Monday, June 19, 2006

Strolling in style!

Well, as promised, I took some pics of the new stroller/car seat for Ariel. Of course I needed a model for these so I'd like to thank Stitch for giving up some of his time today to help me out.

So as you can see, Stitch is quite happy in the infant car seat carrier. Notice the straps hold him safely in place so that no harm will come to him if there is an accident. He is happy to be in such a nice car seat. Thanks to Grandpa and Rita for the gift.

Now Sitich is ready for a fun day in the stroller. He is looking out at the world happy and carefree. Notice he has a place for his juice and another good safety belt. His head is protected from the sun with a wonderful cover and there is plenty of storage underneath for mommy's grocery shopping.

Needless to say both Ken and I are happy with this stroller. Its so easy to push, especially for us since some we tried were harder beacause the handle was so high up. Short people need strollers too. Hee.

The only problem now is to get Stitch out, he likes it too much.

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