Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am falling apart...

I woke up this morning with an incredibly sore side, I think I pulled something while hauling Ariel up the stairs. Then today I got a bit more sun than I thought. Drat. So it has been a rough day, still good, but I am sore, and that makes me cranky. Blah

Had coffee with Nana and Papa this morning while they got their house cleaned. Had a nice walk, Ariel got an early birthday gift of new Robeez from Nana, she wasn't keen on the dirty ones she had been sporting. These ones are cute, pink with a large flower, they didn't have any sandals in her size, oh well. Summer is almost over and she will get more wear out of these in the long run.

Joined Erin and Carter at the park to play in the water. The kids had fun, Ariel was getting a bit demanding since it was getting close to her lunch and nap time, but it was all good regardless. Got some cute pictures of the kids, here are a few

Had a meeting tonight in regards to my 10 year reunion. We actually got things figured out! Yay. Ken took Ariel for a walk so I could use the computer in peace. Very nice indeed.

Ok, time to call it a day. I got a slip in the post box today, I think my Harry Potter book just arrived. YAY!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tis Monday again!

It seems to come to fast... blah. Plus, I am seeing that by my little ticker above, that my daughter is over half way into her eleventh month. Ack! In 2 short weeks she will be one.... sniff. Wow. Nothing else can explain what I am feeling... glad I took lots of pictures. Hee.

So here is a picture from the BBQ after church yesterday to demonstrate my husband and daughter's love for dessert. Can you tell they are related? Haha.

We had a good time and the burgers were amazing, especially since I am not a huge burger fan. Ariel chowed down a hot dog bun and watermelon. Our friend's daughter Chloe sat with us and was telling us in 3 years she wants to babysit for us. Yay, lets make that list up! Always good to have several babysitters on hand, right?

This morning I went to Anna's to help her with her new photo shop program. She is working on the new website for the church and needed some help figuring some things out. Its looking really nice.

Speaking of church, I never did post a picture of my painting for the nursery entrance. Its pretty big, and I am very happy with how it came out.

Since I have nothing else to say, its been a mellow day, I shall leave you with something funny for our musical moment. While at Dancing with the Stars, I was telling Kara it was a boy band fest of people. She didn't know that Joel Lawrence was a singer too. Well I have the video proof... *cough* and I think the cd proof somewhere too (I was TEENAGER!!!) Anyhoo, here is the video for the first single... and it may have been the last single... I don't remember anymore after this. Enjoy, and have a good laugh... really, this is BAD.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Party Girl

I really hope this isn't a sign of Ariel's wanting to join the ranks of the Paris, Lindsey and Britney party scene. Argh. Hey, did you hear Nicole is getting 4 days in jail!? Is that all? I think Lindsey isn't too far behind now, sigh. What is with this party lifestyle that is so appealing? Its lost on me...

Now, before anyone jumps on me, the bottle is empty! She was picking up pop cans and when I took all those away, she moved on to the empty bottles she was finding. My brother made sure to finish his beer, he doesn't share well. I think because we don't drink in our home, it makes for a curious item for Ariel. Of course all the cameras come out when the baby picks up a beer bottle!

Ariel made out good at the party eating mostly bun, some corn and blueberries (her white shirt is soaking as I type, it will survive!) The celebration was for Nana and Fran's birthdays. It was a good chance as well for me to check out how to have things set up for the big birthday party next month. Looking at renting or borrowing a few tables I think. It will be very cool.

I did the cake for tonight, more practice! I tried the recipe that I will be using next month. I had to make it twice, as the first time the cake split when coming out of the pan. The second time I used wax paper and it was perfect. Note to self...

Most of the evening people watched Ariel crawl at the speed of light, or practice her walking. She was doing really well, and was up to almost 10 steps! She is quite proud of herself. Actually, she likes putting coats on her head and for some reason, she can walk almost perfectly! Maybe because she isn't relying on her sight. Either way, pretty silly to watch.

This morning we had breakfast with Nana and Papa at ABC. Ariel ate a whole pancake herself. Yum. She made friends with a little boy named Parker at the next table. He had the most beautiful blond curls.

Afterwards I drove to the rentals store and changed the color of the tablecloths to match the fabric I got for the centers. The cranky old man was there... again. Blah. Once that was done, I went to the cemetery for a stop by to see mom. It was her birthday this past week, and I didn't get to come up then, so I made sure go today. I walked with Ariel in her stroller around the cemetery, looking at all the different items people left at the graves. I need to find something I guess.

Tomorrow is church and following it will be a BBQ! Yay.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Goodbye Bouncers, Hello Steppers!

Tonight was the last swim class for Ariel. She got her report card and we are so proud of our little water baby. Nana and Ken came to watch her, and she spotted them right off. Haha. No hiding from her thats for sure. After class I signed her up for the next month since she will be turning one and able to take it. I talked with her teacher who said, why not when she loves it. Plus, the first week is when Ken's family is here, and then they can come watch her swim too. She was impressed with Ariel's black floats and how much she has improved since last week. She didn't even cry tonight!!! In fact, she was pointing to the ceiling lights. This pointing thing is getting stronger daily. She started with little points to close toys, now is motioning to things farther away. Development is cool! Here is her report card. (click on it to make it bigger)

The past few days have been mellow. Its been getting warm again, so we haven't done much but some walks around town. Went for coffee this morning, Ariel ate 1/2 of the scone Nana was taking home to Papa. Hee. Walked with Stella as she did her jobs around town. Picked up a new copy of some of the parenting magazines. There is a 'cover baby' contest in the Canadian one... me thinks I may enter Ariel just for kicks. If she wins, we get a trip to Toronto for a photo shoot and a new camcorder. The problem is, which photo to send? Suggestions of favs you have seen on here would be great.

Funny moment of the day, Ariel pretends to sleep.....

'Hi Mommy! I am wake! Whee!' Yes, my daughter is a ham.

She was also looking through photo albums today. For some reason, she loves looking at pictures of herself. She smiles and says 'bebe' - too cute. Her favorite book these days is the one where I added the pictures of her behind the flaps. Loves it!!! Thanks Grammy for that one, its a hit!

Speaking of Grammy, she totally helped me with getting something ordered this week. Its the typical trouble of stupid websites that don't ship to Canada. I don't understand the issues, oh well. Anyhoo, she ordered it and is bringing it down when they come. Yay. I would love to say what it is, but I may get things thrown at me for being so early... but come on, its me, I am ALWAYS ahead of schedule... its habit! Well, its a Halloween costume... and if I didn't get it now, I would miss out and be kicking myself. I have been looking for this particular costume in either pattern form or already made. I haven't had much success in the pattern department and it just happened that someone on the board mentioned the one she got for her daughter, and when I looked at the site I spotted it!!! Now, like the surprise lobster last year. which only a few people knew about, I plan on keeping this one under wraps because its too awesome. Brew ha ha! No worries, October will come soon enough.

Well, its Friday and my downstairs is a mess, and there is laundry to fold. To close, some video of some of Ariel's first steps! The first one, a more successful set of steps, the second I call bloopers!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Should be dancin'

Well Kara and I had a fun time last night. In a moment of sheer stupidness (is that a word?), I didn't take my camera, thinking I wouldn't be allowed to take pics... I was surprised to see I mistaken. There were camera flashes going off everywhere! Kara had hers, and I hope I can add a pic later from the show. (Edit, here is one, yay)Also, here is a shot of us, aren't we cute.

It was uber cheesy at times, but that made it really fun. That show was the last one of the tour, so it was filled with back and forth jokes and moments that might not have been seen on the regular shows. One big surprise was the presence of Apollo, season 4 winner. He was in Vancouver with his team, checking out the Olympics stuff and had to preform for the final show. The live band was great and there were some really amazing pro dance numbers as well. Lots of people, thus we didn't get home until 1130pm (actually sat in one place for nearly 40 min) and my ears were buzzing till 2am. All in the name of fun, whee.

This morning was up bright and early for coffee group, which is totally gonna mess me up since its usually on a Friday and its only Wednesday. Celebrated Nana's and Fran's birthdays, and even Ariel got a gift for her upcoming b-day! It was a cute 'A' with an old fashion Winnie the Pooh. Awe. Ariel had fun in the garden and playing with Sophia and Laylay (as she is called for short) who came by as well with their Grandma.

Had a good nap in the afternoon and went to swimming class. Ariel is getting better and better with her back floats! She didn't cry as much this time, the other little gal doesn't like them either, must be a common thing.

The new front tooth is showing more of itself today, which I think it helping Ariel's overall mood and sleeping patterns. She going through the night again, yay. She always has one wake up in the night when a tooth is coming, funny eh?

The RSVPs are rolling in for Ariel's big birthday celebration, its very exciting! But instead of working on b-day things tonight I had some work from a client come in, so I had Ken take princess for a walk so I could get it wrapped up fast. Now its pretty much bedtime... or perhaps some Daily Show... hee.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Step by step!

No not the NKOTB song, haha. That was Ariel this morning while Stella and Kara were here. Yes, our little girl took her FIRST few steps!!! About 4 to be exact, before the room was filled with screaming. LOL. Poor Ariel was pretty confused and had her mouth hanging open. Either way, another thing to add to the baby book, and another step out of baby-land and into toddler-hood. Sniff.

Another exciting thing today was the mail. No, my stupid Harry Potter book still isn't here. Blah. Ariel got her first birthday gift in the mail!!! It was through our Born in August board we are members of. We had a birthday exchange and she got the cutest little dresses and a new hair clip. She was pretty excited to try it on as you can see. Wow, her first birthday gift. Cool.

Also in the mail today arrived the much needed frog pod for the bathtub. It attaches to the wall to hold all the toys. Even holds the soap and bath wash. The back is a scoop, so when bath is done, scoop up the toys and hang to dry, whee. Very cool.

Tonight is the big show. I shall give the whole scoop tomorrow. Have a good one!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Christmas in July

Big find this past weekend! As we were heading out the door for church, I saw that someone had left several large items over at the recycling and garbage area. Sitting on what appeared to be a bookshelf, was a little, artificial Christmas tree. After scooting over to look it over, it was perfect, clean, and from the looks of it, was just picked up not too long ago at the second hand store (recognized the tag). So we got Ariel her own little tree for her room! She got numerous ornaments last year, enough to decorate my other little fake tree that I had planned on giving to her from my hallway display, but no longer have to do that. Heheh. That's 2 dumpster trees (as we call them) for our family. I like free.

Didn't do much today, as I was hoping my Harry Potter book would arrive today... it didn't. Blah. Tomorrow Kara is coming to do some housework and laundry for me, yay. I always love hiring some help in the summer, helps her and me. A winning combo. Later we will be heading to the big Dancing with the Stars show. Yay. Hoping Ken makes out ok with the swimming class with Ariel. Kinda sad to miss him in there with her.

As I was preparing a bag of clothes to take to the local consignment shop tomorrow, I spotted a toy Ariel got at the baby shower that she was pretty much ready for. I pulled it out and she spent most of the day playing with it. She likes that it plays music, nursery rhymes etc, and I like it because its softer sounding than that stinking musical book she has over at Nana's. Daddy came home and they both played with it for awhile before we headed out for a walk.

Picked up some ink for the printer, baby bath wash and baby snack stars and headed home. It was a nice evening, the sky was amazing. Looks as if the warmer weather is coming back. Apparently the lower mainland hit a record for July, for the seven days straight of rain. Oh to be proud of our rain. Haha.

So this week's musical moment is amazing song and video by Kellie Coffey called I would Die For That, that I saw this week through another blog I read. It was so moving and really touched on the longing a woman can go through for a child. I think it touched on all aspects and choices people may go about to fulfill that dream. As my good friend Dianne put it, her dream is to adopt. I want to dedicate this to her and to all the ladies out there trying to make their dreams a reality.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, rain go away!

I use to love the rain, still do, but its much harder with Ariel in tow to get out and about. We only got out for a brief walk and stop at the park this morning between sprinklings. She is quite amused with the rain. Not sure what it is, so that's cute.

My copy of Harry Potter hasn't arrived yet, boo. I could have had it by now if I had ordered one from the Canadian Amazon site, but since our other books are the US covers, I ordered from the US site. It should arrive on Monday... we shall see.

Ariel spent a good part of the morning finding her numerous sippy cups that she throws from her high chair under the table, then finishes them off while playing or looking through books. She looks funny just standing in the middle of the floor drinking. What a turkey. (That big pile of stuff in the corner is birthday supplies, just so you don't think we live in a junk yard.)

I also managed to get a video of her pointing out the nose on one of her toys. Oh yes, she is smart. Today its nose, tomorrow physics.

Then after some homemade pizza, we went out to watch some of the Tour de Delta in the rain. Hard to believe its been a year since we were out there trying to get labour going. So strange to have a complete flip in weather from last year to this one too. Either way, it was fun and it was easier to see since there weren't as many people.

We walked around to get several different angles of the action, saw a few wipe outs (that's rain for ya) and ran into a few friends from church. Ariel met a dog, a big highlight of the evening. We forgot to bring our cowbells, but we were handling both baby and umbrella, so something had to go. Next year Ariel can ring the cowbell, that will be fun. Overall, Ariel liked the bikes and we look forward to taking her again... here's hoping for sun.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Splish Splash

It was a rainy day today. Thus keeping us inside, and making my home a war zone for a particular little girl who wanted to explore. It was fun, and in the end, wasn't too bad for cleaning up, so all was good. We had fun playing, reading and hanging out. At lunch I made up some tea, which is always nice on a cold day. Here is some of the action from this morning.

Scab-gate 2007 update, its pretty much over. The flesh wound is pretty much just a light red mark on her nose. I expect it to be fully gone in another few days. Yay. Now lets keep the accidents until after the birthday party and pictures. Hahah.

Kara came by after lunch today to look for music for a dance at church. She isn't sure quite yet what the speaker is talking about, so we picked a few things that could work from the title she was given. Curious to see what she picks. Ariel got to show off her new clothes we got on the shopping trip. Aunty Kara gave a thumbs up to several of them. Whee.

Nap time for both of us. I set up my fruit fly trap. I learned about it from Kim's blog, who I think learned it from Karen's... see how blogs help us out! Either way, I have 2 dead ones already, and its only been set up since noon, sweet. You shall all be terminated. Brew haha. If you wanna try it, here is the mixture. Take a coffee cup, put in 1/2 cup of water, 1 tablespoon each of sugar and vinegar and 1 or 2 drops of dish soap.(no more or it won't work) Then wait... like I said, I caught 2 already. Hee.

Had dinner and met up with Ken at the pool. He was going to take some pics and video so you can see her in action. Its hard to get pics from behind the glass, but here are a few of the best ones.

There was only Ariel and one other girl today in class. Poo. Either way, we had a great session. Ariel is getting better on her back. She isn't as fond of it for doing floats.(Remember how fast she learned to flip while sleeping so she could sleep on her tummy). Anyways, teacher Chelsea was amazed with Ariel's strength and ability at such a young age. I am a proud mama. Hee.

Its kinda weird its Friday, since it doesn't feel like it. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. My copy of Harry Potter should arrive soon, then I shall have something to do in the meantime. We were to be going to the out door movies tonight of Indiana Jones, but it was called off due to rain. Blah.

Oh, the surprise birthday gift arrived today. I was toying with the idea of waiting till the party was over, but I don't know if I can... A show of hands, who wants to see it?

To close, here are some video highlights from class. You only can hear the noise from where Ken was filming, and please notice that Ariel saw Ken filming and refuses to jump to me, what a turkey... then its Ariel in a PFD. We were doing our impression of a scene from what movie. Haha.

EDIT - was having issues with the last video and you tube, so used a differnt site.
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