Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Month Old

Boy, that went by fast didn't it? I can't believe my little prince is a month old. He is a joy and we just love him more and more everyday. He is getting bigger and filling out more in the face. His eyes are still blue, in fact a bit more so now than when he was born. Xander is continuing to nurse and sleep well. He is up like clockwork every morning at 3am for a feeding, and we watch 'Restaurant Makeover' while he snacks. Then back to sleep till 7am, its wonderful and I am very thankful. Ariel was like that too, they like to sleep because they are crazy busy during the day!!!

Xander is my cuddle monkey. He is all about molding himself to who ever is holding him. He is also not into the 'binkie' at all, especially compared to Ariel the 'binkie queen'. You give it to him and he just spits it back at you after a few chews. All he wants is boobs... maybe that is a guy thing? Haha. His big sister is still trying to get him to like it... she is determined. She just loves him so much!

His hair is continuing to grow... and we have achieved the mini mohawk look.

For church today we sported X-man in his first pair of jeans. Mommy's little west coast boy, can you say grunge? Haha.

This week we had coffee party and the ladies had a 'food shower' for me. We got lots of meals for the freezer and its awesome! So thankful for wonderful friends. Xander made his first coffee group appearance and charmed the ladies.

Aunt Deborah even made it for the special occasion, so nice.

The kids and Aunty Kara, love this one.

Also this week Xander got to go to his first movie! On Thursday it was 'Stars and Strollers' at the local theater (special screenings for parents with babies) and they were showing 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs'. I packed up both kids and went off for the show. Ariel enjoyed it, especially the falling burgers. Yum. Xander slept through the whole thing, much like Ariel did when I took her to one when she was the same age.

That night Ken was working late so it was just the 3 of us for bedtime routine, so Ariel wanted Xander to come cuddle for story time.

Earlier in the week, after dropping Ariel at school, Xander and I made a quick run into town for the special duds the kids would be wearing for our family picture session this week with Maria. Gotta love that Gymboree has their Christmas stuff out early for people like me, hee. So I got Ariel a pretty dress and then got to pick dress clothes for Xander. I will say, its just as much fun, haha.

After picking Ariel up, we did a quick fitting session to make sure everything worked, so here is the Christmas angel Ariel...

... and the sugar cookie cutie Xander. Aw!!!!!!!!!!!

In the mail this week Xander got his first puppet from our good friend Galen and his family! His own fuzzy monster Grover. I think they will be good friends.

On the Jay front, this week has been better for me emotional wise. I didn't cry... much. I have been careful because we didn't want things to turn into postpartum depression. My doctor felt it could happen because of the extra stress I basically had to block out when Nana passed away, and it could just be coming out now. I totally agree, and add in the extra stuff with my health added in there it just has been a rough ride. I must say hitting the month mark was just about as momentous as it was for Xander. We both survived, now on to month 2.

One minor freak out happened when I was getting ready for bed and noticed that my incision site on one end was looking red and angry. I started crying fearing that now I was getting an infection. (Hello emotional psycho Jay!) Ken came home and looked at it and tried to calm me down. Thankfully the following day at coffee group I had Aunty Fran look at it, she is a retired home care nurse. She said it probably was angry from moisture, and of course thinking back I had a shower that morning and probably didn't dry the area as carefully as I usual do. So she gave me some pointers and within a day it was like nothing was wrong with it. Hoping we can keep it that way. My 6 week follow up is approaching and I would like to get back to doing some normal activity, especially since I joined a 'biggest loser' group to drop some more weight. There are lots of weddings next summer and dang it I want to look good! Haha.

Soooo, that is pretty much our past week, and this week is looking busy too. Its a major photo week with Ariel's class pictures tomorrow and our family pictures this Thursday. Meeting with Pastor Dave tomorrow about Xander's dedication next week and we also jump into October! I want to get my fall decor up soon and start getting ready for the multi-Thanksgivings and sewing Halloween costumes... but I still plan on getting my cuddles in. Happy one month Xander, Mommy loves you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back into the Groove

Its been sorta crazy around here, Ken has been busy with the SPARK animation festival last week. That meant several late nights where he wasn't home till midnight, so I was a tad tired without my second set of hands in the evening. Thank goodness Ariel is such a great girl when it comes to bedtime that its no fight and I can put the extra strength into Xander.

On Saturday, Ken was home during the morning, so we had an online chat with Ken's family. I snapped this picture during that because it was so cute. My man with my angels. Hee.

That evening Deb and Blair came over to meet Xander. They took the 3 of us to dinner as Ken was out partying with animation people. As we finished dinner, who drives by but Dad and Rita, so they came into join us and visit. Ariel then saw the moon in the dark sky out the window and informed us all it was time for her to go to bed, haha. So we took the visiting back to our place to please Ariel.

Sunday morning we had church and Ariel went to her first sunday school class. She had a great time and learned about Noah. I took the morning to get ready with Xander and then walk to church to get my exercise in since Ken was going out later that day. Ariel was excited to wear one of her new headbands that she got from Ken's Aunt Mary and Uncle Rick... can you tell?

In the afternoon, Ken had to do an interview on the phone for his new book and needed quiet, so I took the kids to Dad and Rita's for a visit. We ended up staying for dinner and then came home to a quiet house. Ariel went to bed and Xander and I hung out while I did some stitching on his Christmas stocking and watched '17 Again'.

Monday was school again for Ariel and I dropped her off in her cute kitty outfit which she is totally loving. This is her serious model look, haha.

Xander also stylin' in his new duds I got at the baby sale. Note the 'bad hair day' shirt, I think that is appropriate eh? Speaking of Xander, he is going to be a month old soon!!! When did that happen?

Then this morning was FINALLY Ariel's ballet class. After my big oops last week, Ariel has been patiently waiting for it to start. So starting at 8am this morning, she started asking if it was time to go yet, about every 5 to 10 minutes. Class didn't start till 10am, so it was a looooong morning. When it was finally time, she was practically bursting with excitement,eek.

We walked there and met Stella, who was going to have a little walk and juice break with me while Ariel danced. However, before we left I had to snap a shot of my big girl in her first dance studio. Hee.

So now we are sitting here and its actually pretty calm. Ariel is playing potato heads, Xander is sleeping and I am blogging... I am sure it won't last, but its nice for the moment. So I shall go tidy up the kitchen before someone is yelling for me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yay for Hormones....

...please note the heavy sarcasm. Blah! If you asked how many times I cried in the past 24 hours, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I had a bad case of the postpartum blues, that is normal of course but so not fun. Yesterday was a long day, Ken was out late at the SPARK animation festival, and I had a busy list of things to do.

It didn't start off well since I slept in to 8am, since Xander had gotten up at 5am to eat, and usually he gets up at 6am, which then when I am done just progresses into the start of my day. I went back to sleep and thankfully woke up on my own and ran to wake up Ariel who was still sawing logs too. Got her dressed, fed and out the door for school. It was raining so we drove, and I got her in on time, woot! Then I dragged Xander off to the clinic so I could do this week's blood and urine tests the cardiologist ordered. Thankfully he was sleeping happily and was no fuss.

After wards we went to the post office to mail off Ken's contacts. I can now announce his big news since the contracts are signed and on, Ken is writing another book! He was contacted by his publishers to write a second volume of Stop Motion Animation, so we are very excited! It works out perfectly because he can dedicate this one to Xander too, since the first one was to me and Ariel. Haha. Its such a blessing, but of course we know it means hard work ahead. I am just happy that I am not sick and pregnant for once during one of his huge writing assignments. Haha. I am always amazed at the opportunities that come along for Ken, its just awesome. Whee.

Then we did some banking, ran into some friends and had to show off my little guy. Came home and got to sit for an hour and watch some of Ellen and then dash off to pick up Ariel again. At that point I was so tired, and just needed to rest. Got the kids fed and happy and was able to sit and cross stitch on Xander's stocking ( I figured I wanted to make sure that was done before his birth announcement, cuz I never know how my time will go). Can I say how glad I am to cross stitch again! My belly is no longer in the way, speaking of which, only a few more pounds and I am at my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot!!!

(Ariel all ready for ballet... and Mommy messing up the dates, it starts next week - BLAH! Lots of tears, way to go Mommy!)

Then came the cry fest.... I took ink prints of Xander's feet for his baby book and decided to wash him up in the bath tub rather than set up the baby bath tub, but I really wish I had. I had him lay in the bottom of the tub with barely any water in there. He wasn't happy and was crying and then without warning, Ariel tried to wet his hair with a cup of soapy water and instead got most of it on his face and open mouth. I freaked and grabbed him out of the tub since I wasn't sure if he got a blast down his throat. He was making funny noises and was preparing for the angry cry, so no sound was coming out which freaked me out all that much more. I wrapped him in a towel drying him and patting his back. He let out a huge cry which slightly made me feel better, but then he was snorting and there was lots of bubbles in his mouth and then he got quiet and just stared at me.

My little owl! I think he might hate me for this outfit one day, haha.

I called the nurse hotline not sure if I should take him in or not. She had me listen to his chest and his breathing was fine and since I know what a chest with fluid sounds like now thanks to myself, I knew it was ok. Of course I wasn't... it shook me up more than it probably would have because of all the hormones. The nurse was very kind and talked to me for awhile till she knew I was ok too. Part of me wished Xander would cry more, but he just snuggled and slept for awhile.

I got Ariel into bed early and just sat and sewed the evening away till Ken got home and I cried all over again. Xander of course is fine, and was being extremely cute. I just love him so much. He will be a MONTH old next week and part of me feels like I lost so much time enjoying him because of everything that happened... especially if this is now our last baby. Just sucks, but then I know its important this all happened to find out about my heart... but its still lame. My sweet boy, don't grow up too fast ok? Now in regards of how today went, I am happy to say that it was much better and no crying, yay.

You might have noticed the kids in these cute matching outfits, well my online friend Brenda made these for them! They are so awesome, and Ariel was thrilled when we opened them. Thank you so much Brenda!!!!!!!!

Ok, in closing, the birth announcement has been sent and received to those we sent it to, so here it is online to share (click on it to see it better). I am off to feed my baby boy, good night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Reality

First off, thank you EVERYONE! Your comments, emails and encouragement have been so uplifting and so appreciated. Pretty much the shock as wore off and now its time for deal. That is usually how I operate, big cry and then make a plan. Haha. Still a little overwhelmed, but one day at a time is the motto here, so that is what we will do.

Second off, a quick look at Ariel's first day of pre-school. It kinda got lost in everything that happened on Friday, so here it goes. It was dumping rain, and I mean DUMPING! No fun for taking pictures of her big day, but oh well. She was excited to wear her boots and rain coat, and looked so grown up ready to go. I didn't cry... but was close, haha.

It was special Daddy was there to come along too on her big day.

Showing off her hook!

She didn't even look back at us, she just ran in. The only hard part came when it was time to go home, she didn't want to leave. Ariel just cried and dragged her feet all the way to the car. I guess I will remind her of that when she doesn't want to go to school, haha.

Friday morning before the doctor's appointment, we took Ariel to Carter's birthday party. It was so nice to visit with friends and Ariel had a ball.

Ken snapped this great shot of me and my little man! Love it!

We then gave Ariel off to my Dad and Rita, who were taking her to the beach for the afternoon while we went in to Richmond to meet the cardiologist. The plan was to go and then pick up our new stroller, but alas, we ended up staying at the appointment longer than we thought. Basically she went through everything and then took off briefly to go read my echo again, which is when she discovered the 'hole'. I got my appointment today for the second level echo to determine the size and position better of it, but its not till November, so at least I don't need to think about it for awhile.

Like I said in my last post, upon leaving with the news I had some big things ahead, I was crying and scared. I did lots of research and found out more and more how finding this now could have saved my life down the road. When I think about that I get weepy too, especially since my greatest fear is dying young like my mom and leaving my kids. I was telling Ken that Xander in a way saved my life, that had this not happened we wouldn't have found this until something like a stroke happened... kinda freaky to think about. If you don't remember, Xander's name means 'Protector of Mankind'. My darling boy has protected his Mommy, and God truly had his hand over us both.

Saturday was mellow and just hanging out enjoying our last few days of Daddy being home before returning to work. Later that afternoon we picked up the new stroller and then headed to Mike and Jo's for dinner. Mike has been getting into 'smoking' stuff with his R2D2 unit as I call it. He made ribs and chicken for us, but of course with me on my 'low to no salt diet' I only ate one piece of chicken, and oh how I wished I could have pigged out like everyone else, haha. Ken had an elephant grave yard on his plate, hee. They made me up potatoes that I could eat as well as regular ones all spiced up, so that was very sweet, and lots of yummy salad.

We had a fun visit and we all played Rockband after wards. Can I say I totally kicked Ken's butt on my first go. Haha. Ariel likes to play the drums.

Mike and Jo also got Xander a little 'Canuck' blue for his wardrobe, haha.

Sunday was the kickoff for the fall schedule at church, and they had a pancake breakfast. I brought my fruit and yogurt while Ken and Ariel chowed down. Cantaloupe sure doesn't taste like sausage, oh well. We booked Xander's dedication for October 4th, so that is exciting and Gayle is going to sing the Lorica while Kara dances. I am so excited, that song means so much to me and really was a comfort in everything that has happened during this pregnancy and after wards. I'll share more about that in a post about the big day.

That brings us to Monday, and back to reality. Ken went back to work and it is our first week in the regular schedule. Ariel was eager for school and looking super cute in her outfit from Grammy.

All ready in our new stroller!

So I managed to walk and get Ariel there on time and then hit the store for some groceries. Got home in time for a nice hour quiet time while Xander napped. He is starting to spend more time awake now which is fun, but I like the sleepy time too, since I need rest. My cute boy!

Then we drove to pick up Ariel, since I was too tired to walk again. Stella met us there so she could sit with Xander in the car so in case Ariel pulled the 'I don't want to leave' routine, I had both hands. Thankfully, she was fabulous and came out like an angel. Woot! So that leaves us at now... both kids are fed and happy, and so is Mommy. Time for some quiet play and then later Erin is bringing us dinner, so sweet of her. I must say for my first day on my own, it isn't so bad... I have wonderful kids, I am very blessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Sickness and In Health...

Ok, I am keeping this brief since I am still a little overwhelmed and frankly trying to take it all in myself. Saw the cardiologist this afternoon. A very good doctor, I am feeling very positive that she is in control of things, so that is a blessing. Main things for now, another special echo to be done on my heart, its more accurate for detecting little things they need to look at.

She thinks I had pre-eclasmpsia and hypertension, that is how things got messy. How that was missed by my OB is beyond me, but some of the things that followed the surgery like my vomiting all day apparently was another sign of that being the case, weird. Anyhoo, the main issue at hand is getting my blood pressure under control. She is taking me off the pills, and putting me on a little to no salt diet (ugh), walking at least 30 minutes daily and basically trying to get rid of my pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. I still will take the pill that keeps the fluid off for now, as she didn't want to take me off everything at once, and she is upping my iron pills.

Now, the not so exciting news... I have a hole in my heart. Its not big, from what she can tell, but the next test will determine the size better, and the course of action. Most likely we can do a day procedure where they insert a umbrella like patch through a vein to my heart while I sleep. Its painless but because I am nursing, they have to hold off until I finish, but sounds like she wants to do it at least in a year, so I may not get to nurse Xander as long as I did Ariel which was 2 years. Guess we will see how it goes.

For those that don't know, my brother had a hole in his heart and had open heart surgery as a kid. Sooo, to find out I have a hole in my heart is rather ironic. Part of me now of course worries more about our kids, but so far with Ariel she hasn't had one detected but you can bet I will be really watching things in the years to come with them both.

So I have a few more tests ahead of me, and things long term to deal with. Trying to take one day at a time at the moment. I know everyone is praying for me and that we can fix this... I need to, for my kids and my hubby. I told him I guess this is our first 'in sickness and in health' moment... and honestly, I have cried a lot. Its scary, and overwhelming, but I need to keep the focus on my family and work hard. I am sad because I should be enjoying my baby, but now I am forced to deal with this. Sigh.... I don't understand why now, but I know I will long term, but its hard.

Ariel saw me cry tonight, and asked what was wrong. I told her my heart had an ouchie, she hugged me and kissed my heart. Then looking at me with those big brown eyes she said, don't be sad anymore.... I guess I need to listen eh?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

So I guess everyone is kinda hanging on updates... well, not much to report except that the pills I am on are doing their job and I feel good. I really hope that its a sign of positive things to come. I meet with the cardiologist this Friday afternoon, thanks to my doctor from the ER making a huge pull that it was urgent. Of course, I hate the thought of something being so wrong that its urgent, but not going to stress, as stress is bad. Booooo. So, looks like we have a name for what happened at least.... 'Postpartum heart failure'. Yeah, I don't like it much, something about the words 'heart failure' that make you a bit queasy.

My blood pressure has been really good, the first few days it was high again but I think that was just the stress I was feeling of knowing what I had. Since then its been practically perfect, and the weight continues to drop. I am over 25lb down, mostly fluid I assume, but some I hope is my baby weight too. Either way, I feel good and love how I am looking, basically that I don't look pregnant, ha! I went and did my blood test this morning, I am getting really good at this needle thing. So now we wait for Friday... pray for us and good results - I have some huge reasons to recover... as you can see. My little angels!

This week has been busy, but also been one of rest. The Saturday I started the pills but it was a huge shock to my system and I spent most of the day in bed feeling very dizzy. Sunday was much better and we made it to church and Stella's for lunch. Monday was mellow too, which was good. Dad, Rita and Katie came over for a visit and bring by some mail. We also had a web chat with Ken's mom, Ariel put on a show... she is good for a laugh that is for sure. Oh, speaking of Mom, she sent me a gift certificate to the spa!!!! YAY! Something fun to look forward to when I am back in the groove again. Huge thank you! I am very excited, hee.

Today was a productive day, and I must say it was really nice. First off we go my blood test done, and then drove to see our new family doctor. Since we were early, we decided to do some shopping and I picked up a gift for Carter's birthday this week, and Ken and Ariel hit the book store.

Then it was time for Xander's first visit, mainly for checking his weight. Happy to say he is 8.5lb so he is back to birth weight. A huge answer of prayer for me was when we were talking I mentioned what happened after my delivery, since she was getting background for his chart, well she has seen a case of this! Yes, my very rare condition, she has dealt with before back when working in Saskatoon. This was a relief to me as it seems only people have 'heard of it'. So I will get all my info sent to her, and I feel good about it.

Speaking of doctors while on the subject, our old family doctor has been receiving all the info on things since technically her name is still on everything for copies. She called me today in a panic since she was freaking out about me. I nearly cried I was so touched. She had called the hospital thinking I was still there, and again was shocked at what happened. I am sure going to miss her, a wonderful doctor.

After the doctor, we decided a nice lunch was in order, so we went to White Spot and it was so nice to sit as a little family of four. Xander slept through it while we ate, and Ariel was a doll charming everyone in sight. That girl can really turn on the charm when she wants to... but I will tell you, she can also be a real little monkey too, so I guess that is the 3 year old world.

Came home and I rested the rest of the afternoon with Xander. He is such a little cuddle bear, I love it. Ariel wasn't so cuddly, so I am enjoying it. As you can see, he is also a rock star, hair and all. Haha.

Tomorrow is Ariel's first official day of pre-school! She is so excited and so am I. Such a big day for our little girl and we have her outfit laid out, snack ready and homework done. (Yes, she had a little coloring sheet to do from the orientation day, so cute!) I also will be seeing my OB to tell her everything that happened, my life seems to be nothing but doctor's appointments, sigh.

So I will update on Friday with how things go... thank you everyone for your kind words, prayers and friendship. I truly appreciate it, and so does my family. Thank you.

Friday, September 04, 2009

24 hours...

I think I may have experienced the scariest 24 hours of my life... part of me is still a bit shaky from everything that happened, but I am so very thankful things are turning around. Truly we have had God's hand of healing on us, and all the prayers of friends and family.

Things all started really after we got home after having Xander. I hurt, everywhere. I just kept telling Ken, this isn't right, this isn't normal. I didn't feel like I did with Ariel, and that just concerned me. Part of me was like, well, maybe its different this time, maybe I am just getting the baby blues etc. Well, on Tuesday night, I went downstairs to grab something and when I got back upstairs I was gasping for breath. It felt kinda like I was drowning and when I looked in the mirror, I just didn't see me anymore. Out of curiosity, I hopped on the scale and saw to my surprise that I was a few pounds heavier after giving birth. That just didn't make sense! I went to bed and found my breath sounds wheezy like.

That Wednesday, the health nurse came to measure Xander and she took my blood pressure and it was quite high. She was concerned and said to retest tomorrow morning and if it was higher to go get checked out. So I went about my day, and then when using the stairs I found myself out of breath.

Thursday morning I rechecked my blood pressure and its was high, about 165/95. So I called my OB's office and she wasn't in until next week but the receptionist was telling me to go to the walk in clinic since we were coming up on a long weekend. Ken was to be going downtown to host the grad event at the school, but with me on edge he quickly made some calls and got people to handle things for him.

So we got to the walk in and my blood pressure is now 175/110. My breathing is raspy and the doctor steps back from me and very frankly says, get to the emergency at Richmond Hospital asap. He thinks that my symptoms point to what might be a blood clot in my lungs. I walk out with Ken sobbing. I was so afraid and just was breaking down. We drove home and picked up Xander who was being watched with Ariel by my Dad. I hugged Ariel goodbye, and lost it again. I felt like I was saying more than goodbye to her, and it was breaking my heart.

We drove to the ER, and the triage nurse quickly admitted us, that is when I knew just how serious this was. Then the tests started, a chest x-ray, CT scan and lots of blood draws and urine tests. We sat around waiting for several hours for the tests to come back, all this time we have Xander with us and watch the 'colorful' people around us. If you were a big fan of the show 'ER' like I was, and wondered if they over exaggerated the types of people that came in... they so DIDN'T! From the guy next to us who used the 'F-word' for every second word and was getting admitted and was telling his wife to go home and lock up the car and not to come out until he gets home... not to mention his rude treating of the staff in the ER who he felt weren't working hard enough because several people were sitting around and he served in the army and work ethics etc etc. My favorite part was when the social worker came and asked if he had any kids and he said no and I said to Ken 'thank heavens'. Haha, I know, bad me, but I couldn't imagine that man a father. Then there was the fellow who kept asking nurses where their 'white dresses' were. Right.... sheesh.

So about dinner time comes and I got a plate of mush, yuck. It was then the doctor returns with the results of my tests and its not a blood clot, thank heavens, but its something with my heart. I felt my whole body drop... it was like a gun to my head. With all the heart problems that took my Mom and Nana, I was in true fear that I was going to die. The doctor's words were kinda blurry since I was overwhelmed, but I made out 'rare condition after pregnancy and c-sections' and 'how they were shocked I had it since it usually occurs in older women'. Then it was the next statement that sent me over the edge... he wasn't sure if the medication they would need to give me if I could breastfeed Xander. He left and I broke down rocking my son crying out to God why was this happening. I didn't want to put him on formula, it wasn't fair to him and I felt like I was letting him down.

Ken went to call the family to give an update and I just cried and cried. A nurse came in to hook me up to some monitors and took my head in her hands and looked me deep in the eyes and said, we are going get you through this, don't worry. She looked at Xander and said, he isn't going to blame you, its not your fault. This is a 'fluke' condition, there is no tie to family heart history. Apparently they were saying that sometimes it happens with losing lots of blood and the heart isn't able to catch up. It then results in the fluid in my lungs, which explains the breathing issues. She then fills my IV with a drug called lasix. I asked if this drug was safe for nursing, since Xander was starting to wake up, and she ran off to ask the doctor. What felt like forever, soon came back with an amazing answer, the doctor came in grinning and said 'We made some calls to several peds doctors and other specialists and its safe, and so is the other drug we need to give you.' You guessed it, more crying! I hugged my son and was so, so thankful for answered prayer.

The lasix was practically a miracle drug! My blood pressure started to drop, and I kept peeing and felt like my swelling was going down. I could feel my breathing seem lighter, and the raspy sound was gone. However, they wanted to keep me overnight to watch things, and then do an echo of my heart in the morning. So Ken went home to get some things and I waited with Xander for a room in maternity. Finally around 10pm we were moved upstairs and felt more at ease. My head was throbbing, mostly from all the stress, but I managed to get some sleep. Ken arrived and we settled in and prayed for continued healing.

The next morning the doctor came to see me and when we looked at my feet we were both amazed, it was like no swelling at all. She asked if I wanted to go home and I was please if I could. So she told me I would be getting prescriptions for lasix and some blood pressure medication to keep things under control. I also would be meeting with a cardiologist next week to follow up with my echo that I was booked for later that morning.

So after the echo, a visit from Pastor Dave and some more lasix pumped into me, we were free to go. I have a prescription for lots of pills and orders to take it easy still. But I will say, I feel great! I don't have any pain in regards to my c-section anymore. Sure the area is tender, but that is what it felt like after Ariel. Yes, I finally feel like I did after my first surgery. We came home and I ran upstairs to hop on the scale, and this is the part that floors me... I lost 18lbs (and counting) worth of fluid! WHOA! To think of the pressure that was putting on my body is mind boggling. Now I look like a woman who 'gave birth' rather than the 'pregnant' look I felt like I still had.

I guess things will continue to develop and I will keep everyone posted. As for now, I am feeling very relieved and extremely thankful to all the doctors, nurses and my friends and family for their thoughts and prayers. I am still concerned about long term effects, and what the echo shows, but I am trying to be positive and take each day at a time. As long as I can continue to recover and not go back to what was happening, I will be happy.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One Week!

Its hard to believe Xander has been here for a week... seems like he has always been here, such a wonderful feeling. We are loving getting to know our little man, and just can't get over his cuteness. He is a wonderful baby, and very much like Ariel was, just cries for food, diaper changes and cuddles. He is starting to have longer periods awake time where he watches us and coos. Ariel has been a doting sister, and is very quick to respond to his needs. Sometimes she just looks at us and says, 'I think he pooped' just so she can go get diapers and wipes. Haha.

This week has been tougher for me than Xander, which is why his wonderful nature has been a huge blessing. I have been struggling with the pain, and its frustrating. The muscle above my incision is what has been bothering me the most, as during my pregnancy it curved inwards. I can't remember the name my doctor called it, but its normal, but now that baby is out, it has to retract and return to its normal flat state... meaning ouch! As of today, its feeling more flat, but its tender to the touch and for awhile felt kinda like a sunburn on the skin, since a good portion of that area is numb from the surgery. I remember how that numb feeling lasted a year... some areas never returning feeling again. I know it sounds weird and creepy, but its nothing terrible, just kinda weird to poke a spot on your belly and not feel it. Wacky!

So my swelling in my legs has been bad, really bad. To the point where today I finally gave in and pretty much kept my feet elevated for the entire day. Pure torture for a busy body like myself. I will say that my ankles look pretty good tonight, so I guess I need to continue this. My blood pressure has been high too, so to bring it down, the swelling needs to come down. Blah.

This week we have had two visits from the health nurse. The first one had me a little concerned when we saw Xander hadn't gained any weight, but has lost more since coming home. I was shocked and couldn't figure it out because he eats like crazy, has the right number of dirty and wet diapers, and isn't showing any signs of jaundice. I felt terrible and for the next day and a half upped his nursing during the day and pumped extra to feed him. So today when he was reweighed and we saw a 3.6 oz weight increase, I was happy! So was the nurse, in fact she was blown away for such a large leap in such a short time. Yay!

Ariel has been enjoying all her extra time with Daddy, and its a huge help as I haven't been able to do much with her with my recovery. Her new favorite game is Mouse Trap. Countless hours have been spent setting it up and setting it off, no actual game playing is happening. Haha. Several times I have found her playing with the mice, making them talk and such, its pretty cute.

We have also been getting meals this week from friends from church. Ariel loves having people come over, and gets very excited. She has also been getting a few 'big sister' gifts from various visitors. One of her favorites was a Barbie fairy dress up kit. She danced all over the house in it, and every morning comes down and asks where it is. Too cute!

On Monday, Dianne and Hana came over to say goodbye and drop off some things they borrowed. Ariel and Hana had fun coloring in her room while I got a visit in with Dianne. Not sure when we will get to see them again in person, but at least we have blogs and facebook. I sure miss her.

Xander got his first at home bath last night, and decided he didn't like it. Nor is he a fan of getting his mane of hair washed. Haha.

However, the cuddle time in the towel following the bath proved to be a big hit!

Say hello to mini Ken!

Ariel is always quick to make sure she gets her picture taken too. Showing off her birthday pjs.

I got our birth announcements printed this week at London Drugs, so I will start getting those in the mail. Its something I can do while sitting, haha. Will post it on here once they are off. Also need to get our newspaper announcement dropped off... maybe tomorrow if we are on the ball. Ha!

Well, I have been sitting quite awhile, so I need to go put my feet up again. Need my rest so I can get better sooner!!! Yay!
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