Monday, July 30, 2007

Tis Monday again!

It seems to come to fast... blah. Plus, I am seeing that by my little ticker above, that my daughter is over half way into her eleventh month. Ack! In 2 short weeks she will be one.... sniff. Wow. Nothing else can explain what I am feeling... glad I took lots of pictures. Hee.

So here is a picture from the BBQ after church yesterday to demonstrate my husband and daughter's love for dessert. Can you tell they are related? Haha.

We had a good time and the burgers were amazing, especially since I am not a huge burger fan. Ariel chowed down a hot dog bun and watermelon. Our friend's daughter Chloe sat with us and was telling us in 3 years she wants to babysit for us. Yay, lets make that list up! Always good to have several babysitters on hand, right?

This morning I went to Anna's to help her with her new photo shop program. She is working on the new website for the church and needed some help figuring some things out. Its looking really nice.

Speaking of church, I never did post a picture of my painting for the nursery entrance. Its pretty big, and I am very happy with how it came out.

Since I have nothing else to say, its been a mellow day, I shall leave you with something funny for our musical moment. While at Dancing with the Stars, I was telling Kara it was a boy band fest of people. She didn't know that Joel Lawrence was a singer too. Well I have the video proof... *cough* and I think the cd proof somewhere too (I was TEENAGER!!!) Anyhoo, here is the video for the first single... and it may have been the last single... I don't remember anymore after this. Enjoy, and have a good laugh... really, this is BAD.

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Dianne said...

EEK!!! That's hilarious! I had no idea he "sang" too! I sooo wanted to be Blossom so he could be my dim witted brother.

"There's nothing my love can't do for you. Bring it!"

How on earth do you carry all this amazing knowledge? I could learn so much from you.

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