Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Reality

First off, thank you EVERYONE! Your comments, emails and encouragement have been so uplifting and so appreciated. Pretty much the shock as wore off and now its time for deal. That is usually how I operate, big cry and then make a plan. Haha. Still a little overwhelmed, but one day at a time is the motto here, so that is what we will do.

Second off, a quick look at Ariel's first day of pre-school. It kinda got lost in everything that happened on Friday, so here it goes. It was dumping rain, and I mean DUMPING! No fun for taking pictures of her big day, but oh well. She was excited to wear her boots and rain coat, and looked so grown up ready to go. I didn't cry... but was close, haha.

It was special Daddy was there to come along too on her big day.

Showing off her hook!

She didn't even look back at us, she just ran in. The only hard part came when it was time to go home, she didn't want to leave. Ariel just cried and dragged her feet all the way to the car. I guess I will remind her of that when she doesn't want to go to school, haha.

Friday morning before the doctor's appointment, we took Ariel to Carter's birthday party. It was so nice to visit with friends and Ariel had a ball.

Ken snapped this great shot of me and my little man! Love it!

We then gave Ariel off to my Dad and Rita, who were taking her to the beach for the afternoon while we went in to Richmond to meet the cardiologist. The plan was to go and then pick up our new stroller, but alas, we ended up staying at the appointment longer than we thought. Basically she went through everything and then took off briefly to go read my echo again, which is when she discovered the 'hole'. I got my appointment today for the second level echo to determine the size and position better of it, but its not till November, so at least I don't need to think about it for awhile.

Like I said in my last post, upon leaving with the news I had some big things ahead, I was crying and scared. I did lots of research and found out more and more how finding this now could have saved my life down the road. When I think about that I get weepy too, especially since my greatest fear is dying young like my mom and leaving my kids. I was telling Ken that Xander in a way saved my life, that had this not happened we wouldn't have found this until something like a stroke happened... kinda freaky to think about. If you don't remember, Xander's name means 'Protector of Mankind'. My darling boy has protected his Mommy, and God truly had his hand over us both.

Saturday was mellow and just hanging out enjoying our last few days of Daddy being home before returning to work. Later that afternoon we picked up the new stroller and then headed to Mike and Jo's for dinner. Mike has been getting into 'smoking' stuff with his R2D2 unit as I call it. He made ribs and chicken for us, but of course with me on my 'low to no salt diet' I only ate one piece of chicken, and oh how I wished I could have pigged out like everyone else, haha. Ken had an elephant grave yard on his plate, hee. They made me up potatoes that I could eat as well as regular ones all spiced up, so that was very sweet, and lots of yummy salad.

We had a fun visit and we all played Rockband after wards. Can I say I totally kicked Ken's butt on my first go. Haha. Ariel likes to play the drums.

Mike and Jo also got Xander a little 'Canuck' blue for his wardrobe, haha.

Sunday was the kickoff for the fall schedule at church, and they had a pancake breakfast. I brought my fruit and yogurt while Ken and Ariel chowed down. Cantaloupe sure doesn't taste like sausage, oh well. We booked Xander's dedication for October 4th, so that is exciting and Gayle is going to sing the Lorica while Kara dances. I am so excited, that song means so much to me and really was a comfort in everything that has happened during this pregnancy and after wards. I'll share more about that in a post about the big day.

That brings us to Monday, and back to reality. Ken went back to work and it is our first week in the regular schedule. Ariel was eager for school and looking super cute in her outfit from Grammy.

All ready in our new stroller!

So I managed to walk and get Ariel there on time and then hit the store for some groceries. Got home in time for a nice hour quiet time while Xander napped. He is starting to spend more time awake now which is fun, but I like the sleepy time too, since I need rest. My cute boy!

Then we drove to pick up Ariel, since I was too tired to walk again. Stella met us there so she could sit with Xander in the car so in case Ariel pulled the 'I don't want to leave' routine, I had both hands. Thankfully, she was fabulous and came out like an angel. Woot! So that leaves us at now... both kids are fed and happy, and so is Mommy. Time for some quiet play and then later Erin is bringing us dinner, so sweet of her. I must say for my first day on my own, it isn't so bad... I have wonderful kids, I am very blessed.


kelly ens said...

two sweet angels, those kids!!! ariel is so cute/proud on her first day.
xander is just adorable, and i can't get enough of his hair :)

Anne said...

Hi Janet,
Congratulations to you and Ken, Xander is beautiful. Ariel looks so grown up. I am sorry that I haven't been in touch sooner, although you have been in my thoughts. I had planned to give you a call once you had a chance to get back on your feet after having the baby, but Auntie Ev sent me an email about your heart trouble, so I thought it was time to let you know that you are all in my prayers. If there is anything I can do please let me know. My phone # is 604 524-5010. I will follow your blog a little closer to see how things are going. Take care. Anne-Marie

Kristin said...

I am so happy to hear that you guys are settling into life as a family of 4 so well. :) And also that things have gone well for you with both kids on your own. Sounds like you have the right mind set, one day at a time.

Brenda said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, Jay. You are very lucky to have two gorgeous babes and a wonderful husband! Ariel looks so grown up on her first day of school, sniff, sniff. BTW - did you get our package yet? It really should be there any day now.

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