Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Someone is watching me....

After seeing this idea on another blog, I'd thought it be fun for you all to leave your mark here. Just leave a comment saying who you are and how you found my blog. I know there are many people out there who stop by every so often and it be fun to see who you are... don't be shy!

Also, I'd thought I'd give an intro to the links I have on the side, since the list is always growing and you may wonder who all these people are.

The Boundaries of Fantasia - My husband's blog
Ariel's World - My daughter's picture blog
4TUNATE - A couple raising quad boys
A Fierce Bad Rabbit - A really cool online comic blog
Amazing Trips - A couple raising triplets and a newbie on the way
Babes in Blogland - A site for finding other baby blogs
Baby Victoria - My husbands University roommate's sister and her family
Carrie and Bryan - A friend from the born in August board
Charlotte Geary Photography - A wonderful photographer, love looking at her pictures
Dear Spike, Love Dad - A dad's letters to his new baby girl
Expecting a Baby... Someday - A couple who just had twin girls
Fifty Fingers, Fifty Toes - My husbands University roommate and his family (which is growing again by one)
Hellooo world - My good friend Dianne, and her journey adopting her first child
Jeremy, Erin and Carter's Blog - My local mommy pal and her family
JonZReaTom - More quads, 3 boys and a girl
Kim's Musings - a friend of Dianne's
Kristie's Dirty Laundry - A friend from the born in August board
Life Through my Eyes... - Pregnant with quads, 3 boys and a girl
Luvs Chicago - A young married couples daily adventures
Odds and Ens - We use to attend church together
Sarah Rachel's Stories - A friend from the born in August board - my good friend Sonny from college, a fab artist!
Selina's World - Met through the cross stitch community
Snippets from Suburbia - A friend from the born in August board
Sugar Baby - a couple raising a new baby girl
Team Reddick - a friend of Dianne, but we have met before... long ago
The Guinn Triplets - super cute stories about these 2 boys and a girl... newbie on the way too!
The McNulty Quads - more quads, gotta love them!
This is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again - My friend Meeka, the uber animator. We attended animation school together!
Untangling Knots - A couple raising their son
Wonderful Wondering Wonder Karen - Dianne's sister
Year Zero - My brother, who never updates... haha

Well, I am sure that the list of blogs will grow as I find new ones, so if you ever have time, check some of them out! There are some great stories out there...


missmarble said...

Cool idea Jay! I read your blog daily - you are one of the few on my 'must read' list that posts nearly every day. I love Ariel's photo blog too. I have to ask, can you pm me your pizza recipe? You have posted about it so often that I crave it everytime I click the link to your blog.

Oh, and if you want another cool Canadian blog to read, follow the link on my page to the world of Hello Josephine.

Anonymous said...

i read your blog...and my name is on the side bar...


kelly said...

i'm sure you're the most regular blogger i's hard to keep up! but i do come here every few days to catch up..especially on the deliciously cute ariel pictures.
thanks for the intro to your i'm very interested in several of them!

Jessica said...

I read your blog pretty regularly (well not as regularly as before since Facebook came along....) I'm Jessica and I'm Karen's best friend (Dianne's sister) - I ran across your blog one night while I was bored and reading Karen's and then from Karen's went to Dianne's and then from her blog went to your blog....

Katrina said...

Our families met at Cedar Park Church, and Janet even used to babysit my siblings and I. I found this blog when Ariel was born because the email birth announcement had the link. It was actually the first blog I ever read... a year ago, I didn't really even know what a blog was. Now my husband has accused me of being addicted...

Kim said...

I read your blog almost daily too :-) I'm always interested in the adventures that you have with Ariel. Thanks for the information about the links in your sidebar . . . that's a great way to get readers to other blogs! Have a wonderful weekend!

selina said...

Hi Jay, reading your blog daily, but usually do not comment. Ariel is so cute :)

Hugs, Selina

Brenda said...

Great idea, Jay! I second Carrie....your blog is on my fave's list along with Ariel's. It's so fun to see all your pics!

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