Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Down and Out

Well, my husband and Nana have stepped in and poor Jay can no longer drive. Frankly, it does take a lot off my mind with hurting baby if we were in an accident. I nearly had one in our parking lot yesterday and Ken put his foot down once hearing it and said no more. However, this makes me less moble, and thus keeps me inside more than I would like.

Nana drove me to my doctor's visit this morning, all is good. Ariel's spine was turned inwards towards mine. Not a great position but she is still moving around alot so nothing to worry about. Its no doubt that she is moving a lot, I SEE IT. Belly-quakes I call them. I really like my doctor, and it really has made this process wonderful and comfortable.

I finished up my work for the client, yay. Thats a huge weight off. I kept having dreams they wanted it done but I was in labour. Eek. So thats a huge answer to prayer indeed. I can really settle and relax now.

Thought I'd post the cover of my sweeties book. Apprently, there is some little grammer change on the final one, but everything else is the same, so lookie! GO pre-order it today! Ken will sign them, lol. They actually are starting to talk about all the promo things they want to do. Kinda feel bad that the big one they wanted him for is right when baby is due, ugh. I feel as if baby arrives early, he should go. I may force him to go, we shall see.

Nap time, later gaters!

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Dynamitedianne said...

It looks GREAT!

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