Friday, June 30, 2006

One whole hand

Thats what I have been saying for the past month about our upcoming anniversary. Its 5 years, thats a whole hand! Thats pretty special. How can you tell I taught kindergarten kids this past year, heh.

Our day together was lovely and relaxing. This morning we slept in to about 9ish. Opened our cards for each other. Ken wrote the cutest poem in mine:

One Whole Hand
by Ken Priebe

One whole hand to touch on a first date,
one whole hand for comfort in time of loss,
one whole hand for a ring that asks, "will you?"
one whole hand for another saying, "I do!"
one whole hand to hold up a tiny head,
one whole hand watching over us,
one finger for each year,
an entire audience of applause still to come

How sweet he is! We then walked to Cafe de gourmet for a light breakfast sitting in the morning sun. Then walked down to the shops, found a gorgeous tinkerbell in the Heartwood Creek design for Ariel's room at Fancy This! We love it! We walked home, taking time to window shop and enjoy the wonderful weather.

In the afternoon, we took it easy. Ken popped in our wedding video and we laughed and cried together. Its amazing how ones wedding can bring those memories to the surface. Remembering the details and stories that a camera didn't capture. How we felt standing up there saying those vows. It was nice to reflect, and nice to hear those words again. I still love our vows, they were different but so deep and spiritual.

We had a good laugh at how young everyone looks, including us. The kids are so small, so few grey hairs and so many personal changes in people's lives since that day. People who are married themselves now or in the process of doing so this year. New babies and joys and a few ended relationships. Its amazing how we can capture time on a video or picture.

Nana then delivered our wedding cake! Well, same cake, less fancy but same wonderful taste. We cut it together and finally got to feed each other, we missed doing that at our reception. Ken was afraid I was gonna bash it in his face, but I didn't. It was very good and looking at the size of it, will be freezing some.

Then came dinner at the 4 star restaurant in Ladner called La Belle Auberge. We had the Table d'Hote Menu, in other words, the several course dinner. YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM! If you want to torture yourself, read on about the amazing food.
  • An Amuse Bouche of Pheasant pate, very tasty.
  • Lobster Bisque with Lobster Ragôut, amazing!
  • Smoked Kangaroo with Red Currant Gelée, this was the item I was most excited to try. It was fantastic!
  • Lentil Salad with Roasted Vegetables, very good.
  • Pear Sorbet, amazing.
  • I then had the Duck Breast with Citrus Fruit while Ken had the Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Apples with Peppered Cream. We each shared a bite of each with each other. My duck was perfection!
  • We finished with dessert over tea and coffee. I had Chocolate Souffle and Ken had their award winning Tiramisu.

Afterwards we waddled home and will be watching a movie. Its been an amazing day just getting the whole date together. We are very blessed indeed.

Ken and Janet - 5 Years Later

We were strangers, starting out on a journey
Never dreaming, what we'd have to go through
Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me, I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start

And life is a road and I wanna keep goin'
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I want to be standing
At the beginning with you

We were strangers on a crazy adventure
Never dreaming how our dreams would come true
Now here we stand, unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you

I knew there was somebody somewhere
Like me alone in the dark
Now I know my dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's gonna tear us apart

Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
Live is a road now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep going on....
Starting out on a journey
Life is a road and I wanna going
Love is river I wanna keep flowing
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Church Family Rocks!

Every so often I am reminded of the love of my church family. During my pregnancy I was loved by so many people, like thousands of mini moms I told Ken. Its scary going through something like this without one's mom to ask advice and get stories of her experience. It was often frusterating because my dad, bless his heart, of course wouldn't remember such things, just that I came via elevator, heh.

I have already been told there would be meals sent to help us out the first few days. One family has given us a free pass to their hot tub, which these days is in cool mood because of the heat, so I could cool off. Others simply being there to listen, and share their experiences. This morning, there was buzz at our door, and Tamara from church came by with a thank you basket for teaching sunday school. Inside, many lovely little baby things we can use. Very cool, and very sweet indeed.

Today is a lazy day I think. Want to continue my clean of the downstairs, and work on my project for Mike and Jo. Brew ha ha, wouldn't you like to know, but since they read my posts every so often, I can't take the chance in sharing just yet. No worries, I will post pics eventually.

Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary wih my darling Kenny! YAY! 5 years ago today, we were having our rehersal and dinner afterwards. Doesn't seem like that long ago...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heads or Tails?

I got my answer just about an hour ago. Ariel is indeed head down! My little monkey was just how I thought she was, but I am glad we got it confirmed. The main thing I knew was that whenever she got the hiccups, they were always low, so unless she was farting to a beat, I was confident it was in fact her head.

Got another look at those nasty feet that kick me all the time. The tech even gave me a picture of them. They are still crossed like in the 3d ultrasound, the same way I do. Hehe. He also said she was about 6 lb at this point give or take. Not quite a meatloaf yet. Called daddy and he was very happy that we still have a chance at a normal delivery. Bummer part is we are back to waiting, blah. Would have been nice to have a date on the calander to look forward to, now I have to wait for things to happen on their own. Better not be too late kiddo!

Stella and I stopped at the Bay on the way home, and she bought us a few diaper shirts, very cute! I found a little overall dress for fall/winter on the sale rack. Woot. Stella also surprised me with a lovely christmas table runner that I was admiring at her place, which was going to be a shower gift at some point for Mike and Jo, but ended up figuring I would enjoy it more since it was very cute and maybe not so much their taste, plus our 5th anniversary is on friday and the other gift she gave was for Ariel. So, too bad guys, you will get something else now!

I am gonna go have a nice cold shower before Kenny gets home. Ahhh.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pretty, pretty princess!

Well, maybe she is, but she also might be a big, bottom brat! Turns out what we thought all this time was her head, could in fact be her butt! When the doctor listened to her heartbeat, she was surprised how clear it was further up, soooooooo, they are gonna book me in for an ultrasound tomorrow. If that shows that Ariel is indeed butt down, I will be booked for a c-section. So that kinda sucks, but I am pretty much taking it all as it comes. Ken is a little worried, but what daddy wouldn't be. So, expect updates on the situation as they become available.

Other exciting news, the nursery is pretty much done! The rocking chair that was my mom's is being brought tonight via dad delivery. Here are some pics of the crib in all its cuteness and the new bookcase that we put together last night and loaded up. It really is feeling like a room now. Wow.

Ok, I need some food, bye!

Monday, June 26, 2006

How much to feet swell?

Maybe don't answer that, I don't wanna know.

Anyhoo, I am pleased to say that this afternoon I had 2 deliveries! YAY! We now have the long awaited bookcase for the nursery as well as the pretty bedding set! It matches perfectly, and I am sooooooooooo happy. Pink and green! Whee. I will upload some pics tomorrow, once the mattress is in too. Then its pretty much the final look, expect for the missing rocking chair which my dad still needs to bring over.

My energy was at an all time low today. I think its the heat and dealing with uber sore feet. I kept soaking them in cold water, keeping them elevated and resting as much as I could. I was trying to clean up a bit but I don't know how successful I really was...

The UPS man who came with package 2 said his wife was due in early September, and asked how I was coping as she wasn't doing well. I laughed and pointed to my bucket of ice water for soaking, I think he could relate. Hehe.

Just ate a big tuna sandwich, yum. I seem to be craving tuna this week. Weird. All I could think about was if there was indeed a can of it in the pantry. Lucky me, there was one can left, might have to pick up some more. Maybe a can of salmon too. Fishy, fishy, fishy.

Ken is on his way home. The first ever June intake started today, so he was out of the house really early. I am sure there will be some stories, as there are some difficult situations happening because of the move to the new location. Growing pains sucks. I just wish people could band together for the common goal, rather than wallowing in self pity. I was a student once too, if I saw the people around me, making the most of a hard situation it be better than seeing them be crabs about it. Just my opinion. In fact, I gave Ken a bit of a personal rant because I was so frustrated with his attitude, which I can't blame him entirely for, since those around him didn't help the situation any. I am very proud of him for making a real effort today, it take a real man to do that in the face of difficultly and adversity. My darling, I love you, what a wonderful father you are going to be.

Speaking of which... only 5 weeks to go!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The sun is out to get me!

Ok, it really feels like summer these days. Sigh, my feet are really swollen and its pretty nasty. Gonna try and keep off them tomorrow to see if I can bring the swelling down. It probably didn't help that Ken and I went shopping today, all the extra walking I'm sure got them angry. Oh well, it was still a fun afternoon.

First off was church, and it was great to hear the kids talk about their trip to Africa. What a life changing experience. Stella surprised us with an anniversary present, well, it ended up being for Ariel but thats ok. Its a handpainted 'baby's first christmas' ornie! Is it not the cutest thing ever? I tried to get a good pic of both sides. The one side has 3 mice stringing popcorn and cranberries, while the other is the lovely script. AWE! I think Ariel is getting spoiled these days. Hehe.

We went to Michaels craft store for the fill of crafting materials, and stuff for Ken's class. We got to see Katie, who just got hired on as a cashier. She sounds so professional, and I was impressed. Yay Katie! She is also got an interning gig at the Clayman's Studio, someone Ken bragged to about her work. It paid off, and its great to see her with many opportunities, and a cool discount off her materials thanks to the craft store. Makes me think I was in the wrong line of work during my Safeway days. Hehe.

Then we drove to Landsdown mall to visit the evil Toys R Us store. I will be going later this week with Nana for the crib mattress, but I wanted to pick up some other stuff and Ken is a good hauler of my purchases. We got the changing pad and covers, an awesome deal on wipes, some blankets and a boppy! Those were some things on my list I wanted to take care of before baby came.

Ken has been animating and organizing his film folders. I didn't realize how much he actually has done. I have been just playing around, trying to keep cool. I did sew on some tiny roses to the dedication dress, now its finished! I think that was just what it needed. I had a cool bath and balanced my dinner on my tummy while I soaked. Pretty funny to look at, I told Ken we are gonna have to take a picture at some point.

Tomorrow I am expecting 2 deliveries.... lets see how that pans out. Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fancy Food

Earls can never disappoint on food. However, the service today.... well thats another story. Hehe. Robyn, Dianne and I got together for a gals lunch date today. It was nice to catch up with them in person, since its not too often these days with such busy lives we live. As said, we ate at Earls and the food was almost too pretty to eat, but I managed no problem. Our waitress was a funny girl who at first didn't know we were in her section or something, then managed to spill some of Dianne's drink including ice on the table and left us to wipe it up.... odd. Oh well, thats life, and it made for a good laugh.

Dianne had our belated christmas gifts for us, which was very sweet. Ariel now has some uber cute dragonfly booties! Also in the picture is an adorable lamp that Aunty Penny sent over for her room. It says good night princess, all the way around, and actually gives off excellent light. So yay for gifts and thank you to you both.

I got home to work on the sunday school video I am making as a surprise gift for my students. Once I finished of course, right before I can save, stupid computer freezes and blah, I lose my work. Ugh. So I redo it and its good to go. Ken is gonna burn me some DVDs tonight, once he gets home. I forgot he was hanging with Mike tonight.

He is checking out Mike's small group for faith and films. That was something we use to lead at our church but sadly had to drop due to lack of time to lead. Plus, Ken really wanted some group that he could be part of and not have any major responsibility. I don't blame him. So, here's hoping he enjoys it. However, it does leave me on my own... at least I am off the hook for dinner making. I can do something light for me, yay.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Heat = Bad

Its too dang hot right now in our house! The evening sun has warmed it up and I am not the happiest chicky right now. I may hop in a cold shower soon after I finish this blog. Ken and I are gonna go try the new resturant across the street since he is in need of a pick me up after a long rough day.

Today I finished up the dedication dress. It turned out rather lovely. Took me most of the morning to sew the buttons and lace trim. I added a few beads and some ribbon as well, and I think its done... unless I have some great idea... but I think its complete. Take a lookie!

Here is the full dress.

Here is a close up for detail. Oooh!

In other news, been tracking my UPS package of baby bedding. Its offically in Richmond as of today! I thought maybe I'd get it this afternoon, but alas, not to be. Here's hoping it comes on Monday. Yay. Also, I called Sears, after hearing nothing since the 14th. So, I call and give the story that the last message I got was one saying that THEY would call me to reschedule the delivery. Well, that never happened, and the lady didn't seem to care. Good grief, my package is sitting there apprently, and is coming monday... I will believe it when I see it.

Ok, need to get ready to meet my boy, later!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Baby loves pizza!

Yesterday, I spent all day over at Stella's, working on Ariel's dedication dress. We got the dress fully constructed and all thats left is for me to sew the lining, buttons and any trim I may want to add. Will post pics once its complete.

Last night was also our final prenatal class. Kinda sad that its over. We all exchanged email addresses and plan to keep in touch. We got to see the video we missed last week, the Amazing Newborn. It was really amazing! The studies they did on infants is so interesting. People who think babies are blobs are so wrong, and can miss out on soooooooooo much.

We also got the tour of the labor ward and recovery area. Club Med its not, hehe. I am glad the labor rooms are private, not into sharing that time with strangers. We did see a 34 week old baby in the special care nursery. She was so small, but looked really good for being that early. It was weird to think thats how big my baby is right now, crazy.

After class, we went to Pizza Hut for a celebration pizza! Ariel loves pizza and kicked me non stop all the way home. Such a funny baby. Stopped at Safeway for some ice tea (the newest craving). Ken bought me a special Peoples magazines featuring all the new celebrities and their kids. Very cute indeed. Fun reading.

Today has been low key. Had coffee with Nana and then did some further work for the client. Tonight I am gonna make an appearance at the dessert night for sunday school teachers. Ken has to stay late for an info session, maybe I can sneak him home a treat.

Anniversary is next friday!!!!!!!!!!! Eek!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Everybody Dance

Ok, I was catching up on peoples blogs when I saw this post on Julie's regarding this funny video. So I check it out, and man, I was laughing, more so I think from embarrassment that I remember those dances in high school. Its like my life flashed in front of me, eek!



Its a warm day, ugh. Other than that, its pretty good thus far. I got to the store for some veggies for dinner tonight, got the towels in the wash and managed to clean up a bit around the house. Overall, that is a pretty sucessful day, and its only half over.

Didn't make it to the church last night to hear Tim and Robin, but Ken got home a bit later and was pretty tired. So we played a game, watched a bit of tv and went to bed. I had a pretty good sleep, still up many times. I keep telling myself its preparing me for the endless night feedings of my little baby. At least I will have some company, its been lonely being awake while Ken snoozes.

Tonight, I am making a kick arse dinner. Woot. Making sure I rest enough to pull it off. Yesterday, I made cake, and sent some for Ken's co-workers. It was a new recipe for me, but I had it at Stella's and it was great. Fruit cocktail cake, yum. This afternoon I need to write out my to do list before baby comes. 6 weeks is gonna fly, and who knows, it could be sooner than that, so I better get busy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Strolling in style!

Well, as promised, I took some pics of the new stroller/car seat for Ariel. Of course I needed a model for these so I'd like to thank Stitch for giving up some of his time today to help me out.

So as you can see, Stitch is quite happy in the infant car seat carrier. Notice the straps hold him safely in place so that no harm will come to him if there is an accident. He is happy to be in such a nice car seat. Thanks to Grandpa and Rita for the gift.

Now Sitich is ready for a fun day in the stroller. He is looking out at the world happy and carefree. Notice he has a place for his juice and another good safety belt. His head is protected from the sun with a wonderful cover and there is plenty of storage underneath for mommy's grocery shopping.

Needless to say both Ken and I are happy with this stroller. Its so easy to push, especially for us since some we tried were harder beacause the handle was so high up. Short people need strollers too. Hee.

The only problem now is to get Stitch out, he likes it too much.

Father's Day at the Casino

NO, I do not gamble or am I in denial about having a problem, heheh. Here's the deal about my day yesterday that I am writing at 4 something in the morning since I can't sleep.

It was Father's Day yesterday and things started out normal enough. Left for church early this morning so I could take down stuff in the class room. It was kinda sad to finish the year up with the kids. During our sing song time with the pre-K class, Brenda made mention to the kids that when we start class again in fall, our baby will be here. So in my class while making cards for the dads, I was told by one of my students that my baby will come out through my private parts. *embarassed* He later mentioned he was glad boys don't have babies, already at 5 he has it figured out that he got the good end of the deal. LOL!

Church was good, Alf and Kelly came with their new daughter in tow. She was very cute. Tim and Robin came with their kids and we got a chance to chat briefly after Tim's shock, that I hadn't exploded yet, wore off. We are hoping to go to hear them talk about their mission trip tonight, will see how it goes.

After church we tried again to reach Dad. Left messages, usually in vain since he isn't great with the message machine most of the time. Tried Mike to see if he had been in contact with him but no answer there either. Sigh. So, we went to lunch ourselves and got 50% off the bill, since we had to wait so long. That is the second time our order was lost in this past month, the other time was the fish and chip stand. Oh well, cheap food tastes good too, no matter if its late.

We came home and Ken called his grandpa. Then we managed to track down Mike and he told us he was planning to take Dad to dinner at the River Rock Casino. So we decided we would join them since we wanted to take Dad out anyways. They were going to the buffet and that sounded promising, woot.

I beat Ken at another game of Scrabble, woot! Dad brought the stroller over and I set it up while Ken chatted on the phone with his Dad. It actually went together really easily and its perfect! Can't wait to get to push baby around town in it. We then saw Dad and Rita pull in so got loaded into their car and left for the casino.

This was my first experience being this close to gambling tables and slots. We had to wait for our table in the buffet, and they give you a beeper to let you know when to come back (in hopes you go gamble I am sure). We wandered through the room, watching people throw money down like it was just for fun. Jo wanted to play a 5 cent slot machine, but of course it only takes bills, how surprising. Mike wouldn't give up his cash so we walked on. Jo was explaining alot of how the games worked for me. Apprently, she went to Vegas with friends once, and her and Mike will be going around Christmas with her sisters and their husbands. Crazy kids, lol. I think I'd like to renew my vows with Elvis in Vegas, lol, but Ken would never go for it. Darn.

Our beeper finally went off and we headed upstairs. The food was really good, and it was pretty nice in there. Only downer was the noise and somewhat young people who tended to fill the air with colorful language. Not sure why people dragged their kids to this place, its not really made for them and you could see they were bored. Well, the one on the floor screaming was a good indicator. Its moments like that when everyone looks to the pregnant one as if to say, you regretting your decision yet?

Got home around 830ish and had a bath. My belly was pretty sore so we went to bed. Didn't have a great sleep, as you can tell with my killing time blogging. Nothing that exciting today, maybe some laundry. I'll post the stroller later today. Byeeeee!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time slowly slipping away...

Thursday already? Where did the week go? Hmmm. Well, all is good. The sooner these 7 weeks pass the happier I will be. I want my little girl!

Lots been happening the past few days. Much shopping and activity, in my vain attempt to get organized. Brew ha ha. The goal this week, get wedding/shower shopping completed! So Nana and I went to the all scary Richmond yesterday. Wasn't so bad, only a few bad drivers, hehe.

Hit the Bay and printed the oddles of registries I was shopping for. I have never had so many sales people fawn over me in my life. I guess they assumed that I was about to pop and perhaps were afraid of me ruining the carpet in the china department? Note to self, need good service, look pregnant!

We paid for the first load and then needed a break for a snack. Once food and drink consumed, shopping continues. Got the rest bought and packed in the car. Then I had to go to the Gap to find work clothes for my hubby. He was in desperate need of new jeans and some summer shirts. I was tired of seeing him come home over heated in a dark, winter style dress shirt. I lucked out and found 2 nice shirts, one in a blue linen and the other a white with fancy stitching down the front. It will also work perfectly for the dedication service for our daughter. He is gonna look HOT! Lol, sorry, but its true. Blah.

While waiting for nana I hit the Gymboree store. Ended up leaving with the perfect farm girl look for my daughter. See how cute it is? The top is complete with cows and chickens, with matching hat, the all important jeans (with toy cow in pocket) and cow socks. Ken loved it, and had a good laugh at it. I got it in 6-12 size so it will get put away for awhile. Can't wait to see it on her though.

Came home and slept for an hour or so. At 3pm woke up to find out this new channel is showing the old 90210 show. NO WAY! Flashback! Man, it was a corny show, but I have found another good rest time show since Dr. Phil is in re-runs now.

Ken came home and we prepared to go to our second to last class for prenatal. Kinda sad its gonna be ending soon. We didn't get to see the Amazing Newborn video as promised, since we were going over many questions people still had on various issues from car seats to circumcision. So it still was a very full class. Lots to discuss on the ride home.

This morning the sun is shining, boo. Gonna be a hot one, need to plan a simple dinner I think, maybe its breakfast food night, I have some bacon still in the fridge. That would be fun. I was checking my deck plants and the one I was convinced I killed last summer has returned and was blooming, see that pink thing! Woohoo. It was kinda weird though, I was sure it was dark purple last year..... maybe I am thinking of another flower that was planted with it. Needless to say, I feel pretty proud of my little growing garden sitting on my freshly clean deck. Joy of joys. Tis funny the little things that can please a person.

In other news, we have booked a date for the baby dedication service at church. August 20th, yes, we are insane! Sure, baby hasn't arrived yet but with days filling up we had to move fast. Baby will be out August 10th at the latest when the doctors would step in to get things rolling if they haven't already. So, if there are no complications, that will be her big day at church! So mark your calendars my friends and family who read this. Expect a more formal invite once we have our girl here. There will be a party following the service at Dad and Rita's place.

Sadly, it was the only real time it could happen, with Kara dancing for us (since she leaves Sept. 1st), the construction at church really getting into full swing and basically us not wanting to wait until next year. I know this will affect certain people being there. I understand, nothing is perfect with a wedding and 80th birthday slated for the same month. We are going to tape it for Ken's folks anyways, so we will make numerous copies I am sure. I will be starting the little dress sometime soon. While I still have time... sigh, good bye free time.

Finally, I finished the cross stitch for Ariel's room. The only thing that is missing is the name and date, but I will add those later. I an happy with the final result, and pleased I can move on to something else.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Down and Out

Well, my husband and Nana have stepped in and poor Jay can no longer drive. Frankly, it does take a lot off my mind with hurting baby if we were in an accident. I nearly had one in our parking lot yesterday and Ken put his foot down once hearing it and said no more. However, this makes me less moble, and thus keeps me inside more than I would like.

Nana drove me to my doctor's visit this morning, all is good. Ariel's spine was turned inwards towards mine. Not a great position but she is still moving around alot so nothing to worry about. Its no doubt that she is moving a lot, I SEE IT. Belly-quakes I call them. I really like my doctor, and it really has made this process wonderful and comfortable.

I finished up my work for the client, yay. Thats a huge weight off. I kept having dreams they wanted it done but I was in labour. Eek. So thats a huge answer to prayer indeed. I can really settle and relax now.

Thought I'd post the cover of my sweeties book. Apprently, there is some little grammer change on the final one, but everything else is the same, so lookie! GO pre-order it today! Ken will sign them, lol. They actually are starting to talk about all the promo things they want to do. Kinda feel bad that the big one they wanted him for is right when baby is due, ugh. I feel as if baby arrives early, he should go. I may force him to go, we shall see.

Nap time, later gaters!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Going, going.....GONE!

Its offical! Ken's book went to press today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance! Can not wait until we are holding it in our hands! Whee! The forward came in at the last minute and it was amazing, and took both our breath away. Now if we could have the same ease in the delivery of the baby! LOL.

Speaking of Ariel, we have a new nickname for her. Lumpy McButterpants! Well, it kinda came out of a night of frusteration. I was tossing and turning and the little darling was moving so much and poking all ways that it was like that scene in Alien where the creature is about to rip its way of the stomach. EWE! Anyways, since I am not one to curse my child in anyway, the first thing out of my mouth was "QUIT MOVING LUMPY MCBUTTERPANTS!" Well Ken nearly died laughing and I had to admit it was the strangest thing I could have said. I blame hormones.

Busy day today. Was up early to start prep on the dinner I was taking for the Andre Family tonight. Poor Janet was really holding it together sunday morning. Losing ones mom isn't easy, been there, done that. Our Bible study group is making meals to help them out this week. I picked tonight since I knew we were having dinner at Nana's, thus helping my energy level.

What I didn't count on was the email I got just before lunch from my client, who wanted to go ahead with the final newsletters. So, I have been running around a bit more than orginally thought, but I think things are coming together. Woot.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Well the sun is out in full force! BOOOOOOOO! Much too hot for me, but glad its nice for everyone else. Church was good today, very heavy topic, but handled so well. Props to the guest speaker! We had a ministry meeting after church, which the youth served soup and buns, YUM. I had potato and cheese, baby likes!

Meeting was good, voted on some stuff and all passed. I am happy with the way the voting went. Hard issues I think for some, but really important to make a stand on. Women in ministry is very important. I watched my mom be an elder and contributer to various things in church life and in turn it has made me the same way. I believe we all have gifts to give, no matter what sex we are. Everyone's voice is going to change someones life. Sure I might never be a pastor, but maybe my daughter will, and I want that opportunity there for her one day.

After church we went to the local market, it was the opening day! Yay. Its funny to think that at the final market we will have a stroller. Hehe. We saw lots of little tiny babies, and one set of very new twins. Ariel is kicking me as I type this, I think she wants to come out and make friends.

We bought some cabbage rolls for dinner, and some neat ceramic art. We got a crab and turtle, I think maybe for the bathroom. They have the best faces, and Ken really laughed when he saw them so they were a must.

Ken is napping right now, still coming down from the book high I think. Tomorrow it is suppost to go to press. I think he can't let go of it, no more changes, thats it. Hehe. I told him he will have plenty of changes with the baby! Poopy ones that is. Hee.

Got an email from Ken's mom, they are booking the hotel this week. I think they are very excited to come down. The big news is that mom finished her Master's!!!!!!!!!! Offically on April 26th I believe, but never went to commencement, with her schedule I could see how that was overlooked. Ken and I are going to try and do some sort of celebration here when she comes. I really would love our families to have dinner together one night. We spend time with Josee's family more because they are local, so it be nice to take advanage of their visit and get more bonding in. Especially with new baby here. Maybe a salmon bbq.... that be fun..... sorry, thinking out loud, and frankly writing it down so I remember to get things together.

Well, I should get dinner going. Later days!

Friday, June 09, 2006


2 hours of sleep in total last night, not cool. Tossed and turned, couldn't get comfy, walked around the house, trying to get baby to move. It seems she is in a funny position where she is really stretching out, to the point where it hurts big time! I am also have numerous braxton hicks contractions which suck! This weekend marks 7 weeks to go, but I feel ready to toss in the towel now.

My day was very mellow due to the rough night prior. Stella and I went to the fabric store to get material for the dedication dress I am making. Found some really pretty lace thats perfect, and some crepe back satin. Too cute! Ken came home and bought himself a sub for dinner. I at the moment don't want to even think about food.

Have a meeting early tomorrow, here's hoping tonight is smoother.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

So I am a Hamburger...

I kid you not, but I will get to that later. Glad to be back after days of a non working blogger!!! First off, its way too early for Jay to be up! The switch box outside is lacking power, they were working on it the other day but I guess it never was finished. So, since the mailman knows I am at home, he buzzes me and I manage to drag my sorry butt out of bed to help him out. Awe....brownie points! Hehe. I do get my mail directly handed to me, always a plus.

We chatted about some particular people in our building that would be considered 'shady.' I always like to give people a chance, but I have a pretty good feeling that these ones are responsible for the strange things happening as of late. Ken was talking to our neighbour at the bus stop yesterday and she mentioned them to him too, about how they have guests that stay for 2 minutes at a time, and we all know what that means. She was sad about my wreath being stolen and figured it could be our little friends. Sigh. She has reported the strange activity, and I plan on watching closer myself.

Other news, had our new teacher in the prenatal class last night. REALLY like her!!! She has so much energy and had everyone laughing and bonding a bit more. That was nice. Learned about breastfeeding and how my breasts are like a hamburger to the baby. There is something interesting to write in the baby book. Hehe. Anyways, lots of really interesting stuff about it. The thing that got me thinking was how she mentioned that you can't give up at first, that milk comes in about 2-3 days after birth, but only if stimulated by baby feeding. The weight will go down and you will need to feed every 2 hours. Not to give formula or soothers in that time since baby is still learning the sucking method. Needless to say, lots of women give up too early and in turn, baby loses out on the breast milk.

I see that alot on those 'Bringing home baby' shows. The mom gives into formula because she thinks the baby is starving. In a way, yes they are hungry, but by doing that, it ruins the perfectly good system that was created in each of us. Ken and I had a pretty long talk about it on the way home. The more he learns in class, the more upset he is by how society is pushing us away from the natural system.

Part of class was getting a fake baby and practicing feeding positions. The dolls were, lets say, very real. When Ken learned this after spotting a doll across the room without its diaper, we peeked to see what the closet stork had given us. It was a girl, lol. It was funny how we bonded with the doll wrapped in its blanket. I didn't want to give it up, but Ken reminded me I get the real version in a few weeks. While we learned feeding positions, Ken learned how to burp the baby, lol. He was very proud of himself. Also got the run down on how the poop will look as the milk comes in and matures. ICK! All the colors of the rainbow.

Other happenings, Ken has to send the last edited stuff this week. Book goes to press the following week, WOW! Next month we will be holding a book in our hands. Crazy, just plain crazy!

I have also been working on the nursery. I put up the china dolls on the high shelf thanks to Ken's suggestion. He really likes them, I think because one is an Alice in wonderland doll. I didn't really have dolls like this growing up, most likely why I collected a few over the years. I love the Cinderella one, complete with glass slipper. Anne of Green Gables is a close second. I am now trying to find a basket I like for the dresser, its harder than I thought it would be. I guess I need to go to the baby shops.

Today I went to hang out at Stella's since I was uber bored. Finished my cross stitch for the baby's room and got a nice visit in. Then got some stuff to make dinner tonight at the store and now I am enjoying being inside while the rain comes down. Ick

Here is a little movie we shot of Ariel's room, pre-dolls, the bears are still up on the shelf there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy June Weekend

Needless to say it was pretty busy. Friday night we had dinner at home, I tried out the new tater-tot casserole recipe and it was a hit with the boy. We had a lazy evening in, Ken did some animation and I some sewing.

Saturday Ken was off to teach all day. I was picked up by Jo and her mom to go to the dress shop. Huzzah. Along the way we got Jamie (another sister) and Katie. Julie (last sister) wasn't feeling well and couldn't come, and Cindy (sister in law) is out in Toronto, so we had cameras ready to capture it for her. Jo tried on her wedding dress and its lovely! I can't say much or show pictures at this point cuz who knows if my brother reads this or not.

We then tried on the dresses we picked. Mine, the maternity dress fit perfectly, even though I will be somewhat smaller when the day is here. Thank goodness for Stella helping me with last minute alterations. We plan on taking up the bottom and making it more a knee length dress than the full gown it is now. With the wedding outside, makes sense, especially with the other girls in the same length.

Jo took us to White Spot for lunch. I got my favorite Monty Mushroom Chicken Burger, yum. Craving met! Then home again, only to find some jerk had stolen the wreath from my door. I wasn't impressed. This has been an on going battle for a few weeks now. It started with it being put on another door, then I found it in the stairwell. This time, I wasn't so lucky. It was gone, and no matter where I looked I couldn't find it. Word to the wise don't mess with a pregnant woman! I posted a letter on my door basically saying thanks alot and grow up. I removed the hook and basically don't plan on hanging anything for awhile. Sigh.

To take out my frustration, I ended up scrubbing the deck. Took 2 and a half hours but it looks really good. I was really tired after that, duh. Ken came home and we had leftovers. I then got all emotional and weepy, yay hormones. Ken tried his best to perk me up, but after a bath I ended up in bed early.

Sunday morning Ken was to be speaking in adult sunday school which left me alone in the classroom with 6 kids. Good thing they are all used to the pregnancy, and my limitations. They were all on their best behavior, even though the lesson was lacking (bad material the past few weeks, not impressed) We only have 2 classes left, kinda sad to think about. Gonna miss that group.

After church we were invited to lunch at the Bruels. Brenda made a great soup and bun lunch, and the kids were eager to show off their toys and art work. When Kevin was helping little Brian do the lunch prayer, he said the funniest thing. Kevin fed him the words, and pray for our friends Ken and Janet, he got that out. And pray for the baby in Janet's tummy, and Brian yelled out, BOYS DON'T HAVE BABIES! It was pretty funny. They couldn't get him to say it at all. Too cute.

Then we all headed to the open house at Pastor Dave's home. It was his 40th birthday this weekend. Lots of the church gang were there so we got to chat and snack some more. Left at 530pm and I was too tired to cook so Ken lowered his standards and went through the McDonalds drive through. Hehe. It takes alot to make him go there, and a pregnant wife wanting a cheeseburger is a big push.

Ate our manufactured food and watched a neat special about how Star Trek changed the technology of the world. Very cool, even though I am sure I had seen it before. I played on the computer a bit while Ken animated and then we went to bed and watched a few episodes of Sex and the City. We chatted about our 5th wedding anniversary at the end of the month. He has the day off so thats exciting. Not sure what we are gonna do.

I had an ok sleep, was up way too much. I think baby is in a new position, and I am not too pleased. Kicks seem lower, so I am hoping she hasn't turned herself the wrong way. Ugh. Lots of waves today so maybe she is getting back to proper position. Will have to see. Now I am off to the store, need some bread for dinner.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jay vs Crib

Today the crib was delivered at 1030am, huzzah! Same poor delivery guy as last time. I feel bad he gets stuck bringing our stuff up several sets of stairs. We really do need an elevator here. Anyhoo, uncut the box and got all the pieces out and sorted. I was glad to see it wasn’t as many pieces as the dresser/change table was. One tricky thing was the pieces that attach the matress support to the crib frame, were different than the ones pictured in the directions. Had to redo them once, blah. Other than that, it went pretty smoothly.

At about 1230pm it was finished. Wasn’t too bad, got a good workout that’s for sure. Now we need to get the mattress, which Nana and Papa said they would purchase. Nice. I got the canopy all hanging nicely around the crib. Looks very whimsical and I love it. I have to still hang the stain glass butterfly moble and it will be ready for baby. Well, I guess the bedding is needed too. Ok, then its ready.

Prenatal class was good last night. The massage techniques were very cool. We even got a pool noodle from the teacher as a good back massage device. Ken calls it Mr Noodle, heh. We will have a different teacher for the last 3 classes, which is ok, I really liked this gal, but I may like the next one too. Time will tell. We talk about breastfeeding next week, should be good. Soon we get a tour of the area of the hospital where we will deliever. I really am excited to see that.

Stupid cable people are working on the system today so both internet and tv have been cutting in and out. They stop working at 4pm, thank goodness. Saw some more chapters for Ken's book last night, one being the largest one in the entire book. Looks awesome!

Got an email from Jeff and Marie, they found out they are having twin girls! Poor Jeff. May God bring you strength. Heheh. At least all our girls can play together. Ok, need some lunch. Happy June everyone!
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