Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 is Great!

Happy 8th Anniversary Ken!

I love you more and more every year.
Thank you for everything you do for us and our family.
Can't wait to give you a son in August,
a little boy to grow up and be a wonderful man just like you.

Love Always,

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am somewhat out of sorts. Not sure if its just that I am overtired or emotionally wacky... could be a little of both. Been having trouble getting comfortable in bed at night with this huge belly. Its all out front which makes side sleeping easy, but the pressure on my bladder is annoying and the struggle to get out of bed in the middle of the night is hard. Ugh. These are the times I wish I was a tad taller, longer legs... anything to help, haha.

Friday morning I woke up at 530am and felt completely sick. I went to splash some cold water on my face and ended up getting sick. I think I ate a tad too much for dinner the night before and my stomach and baby decided they weren't happy. Blah. I crawled back to bed till it was time to go to my Dad's for breakfast at quarter to 9am. Not a nice start to the morning, sigh.

It was nice to have Ken around for breakfast, as usually its just Ariel and I going over. He did have to go into work later that morning for an open house at the school, but there was enough time to eat and for a walk to see ducks. Yay!

The catfish were also out in full force, check out this hungry one! Yikes, they are kinda creepy looking.

We walked back to the house and Ken left for work. Ariel and I stuck around finishing washing the fabrics for the baby blankets I need to make up. Dad grilled some hot dogs for lunch, and it was very enjoyable to sit outside and relax in the sun.

Ariel likes to catch up on her reading at Grandpa's...

Came home and just felt crappy. Just really tired and sad. Ariel wanted to watch some tv, so I took the opportunity to go up to bed and do some cross stitch while watching mindless tv of my own. I managed to finish the project I was working on, a gift for the new baby board I am a part of for Xander's birth. I am not sure if the girl I got is reading my blog, so I can't show you, but I will once it's arrived at its location.

Church was good, for what I did hear of it. Ken and I were in the nursery today, well I was but I called on Ken for help since I was tired and sore. I did have a 'lovely' comment made today from a lady who liked the color dress I was wearing... and how MUCH of it there was. Um, geeze thanks. I already feel like a huge cow, lets just bring it up some more. Blah. She even proceeded to laugh after she said it, haha, yes, its soooooooo funny. *Grumble* Under usual conditions, I may have not cared as much, but I haven't been in the joking mood, so kinda a crappy time.

I am very thankful Ken is home for the next 3 days. I just could use the company and the help. Plus Ariel is always excited to have Daddy home. We are in the process of writing her new birthday story, should be cute. Also I hope to put together the birthday invitations and do some more sewing. We shall see what I DO manage to accomplish at the end of the week, ha.

On the Xander report, he has been moving around A LOT! I see limbs go by and I totally can remember that time with Ariel. He is getting stronger and I find myself feeling like a stuffed turkey... or maybe rather a turducken (which for those who don't know is a turkey stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a chicken... crazy!). Ken was like, there is a person in you, and it really is amazing to wrap your head around. Life is truly amazing. My blood pressure continues to be lower, which is fantastic. I also got a call from the hospital to book my 'pre-admitting' appointment with a nurse. It was that moment that made it very real that Xander would be here in less than 2 months!!! Gack!

Ariel finds it funny that he is kicking me. She knows she isn't allowed to kick people, so the fact her brother is doing it to mommy is blowing her mind. We got her to feel and I am not sure if she really understood what she was feeling, but the look on her face is priceless.

Speaking of our princess, she is officially registered for ballet at Aunty Kara's old ballet school here in town. It was very exciting to line up and sign her up. I look forward to a few years down the road when she gets to take part in the performances, eek! She is also just totally cracking us up with the things she says these days.

-Ariel bumps herself and cries and Ken said are you ok? She replied, yes I'm ok, sometimes people bump their tummies.

-This weekend she told me she wasn't Ariel but 'Supergirl'. She runs away from me shouting 'Supergirl, to the rescue!!!!'

-She was pulling at her shorts and underpants and I asked what was wrong, and she replied, I have a 'butt up' aka a wedgie.

She is also extremely 'apple crazy'. I need a lock for the fridge since she just goes helps herself. I found 3 apple cores on my couch... apple burial grounds I guess. Ick! The best was tonight when she fell asleep on the couch after eating an apple... and she kept lifting her hand to her mouth in her sleep like she was still eating it. I was waiting for her to bite her hand and wake up, haha.

This week we are also celebrating both Canada Day and the 4th of July. Gotta love having Canadians and Americans in the family eh? I pulled out the dresses I made last year and I think they should still fit Ariel, yay! The 4th falls on a Saturday this year, so it makes it easier to celebrate and we may go up for the parade in Point Roberts which would be fun.

Well Ken just pulled out the old 'Ariel hospital dvd' so I think we will go watch that before bed. Can't believe we will have another little person here in several weeks... wow... can't wait. Eek!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop... dead?!

Ken and I are in shock...really, Michael Jackson is dead?! I came downstairs and saw the report online and called Ken who was just talking about it with his co workers. For us, this is our John Lennon moment. Someone who was such a part of our growing up with the music that really is the soundtrack of our youth. I remember my Dad's Thriller record that I played over and over... although it scared me, haha. The car trips listening to his music are always going to play in my head.

Ken made a really great comment that made me giggle... 'so I wonder what Nana thinks about meeting Michael Jackson in heaven?' Haha, I must say in light of the rough few days I have been going through, it was a joke that really made me smile. We share that humor, hee.

In the end, I hope we just remember the music... cuz really, that was the best of him.

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to rest in my bed when Ariel came to me and said 'you need to get up, its a perfect day!' That's my girl. Haha. Well, the weather has been pretty nice, and the rain today has cooled things down, making things much more comfortable for me. Oh, and I am 30 weeks! Talk about entering the countdown... eek!

The past few days have been odd... kinda just getting back into life, although its very different now. I still find myself looking up at white cars that drive by, as if it might be Nana. Kinda strange, and sad I guess. I am trying to keep busy, but its still difficult. It catches me at weird times, like today we got a package from Ken's mom for the kids. Inside was lots of goodies, clothes, toys and just fun stuff. My immediate thought was to call Nana to tell her about it. Sigh... takes time I guess.

Grammy sent lots of fun things, and Ariel was pretty thrilled. She kept saying 'for meeeeeeeeeee!?' Haha. Here are some pictures of her new duds... love the dress, too cute!

Daddy's girl indeed!

Xander wasn't left out either... love the lions!

In the box also were some stuffies from their trip to the zoo, a Fancy Nancy book for Ariel, some cute picture frames and an outfit Dan wore when he was a baby that Liz made! That one I want to save until Xander can be in it, just so cute!

Speaking of fun mail, Xander got this cute outfit from Amy and Boston yesterday.

Yesterday we had lunch with Stella, Kara and Aunt Deborah in Steveston. Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera. Doh. We had a nice lunch at this cute little cafe, and boy was it yummy. Then Kara went back to work and the rest of us walked down on the wharf, and had some ice cream. Ariel had a bubblegum flavor, mainly because it was both pink and blue... she goes purely on color, haha.

Before that, Stella and I hit the fabric store and I found a pattern for a dedication outfit for Xander. Then found some fabric and trims and woot, all for under $20! I must say, cheaper than Ariel's, but she had lots of lace. Haha. Xander is getting the little outfit with the pants, since Ken didn't want his son in a dress, hee.

This morning the rain was a fun surprise, more so for Ariel as she has been eager to try out her umbrella. My little puddle princess.

We walked down to the bank, got some milk and then Ariel pulled me into the cafe so she could have a slice of quiche. That is her inner Nana, haha. So we had a treat, and thought of her... I must say, it was hard to be in there. Just feels weird, not in a bad way... just different.

Well, I need to get Ariel packed up, we are going to Dad and Rita's for a visit and then they are going to watch her while I go register Ariel for ballet class for fall. I have to go line up and frankly if its raining still, I don't want her to get sick. Blah.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Nana....

Yesterday was the memorial service and I can't stress enough how loved we felt! From the crowds of people that came to remember her with us, the time people put into baking and preparing the reception, the setting up of the decor and the message and music... it was truly an amazing service that people won't be forgetting anytime soon.

The day started early with a breakfast out with Ken and Ariel. I knew we wouldn't get lunch really until the reception, so I needed a filling breakfast to keep my going. After wards I met up with Stella, Julie and Jo to decorate the church. Julie had boxes of stuff from Jamie's wedding that we reused and made into 'Nana's garden'. We worked solid for about an hour and a half. I had printed out 20 pictures of Nana with different family and friends, and it was a neat way of bringing 'her memory' into the decor. We had so many lovely complements of everything, it was very special.

Rushed home to change and came back to see people already arriving at 1pm, and the service didn't start till 2pm! Then it was a flood of people, some who I hadn't seen in years. Emotionally, it was overwhelming to see so many people that were a part of my growing up coming to remember my Nana. She really touched the lives of so many and really it was just like Mom's service all over again.

Around that time the rest of the family arrived at the church, and Papa was having a really hard time. I found it hard to look at him crying with his head in his hands. It just broke my heart. I think that is were Nana and I were so alike, seeing someone we care about so much cry was too much to bear. Thankfully, we were all together, and we were going to get through it together... tearfully, but together.

The whole service was just a beautiful testimony of the love my Nana had for her family, friends, community and her Lord. I hope I can live to be half the woman she and my mom were in their faith.

My mom's teapot that I filled with pink roses,
a tribute to them both, I miss you!

The music had us in tears, especially after Ken's wonderful telling of the eagle story from the day she died. Then the video I put together was shown and as promised I am sharing it here with you all. Its set to the song 'Remembering You' by Steven Curtis Chapman, a song that when I first heard it reminded me of my mom so much. It seemed fitting to use it for Nana, and in a sense, it really was a tribute to both of them.

Before the eulogy, Uncle Bill had asked if Jesus Loves Me could be played, as it was a tie in to his speech. Originally, he mentioned finding a recording of it, but when I asked if he wanted it preformed live instead he asked about finding kids to sing it. Well I gave Brenda a call since her girls popped into my brain, and asked if they could sing it. She mentioned having Jo's nieces (and the girl's good friends) Anna and Sarah join them and of course it was just perfect in my mind! The more the better I say. Then little Brian wanted to sing too, and that just really made me so happy and honored to hear that. It was a touching part of the service and I think most people had a tear in their eyes. Once the kids finished, Carol Peters took it into a beautiful arrangement only she can do... and something Nana would have loved. She never got enough of Carol's playing.

Uncle Bill did a great job with the eulogy, and was from the heart. Its never easy to put things like that together, and it was a look at who she was from the eyes of her son. Then Pastor Dave's message just was really the way that brought it all together, and was such a statement to how Nana lived her life. It wrapped things together and brought us to a place that we could remember her fondly and move on... of course it won't be the same, but knowing she is in heaven watching us is comforting.

Ken taped the service, but the tape cut off before the last song, 'Because He Lives', which was too bad, but I am glad we have the rest of the service saved. I know several people that will want to see it since they couldn't attend, and we are in the process of transferring it to DVD so I shall keep you posted.

The reception was beautiful and really captured Nana... lots of FOOD! Haha, she was the best hostess and always had piles of treats for company. I think one of the ladies said it best, it was the last tea party with Nana. She would have been blown away, and probably said 'you didn't need to do this for me'... yes we did. Thank you Nana! Thank you for the memories, the love and the guidance over the years. We love you...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is a Perogy?

Perogies are pockets of dough, filled with virtually any imaginable filling. Traditional perogies are usually stuffed with: potato, cheese, meat, sauerkraut and fruit fillings.

That was for my friends who have never had a perogy. If you get the chance, I highly recommend them. I prefer the potato and cheese ones. Yum!

Sorry for the lack of posting, its been the crazy week in preparing the last minute things for the memorial service on Saturday. Not to mention any chance I get to do something for myself right now, I tend to rest. Ahhh. My feet are swelling and getting sore, and this little boy in my belly is making me more and more uncomfortable.

Monday afternoon Ken arrived home from Montreal, yay! Ariel was excited to see him and loved her 'Montreal Princess' shirt he got her. Haha. Then we went off to my doctor's appointment to see how the little guy was growing. Well, he is growing, and fast! I was measuring ahead slightly, interesting. My blood pressure was amazing! 100/80! My doctor was in such shock she did it twice, crazy! I figured with Ken home I was chillin' again, hee. Lets keep those nice numbers!!! Got to hear Xander's heartbeat, it never gets old.

We drove home and swung by my Dad's to pick up the mountain of photo albums. I decided I was going to finish the slide show for the memorial that night. Kinda a lofty goal, but I figured it be easier than drawing it out. So I got to scanning pictures and by 11pm I was pretty much done. Ken came to watch it and we both were wiping away tears. I will share it here after the memorial service, it is very special and is my gift to Nana's memory.

Yesterday, Ariel had a play date with Carter and Sienna! We went to Erin's place and had a lovely visit. Erin made some yummy wraps for lunch, which I totally need to get the recipe for. Ariel also showed off her big girl swinging skills with Carter.

Carter looking very grown up!

Ariel was loving baby Hayden. She is going to be such a great big sister!

It was nice to sit and chat with the girls. I am sometimes lonely when I don't manage to get out as much, so it really was a treat. We came home later that afternoon and just rested. It had gotten so hot out... so hot that a little ice cream treat was in order, yummy.

Later that night I went out to see Ariel's proofs with Maria. I had Chelsea come and babysit Ariel, and she was so excited to see her that I was nearly pushed out the door. I enjoyed the drive alone in the car, very relaxing. Always fun to visit Maria, and seeing Ariel's awesome pictures is always awesome! I really love this one!

Mommy's little model, hee.

Today was another fun day, this time with Stella and Donna, or as Ariel calls them, Lala and Donald. Haha. Unfortunately, I started the morning on a sour note with getting sick. Ugh. I haven't done that in a long time that it came as a shock... so much so Ken came up before leaving to make sure I was ok. Blah.

The mission was to get materials for Ariel's birthday invitations and fabric to make Xander's receiving blankets. First up was the fancy paper store, oh it is such a fun place!!! I never get tired of going there, it just oozes creativity. Hehe. We are having a Lilo and Stitch Luau themed birthday this year, after Ariel's love of the breakfast we went to on our Disney trip. Ken and I love stitch so much, that it was perfect and we have been eager to get this show going. I had originally designed an invitation in my head, but after seeing some other things at the store, I modified the plan slightly. All I will say is that the color is a pretty aqua. Oooh, gotta wait until they are sent out. Hee!

Then it was a stop at Boston Pizza's for lunch. Ariel ate a little cheese pizza... with ketchup... yeah. Ick! She also showed off her ability to go in the washroom stall alone and do her thing. Such a big girl!

The fabric store came next and I found some cool flannels for my blankets for Xander. When you don't like sports, it doesn't leave a lot left to pick from. I found several patterns in bright turquoise and some dragon stuff. When I showed Ken when he got home he was totally loving it!

Oh, and they totally go with my new diaper bag!!! I wanted something a tad smaller than my last bag and a bit more stylish. I found an amazing deal online for this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag since one site had it listed way under priced because it was 'an older style'. Woot! I love it and can't wait to use it. Hee.

I also picked up the printed programs I designed for the memorial. Here is the cover with my dear Nana. The lady at the print shop asked if she was my mom, and I told her my grandmother. She commented how she use to see her walking around that particular mall all the time. Then she gave me a hug, I must say, it was nice. She also was impressed with my design, so that was flattering and made me feel good that I did something nice for Nana.

Sooooooo, tomorrow I think I will lay low and just rest up for the big day. Hoping for some cool weather... they keep saying rain is coming, I have yet to see it. Blah! Pray for my family as we prepare to say goodbye again...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beach Girls!

So we have been missing Ken this weekend. He flew off to Montreal on Friday morning and we have really been counting the days until he returns, haha. Ariel told me last night, she can't wait for Daddy to be home. Me too sweetie, me too. I have been really tired and drained from the heat and everything that I have been doing in preparing for the memorial.

On Friday morning we had our first coffee party since Nana died. It was nice to visit with everyone, but when we toasted Nana at the end, most of us were in tears. I was very choked up listening to everyone share how she was such a wonderful friend or like a mother. All that kept going through my head was, she was my Nana... and my mom is gone. I just hate thinking about how its just Ariel and I left in the chain of generations. Its hard feeling like I am standing alone without either of them. I would often tell Ken that one reason I got through losing my mom was because I had Nana... but now what? Sigh, I am still figuring that out. I try not to think about it too much right now since I just weep.

After the party, Ariel wanted to go visit the plastic geese in the back yard. She attempted to ride it... like so many kids have in the past. Its tradition really, hee. I am glad she makes me laugh.

That night for dinner I caved for comfort food and made up perogies. Ariel had never had them before, and let me say, it was a big hit! Can you tell? Glad I can share such silly things like this with her. I figure I better enjoy them now since once this baby comes I am back on my healthy food kick to drop the baby weight.

Yesterday Ariel and I went to the beach to meet up with our blog friend Kristin and her kids Marin and Corban. It was a nice change of pace from all the craziness and it was so nice to just relax a bit. It took a bit of time for them to arrive because Google maps was all wacky and didn't take in to account for all the construction downtown from where they were coming from. Thankfully, I was able to help guide them from landmarks Kristin could point out. Haha, streets I don't know but buildings yes.

When they did finally arrive, the kids hit it off well. Its so funny because we have been reading each others blogs for a few years now, so its like we know each other so well, and yet it was our first meeting. Wacky! Hehe.

If anyone remembers last summer, Ariel would NOT go in the sand... at all. It suddenly popped into my head that she might do the same thing again this year. So as we made out way to the beach... so did the wails, 'SAND! I don't like sand!' However, once Marin was playing with toys in the sand it was like a light switch moment. Suddenly she whipped off her shoes and was in the sand building a castle!

It was amazing, and I kept snapping pictures as if she was taking her first steps again. My daughter was in SAND!!! Haha, sounds so cheesy, but hey its a big deal for us. Ariel ran around collecting sticks for her castle... and rescuing the ones Corban would remove for her, hee. Ahhh, things to come.

Next up we went for a walk out in the little tide pools. Ariel did need a bit of a lift over some of the rocks that were a little sharp, but for the most part she managed to walk out (although there was some whining). Once there, she ran and would call to Marin and Corban, 'come on everybody!' They had a great time splashing and walking in the warm water. It was so nice with the cool wind off the water, I was in heaven!

Here is Ariel pretending to be Moses, parting the red sea... only it wasn't working for her. Haha.

Then we went back to the beach and played more in the sand. Ariel went and sat with some teens that were next to us. When I went to go get her, she informed me they were her new friends. Lol, making lots of new friends today. It was starting to get late, so as our final event, we walked down to the secret garden. Marin and Ariel enjoyed running through and finding the various items that were interesting to them... mainly the old fashion stove.

Love this one, just too cute!

When it was time to go, Ariel was pretty tired and cranky. She didn't want to say goodbye, and getting her into the car was a bit of a challenge. The promise of a slurpee on the way home helped, haha, I needed one too. We drove on the highway so we could help our friends get back on the main road without any problems, they had enough already that day. When I got home I realized I had gotten a bit of a burn, blah! It was starting to hurt, so I got out the lotion and kept drinking water since the more you drink the faster the burn will go away.

By the morning, I only had 2 small patches on my arms that were still sore. I got Ariel ready for church and we went off on our own. You can tell summer is almost here as attendance really goes down with people away on vacation. After wards we stopped at the first market of the summer in the village to grab some lunch. I got us some bison burgers, yum. Came home and tried to rest a bit before we headed to Stella's for dinner... but Ariel wasn't going for that and kept coming and finding me to tell me random things.

We had a nice dinner and got to see Colin and Katie as well, which was a treat. Ariel was a total goofball and talking up a storm... like 90 miles a minute. She even had a bath there, which was nice for me to bring home a girly who was ready pretty much for bed as we walked in the door. Ahhh. I am eager for bed and sleep, so I will finish this up. Tomorrow is Ariel's last ballet until July and I have a doctor's appointment... oh and KEN COMES HOME! Can you tell I missed him... yeah, I miss my man. Can't wait to see you sweetie.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Seriously, when did that happen? Its been so busy around here that I didn't notice until I got an email from some baby site saying, 'your almost there!' Gack! In a few short months we will have our little man home with us, wow. Speaking of boys, is there something in the water, because everyone I know (except Trudy - and I am sure she is glad of it, haha) is expecting a boy... or if they waited to find out at the birth, ended up getting a boy too! Where are the girls?

On the overall pregnancy front, since I really haven't gotten to talk about it since everything with Nana happening, here is a brief update. I don't need my pills anymore!!! Yes, its true, sometime a few weeks ago I was down to one and then poof - none! However, with my iron pills, I do find the nights I need to take one, sometimes I feel I need a pill to help the nausea that the iron brings on. I also had a rough go last week with cramps... from the iron... yeah, you know what I mean. That is all I will say so I don't gross anyone out. My system got stuck, so I was eating lots of fiber cereals, fruits and veggies in hopes of 'fixing' the issue. Thank heavens it only lasted 2-3 days, since I was pretty grumpy. My blood pressure has also been steady around 130 over 75. Woot! I'll take that and be happy for sure. I even got as low as 125 over 65, so that was encouraging.

The heat has been... AWFUL! My bedtime has turned into 8pm so that I can lay in front of the fan. I only go out early in the morning morning and try and be home before noon at the latest. My favorite trick is to hop in the cold shower for a few minutes and then sit in front of the fan... yep, pure heaven. Xander is also getting more active. For the most part, he is very mellow compared to how Ariel was like. I would usually only feel him move around when sitting or laying down. Now if I am out walking I could get a good swift kick or punch. Ooff!

Now some may remember with Ariel that I was getting the old 'twin' comment all the time. I thought this time, not a chance. I lost weight and felt good... not to be. Since I am short and lacking a torso, haha, the baby sticks straight out in front. Usually, I get one or two comments a day along the lines, 'wow, your huge... and you have to still go till end of August?!' or the oldie but a goodie, 'are you sure their aren't 2 in there?!' Um, yeah, I am sure, but thanks for saying you think I look like a whale. My solution to the problem last time was not to leave the house... not so easy this time with Ariel, since she likes to get out for a walk daily. Really, why do people need to say these things? Do they honestly think they are the first one to say it? Perhaps... either way, blah!

Ok, that was my vent, on to fun. Ariel was cracking me up today. She really is a funny girl sometimes. Before leaving for our walk this morning, she had to visit the potty... and while some people read, she always builds a tower while doing her business. Yep, she is not wasting any time while having to stop, gotta get in all the playing she can.

She also enjoys being a duck. This is from her potato head parts we got from Disneyland... always entertaining. Haha.

That's my girl. She is just something else... but I wouldn't want it any other way.

On Xander related stuff. I have been stocking up on diapers whenever they go on sale and when I have a coupon. I found a whole stack of them in a bag from my 3D ultrasound, woot! So I have 3 packages of size 1 and one package of newborns. Still need some more newborns, since one pack doesn't go far, haha. I forgot how tiny they were, so cute, hee.

I also have been continuing work on the stocking, although it did take a back seat for a bit. The beads arrived that I ordered for it, so it has helped kick start it back up again.

Gymboree also had a huge sale, 30% off and I could use a 20% coupon on top of that. So I got some newborn diaper shirts. Lots of blue and Ken is always a fan of baby elephants.

This week I have been full on funeral planning. I got a floral arrangement ordered for the front of the church, and have Jo and Julie lined up to help with other decor. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on the program. Just waiting on some last minute details so I can finalize them and get them printed. One major task I still need to get further along is the reception. Just need to follow up on some calls, but its hard to remember to do that when you hit the hay at 8pm. Yesterday was a bit hard, as Nana's ashes were delivered from the funeral home. I found myself holding the urn today, almost in a hug. Its not the same... I miss her hugs.

Ken is going on another trip soon too, this time to Montreal for a Pixar event the school is hosting. I am really going to miss him but I know he is going to have a great time, and I actually have some fun things planned too! I am meeting up with a blog friend on the weekend, Kristin and her kids before they move far, far away. I have been reading her blog after finding it off another friend's page. Crazy to think it took this long to meet, but hey better late than never right!?

Tomorrow is coffee party... the first one without Nana. Kinda weird, and hard really. I hate having to do all the 'firsts' again. It makes for a rough year. I was reflecting that I lost my mom when I was 20... and Nana when I turned 30. Gosh it sucks... really, that is the best way to say it.... it sucks. Some days are good... some not so good. I am really aching for Xander to be here soon... something magical about newborns. Straight from heaven... yeah, that is pretty much it.

Well, Ariel wants me to come watch her play on the deck because 'its a perfect day.' Those were her words... now if only she could only understand Mommy's dislike of the sun at the moment.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Animation Festival Fun and Time for Rest

Its been a VERY busy weekend here for us. Friday night we went and set things up at the church for the big animation festival, woot! The major positive for me was the air conditioning at the church building, ahhhh.

Saturday morning we were up and back at the church doing final set ups, meeting with the folks helping us out and having a few crises. Yes, even in the best planned situations things can go wrong. Our big one was Ken forgot the fire-wire port on our camera didn't work. So Ken was frantically phoning people trying to find a camera to use. Thankfully we had a helper from church there who had one and ran home to get it. Yay! Its tricky because the newer cameras don't come with those ports, so it has to be an older camera. You can see how that might be more difficult to track one down. Usually Ken brings one from work but forgot. Oh well, it all turned out... but Ken was looking a tad bit stressed until things got sorted out.

After that rough patch, things flowed smoothly. Our new system of teams worked fantastic and the parents loved it. The kids got to do everything and it kept the transitions that much faster and less chaotic. Ariel hung out there all day and enjoyed the various activities (that she understood). The doodle room was perfect for her. Paper all over the walls and a pile of felts! Its a kids paradise. Haha. She also enjoyed building clay worms with all her little friends.

Following the workshops, Ken had the short film screening and played this amazing little film called 'The Chestnut Tree' in memory of Nana. The film maker had made this in memory of her mom, and it really struck me this time watching it. With both my Nana and Mom gone, it really made me cry this time watching it. Such a beautiful film and reflects so much on that moment of moving on without that person. Maybe one day I will be able to do something similar, but until then, this is truly a special film to me.

Then came the animator's BBQ, something new we added this year. Let me say this, we had one lonely burger left at the end! The food was GONE, and we made a $100 profit to put towards the costs of the festival, which is amazing. We really want to keep it a free event, so with the success of the BBQ, it really helps. So awesome! Ariel was a fan of the big cookies... and yes she ate that whole thing!

When the BBQ wrapped up Ken gave his presentation of Animation as an Act of Worship. Not too many people were able to stay, but those that did really enjoyed it. That pretty much ends this year's festival and we are already talking about new things for next year. Whee! If I get a chance I will put some more photos together from the festival to post here.

Sunday morning we rolled into church, somewhat exhausted but still alive. Haha. The service was good and we ended up heading over to Dad and Rita's place after wards to do the mail and plant watering. Their backyard was so shaded and cozy we set up the pool for Ariel and lounged all afternoon while we did a few loads of laundry.

Ariel would stop if a plane flew over....

... and when she tried to hide from us, well, it made us crack up.

This is the life Mommy! Ahhhh...

I was telling Ken that I enter 3rd trimester this week, crazy I know! It then dawned on me I had really gotten lazy with my belly shots, sorry guys. With everything that has been happening, part of me just doesn't want to bother with it. However, since I was feeling somewhat pretty yesterday because I got ready for church, I had Ken take a picture of me to document my belly, in a different way. I call this 'keeping the egg warm', haha. That's me, part chicken.

We cooked up some smokies for dinner and had a quiet meal together. The night air was so much cooler after the several days of pure heat! Soooooo nice, and very appreciated. I must say every time I check the 7 day forecast the rain cloud keeps moving away. Blah! Come on, one day of rain would be awesome! Pleaseeeee!

Today I woke up and had a lazy morning until Ariel got up. Just as we were getting ready to get dressed for ballet class, we got a call saying the teacher was sick, so class was canceled! Well, that didn't make for a happy princess. She kept saying, but my teacher is happy! Sadly I had to explain that being happy doesn't make you less sick. Poor kid.

So instead we walked to the store for some stuff to make a rhubarb crisp. Yum! I got the recipe from Delores who had brought us dinner last week. It was just so good, we had to have it again. Besides that, we did nothing, and it was great! I needed a good lazy day, as my legs were pretty sore yesterday. Tomorrow I have a pedicure appointment, whee! More fun stuff.
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