Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yay for Hormones....

...please note the heavy sarcasm. Blah! If you asked how many times I cried in the past 24 hours, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I had a bad case of the postpartum blues, that is normal of course but so not fun. Yesterday was a long day, Ken was out late at the SPARK animation festival, and I had a busy list of things to do.

It didn't start off well since I slept in to 8am, since Xander had gotten up at 5am to eat, and usually he gets up at 6am, which then when I am done just progresses into the start of my day. I went back to sleep and thankfully woke up on my own and ran to wake up Ariel who was still sawing logs too. Got her dressed, fed and out the door for school. It was raining so we drove, and I got her in on time, woot! Then I dragged Xander off to the clinic so I could do this week's blood and urine tests the cardiologist ordered. Thankfully he was sleeping happily and was no fuss.

After wards we went to the post office to mail off Ken's contacts. I can now announce his big news since the contracts are signed and on, Ken is writing another book! He was contacted by his publishers to write a second volume of Stop Motion Animation, so we are very excited! It works out perfectly because he can dedicate this one to Xander too, since the first one was to me and Ariel. Haha. Its such a blessing, but of course we know it means hard work ahead. I am just happy that I am not sick and pregnant for once during one of his huge writing assignments. Haha. I am always amazed at the opportunities that come along for Ken, its just awesome. Whee.

Then we did some banking, ran into some friends and had to show off my little guy. Came home and got to sit for an hour and watch some of Ellen and then dash off to pick up Ariel again. At that point I was so tired, and just needed to rest. Got the kids fed and happy and was able to sit and cross stitch on Xander's stocking ( I figured I wanted to make sure that was done before his birth announcement, cuz I never know how my time will go). Can I say how glad I am to cross stitch again! My belly is no longer in the way, speaking of which, only a few more pounds and I am at my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot!!!

(Ariel all ready for ballet... and Mommy messing up the dates, it starts next week - BLAH! Lots of tears, way to go Mommy!)

Then came the cry fest.... I took ink prints of Xander's feet for his baby book and decided to wash him up in the bath tub rather than set up the baby bath tub, but I really wish I had. I had him lay in the bottom of the tub with barely any water in there. He wasn't happy and was crying and then without warning, Ariel tried to wet his hair with a cup of soapy water and instead got most of it on his face and open mouth. I freaked and grabbed him out of the tub since I wasn't sure if he got a blast down his throat. He was making funny noises and was preparing for the angry cry, so no sound was coming out which freaked me out all that much more. I wrapped him in a towel drying him and patting his back. He let out a huge cry which slightly made me feel better, but then he was snorting and there was lots of bubbles in his mouth and then he got quiet and just stared at me.

My little owl! I think he might hate me for this outfit one day, haha.

I called the nurse hotline not sure if I should take him in or not. She had me listen to his chest and his breathing was fine and since I know what a chest with fluid sounds like now thanks to myself, I knew it was ok. Of course I wasn't... it shook me up more than it probably would have because of all the hormones. The nurse was very kind and talked to me for awhile till she knew I was ok too. Part of me wished Xander would cry more, but he just snuggled and slept for awhile.

I got Ariel into bed early and just sat and sewed the evening away till Ken got home and I cried all over again. Xander of course is fine, and was being extremely cute. I just love him so much. He will be a MONTH old next week and part of me feels like I lost so much time enjoying him because of everything that happened... especially if this is now our last baby. Just sucks, but then I know its important this all happened to find out about my heart... but its still lame. My sweet boy, don't grow up too fast ok? Now in regards of how today went, I am happy to say that it was much better and no crying, yay.

You might have noticed the kids in these cute matching outfits, well my online friend Brenda made these for them! They are so awesome, and Ariel was thrilled when we opened them. Thank you so much Brenda!!!!!!!!

Ok, in closing, the birth announcement has been sent and received to those we sent it to, so here it is online to share (click on it to see it better). I am off to feed my baby boy, good night.


Megan said...

That's tough, Jay!
Don't beat yourself up too much about the "missing out" feeling.. I feel that guilt too, for other reasons.. maybe everyone gets it for one reason or another..
Hope Xander's stopped snorting out bubbles ;)

kelly ens said...

i know a bit how you feel about missing out, but honestly, part of it is the fact that you have a preschooler to care for too! this time around you don't get nearly as time to just sit and stare at your new baby. sad, but true :(
VERY cute outfits for the kids.
the birth announcements are SOOOOO cute - thank you!!! :)
hope you have a less 'blue' day today :)

Tera said...

Boo for PP blues! Mine were worse with DD#2. Xander's announcement if very sweet. Ariel looks adorable in her ballet outfit..such graceful ballerina arms too! Congrats on the new book too! I still haven't sent the pics of my girls for you, but it sounds like Ken may be a bit too busy for awhile.

Karen said...

I love that owl outfit, and Xander's birth announcement is fabulous!! What adorable, well-dressed kids you have! YAY for Sunday school, too!

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