Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't let the sun, go down on me...

I don't care if George Michael's wants the sun up, I couldn't wait for it to go down tonight!!! Ugh, ok that was by far the worst night yet. Poor Ariel was sweating, and was sore from that dang tooth. All she wanted was to be held, but she couldn't get comfortable, nor did she really know what she wanted. First it was time in the pool, that helped for a bit. Then the girl downed two fill sippy cups of water and was down to her diaper to help her cool off. I was very thankful to see Ken pull up, he was donating blood tonight. She cheered up seeing him return, and I have now escaped for a short moment of peace.

Oh, happy slurpee day! Yes, its the seventh month and the eleventh day, thus 7-11. You could go get a little free 7.11 oz slurpee today, too cute. I was too hot to just have a little one, so I gotta a mommy sized one, and a baby one.

The past few days have been pretty low key. Yesterday was a walk in the village, visiting Stella at the quilt shop and laundry in the evening with Ken. Awe. Yes newly married couples out there, its not roses all the time, its really all about folding underpants. Ken was awesome and took care of most of it as I was busy constructing birthday invitations. I am pleased to announce that as of today, they are finished! I still have addressing left, but the main part is finished, so I can unveil them!

Here is the front with the envelope, and then the inside details. I have been using those little shaped hole punches to make the flowers. I found the coolest paper that is bright pink on one side and light on the other. So I cut 2 and glued them together to get the double color look. Then glued a tiny jewel in the middle and added the leaves. Yay. So pretty. (I burred out the addresses, sorry, I don't want party crashers. Haha)

Here is a close up of the picture on the front. As you may remember, we did the photo shoot with Ariel on a cranky night and got mostly pics of her looking off (mostly her staring at the leaves in the wind or a passing dog), and so in a moment of thinking none of them would work, I came up with adding Tinkerbell. Not sure why I didn't think of it sooner, especially since it is a Tinkerbell themed party. Duh! So added her and some lighting effects to make her more in the image with Ariel and poof, its perfect! Yay.

The ribbon that ties at the bottom is a mix of green and blue and totally pulls the card and envelope together. Had to do something different. We even have silver wax seals (left over from my wedding) that we are going to use to finish it up. I got a stamp of an 'A', hee, the royal seal. Hahah.

So, this morning, Ariel and I did our shopping early since it was gonna be a hot one. We got our veggies for dinner, then drove out to rent the punch fountain for the party, and 2 table clothes. Since we are using Dad and Rita's place, I wanted to bring pretty much everything so its less for them to worry about. The fountain is really cute, and because there are so many guests, it will make it easier to keep the drinks flowing, especially since it most likely will be HOT!!! Ugh.

I also ordered Ariel's free birthday cake from Thriftys. Yes, if you go there, they offer a free slab cake as seen here for your child's first birthday! Score! Since I wanted to make sure we had something for her on her actual birthday, this is perfect. I will do the cakes for the party and this one will be for the Tuesday dessert. I like free!

Speaking of her actual birthday, we are having a girls day. Ken will take his brothers to do something and the girls (Ken's mom, Nana, Stella, Ariel and myself) will be getting pedicures! Whee! Ariel is getting her toes done too. Just polish, nothing really there to fix yet. That will be fun, relaxing is good.

Kara stopped by today for a visit. Got some cute pics of her and Ariel. Sure is nice having her home in the summer. Yes, Ariel is chewing on her knee. Not sure why, but she did. Haha.

Ok, so I think I have some dishes to do, so stay cool everyone...

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kelly said...

wow, i LOVE the invitations - very creative (though that seems to be the obvious trend in your little family!) and such a cute picture of ariel! i'm sure it will be a WONDERFUL day!

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