Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Toy!!!

So while Ken was out today, I headed over to the Telus store in Ladner to chat about a new cel phone plan. We were using most of our minutes just talking to each other so we knew there had to be a better plan that wouldn't charge us as much. Huzzah, welcome to the new 'family plan.'

Under the new plan we get 2 phones, and pretty much unlimited calls between those phones, thus getting rid of the huge cost we were racking up. Plus the great part is I finally get a phone again to myself. Hee. So here is my lovely red tomato phone! Ken gets the black one, so macho!

So I ended up spending the afternoon playing with all the fun features our boring old phone didn't have. I now have a lovely picture of Stitch as my wallpaper and a Fleetwood Mac ringtone. LOL. Ken was pretty pumped about getting a new phone. The sales gal at the shop was surprised how long we had kept the other one without upgrading. I told her, simple taste, and it was a good phone so we never bothered to replace it. However, saying that, I am proud to say our new phones take pictures and short video. WOOT. I feel so with it.

Ken is on his way home, yay. I had a nice quiet night, but I am glad I rented some movies to make it go by faster. Some good flicks that Ken wouldn't watch, heh.

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