at church yesterday... I have already had to rescue it once from the vaulted ceilings in our home. Needless to say, its tied to the crocodile now.


Oh what a weekend! First off I can finally say that our dear Kara is finally engaged! Woot! It was funny because on Sunday morning I sat down to check email and noticed that Kara's picture on facebook had changed to one of her and Chris. Then I noticed her status said a bit about steak, ice cream and being very happy. I called Ken over and said 'I think it has finally happened, that boy proposed!' Ken wasn't too sure, since we had been waiting for this announcement for ages... through Christmas, her birthday and valentines day, haha. Well sure enough when Ken dropped me off at Stella's (as she was helping pick up the balloons) there was Kara calling relatives about her ENGAGEMENT! I can sense engagements and pregnancies... its a gift, haha.

So last Thursday Stella and I (along with the kids) headed off in search of fabric for the flower girl dresses I am sewing for Amanda's wedding. She had requested yellow, and we had a hard time trying to find the right shade she wanted. Frankly, its the one color there isn't much to pick from. We did luck out finding a pretty material that was close to the right color, and then at the next shop found material to add on top to give it a really pretty flowing look, as well as making it more the color Amanda wanted. Then got some off white satin for the sash (not sure why it looks blue in the picture, must be the lighting in the room). So pretty!!!!! Looking forward to sewing soon, but I need to work on Xander's lap quilt first for his Easter basket.

Speaking of Easter, I also finished the stitching for Xander's egg bag decoration. Just need to sew it together. Yay!

Friday was a cold and rainy day for the most part. So we pulled out the slow cooker and made our favorite sweet and sour ribs, yum! That evening Ken was working on his sermon for Sunday and doing some laundry. His mind was on his work and had a bit of a snafu with the drier... meaning my shirts went in when they shouldn't have. Thus resulting in belly shirts! Being an emotional wing-nut I cried. Ken felt terrible and I went to bed rather defeated and sad.

The next morning Ken had a tech run at the church with Pastor Dave, so I sent Ariel with him and took Xander with me to the mall to get a few shirts to replace my ruined ones. I got lucky with some good deals and now have some clothes that don't look like they belong in Britney Spears videos... back when she wore clothes in her videos. Hee.

'I love my Daddy!'

Later that afternoon we attended a memorial tea for Taylor. It really captured who she was as a person, with the quote 'don't make a fuss and get over it.' Haha. Yes, she was a funny lady, and enjoyed being referred to as 'old lady Taylor'. While looking through some old photos I found this one of when Nana and I went to visit her with Ariel, hard to believe they both are gone within the same year. Sigh...

Sunday was Ken's big day and his sermon was wonderful. He reflected on the movie 'Up' and how the power of story affects us. He tied it in with losing Nana last year, since this movie came out that same week and how it all tied in to how we were feeling. One thing I felt he needed to have as a visual was a big bunch of balloons, and encouraged people to take one to reflect a story they have. I will post the auto recording once its up on the website of our church if you are wanting to hear it.

Xander wanted to be all dressed up special for Daddy's sermon, hee.

Sadly during the whole sermon I had a nasty migraine. Shortly after Ken finished and we went into Lent prayer time, I made my escape to the washroom where I was sick. Ugh. I was so embarrassed to get sick at church but not much I could do. We came home where I rested the rest of the day but couldn't shake the migraine until late in the evening.

In happy news, our little man has been growing and developing so much the past few days. He is sooooo close to crawling and is now much better at sitting up alone. Here he is this morning showing off! Way to go little man! He is an eating machine and will be getting more solids added to his meal plan. Right now he has been getting them only at dinner time, but for his growing body he wants more, in fact if I am walking around with him he motions to his chair where he gets food. Haha. His favorites have been green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, corn and all types of fruit. My children are not picky eaters... I guess it skips a generation. Wacky!

Ariel has been a nut case this week! We have only one more week of spring break before things return to normal... I can't wait! She has been pretty good in the mornings, but the afternoons and evenings are just hard. The two times Mike and Jo have seen her these past few days she was flying off the handle. I'd like them to see her like she usually is, makes me sad they don't get to see her much since they have busy schedules, and when they do she is wacky. At least Xander's mellow personality balances it all out.

One thing I am finally ready to share is that Ariel is going to be in a pageant. Ok, before anyone goes all 'Toddlers and Tiara's' on me its NOTHING like that at all. In fact, its really cute and sweet. While watching local cable a few weeks ago we happened to see what was called 'The Miss Sweet Pea Pageant'. Its a natural beauty pageant, meaning no make up, crazy outfits, fake hair, tans etc. They want girls to act and look like little girls. They get to wear 3 outfits, an age appropriate dress, a casual outfit like they would wear for school and a costume. Each girl gets recognized and gets a crown, so its really made for fun and confidence.

One look at the dresses and crowns and Ariel was eager to try it out! However, trust me when I say I did lots of research and emailing questions before saying yes to Ariel that she could do it. Not to mention Daddy wouldn't let his daughter in anything that he thought was like that tv show.

Here is what Ariel picked out for her 'casual look'. She will get to use her Bo Peep halloween costume again too, so that makes me excited to get more wear out of it. Now she is walking around the living room waving and smiling... even setting up an audience of stuffies that watch her. Kara keeps saying we need to get her an agent... if she enjoys this show, maybe we should, might be a way to earn college money.

Today has been mellow and quiet. Kara came by briefly to drop off my Tupperware order, and Ariel was excited about the new sandwich keepers. Xander was just excited to chew on them. Haha. At least he is happy, it was a rough start to the morning when he rolled off our bed. He bumped himself and got a red mark on his eyebrow. Sorry baby boy! I remember when Ariel rolled off the bed... most likely at this age, so he is simply following in her footsteps. I'd like to keep him 'bruise free' until they get their pictures done with Maria. I have them booked in a few weeks for her annual 'Mother's Day' event, so lets keep the injuries to a minimum.

Ok, Ken is on his way home, so time to get dinner going. Have a good week everyone!
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