Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

From Mary Poppins and Bert, we hope your night is safe and fun.... and drier than perhaps our will be. Gack! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update on Puppy

Well, he is hanging on, but it isn't improving. Its hard and I talked with Ariel last night that with the puppy being sick the chances of us getting one this time are pretty low. They probably won't have any more puppies till spring, so we might be waiting a bit longer but we are ready to do that.... but still its sad.

On a happier note, my little nephew is 2 today! Happy birthday Henry! We love you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Family of 5?

Did that scare you? Haha... no, no babies here... but some family growth is coming. We have been very excited over Xander's potty training, woot! I never get tired of hearing, 'Mommy I need to pee'. Oh its music to my ears! Anyhoo, with this major milestone now passed and realizing our baby days were fading away I started longing... not for a baby, but a fuzzy baby...a puppy.

Now good people out there, I know the first thing most might say is, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! I miss having a dog, I have been longing for one since we were married but since we rented and couldn't have one it was a non issue... but the day we moved into our own place, it was then a reality... when! As you may remember when I first started this blog, my dog Lucas, a beautiful sheltie, was my dear companion. We had to put him down the day after my birthday while pregnant with Ariel. There was no question in my mind that I only wanted a sheltie again.

So I began the long process of looking at breeders and waitlists for puppies. Of course I also looked at rescue sites that help find new homes for shelties too, but with being a very popular breed, we had no luck there. Finally we found a wonderful breeder. She interviewed us over the phone and then shared the exciting news that a litter of puppies was on the way!

Meet Daddy and Mommy to the upcoming puppies! Aren't they beautiful! 

We were excited, kinda felt like expecting a baby, this time not knowing if it be a boy or girl we would get. Last night we got the email.... its a BOY! Mommy sheltie gave birth on Saturday to 2 little boys, one blue (grey) and one black. However, like sometimes happens in life, its not all we hoped... one of the puppies is not doing well. He is fighting hard and it will be a bit before we know if he survives. If the worse happens, its hard to say if we will get a puppy from this litter. We are praying that if its meant to be that things will work out, but my heart hurts. I will update as soon as we hear anything...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What the?

Ok, my blog did something weird... all my pictures from about 2006 have vanished if they were uploaded from a particular site... not sure why but I am not happy. That really stinks.... not sure what I can do or if I will try and fix it. Sigh...

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Its October?! Whoa!

Seriously, where did the time go? I feel like this poor blog gets so neglected, but I am thinking things are finally getting into a roll and I am finding my groove. Whee!

Its been a crazy few weeks. I found myself focused on things like getting Xander transitioned more with school. I will admit it was a challenge, especially coming from having a child like Ariel who just has never had those sorts of issues. We had to work on people taking toys from him, he would scream as he and Ariel don't tend to fight over toys at home (just the ipad haha). It was suggested by his teacher to have Ariel randomly take things and practice using his words vs screaming. Slowly but surely he started to come around and now he is doing really well. Transitions between activities are coming along too, the more comfortable he gets in the class the better he acts.

What I LOVE is his love for school. He really is an amazing sponge that is taking in everything. He tells me about he loves teacher Pia, she is shiny (she has a bell, haha). That apples have stars in them, leaves help trees eat (they are learning about photosynthesis) and how they sorted animals from the mad math hat. We got to celebrate his birthday at the end of September on party day, and he got a cupcake, which was very special to him. We have also been doing a car pool, as we take his friend Colin after class one day a week to his daycare and then Xander comes home with Colin and his mom the other day. Its been a nice balance and great for Xander to be working with others as well.

Ariel as usual has been a whirlwind of activity and is loving being in grade one. We got to visit her desk during open house. She looked pretty grown up, sniff!

We have parent teacher interviews coming up so I look forward to getting to know her teacher more. Ariel's reading and writing skills blow me away. She is always upstairs writing away at her desk little poems and notes. She had her first homework assignment to make a family poster with photos... and glitter which of course was her way of adding some 'glamour' to it. Ha!

Sparks started up and I am enjoying being a leader and Ariel is loving being a second year. She started selling cookies... watch out for her, she is a good sales person.

Dance is in full swing and so far so good. She LOVES competition jazz class. She gets to open the dance and be the first on stage in the number, which she was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about. She dances 2 hours on Saturdays, jazz to ballet which has been great, and an extra hour on Monday with her regular jazz class. Its hard to believe next year she starts ballet exams! We just ordered her official dance studio jacket and sweatpants, she promises to model them when they arrive, haha.

Ken and I got to have a REAL date. I got us tickets back in the summer to Roxette and Glass Tiger. SOOO awesome! It was a great show and nice to spend time with just Ken. We got to have dinner out at the Keg on the rooftop patio with a special coupon he had been saving. Great view and delicious food. Yum!

September also turned out to be wedding month, I think I did like 4-5 wedding cakes, which was exhausting. I love wedding cakes, but they are higher stress and I am glad they are done till November! This was the last one I did... along with 260 cake pops... yep that nearly killed me!

Now we are in October and its Thanksgiving weekend. Ken is away all weekend for a speaking engagement outside Seattle. The kids miss him and so do I! However I have had lots to do that keeps me busy and distracted. I finished up the last of Ariel's costumes today, and I must say I am in LOVE with her Mary Poppins dress. I don't think I can top this one, its beautiful! I still have to make Xander's, but since Ariel needs this for the upcoming pageant, I had to bust it out fast. We are going out to do photos in it tomorrow so I will post those soon.

Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we celebrate on Monday when Ken gets back home. Yay turkey!

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