Monday, April 23, 2012

Wow... lots to report

If anyone is still out there... I am alive, barely. We MOVED! Ack!!! From the moment we got our keys it has been crazy! As you remember, our place wasn't in the nicest condition when we got it, so with only 2 weeks till the movers would haul our stuff over, we had to work like dogs!

However, before all the work, we celebrated Easter, remembered Mom and celebrated Dad's birthday. Its hard to think its been 12 years but for the first time in a very long time, I woke up that morning with a happy heart. I feel like our new home is filled with the love of the people who are gone, those that are here and filled with all the possibilities of dreams to come. We took Mom some roses and went off to church.

Later we had a yummy steak dinner with the family to celebrate Dad. Xander is a true man and loves meat, nearly eating a whole steak himself.

Easter was simple as we were lacking much as it was all packed. Won't miss the boxes in the back of all our pictures haha.

The Easter bunny did manage to leave a few things for the kids...

...we celebrated our risen Lord...

...and enjoyed a dinner and some time down in Point Roberts.

Then the work began...

Basically Dad, Xander and I would show up and work on things daily. Lots of painting, fixing stuff that wasn't good.... oh I have so many things I could say here - like they used drier duct for the range hood cover, yeah that didn't work out well. The electrical was really bad in spots, unsafe and sometimes scary to find. Every spot water came out pretty much leaked, thank you Mr Plummer for fixing stuff.

Appliances all started arriving, kinda like Christmas! Its so funny what makes us excited as adults eh? The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms, which is good since I am in there a lot. I really love the main living space paint color. I was worried at first since its something I wouldn't have originally gone with, but I love it.

Ariel's room is bright... very bright, but she loves it. In fact I think she nearly burst when seeing it the first time.

Xander's room was bright but very fun.

Our room... one word, relaxation! I love the calmness of it, and every time I see it I smile.

As the moving day approached, I freaked. I was excited but scared, and totally nervous how it would go. The local movers we hired were AWESOME! They were fun and fast, and I gave them all some Girl Guide cookies along with their pay, haha. They did ask if the boxes they moved actually had cookies in them, haha

As we settled in our first evening in the new home we had a stressful surprise, the computer wouldn't turn on. ACK! Only a tad stressful. Eep. Turns out it was the power supply, and after Ken managed to find a place to get it fixed over the weekend made it all work out.

-Dining room starting to come together-

We kept bringing small loads of stuff over, not much left now at the old place, I get to clean it this week, boo!  Of course this week I went back to work, and had 6 orders! Ack, a tad crazy but I am finishing the last one tonight then taking another week off to finish the stuff off at the house without stressing, glad I did.

-Our Kitchen... love it!!!-

Things around here are slowing down, Dad will be needing to take a break soon, I think we all need one. I really want to finish unpacking, and purging more stuff before the church garage sale next weekend. It that wasn't enough we have to go car shopping soon... very soon. Sooner than we hoped but sometimes stuff happens...that is all I can say about that at the moment.

-Xander's Room-

I can also say what my mysterious thing was now, since we didn't get picked, super glad now we didn't, haha. I was selected to try and win the chance to be a mom blogger document a trip to Disney World for Astral Media! We had to send a video of our family, of course not telling the kids in case we were picked for the trip, and answer some questions about if we had been before etc. They were doing a campaign for Canadians and they would have sent us for 4 days, with free airfare, food, accommodations etc. but the catch, we would have left NEXT WEEK! The moment I sent the info I panicked, how could we do that?! We were going to MOVE!!!

-The Pink Palace aka Ariel's Room-

Anyhoo, we didn't get picked, thank heavens, but they sent the kids some special Mickey toys regardless, which was worth it. They were happy and I look forward to the time we travel together to Disneyland, I rather go there first for Xander anyways, haha.

Now this week we are cleaning up the old apartment, gosh I will be glad when that is done! I am very thankful for Dad and Rita's help. In one day we nearly cleaned a lot more had it just been me alone. One more day and it should be good to go. Eager to hand the keys back and only have one place to deal with, haha.

-Our room, we have never had been able to freely walk around the end of the bed! Its amazing... loving the space!-

The kids are loving the new home. Some of the neighbors gave them a cool wagon their kids outgrew, its been a hit as you can see. I had a crazy week of 6 orders, took on a few extras to make up for the time off I was taking for moving and cleaning. Its been fun telling people where to come to pick up their cakes now, a tad easier to find us, yay!

Next week we make our first mortgage payment, haha, first of many, but its exciting not being a rent payment. We are home, it feels good. More pictures to come as we continue to decorate and fix things up. The bathroom still has some work to go, some closets need to be done and small things here and there, but life goes on and many things coming up to keep us busy! Whee!
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