Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Baby!

Well, I haven't fallen into the oven and disappeared... although today I felt like curling up somewhere and hiding, haha. Its been a crazy week of activity leading up to our big Oscar party event last night. It was a huge success, about 62 people in attendance for dinner, prizes and watching the Oscar telecast.

Ken did his little pre-show and I was on the red carpet taking 'photos' for the guests. We even had some youth come be our paparazzi and the guests were quite amused and enjoyed the experience. Although one man when asked 'what was he wearing' replied, clothes I guess. Haha.

We had prizes everywhere, from silent auction, to raffles to a fun 'pick the winners' event where 10 people could go home with a mini Oscar. I am excited to say that I came in a tie for 3rd place, beating Ken (which is my goal yearly, haha)... but don't feel bad for him as he ended up winning one too. Lots of trips, hotel stays, fancy Pandora bracelets and oodies of other goodies were given away, including a swag bag as the guests left following the event.

Dinner was awesome, we got Bread Garden to cater the event, and every bite was oooh so good. Ken had invited out some of our friends and we had a great time at our table with a great mix of people.

I created an Oscar cake as a prize for the evening, and a very excited teen got this. It was great to see several families come out together for an evening of fun. I look forward to next year and if this looks like it be something you be interested in coming out for I will let you know next year as we draw near.

As for the rest of the week, not much to say except busy!! Had 2 photo shoots last week, one for a family I have done before. Their son is now a walking 1 year old instead of the barely crawling 6 month old I got to shoot last time. He was such a cutie. Check out their pictures on my Jaybird Creations site. They wanted a 'Canuck' theme so they were all in their gear, very cute! I also got to do a newborn shoot with my friend's new baby girl. She was simply a doll and I got this shot which I just LOVE. They wanted this one as a birth announcement so I got that made up for them.

On top of that I had the cake, the regular school routine and Xander's activities too keep me moving. Also we are still in the midst of a major transition at church and the 'stuff' that goes with that. Its emotional, difficult and draining at times. That is all I want to say on it since its personal and there is still a long way to go. Praying for transitions to go peacefully and successfully.

This week we are entering March! Now we had snow this past weekend, excuse me while I roll my eyes. Haha. I am soooo over snow at this point that it was a pain. Ariel asked on day 2 of it if I was going to yell at it (to stop snowing) again from the window. Haha. Yeah I was a tad concerned about it affecting our Oscar party so I wasn't at all interested in anything except the promised rain that would flush it all away.

Today it was beautiful sunny day and as I prepared to walk Ariel to school she said 'doesn't Xander have sportsball?' I stopped in my tracks and dashed back inside, he didn't have sportsball, but swimming. Ugh. So I had to get our bag and drive instead since the pool is on the other side of town. Blah! So much for my walk in the sunshine. The remainder of the day was spent cleaning the house up from 'bomb' state.

It looks like I will be taking on a new contact for which I need to get a new software which means I can upgrade by getting a bundle deal with Ken's 'school' discount. Score! I was looking at a laptop of my own but I just can't decide and so I am just going with new software for now instead. A lot cheaper and I take forever with choices that I can't really wait anymore. I am thrilled I can update my extremely out of date Photoshop and get some programs I have wanted for awhile. Yay, very exciting for me. Woot!

Well Ken is home early, he never made it to his event tonight due to a road closure because of an accident. So off to spend some time with him. Good night!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vampires and Tiaras

Ken and I are watching Twilight - Eclipse at the moment... Ken suggested it.... he wanted to see hot wolfman shirtless, haha. Kidding. Nothing on tonight and we hadn't watched it so that was that. Either way, its fun and there is enough fighting to keep him entertained.

We had a wild day with Ariel and her pageant. Gosh she just loves doing these things. The rush she gets from being on stage is hilarious. She loves meeting the other girls and of course getting a crown is the highlight of a job well done. This time she won 'Little Miss Personality'...

I think Ken and I nearly lost it because there was no better title for her. Here is a little montage of her on stage today. Ken was further back so its a tad blurry. But check out that little butt wiggle, haha.

Came home and picked up Xander who was being watched by our new babysitter... we have entered the world of 'paid' babysitting service. Woot! He had fun and was excited to see us when we got back. Nothing better than seeing his warm smile of love.

Since I don't have many pictures this week of Xander I thought I would post this funny video of him and Ken's birthday card. Back before Christmas I found this hilarious singing coffee cup and it was just TOO PERFECT. So I got it and well Xander expects me to play it several times a day. If I don't... he climbs up to try an turn it on himself. What a boy!

Today was also a cake pick up day... in fact the next several weeks are... gack! This one was super cute, a science theme for a 6 year old girl. I got to create a little fondant version of the girl from some pictures the parents emailed me. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. This week its an Oscar cake, as I am donating it as a prize up the big party we are helping organize at our church. Yay!

This past week was Valentine's Day. I was the helper in Ariel's class that morning, so Stella took Xander to his swim class for me, and I got to mix plaster instead, haha. I was preparing the activity for the kids later in the week, as they are doing a dinosaur unit. I made up cups of plaster and sand and hid a dinosaur inside each one, so they could dig them out like paleontologists. That morning Ariel wanted a special hairdo for the special day and so we came up with this after looking at our favorite hair do blog. Surprisingly, this is super easy!

For our own celebration we had a quiet dinner at home that I made with suggestions from Ariel. She wanted to make 'little chickens' aka cornish game hens. Xander gobbled down the meal, so it was a hit with him.

For dessert I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting... yum. Also a few chocolate covered strawberries for an extra touch of love.

We gave the kids each a little something, as it is also the half birthday of both kids this month. Xander got a cute car made from bamboo and Ariel a new outfit for her Julie doll. Ken and the kids got me each a rose and a few other treats, while we gave him a coffee press, which he was thrilled with. It was a lovely day and we all had a nice time together.

During the week I was playing around with camera and my sweet ballerina after she finished class. The light was really nice and so I took a few shots and got some beautiful ones I hope to print out for her room.

Speaking of lighting, one of Ken's friends was cleaning out her studio (she does stop motion too) and let me have her old soft box lighting set up! For free! I set it up and its fantastic! Perfect timing too because I am doing a newborn shoot this coming week for my friends. They welcomed their 3rd child into the world. She even did a home birth this time. Can't wait to meet little Anya, love her name. Hee. Did you know in the Buffy tv series there was a Xander character that dated a character named Anya... haha, I told Erin that and she got a kick out of it too.

We have been totally enjoying our free trial of Netflix. We discovered they have lots of Mystery Science Theater episodes, eek! We watched an interesting documentary on the movie rating system of the USA and they have all the veggie tales for the kids! So cool.

Well time for bed, got a photo-shoot after church tomorrow so its another big day ahead and I need sleep! Zzzzzzz...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthdays, Cakes and Sermons Oh My!

Oh what a week… er more than a week, as I see I haven’t blogged since last Thursday… oops. It was a week filled with a birthday, meetings, a regular full schedule and some cake orders on top. Whee!

… but first I am calling on your help! Xander is entered in the local radio station’s cutest kid contest. If you have a chance, click HERE and vote 10! The votes help us get a chance to get into the top 20 and then the judges pick from there. The top prize is a NEW CAR! Something we are needing in the next year or so with a nearly 20 year old car currently hanging in for us. So vote for our little man. Thanks!

It started with Ken’s 36th birthday on the Saturday. The kids got him a superman t-shirt, something he wanted for ages, we happened to find it at Old Navy one day and of course we were thrilled. We had to get a picture of the boys in their matching shirts…

… not to mention the matching shirts, check out the matching hats, haha. I found a kid’s version of Ken’s hat for Xander. He gets TONS of complements when we are out in town, just too stinkin’ cute.

So on the Saturday we dumped the kids with Dad and Rita and headed off to Vancouver to see Avenue Q. It was fantastic, definitely not for kids, but so well written and preformed. I will say that someone must not have understood the warning on the poster and anywhere you bought tickets saying it was not appropriate for anyone under 16… as you see a gal walked in with 4 young children. The couple behind us who were chatting with friends about seeing the show in New York gasped when seeing the kids and weren’t impressed. Needless to say at intermission the lady and kids left and didn’t come back… I am surprised they didn’t leave sooner, I felt terrible for those kids, the youngest being at least 7 or 8. Sigh, makes me wish the theater would have said they weren’t allowed in. I don’t like to critique other’s parenting, but this wasn’t too bright. We came home, picked up the kids and headed out to dinner with our friends Brenda and Kevin with their family. Had a great meal, came back to the house for dessert and visiting.

Ariel modeling her new dress Mommy got her for Spring!

The next day was a far more emotional day. That Sunday morning we heard that our pastor would be stepping down from his position. It was partly a board decision, and of course its not all black and white, lots of gray area that we are all slowly understanding. Regardless of why its happening, its still sad and a time of transition. For me it’s the end of a chapter of my life. In the 13 years of our pastor being in his position, I lost my Mom, got married, had 2 kids, lost my Nana and faced my own brush with death. He sang at our wedding, 2 of his kids acted as one of our flower girl and ring bearer, and with our 10th anniversary being this summer of course we are reflecting on that day with happy memories.

Ken is also being called to an eldership position so to be in a big transition when going into that role is daunting and sometimes overwhelming for us all. We are praying for guidance and wisdom… not to mention strength as we say good bye to dear friends and a great mentor.

Ariel wanting to share one of her valentine creations from school.

Sunday afternoon, Ariel went to a friend’s birthday party which was a gymnastic one. I was hired to make the cake, a cute robot which was requested by the birthday boy to be red with a lasor arm, haha. Ariel had a ball and came home having learned how to somersault.

The week was blur of activity. With the regular preschool routine and ballet for Ariel and swimming and sports-ball for Xander, and myself having meetings in regards to the Creative Service hour at church, Imagine That Summer Arts Camp and the upcoming Oscar party. Somewhere in there I had an order for a SpongeBob cake, which I must say was a hoot to make.

Beautiful sunset one night this week...

Then last night we had the family over for dessert and celebrating Ken’s birthday. Ariel had said she wanted to make a pizza cake, so that is what we did. Complete with box we got at a local pizza shop, haha.

Today Ken was doing a tag team message with Dave at church. It was totally awesome and inspiring. He really is coming into his own as a speaker, and the feedback was great. It was to help push our Oscar party event coming up, something we are both excited about and eager to be apart of. We are getting tons of local business support and have some great prizes to win. Yay! Getting back to Ken's mini sermon, at the end Dave surprised Ken with something they found in Disneyland for him, a Mickey statue much like an Oscar. It was very touching and Ken was grinning from ear to ear.

This week is just as busy and lots of stuff happening with orders, planning and the regular routine. Valentines Day is tomorrow and we have lots of fun things planned, but tonight its Grammy night and I am off to watch that crazy Lady Gaga get carried in to the building in a giant egg.... seriously... I want a giant egg to be carried in. Hahaha.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy February!

Wow, here we are in our second month of 2011. Its Thursday, our 'empty' day of the week, haha. No preschool or scheduled actives, its a fun day usually and yet for the past few of them its dumped rain. Blah! But it still is Chinese New Year today, so here is Ariel sending some celebration your way!

She got to celebrate at school yesterday and I sent her in her special dress Dad and Rita brought back from their trip last year. They made lots of fun crafts including a paper lantern and sparky dragon on straws that they could make dance. Then the ones that stayed for the longer day got to make noodles and use chopsticks. Ariel was so excited when I walked in the class to see her using them (modified for the kids of course).

So today we decided to keep the party going that we went out to T-town for some Chinese food from the Safeway buffet. Yum! Ariel loved picking out what she wanted...

... Xander just wanted noodles, and lots of them. Haha, too cute!

After watching Dora (groan) we went outside to splash in the puddles. Xander didn't really get it but smiled anyways, Ariel went nuts and by the end both were soaked and cold. Took them in for a warm bath and their pjs. Xander is now snoozing and Ariel playing in her room. Ahhh the peace and quiet.

On Tuesday morning I was up early... well probably most of the night waiting to go out but it was all about the morning. My Dad came over to sit with the kids as I headed out in the the COLD morning air to wait to be first to drop off forms for getting Ariel into Kindergarten at a particular school. In our area there are several schools and the one we are assigned to is somewhat out of the way and really not convenient for us so I am applying to get Ariel into a school that is near my Dad's and a safer walk for us to take.

Now the hard part is, that school is on the smaller size, so once they accept the kids in the catchment they will start picking kids who have applied, so being first in the morning would help our chances big time, so off I went. Around 8am, a half hour till they would accept the forms a gal I know showed up. We decided we could be friends that morning since she wanted another school. Haha. It helped make the time go by faster which was nice. Finally at 830am we marched our forms up and now I wait. I know there was another mom at my school who was trying to get in to our pick, she has a kid already in there so she gets in front of me because of that, and I know a gal at the preschool who applied too, so hoping that was it across town... praying it goes our way... we don't find out if we did until possibly the beginning of June at the latest. Ugh. We still register Ariel at the assigned school, but still not sure if that will be the choice we go with as there is the private school option too. Ugh, too much in my brain... praying for distraction so the time flies by.

Later that morning Ariel had ballet and so I took Dad out for coffee as a thank you for watching the kids. Picked up my dancing princess, made an appointment at the consignment shop for dropping off the 2 giant bags of clothes I have for Spring and Summer, will be nice to have space in our junk room again, haha.

On the work front I have several new projects on the go, a few graphic ones, consulting and of course cake. I also have some stuff to design still for Kara and Chris' wedding, so I am not bored to say the least, ha! Ken got another scene to animate for our friend Galen's studio. We keep thinking he is done but another scene will pop up with the deadline looming so the next few nights he is busy busy busy. Looking forward to our date on the weekend to celebrate Ken's birthday, yay!

Also on the weekend, Superbowl, but it means nothing to us except that Glee is back! Yay, so excited about the new episodes coming, squeal!
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