Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Well the sun is out in full force! BOOOOOOOO! Much too hot for me, but glad its nice for everyone else. Church was good today, very heavy topic, but handled so well. Props to the guest speaker! We had a ministry meeting after church, which the youth served soup and buns, YUM. I had potato and cheese, baby likes!

Meeting was good, voted on some stuff and all passed. I am happy with the way the voting went. Hard issues I think for some, but really important to make a stand on. Women in ministry is very important. I watched my mom be an elder and contributer to various things in church life and in turn it has made me the same way. I believe we all have gifts to give, no matter what sex we are. Everyone's voice is going to change someones life. Sure I might never be a pastor, but maybe my daughter will, and I want that opportunity there for her one day.

After church we went to the local market, it was the opening day! Yay. Its funny to think that at the final market we will have a stroller. Hehe. We saw lots of little tiny babies, and one set of very new twins. Ariel is kicking me as I type this, I think she wants to come out and make friends.

We bought some cabbage rolls for dinner, and some neat ceramic art. We got a crab and turtle, I think maybe for the bathroom. They have the best faces, and Ken really laughed when he saw them so they were a must.

Ken is napping right now, still coming down from the book high I think. Tomorrow it is suppost to go to press. I think he can't let go of it, no more changes, thats it. Hehe. I told him he will have plenty of changes with the baby! Poopy ones that is. Hee.

Got an email from Ken's mom, they are booking the hotel this week. I think they are very excited to come down. The big news is that mom finished her Master's!!!!!!!!!! Offically on April 26th I believe, but never went to commencement, with her schedule I could see how that was overlooked. Ken and I are going to try and do some sort of celebration here when she comes. I really would love our families to have dinner together one night. We spend time with Josee's family more because they are local, so it be nice to take advanage of their visit and get more bonding in. Especially with new baby here. Maybe a salmon bbq.... that be fun..... sorry, thinking out loud, and frankly writing it down so I remember to get things together.

Well, I should get dinner going. Later days!

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