Friday, March 31, 2006

Baby Update!

Here is our little peanut. Some major growth since our last visit. We got to see a big stretch and yawn, that was pretty cute. (See pic 3 for a bit of the yawn) The tech said that baby is pretty active, oh boy. I was pretty sore afterwards, they really had to push baby around to get a picture of the spine. I didn't feel great the rest of the day and soon discovered I forgot to take my morning sickness pill and needless to say, lost my lunch and never got dinner. I went to bed and slept.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hips Don't Lie, well maybe hers don't!

Ken is off to Victoria so I ended up watching TV while I got some stitching done. Watched American Idol, the cast off episode of the week. Not really surprised who got the boot. Actually the most interesting part of the show was the performance by Shakira and Wyclef Jean. They did a sorta remake of his song 'Dance like this', which I first heard on the soundtrack to the Dirty Dancing 2 movie. I think that was the only thing I liked about that movie, the music.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed the new version of the song, now called 'Hips Don't Lie.' I always like a good dance song, good for the discman when walking. No surprise Shakira was doing her trademark hip movements. Dang! I don't think Simon Cowell was into it, he almost looked freaked when Wyclef was singing practically on top of him. He kept his smile on for camera sake, but you knew he what he was thinking.

So here is the video of the song they performed, lets see if this works.

Things coming together

Well I realized I never posted a picture of the finished change table/ dresser unit I put together while Ken was away. So here is the final results. Yay! Haven't gotten the changing pad yet, so just pretend. Hee. We are going to order the glider rocker that is a present from Ken's mom for both our birthdays. She would have done it herself but she never has luck when it comes to things making it across the boarder. Lets all remember Ken's Ipod. Sigh.

Other news, Ken is off to Victoria for a workshop at a highschool. I was going to tag along but since I am doing the church bulletin for the next few weeks, and I haven't gotten it finished, I decided to stay home.

This friday is the ultrasound, and heres hoping my darling child is in a good position this time for measurements. Been having alot more movement and its sure is a wacky feeling. My sides are really sore from the stretching feeling. Ugh.

Helped Ken build the beginnings of a puppet for the book. It was fun until I got really tired. Need more energy!!!

I am awaiting the buds to open on my flowers in my pots. SOOOOOOOOOOOON! sigh.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yesterday was the big day driving out to Langley to get our 3D/4D ultrasound. Once arriving and getting into the office, we soon were told there were some technical issues with the equipment, ARGH! Seriously, this always happens to me. No fail, its the joke of my life. Hehe. Anyways, we are booked to return in April to get our recording and pictures, but before leaving the gal said, we can still tell you the gender today if you wish.... YIPPEEE!

I don't think I could have handled waiting again, it was starting to drive me nuts. So we sit down and get started. I must say the whole experience is much more enjoyable than the regular ultrasound. Ken was allowed in the whole time, and they showed him everything slowly and pointing until he could focus and see. He bearly got a view the first time and I spent time explaining the pictures.

So we start heading south to see what baby's identity is, there's the legs, the bum....long silence. I was searching the screen, as I had been checking out ultrasounds on the internet for weeks, I knew what to look for, 3 lines or a turtle. LOL. SERIOUSLY! When I told the tech that she laughed and said, well thats pretty true. I could see Ken leaning in, this was it.

Well, this sure looks like a....... GIRL

I was shocked! I was starting to doubt my own feelings on what the baby was since everyone I know kept saying it was a boy for sure. Ken smiling comes over and looks at the screen, he points out the 3 lines. Wow. It was such a exciting moment and yet I was speechless. It wasn't till we were in the car heading to the Pizza Hut to celebrate that it really hit me. I looked at Ken, I still don't believe it. We called Nana and told her. She seemed surprised too, thought I looked like I was carrying a boy. I guess thats another wives tale not true. However, many of them did stand up to being right. Especially the whole super morning sickness one, ugh.

Last night was spent calling the families and telling them the news. It was fun, kinda like a preview of coming things. Some folks think knowing isn't right, I say its your choice. Ken's comment to that is, well, the Angel told Mary she was having a boy AND what to call him. LOL, trust Ken to say something like that. Not that this is like that, but in a way its such a scary experience when its all new, and that having that little bit of knowing whats coming is a nice push. We still have the wonders, who will she look like, what color will her eyes be... thats fun.

Guess we need another dress for the wedding in August. Whee, shopping trip!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So yesterday I heard was the first offical day of Spring. Actually it was a pretty nice day so I can accept that. Heh. However, I was in front of my compy all day working, blah. I shouldn't complain, so I will stop.

Up early this morning cuz the phone started ringing at 730am, um yeah, a little early for this pregnant chicky, not to mention, who would be calling us. I didn't get to the phone in time and no message. So, being the worry wort that I am, I *69 it to see if it was indeed something important. The number that called was Ken's grandpa, so I call his cel to get him to call and check in with him, in case something was wrong. Turns out grandpa didn't call us, but that was in fact his number, weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't get it.

Ultrasound is tomorrow. As excited as I am, I find myself a bit overwhelmed. This moment is going to make it very real. Not that it isn't already, but really seeing that face is going to be a huge moment for me. Gack!

I booked our prenatal classes yesterday. We will be starting those in May. Woot. Ken is already fearing the video they will most likely show about birth. LOL. Um, this is why men don't give birth!

Well, since I am up, I might as well get my work done early.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

What day is it again?

So Ken returned Friday morning, YAY! We went to the local coffee cafe and got some breakfast, yum. Ran into Nana and the girls so visited with them for a bit. Then went to the video store to rent something for me, as Ken would be in front of the computer most of the evening. Got "In her shoes", it was really good, and I enjoyed it.

Helped Ken with some of his images for the book, can you believe that its almost finished! Sure Ken will be a zombie by the end but hey, he is an in print zombie. Hee.

This Wednesday, we find out the answer to the question that is driving us all nuts. Are we having a boy or girl. Insert cheesey music here. I am a little in shock we are finally going to find out. This 3D/4D ultrasound is very cool and I can't wait to see the little one's face and features. Its like a coming attractions preview at the movies. Wow.

In other news, Jeff and Marie found out that their one baby is actually two babies. Whoa, crazy times. Ken turned from the computer upon reading that and spoke to my tummy, "you are just one right?" Lol.

Have a pedicure this afternoon, woot. Be nice to get pampered for a bit, after the crazy week of being alone. Baby I think enjoys the relaxation too.

Baby, I guess you won't be referred to that much longer. It will be nice to call you by name. It would be even better to hold you. Soon, very soon. Seems far away but, time flies and you will be with us. Can't wait.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sitting alone with a hippo

Day 2 of husband out of town went pretty good. I am super emotional today which isn't a help to the situation. I think only a few crying episodes, but still enough to make me on edge.

This morning I finished putting together the baby's changetable/dresser. Yay. It took alot out of me but it was worth it. Finally the room has the baby feel. Hee. Can't wait to get the rest in and then add a baby! WHEEEEEEEEEE

So at about 330pm the power went out. Thought it be a quick thing but it lasted a good hour. Long enough to almost mess with my dinner plans. Ate a bit later than I wanted to but was worth the wait, hmmm, steak.

Hippo has been my friend today, huzzah, but I will be happy when my Kenny gets home on friday morning. Miss my boy.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Half way!

So as of yesterday, I am now offically 20 weeks. Yikes. This is the beginning of the end of the pregnancy. This is when things start happening. Classes, getting the room ready and the all importnant step of waiting. Ugh. Yes, I still have many weeks to go but its still a strange feeling to think in a few short months this will be over and we will have a baby. So strange...

Yesterday we had Rick and Agata over for coffee and snacks. It was really nice, they had quite the time in India. Some good, some bad, but it was an adventure for sure. They hung out with us till 530pm and then headed home. We ordered some pizzas for dinner and ended up getting them for free for the long wait. Didn't seem like a long wait but oh well, I won't argue with free. Hee.

Ken is leaving tomorrow for Calgary then Edmonton. Boo. Short trip and then he comes back to me. Yay. It will be a nice change of pace for him so I think its going to be good.

Hmm, feeling hungry. Breakfast time.

Friday, March 10, 2006

More ultrasounds...

So the doctor's office calls me at lunch to let me know they got the file from my ultrasound appointment and that they want me to go back in a few weeks for another one. Turns out my stubborn child was in a bad position (curled up) for getting a good clear view at the heart and kidneys. At first I panic and then I reasure myself that I saw for myself that the baby was in an awkward postition and that this is all it is. Those pictures of the heart are important so no worrying must I do. Its all fine.

We also booked our 3D/4D ultrasound for later this month, so I will be all ultrasounded out. I must admit I am looking forward to that one. You see so much detail and its a great way to bond with baby. I was looking at the images on their website this morning, amazing.

Other news, the stupid internet connection keeps going down and the providers of our service will be getting a nasty call from me if it continues. I usually don't mind but all afternoon is a bit much. Also this weekend Ken and I are seeing Agata and Rick who are fresh back from India.

Ken is preparing for his regular trip to Calgary and Edmonton. He is hoping to see some friends while there, including cutie Theron who is a year old this weekend! Ken got the honor of seeing him last year, just a few weeks old. I have yet to see him, except in pictures. Blah.

I am feeling a lot better today after much rest yesterday. My throat is still scratchy but I will live. I want to go to Costco and I must be well to do so.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Blahs

I really enjoyed yesterday, having Ken take the day off was very nice. We had the ultrasound done at 1045am and were finished by 1130am. It was so strange to see a little person on the screen. Wriggled alot but seemed very happy curled up in a ball. I told the lab tech thats how I sleep. Hee. I'd like to point out that they warm the gel they put on the stomach now, sooooo nice. But overall the experience was overwhelming, not to mention at the time they were playing that "I will take care of you" by Amy Sky song on the radio in the clinic. Gack, thats a movie moment right?

Afterwards we went to Earls for lunch with a gift certificate we had saved up. I had a wonderful steak lunch and Ken had some sort of chilli thing. Once stuffed we headed to Toys r us to order of change table/dresser combo. Woot. Baby has furniture coming. YAY. Gets delieved on monday, can't wait.

We then drove to Michaels so Ken could buy some clay. I was really tired at this point. The rain had been pouring all day and I was cold and moody. Went by safeway to grab something for dinner and came home. At about 7pm my head got very sore and plugged up. This continued through the night and I got about an hour of sleep. Ugh.

At 8am this morning, I got up, got sick, then fell asleep on the couch till noon. My head is starting to drain and the pounding headache is going. Not feeling that great but seeing the emails from everyone looking at baby's picture really made me smile.

And yes, I think the baby has Ken's head.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sunday, March 05, 2006

And the Oscar goes to...

We just returned from the Oscar party, had a great time and won some prizes too! This year it was downtown at Lions Pub, kinda loud with the other half of the place watching the hockey game but still nice, especially since there were far more tvs for easy viewing from any angle. We missed the first 2 awards due to a slight mix up Ken accidently made when using map quest. Luckly we were able to reach them on the cel and got things sorted out very quickly and soon we were happily sitting with our friends.

Didn't get 1st place this year, hard act to follow but I did manage 3rd and won a trip to Victoria, woot! Ken tied for 4th and got a month free of movie rentals at some video store he use to go to downtown, so he was happy.

I was sure surprised by the best song win, good grief, that one is going to be a joke for weeks. Also, during the car ride there, I kept saying Crash would win best picture, and yet I still had Brokeback Mountain on my paper. Oh well. I knew it, should have gone with my gut! Congrats to Paul Haggis, YAY CANADA!

Overall it was a good show, very short, which is always nice. John Stewart did ok as host, but I don't see him getting asked back next year. Glad the penguins won for the documentary, amazing film! I loved that they had huge stuffed toy penguins to take on stage, that makes you extra special in my books!

So after checking out my loot in the goodie bags I am off to bed, good night folks!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Toy!!!

So while Ken was out today, I headed over to the Telus store in Ladner to chat about a new cel phone plan. We were using most of our minutes just talking to each other so we knew there had to be a better plan that wouldn't charge us as much. Huzzah, welcome to the new 'family plan.'

Under the new plan we get 2 phones, and pretty much unlimited calls between those phones, thus getting rid of the huge cost we were racking up. Plus the great part is I finally get a phone again to myself. Hee. So here is my lovely red tomato phone! Ken gets the black one, so macho!

So I ended up spending the afternoon playing with all the fun features our boring old phone didn't have. I now have a lovely picture of Stitch as my wallpaper and a Fleetwood Mac ringtone. LOL. Ken was pretty pumped about getting a new phone. The sales gal at the shop was surprised how long we had kept the other one without upgrading. I told her, simple taste, and it was a good phone so we never bothered to replace it. However, saying that, I am proud to say our new phones take pictures and short video. WOOT. I feel so with it.

Ken is on his way home, yay. I had a nice quiet night, but I am glad I rented some movies to make it go by faster. Some good flicks that Ken wouldn't watch, heh.

All by myself.....

Stupid Celine Dion song stuck in my head. Hehe. Mostly because Ken is going to be gone alllllll day. After his classes end at 430pm he is putting in some time to animate stuff for the CD that goes with his book. So its gonna be a long day.

My depression or blahs as I have been calling it, seems to be better today. All week I had this dragging sadness. To try and perk me up, Ken brought me a hippo from the telus store, as he stopped to get me some info I had asked for. He is pretty cute, so I have a new friend to keep me company. Plus now at Christmas, Ken can sing the hippo song for baby with a real hippo. WHEE!

Got our taxes done yesterday, woot! Its a good year! After the huge mistake was made last year, when the person in charge of my tax deductions from my paycheck wasn't removing the right amount, this was a nice surprise. Next year is gonna be crazy with us having to do an American tax return as well for the book money Ken receives. At least we are gonna be able to cash in on the payments he makes to his American student loan, which is almost gone, so at least we can do that once. Speaking of which, boy are we glad we did the regular payments on that loan rather than just send all the cash at once. With the Canadian dollar at an all time high, we aren't losing as much in the exchange. When we got married it was like an American dollar was worth $1.50 Canadian. So we are glad to see the tide turning.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Hair

The haircut was a success! Its now ultra layers and Ken says it makes me look like a mommy. I'd take a picture to post but I'm not looking so good in the face department. Breakout city, gotta love pregnancy. Awe! Overall, it was nice to be pampered for an hour and afterwards I made my way to get a Quizno sub. Hee.

Good news, mailboxes are back! YAY. I really like to know who wanted to break into them. My suspicion is that someone lost their key and tried to pry open the box. Thus leading to the manager thinking someone is breaking into them. Anyhoo, they are back and I am happy!

Last night was pretty mellow. Had a nice dinner with Ken. He then went to work on his book and I did some cross stitching on my baby project. There wasn't alot on tv last night. Watched some of the American Idol guys, I really haven't liked any of them that much yet. Next week America's Next Top Model starts, woot. That show is so good for crazy antics, and much needed for midweek. What can I say, I like cheesey tv.

This saturday, my friend Cindy from high school is bringing her daughter Samantha down to watch me paint for awhile. She is in Brownies earning a badge for art, and one thing she has to do is watch an artist work. LOL, how cute! I remember doing stuff like that. So she will watch me do some watercolor and hopefully won't be bored to tears. Can't believe how fast she is growing up. When our christmas card arrived from them, both kids are like weeds. Its going to be so weird when thats our family. Crazy.

Ultrasound next wednesday morning, 6 days to go. I was reading what I have to do before arriving... hello, I have to drink uber amounts of water and then I can't go to the bathroom until its over. GOOD GRIEF! Are they nuts! Whats strange is that for the 3D ultrasound that we may get done as well, you don't have to do that! Weird.

I was reading through my baby book that I have finally started filling out. One thing I came across was this section to write the advice people give you. Thats one thing I really haven't had. I may change it to, people who are convinced on what your having. Personally, I don't care what my baby is, boy or girl. What is starting to upset me, or more so because I am an emotional beanpole these days, is when everyone is so sure its one or the other. People, you can only guess, and its 50/50 so yes the odds are good, but remember it sometimes comes across as a tad rude.

My family was at the point this past weekend where they called my tummy Logan, our boy's name. I have from the beginning thought it was a boy, more so because of the family history, Ken thinks its a girl, but since we don't know, I really don't want to go up to people and say anything unless I know for sure. So guess away, but please don't say, its one or the other, don't want to give baby a complex.

Sorry to rant, but the emotions are sky high this week. Ugh. Crying over everything isn't my idea of fun. Ok, I really want cake now....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy March!

Wow, another month down, this year is flying by! I have 5 months to go until baby arrives, yay! Today I got to go out and get my hair cut and boy do I feel pretty! Whee. The hair dresser said my hair was so much better, I guess when one can eat again it helps the overall condition of your body.

Other news is that my latest craving is ham and swiss subs from Quiznos. Ohhhh, yum! I'm glad baby is liking good food rather than weird stuff. Heheh.
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