Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

We are trying to survive... barely. Ugh Seriously, we had two mild summers and then I get pregnant and BAM, heat wave. It really is just like the summer we were waiting for Ariel... only I have to wait that much longer... sigh.

Ariel is starting to notice my odd behavior and things I do to keep cool and is mimicking them, haha. My personal favorite thing to do is hop in a cold shower and then sit in front of a fan... Ariel is now doing this as well. Haha.

This past weekend we had a HUGE thunderstorm, something that doesn't happen that often around here. Ken really misses them, since they get them more in Michigan. Ariel loved touching the falling rain from the deck, and wasn't at all afraid of the loud booms and streaks of lightening. Must take after Ken, hee.

On Sunday afternoon Mike and Jo took Ariel for the afternoon so we could go see Harry Potter 6 with our airmiles. I was very excited to be in an air conditioned theater and just relax. Well, I soon discovered my seat wasn't very comfortable for my pregnant state, and I kept trying to move and find something that worked, blah. Then, the air conditioning was not up as high as I would have liked. Frankly, I didn't even feel it, and yet Ken said it wasn't bad. I guess I am too far gone, haha.

Either way, the movie was good, and it was nice to have a date with my sweetie. When we went back to pick up Ariel, she wasn't ready to go. She had gone swimming, played rock band and watched some of Finding Nemo with her Aunty and Uncle. They took some cute pictures, so I hope to get some, especially the ones with her playing rock band.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment in Richmond, ugh. I really didn't want to go out, it was so hot, however I had no choice. Ariel and I made our way to the clinic and I got to meet the doctor that is now filling in for my doctor during her summer break. I LOVE her!!! She is so nice, and very friendly. She will also be the one doing my surgery, so I feel really good about it. Some of the nerves I was feeling about the upcoming c-section were put to rest meeting her, so yay!

Speaking of my c-section, I am getting REALLY tired of the rude comments I get in regards to it. Its not like its my first option, with Ariel we tried everything, and again with this little guy we were willing to try again if I could get into labour, but because of my history it doesn't look likely. Not to mention he is STILL sideways, and doesn't look like he is planning on moving. The doctor laughed saying, 'its weird, his position is so awkward its like your belly is empty'. Its getting to the point that if he doesn't move into head down position, that I would have ended up with another c-section regardless.

But getting back to the comments. I have to prepare for the surgery, just like giving birth, and for people to come up to me and basically say things that are pretty much calling me a loser, don't make me feel nice. Seriously, I understand its not the perfect or traditional way of having baby, but I am still having one. Pushing down my throat that surgery sucks isn't helping me feel good about the fact, I STILL NEED the surgery!

A lady at church, made several comments to me, and had this look on her face like I chose to do it as the easy way, and that I was 'too posh to push'. Um, easy!? Have you been cut open lady? Have you gone through several days of trying everything to get into labour, avoiding all the drugs you didn't want, an epidural that took 3 times to get in because you had to have a procedure that you didn't want at all! My doctors did everything under the sun to get Ariel out, and by the end of it, I was so depressed that I had failed... but that is just it, I didn't. Sure my body didn't do what it was made to do, but my daughter is still here, alive and well. The only thing that is important is a healthy baby, and if my body can't give birth the traditional way, then I guess that is what God had in store for me. She didn't seem to back off until I finally mentioned my mom had c-sections with both me and my brother. Then she seemed to go 'oh, well then, its family history, too bad.' Gosh, thanks so much. Vent over!

After our short and sweet appointment, Ariel and got some McD's for a picnic on the deck. Ahhh, the deck gets shade most of the day till dinner time, so its been a retreat.

Today, we had to wait at home for Fed Ex to arrive with the book we made for Ariel's birthday. I'll post the online link when I blog about her party this weekend. Yay. So I got my Dad to bring over Ariel's pool and we set it up and then I decided to pull out our air mattress and lay out in the shade watching her. Oh it was heaven, and I think we stayed out for at least 3 hours. Ariel kept bringing snacks from the fridge of apples and carrots, haha.

Oh, here is my list and its been updated slightly, yay!

- new ballet tights for Ariel

- arrange overnight care for Ariel while in the hospital
- cook and freeze some meals
- batteries for the various baby things (vibrating chair, glow worm etc.)
- pack hospital bag and diaper bag

- get new breast pump (Thanks to Dad and Rita for getting it on their trip to the states)

- finish dedication outfit for Xander - Its half way finished!

Hope by next week when the party is over I have more stuff done. Ken is finishing his course writing this week, and will be totally done by FRIDAY! Yay! I did manage to make appointments for Ariel's 3rd year check up with her doctor, and a first visit for her to our dentist. Well, its starting to get hot again, the evening sun is coming, boo! Time to hide upstairs, have a good night!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday I'm In Pain!

My morning started with a bang, or a scream actually. Around 5am I remember waking up and feeling uncomfortable, and started to use my leg to help push my body over to the side and 'OUCH'. I really don't know what happened, but suddenly I felt what seemed like stabbing pains in my lower leg. I think I pulled a muscle, due to the weight and awkwardness of the movement I was making. Stupid, really stupid, but I didn't know it was going to happen. I literally was screaming in our room, waking Ken up in fear as to what was wrong. I just kept rocking back and forth yelling 'my leg, my leg'. It hurt so bad and finally the pain started to ease back. However, it was too late, the whole lower calf was tight and sore now. Ugh.

I got back to sleep only to wake up later still in pain. I could barely walk to the bathroom, more like hobble. Sigh, Oh well. I didn't get to dwell on it as we all were gathering downstairs for a quick web cam chat with Grammy so she could watch Ariel open her early birthday gifts. I like to spread it out otherwise its a bit overwhelming. We got the big box yesterday filled with goodies for both Ariel and Xander, actually we ran into the postman on the way to the bottle depot and he gave it to us then, haha. I unpacked it and it pretty much filled a good corner of our table.

So we got with the unwrapping and Ariel was having a great time. A few cute outfits for school...

...a big sister shirt too!

My cute girl!!!

Then she opened several craft kits and of course now we have lots of projects to do over the next month. She was ready to start one right then and there. Haha.

After saying thank you and Daddy leaving for work, we went out for coffee to see Stella one last time before she went on vacation for 2 weeks. Sniff. Of course it was a challenge walking to the coffee shop, but I figured the walking would help the muscle. We had a quick visit and headed back since the girls were coming to clean our house, YAY!

Ariel sat on the couch waiting for Chels and Amanda and was very excited when they arrived... mainly because she was thinking they were coming to play with her. In fact she was down right mad when we had to leave. Not pretty...

So we went into Richmond to pick up a backpack I had on hold for Ariel. However, had I known the traffic was going to be so bad, I might have waited till tomorrow. Sigh. Anyways, we trudged on and the walking in the mall was good. I found my leg easing up a bit as we walked on... plus the mall has air conditioning. Whee! We picked up the backpack, which goes with her lunch bag. Ariel was thrilled and then I found a cute coat for her, since she needed a nice light weight coat to wear for early fall. She wasn't as excited about it, mainly because she was getting hungry, so we headed off for home. We were going to Anna's place to visit with her and Katrina (baby Caleb too) again for lunch.

Then things changed, the traffic was now terrible on the way home too! What gives!! I sat not moving in several spots and soon realized my return time of 11am was now nearly pushing noon! Ack!!! Ariel was hungry and cranky, and I was getting sore. Chels called my cel as we finally neared the tunnel, so we had to go home to lock up now, so I made the decision that we weren't going to make it to Anna's. Sigh, so we got home I called, and Ariel was REALLY upset now. She wanted to go, badly. Mean mommy.

As we chatted with the girls, in the midst of Ariel acting like a terror, Amanda asked if Ariel would be one of her flower girls at her wedding next summer! I was thrilled, and knew Ariel would be too, once she was fed and not acting like a crazy beast. We said goodbye and I called Ken to share the news. So exciting and of course such a honor to be included on their special day. Eek!

With Ariel on the warpath of disappointment, I took her to McDonalds. We went inside, which is a HUGE treat, since I hate eating there, haha. She perked up, got a fun toy and was suddenly my princess again. I had to make up the canceling of our original lunch date, especially since she knew what we were going to be doing, and all the way home was saying 'when are we going to Anna's?' Thankfully, my exchange was accepted and during lunch she talked about being a flower girl, although I am sure she isn't totally sure what that means. Either way, pretty funny... I think the dress is a big draw, haha.

After our lunch we went to the consignment shop since I noticed in the morning on the way to coffee they had dance leotards in the window and I wanted to check it out. So we went in and can I say how excited I was!!! They carry not only the leotards but shoes and tights!!! Yes, the much needed tights are just a few feet away, no driving needed. Yay!!! What now I haven't said is yesterday I got a call saying that her summer camp class that was to start next week was canceled. Oh the tears that flowed after having to tell her that weren't fun. Sigh.

As I picked out new tights, I saw the cute leotard with the sleeves and saw they were thicker than hers. I decided it be better and warmer for her to have one of those and so I got new gear for my dance princess. I didn't think she needed new shoes until we got home and when trying it on, because she HAD to dance all afternoon now, that her shoes were too small! Her feet had a MAJOR grow spurt and her toes were curling in these shoes. Soooooo, I guess someone is getting new shoes then. Ah well, she was so due for a growth spurt, she wore those shoes for over a year, almost unheard of for kids shoes really. I will be saving them though, her first dance shoes, so special. I am going to sell her other leotard and skirts, so if you are interested, let me know. I have a black or pink set, if not they will go to the consignment shop.

Well, that has been our day in a nutshell. Ariel is ready for bed, so I need to tuck her in. Have a good weekend everyone! We are looking forward to a movie date, as Mike and Jo are willing to watch Ariel so we can go see the new Harry Potter film, yay. So excited, eek!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

35 Days and counting!!!

Yes, we are 35 days away from meeting our son!!! I can't believe it and yet in someways it freaks me out, are we ready? In my head I am constantly making lists and trying to get things done so that when he arrives it won't be too crazy. With the big day at the end of the month of August, my mind is always thinking of what needs to be ready for Ariel in the ways of preschool and ballet class. I won't be able to run around getting things done after my surgery and I know things like picking up new ballet tights for Ariel aren't going to be something Ken will be able to help with... just a hunch. Haha.

So for the sake of not forgetting, here is what I really still need to do.

- new ballet tights for Ariel
- arrange overnight care for Ariel while in the hospital
- cook and freeze some meals
- batteries for the various baby things (vibrating chair, glow worm etc.)
- pack hospital bag and diaper bag
- get new breast pump
- finish dedication outfit for Xander

I am sure this list will grow more, but at the moment they seem to be the most pressing items.

The past few days have been pretty uncomfortable for me. I hate complaining, but honestly I HURT!!! Just seems I can't stand up, bend down or walk without being really sore. My child is big, my body isn't and so its a bit of a struggle. Oh how I wish for a longer torso to help balance this little guy out. Plus now I am constantly clumsy and one turn has me knocking everything over. Ugh. Add in the heat and giant swollen feet... makes for a bit of a cranky girl. Blah... so you have been warned!

After the great cinnamon bun incident, I figured the rest of the weekend would be low key, HAHAHAHAHA! Saturday night Ken found Ariel in her room with my bottle of tums that I NEVER have down but had needed one the night before and had it still beside my bed, doh! She kept saying she didn't take one, but after a grilling from Mommy, we did discovered she tried at least one. Just to be save, we called poison control, and they said not to worry. Sigh...

Then Sunday rolls around and I am going to a baby shower for my friend Michelle and so I stayed home from church since we would need to leave early for the noon time. Ken had to greet at church so he and Ariel left. While I was showering and really enjoying the peace and quiet... I hear sobbing. They hadn't been gone 20 minutes and they were back, only Ariel had a huge lip and Ken was covered in blood! Yes, our girl tripped and put her teeth in her bottom lip AGAIN!!! Oh good grief! I took a picture and maybe one day will make a book of all of these accidents. If there was ever a question if she got my clumsy gene, its determined.

Sunday afternoon, I had pulled out a painting book set we had in Ariel's art box in hopes that she would sit still so I could finish the last of the paintings for her birthday book. Guess what?! It worked!!! She loved it and within a day she had done the whole book. Daddy got a picture of his girls hard at work painting. Awww, bonding time. Hee.

Monday was a very quiet day for us, and I spent most of it getting the paintings scanned and getting the book ready to upload to the printers. Thankfully Ariel was again entertained with her new painting book and we had a very relaxing day.

Tuesday morning we had a nice visit from Irene who brought Ariel one of her favorite smiley face cookies from the bakery. I always enjoy a nice chat and since we don't get out much, I always appreciated those little drop in surprises. Ariel even played ponies with Irene, which is always fun, haha.

Then at noon, Stella came by for lunch and then we drove out to see Kara and Chris' new place. I forgot to mention the last time we went driving with Stella, we had locked the windows so Ariel couldn't open them since she figured it out. Her response, 'These windows need new batteries Mommy!'

Ariel really liked Kara's exercise bike and gave it her best try. Haha.

It was REALLY hot that afternoon and so Kara walked us down to the little water park and she and Ariel had fun cooling off while Stella and I sat in the shade. Ahhhh.

The cute water babes, hee.

Time to get dry... didn't need a towel really, but the time we walked back she was bone dry. It was a fun afternoon and on the way home Ariel briefly fell asleep in the car.

That evening, we were invited over for dinner with Dad and Rita as Ross and Kailey were in town for some doctor visits for their pregnancy. Dad made some awesome BBQ ribs, of so good. We had a great chat with them, mostly about the disturbing shows (or maybe just in the eyes of adults) on Treehouse. It was agreed that Max & Ruby was the the most annoying followed closely by 4 Square for just plain creepy. Haha.

Today Ariel and I were out for a morning walk before the heat came in. We picked up our groceries and a new paint box for Ariel. She was pretty proud and carried it home in her little hands, hee. When we arrived home she was ready to paint, and it allowed me to get a few things done.

Such a serious artist at work, haha.

Well, I need to get back to work on my list, think I may do some sewing since my table is clear at the moment. Next week is all about prepping for Ariel's birthday party, whee, we are excited!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Nose Knows...

Ah... another day, another adventure. So last night when Ken called after his dinner, I was finally in break down mode. I was sobbing mainly due to being so tired and sore. Ariel had kicked and clawed me at the ER pretty badly and I just wanted Ken to be here to help. Of course he was beside himself when he heard what happened and how I couldn't reach him. He came in the door nearly in tears and after hugging me was at Ariel's side as she slept.

We had Ariel sleep in our room so we monitor her in the night. When I climbed into bed the nerves, pain and stress finally took its toll and I was REALLY sick in the bathroom. The rest of the night I didn't sleep well and was up every few hours trying to get comfortable.

7am finally comes and we shower and prepare to leave. Of course Ariel wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything, and lets just say that didn't go over well. We arrived at Children's Hospital at about 830am and were directed to the nose and throat specialist area. Since we didn't have an appointment, we had no idea how long we would have to wait to see someone since they had to 'try and fit us in'. Thankfully, a resident took us and got things started. Then we waited about 20 minutes to see the doctor, who was a wonderful man and was just fabulous with Ariel.

After looking up her nose, the doctor seemed to think that most of the bun must have made its way down the throat in her sleep. To be on the safe side, he brought in the scope, a tiny camera that had to go up Ariel's nose. That's when things got rough. With several med students standing around, and Ken hold Ariel's body, and I her head, the scope went into her nose. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The tears were rolling down her cheeks and I must say I am surprised I didn't loose it. Maybe had Ken not been there I probably would have. The last of the bun seemed to be moved by the camera, and her nose was clear, yay! Thankfully food tends to come down easily where as things like paper or crayon don't (good to know!)

When they finished, Ariel jumped into my arms and wouldn't let go. She did perk up when the doctor brought her a princess wand for being a good patient. Frankly, all she cared about at that point was getting something to eat...

... so of course she picked quiche as her breakfast of choice. Yay. We had a long talk over breakfast about food belonging in the tummy, not the nose. I am hoping the pain of the scope up the nose will help enforce that memory. Ha.

Ken stayed home to work the remainder of the day, which was a huge help to me. I was still really tired from the day before and not sleeping well. I took Ariel out to visit Anna and Katrina for a few hours so Ken could get some work done, and then came home so he could take over and I could rest. Ahhh. My feet are really swollen and I keep hopping in the cold shower to take the edge off. Ugh. Heat = bad!!!

Soooooooooooo, here is the long overdue fashion show. I got some great mix and match pieces that will be great for preschool, easy pull down leggings and skirt (gotta make bathroom trips easy.) Generally Ariel is really good with harder things like tights and jeans, but I figure these will be easier to move around in. Plus the skirt has a built in underpants over, so no need to worry if she isn't 'lady like' completely. Haha. So here we go... Ariel loved the teapot on this shirt, my tea party girl!

The leggings with a different top, yay for cupcakes!

We also got a sweater Ariel can wear for some extra warmth if she needs it. She needs layers since she can get overheated so quickly. The hat was her pick, she loves her hats!

Finally a new sweater dress! We LOVE these, and the fact next year it will be a tunic top is great for multi wear.

I also found Ariel a cute lunch bag for her snack at the Gap. So cute!!!

I hope it was worth the wait, haha. There will be more to share, as Grammy told us today she went shopping for school stuff for Ariel too and its coming with her birthday gifts in a big box. Woot! Grammy also shared another one of Ken's cousins has gotten engaged and the wedding is in NEW YORK next summer most likely. I have been dying to go to New York, so crossing our fingers that we can swing it. The fact Ken's family would be there is a plus, since we could make a big vacation out of it. Eek. Positive thoughts!!! Haha.

Well, I am going back to the cold shower, as I am melting... only a tad longer till the sun goes down... ugh. If we do ever have another baby, note to self, summer pregnancies SUCK!!! You would have thought I would have learnt that lesson the last time, but this guy was meant to be, so I guess we don't always have a say. Haha. Hmm, maybe Ken wants some ice cream... hee.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just when you think life is boring...

Ken is off eating a fabulous french meal tonight as they have a guest visiting the school, and its his birthday. This is an annual event and I knew it was coming, but right now I am SERIOUSLY craving an amazing meal somewhere. Ugh. Some place that doesn't give out cheap plastic toys... you get my drift. Haha.

Right now, I am a pool of sweat, lovely image eh? Its REALLY hot today and I just can't stay cool, as hard as I try. I think I may need to jump in the cold shower again after I finish this. Eating ice cubes have been my main activity most of the day, while painting. My goal is to do at least 2 paintings a day to stay on schedule. So far, I have pretty much one final one and a half one done today, so more painting in store for me tonight.

My cross stitch has to wait till I finish, I jumped projects again, this time working on Xander's birth announcement one for his room. Can I say, there is NOTHING that I liked for a boy in the patterns I searched. Why are girl ones so cute and boy ones so ugly? If you don't like sports, well, it doesn't leave a lot to choose from. I ended up going with something not really meant as a birth thing, but by adding his name at the bottom with date of birth, I think its perfect. Its a pair of dragons looking at their new baby dragon. (I also have no clue if I talked about it before, if I had, sorry, baby brain!) Baby dragon is looking good, but its much larger than I thought, so it might not be done in time. Oh well.


ok, I was writing this and then we had an 'incident'. Ariel decided tonight was a good night to try and do something stupid. Yes, she stuck cinnamon bun up both nostrils, and I honestly have no clue why. She was having a snack and playing with her toys when she comes over and is making an odd sniffing sound. She then says 'I sorry I stick bun in my nose.' WHAT!!!!!!! I tilt her head back and sure enough, I see 2 large lumps of dough. I get her to try and blow her nose and we manage to get one large piece out but the other side is much deeper. That side is also oozing and there is blood, suggesting she tried herself to get it out.

So I grab her and off to the ER we go... can I say how upset I am at this moment that Ken's phone isn't on. Ugh. After waiting at least an hour, and listening to the nurses talk about their kids and various things up their noses we get in to see the doctor. Ariel is flipping out now, kicking and screaming. They hold her down and with a quick look the doctor announces he can't do anything, and that we have to go to Children's hospital tomorrow.

We are home now and Ariel has fallen asleep on the couch. She isn't allowed any food or water past midnight, great... that will be easy, HA! I know I promised to post Ariel's fashion show, but I am a mess at the moment, so it will most likely be tomorrow... along with everything that happens regarding her nose. Sigh...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

See, I Blogging!

Hehe, I promised to be better this week. So here it is! Woot. Had a good but busy weekend. On Saturday, Ariel went to Stella's while Ken and I went to a wedding to film the ceremony for the bride and groom. It was a very traditional service and we enjoyed getting to be a part of it. Since we got there early to set up, I managed to get a shot of the bride's flowers that were waiting at the church for her.

Afterwards, we picked up Ariel, got some free slurpees and came home so Ken could animate. He was on a tight deadline to finish the stuff for Galen, and worked late into the night. I am happy to say as of this morning, its now in the hands of UPS on its way to Nashville. Yay! Now all that is left is Ken's course writing and then he is DONE DONE DONE for baby's arrival!!!

Saturday night also happened to be the annual Tour de Delta so we went down to ring our cowbell and watch some of the action. Ariel was really into the bikes this year, and the bell of course was a hit. Haha. She would yell 'FASTER, GO FASTER!!!'

A sushi dinner was decided as we continued to watch, Ariel is a fan of tempura shrimp and sweet potatoes, haha.

Gosh I feel huge in this picture, but we still look cute.

I just downloaded some new songs from itunes and Ariel is having a dance party in the living room. If I wasn't lazy I find the flip video to share, but next time, I ain't getting up, haha. My energy has been getting less and less as we get closer to baby. I dream of the day when I can go for a power walk with the stroller and not feel like a sack of potatoes. Won't be long now... 44 days till my c-section. Whee.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. I had to bring Ariel with me, and thank heavens she didn't spike my blood pressure too much, haha. Of course she nearly jumps off the chair while they are taking my BP, ack! It was 128/75 so a tad higher than the past two visits but still better than it had been. My doctor also noted I am measuring about 2-3 weeks ahead still. I also may get another ultrasound just to check on baby's size and position as this visit he was transverse again (sideways).

Today we went for a walk to the store for more milk. Making my fav meatloaf for dinner tonight, yummy. Got some fresh new potatoes and corn to go with it, oooh. I am excited, can you tell. Hee. The rest of the afternoon I painted illustrations for Ariel's birthday book. As usual, we are cutting it close, but thank goodness for fast shipping, hee. I hope to have them done by next Monday which gives 2 full weeks till the party, so I should be ok. Oooh, a sneak preview...

Speaking of the party, the invitations have started to arrive at their destinations as of today, so I can share what they look like. Yay!

This is how they look once out of the envelope, a cool pocket with a tropical feel.

Then pull out the invite and you have the information side. (I smudged the address and email, sorry - no party crashers, haha)

Flip it over and you have the year look back at Ariel photo collage. I did it last year and had to do it again, just so fun to see how much she has changed.

Yes, a tad simpler this year, but hey, I am extremely pregnant, haha. I love the color scheme this year, aqua blue is a fav of mine. I have been getting the party stuff all together and ready to go for the big day. So excited, I love parties and having a chance to visit with friends will be great. Feel so cooped up these days. Blah. I still have to do my food shop the week before the party, I have my superstore points saved up and have $100 bucks free to spend, woot. I love free!

Yesterday I whipped up my cousin Kyle and his fiance Lindsay's save the date cards. I always enjoy wedding stuff, so it was a fun project. So yeah, its been busy here, but good. Been a bit down but the projects keep my brain off all the thoughts that seem to pass through it. Looking forward to gymbucks day tomorrow with Stella! Maybe a fashion show will be up later this week! Can you believe its fall stuff coming out? I am picking some basics for Ariel's preschool days and some goodies for Xander.

Ok, meatloaf is done, Ken should be here soon... yay dinner!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its Friday.... really?

I realized that this morning as I was checking the email. Where did the week go? Its been a busy one, more so for Ken in the evenings with working late to finish his projects, but I have gotten lots done too.

Going back to earlier this week, on Monday night we had dinner at Dad and Rita's because lots of my family was going to be around for dinner. Aunt Valerie and Jim were in from out of town, and so rallying the lower mainland family was in order. Uncle Barry and Aunt Janet, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rachel, Mike and Jo and even one of my cousins Eyal with his son Eliran.

Ariel had fun playing with Eliran, who is about 16 months, although she was frustrated he wasn't communicating with her. Since he is so big, I think she thought he was her age, and many times was in his face saying 'You are being naughty boy!' (Note the hands on the hips, such a girl!)

Eventually after much explaining that he was still a baby compared to her, she eased up and enjoyed playing and holding his hand.

Aunt Valerie brought the kids some new stuffed puppies, and needless to say, Ariel was thrilled with hers. His name is bones.

Upon leaving, Ken snapped a picture of me and for once, I actually like it. Haha. I haven't been feeling that attractive lately, so a nice picture made my day.

On Tuesday, we had lunch out with Aunt Deborah, Kara and Stella. It was nice to have a visit and just relax over yummy food. It was a rainy day, so it was nice and cool too. Ahhh...

In the afternoon, Ariel helped me do some sewing projects (well she watched and commented mostly). We also got the finishing touches on her birthday invitations and got them in the envelopes... just waiting on the stamps.

On Wednesday we too the large pile of packages to the post office. I had gifts for various exchanges I was doing on my 2 mommy boards. One 3rd birthday gift for our friend Boston in California, and a secret shower gift for a gal on my 'Due In Sept' board. I took pictures of what I made her and her baby to be, so once she gets them I can share. Hee.

Thursday was a lazy day and so I decided to get creative with dinner and made something new. Found a recipe for asparagus stuffed chicken breasts in one of my cookbooks, complete with a hollandaise sauce. I even had new potatoes to go with it and oooh it was good. Ken was thrilled and I am excited for leftovers tonight.

Ariel has been really cute lately and very snuggly. I love it!

Since Ken was working late on the computer, I decided to stay up and cross stitch to keep him company. While watching the tv, there was breaking news about a small plane crash in Richmond near the Ikea! It was a 7-8 seat courier plane that went down, and how amazing that it didn't crash into any residential housing that was very close to that area. Talk about scary!!! Turns out this morning they said that it was carrying blood that was donated, which is upsetting too.

This morning I was starting my regular day until I remembered that I was going to a mommy's get together at Anna's home. So I got my butt in gear, showered and got out the door on time, yay! Before heading over, I swung by the post office to mail the birthday invitations. The stamps arrived Thursday morning (which totally surprised me) and I will totally share them because they are too cute. Ariel is holding a 'Stitch' doll, since the party theme is a Lilo and Stitch luau. I can't wait for the party... although I still have a long list of things to do before then. Gack!

The get together was fun. Katrina was there with her 6 week old son Caleb, and I got to hold him, yay! Can I say how wonderful it was to hold a baby again, I can't wait for Xander to get here. Isn't he cute?! Only 47 days till my c-section!!! Eek!

Ariel also had fun playing with all the new toys... especially on the trampoline with Issac.

Ellie came along with Olga and her baby girl, since her parents were busy with moving today. Ellie ended up giving some gum to Ariel, ugh! It was bound to happen eventually, however, when I went to get it from her, she swallowed it. Blah!!! Ariel didn't seemed phased by it, and I am thankful it didn't get stuck in her throat... or hair for that matter. Later after lunch I looked outside to see Issac, Ellie and Ariel all shirtless. Ellie was applying sunscreen to everyone, haha. A real glimpse of things to come eh?

We now are home and resting. I am pretty zonked and Ariel seems to be pretty tired too. I am gonna put my feet up and do some stitching. Tomorrow afternoon we are filming a wedding for some friends and Ken will be also working like crazy to finish the last of the animation he has to mail off to Galen. Hope you all have a fun weekend, and I will blog better next week, haha.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hobbit Feet...

I looked down in the shower this morning and realized I have hobbit feet... ok minus the hair. I told Kara in church and she said at least its hard to see them, haha. I will say they are becoming more sore as the days go on. I don't think they are anywhere like they were in my first pregnancy, but I still have a month and 3 weeks to go. Yes, I know the exact time left, blah!

Friday morning Ariel and I walked into town since it was a tad cooler. We swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things and discovered a new machine by the door. It was called DVD Play. Basically, it was machine to rent new release movies from for only $2 (that's with the tax included). Basically it was a night rental, due back the next day at 7pm. There are only 2 video stores in our town, and needless to say that the $2 price wins hands down. We never rent anything new because I am cheap when it comes to rentals, haha. Usually we will request and wait for it at the library (sometimes months if the wait list is long) or wait till it becomes an old title, also months it seems, blah. This is a wonderful chance for us to see some new films we missed in the winter. So I rented Confessions of a Shopaholic since Ken was to be working on his course that night.

Later that evening, Ariel and I worked on some of her birthday party stuff. As she watched me glue the papers together to make her invitations I asked her who she wanted to invite... she looked up and said 'Papa'! I glanced at Ken who was at the computer who shot back a sad smile. I turned back to her and said, 'sweetie, Papa lives far away now and probably won't be able to come'. She looked disappointed and then asked, 'what about Nana.' That one got me in the gut. I bend down to her level and looked at her and reminded her that Nana went to heaven. She then seemed to remember and slumped against the counter in disappointment. I hugged her and we sat quietly for a moment. The big first finally came, Ariel's first party without her Nana and Papa. Sigh...

So yesterday was the 4th of July, and we had Ariel decked out in her red, white and blue dress I made last year. Glad it still fit like her Canada Day one. She was very eager to go to the parade... mostly due to the fact we said there was candy, haha.

We had breakfast with Dad and Rita, and then followed them down across the border into Point Roberts. Ariel was excited to play in the park close to where we sat on the road. Gotta love tire swings, especially there aren't any in our parks.

We sat down to watch the parade only to have my battery die on my camera, doh. I really wish I had it working because lets just say it was an 'interesting' parade. It was a space theme this year. Lots of tin foil, which I imagine wouldn't be comfortable in the heat. Ariel got into waving at everyone who passed in hopes of getting candy, haha.

One thing that happened that somewhat surprised us was Ariel's reaction when getting candy, or not getting it. The people on the floats threw candy and the kids ran to get it, but Ariel was tad slow, so this little guy next to us (and his over assertive grandmother who was egging him on to grab ALL the candy) took the piece of candy that Ariel was about to pick up. Needless to say she was stunned and then in shock to us, she turned and cried! My heart broke, I never have seen her react with so much feeling. 'He took my candy Mommy' she wailed. Of course after that (and the fact the Grandmother showed no remorse for the act) I had Ken help her. The young teen girl on the other side of us who saw what happened also would dash out and grab candy for Ariel. So we were thankful for her kindness, as was Ariel as she got her several lollipops, her fav!

After the parade we had lunch and came home to rest. I was zonked, Ariel chilled and Ken did some work. All in all, a lazy afternoon till dinner time. Bedtime proved to be rough getting Ariel down since she was so over tired that she couldn't settle. Ken finally had to lay down with her after I was too tired to get up anymore. Within 5 minutes of him laying there beside her, she was out like a light.

Today was church and another lazy afternoon. We cleaned up the living room when I broke down in tears because it was so messy and I couldn't bend down easily to clean it myself. Yes, hormones are at full capacity, haha. After doing a bit of sewing, I went to have a nap and fell asleep only for Ken to wake me up just before 6pm. Ack! So much for making dinner, so we got cheap pizza and my chicken will have to wait for tomorrow. Ok, Ken and Ariel went to visit with Pastor Dave tonight, he has some film clips he wanted to show him. So I am going to go enjoy the peace and quiet... ahh.
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