Sunday, June 25, 2006

The sun is out to get me!

Ok, it really feels like summer these days. Sigh, my feet are really swollen and its pretty nasty. Gonna try and keep off them tomorrow to see if I can bring the swelling down. It probably didn't help that Ken and I went shopping today, all the extra walking I'm sure got them angry. Oh well, it was still a fun afternoon.

First off was church, and it was great to hear the kids talk about their trip to Africa. What a life changing experience. Stella surprised us with an anniversary present, well, it ended up being for Ariel but thats ok. Its a handpainted 'baby's first christmas' ornie! Is it not the cutest thing ever? I tried to get a good pic of both sides. The one side has 3 mice stringing popcorn and cranberries, while the other is the lovely script. AWE! I think Ariel is getting spoiled these days. Hehe.

We went to Michaels craft store for the fill of crafting materials, and stuff for Ken's class. We got to see Katie, who just got hired on as a cashier. She sounds so professional, and I was impressed. Yay Katie! She is also got an interning gig at the Clayman's Studio, someone Ken bragged to about her work. It paid off, and its great to see her with many opportunities, and a cool discount off her materials thanks to the craft store. Makes me think I was in the wrong line of work during my Safeway days. Hehe.

Then we drove to Landsdown mall to visit the evil Toys R Us store. I will be going later this week with Nana for the crib mattress, but I wanted to pick up some other stuff and Ken is a good hauler of my purchases. We got the changing pad and covers, an awesome deal on wipes, some blankets and a boppy! Those were some things on my list I wanted to take care of before baby came.

Ken has been animating and organizing his film folders. I didn't realize how much he actually has done. I have been just playing around, trying to keep cool. I did sew on some tiny roses to the dedication dress, now its finished! I think that was just what it needed. I had a cool bath and balanced my dinner on my tummy while I soaked. Pretty funny to look at, I told Ken we are gonna have to take a picture at some point.

Tomorrow I am expecting 2 deliveries.... lets see how that pans out. Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

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