Thursday, June 29, 2006

Church Family Rocks!

Every so often I am reminded of the love of my church family. During my pregnancy I was loved by so many people, like thousands of mini moms I told Ken. Its scary going through something like this without one's mom to ask advice and get stories of her experience. It was often frusterating because my dad, bless his heart, of course wouldn't remember such things, just that I came via elevator, heh.

I have already been told there would be meals sent to help us out the first few days. One family has given us a free pass to their hot tub, which these days is in cool mood because of the heat, so I could cool off. Others simply being there to listen, and share their experiences. This morning, there was buzz at our door, and Tamara from church came by with a thank you basket for teaching sunday school. Inside, many lovely little baby things we can use. Very cool, and very sweet indeed.

Today is a lazy day I think. Want to continue my clean of the downstairs, and work on my project for Mike and Jo. Brew ha ha, wouldn't you like to know, but since they read my posts every so often, I can't take the chance in sharing just yet. No worries, I will post pics eventually.

Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary wih my darling Kenny! YAY! 5 years ago today, we were having our rehersal and dinner afterwards. Doesn't seem like that long ago...

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Dynamitedianne said...

Happy almost-iversary!

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