Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy February!

Wow, here we are in our second month of 2011. Its Thursday, our 'empty' day of the week, haha. No preschool or scheduled actives, its a fun day usually and yet for the past few of them its dumped rain. Blah! But it still is Chinese New Year today, so here is Ariel sending some celebration your way!

She got to celebrate at school yesterday and I sent her in her special dress Dad and Rita brought back from their trip last year. They made lots of fun crafts including a paper lantern and sparky dragon on straws that they could make dance. Then the ones that stayed for the longer day got to make noodles and use chopsticks. Ariel was so excited when I walked in the class to see her using them (modified for the kids of course).

So today we decided to keep the party going that we went out to T-town for some Chinese food from the Safeway buffet. Yum! Ariel loved picking out what she wanted...

... Xander just wanted noodles, and lots of them. Haha, too cute!

After watching Dora (groan) we went outside to splash in the puddles. Xander didn't really get it but smiled anyways, Ariel went nuts and by the end both were soaked and cold. Took them in for a warm bath and their pjs. Xander is now snoozing and Ariel playing in her room. Ahhh the peace and quiet.

On Tuesday morning I was up early... well probably most of the night waiting to go out but it was all about the morning. My Dad came over to sit with the kids as I headed out in the the COLD morning air to wait to be first to drop off forms for getting Ariel into Kindergarten at a particular school. In our area there are several schools and the one we are assigned to is somewhat out of the way and really not convenient for us so I am applying to get Ariel into a school that is near my Dad's and a safer walk for us to take.

Now the hard part is, that school is on the smaller size, so once they accept the kids in the catchment they will start picking kids who have applied, so being first in the morning would help our chances big time, so off I went. Around 8am, a half hour till they would accept the forms a gal I know showed up. We decided we could be friends that morning since she wanted another school. Haha. It helped make the time go by faster which was nice. Finally at 830am we marched our forms up and now I wait. I know there was another mom at my school who was trying to get in to our pick, she has a kid already in there so she gets in front of me because of that, and I know a gal at the preschool who applied too, so hoping that was it across town... praying it goes our way... we don't find out if we did until possibly the beginning of June at the latest. Ugh. We still register Ariel at the assigned school, but still not sure if that will be the choice we go with as there is the private school option too. Ugh, too much in my brain... praying for distraction so the time flies by.

Later that morning Ariel had ballet and so I took Dad out for coffee as a thank you for watching the kids. Picked up my dancing princess, made an appointment at the consignment shop for dropping off the 2 giant bags of clothes I have for Spring and Summer, will be nice to have space in our junk room again, haha.

On the work front I have several new projects on the go, a few graphic ones, consulting and of course cake. I also have some stuff to design still for Kara and Chris' wedding, so I am not bored to say the least, ha! Ken got another scene to animate for our friend Galen's studio. We keep thinking he is done but another scene will pop up with the deadline looming so the next few nights he is busy busy busy. Looking forward to our date on the weekend to celebrate Ken's birthday, yay!

Also on the weekend, Superbowl, but it means nothing to us except that Glee is back! Yay, so excited about the new episodes coming, squeal!


Katie said...

Your kids are adorable!!!

Megan said...

ok, miss thang, I came by to look for Valentine's Day inspiration! Am wanting one more quicky to do with my class. sigh. guess I'll have to wait for the big day! LOL! Did you see the Parisian one I did?
Have a good day!

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