Friday, July 27, 2007

Goodbye Bouncers, Hello Steppers!

Tonight was the last swim class for Ariel. She got her report card and we are so proud of our little water baby. Nana and Ken came to watch her, and she spotted them right off. Haha. No hiding from her thats for sure. After class I signed her up for the next month since she will be turning one and able to take it. I talked with her teacher who said, why not when she loves it. Plus, the first week is when Ken's family is here, and then they can come watch her swim too. She was impressed with Ariel's black floats and how much she has improved since last week. She didn't even cry tonight!!! In fact, she was pointing to the ceiling lights. This pointing thing is getting stronger daily. She started with little points to close toys, now is motioning to things farther away. Development is cool! Here is her report card. (click on it to make it bigger)

The past few days have been mellow. Its been getting warm again, so we haven't done much but some walks around town. Went for coffee this morning, Ariel ate 1/2 of the scone Nana was taking home to Papa. Hee. Walked with Stella as she did her jobs around town. Picked up a new copy of some of the parenting magazines. There is a 'cover baby' contest in the Canadian one... me thinks I may enter Ariel just for kicks. If she wins, we get a trip to Toronto for a photo shoot and a new camcorder. The problem is, which photo to send? Suggestions of favs you have seen on here would be great.

Funny moment of the day, Ariel pretends to sleep.....

'Hi Mommy! I am wake! Whee!' Yes, my daughter is a ham.

She was also looking through photo albums today. For some reason, she loves looking at pictures of herself. She smiles and says 'bebe' - too cute. Her favorite book these days is the one where I added the pictures of her behind the flaps. Loves it!!! Thanks Grammy for that one, its a hit!

Speaking of Grammy, she totally helped me with getting something ordered this week. Its the typical trouble of stupid websites that don't ship to Canada. I don't understand the issues, oh well. Anyhoo, she ordered it and is bringing it down when they come. Yay. I would love to say what it is, but I may get things thrown at me for being so early... but come on, its me, I am ALWAYS ahead of schedule... its habit! Well, its a Halloween costume... and if I didn't get it now, I would miss out and be kicking myself. I have been looking for this particular costume in either pattern form or already made. I haven't had much success in the pattern department and it just happened that someone on the board mentioned the one she got for her daughter, and when I looked at the site I spotted it!!! Now, like the surprise lobster last year. which only a few people knew about, I plan on keeping this one under wraps because its too awesome. Brew ha ha! No worries, October will come soon enough.

Well, its Friday and my downstairs is a mess, and there is laundry to fold. To close, some video of some of Ariel's first steps! The first one, a more successful set of steps, the second I call bloopers!

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