Monday, April 27, 2009

Last week of April...

... and also the last week of my twenties. Eep! Yes, on Friday I turn 30, and I haven't decided how I feel about it, haha. I am sure it will be fine, just seems kinda weird. I am hoping to have some old photos to share on Friday, so turn in then for some ultra embarrassing pics, not sure what I am thinking posting them, haha. Oh well.

We had a busy weekend in lovely sunny weather. Friday we started things off with breakfast with Dad and Rita, and a visit to the ducks. I think this one was ready to jump on Ariel's head.

Friday night was rough, as I didn't take my pills, I know I know, stupid thing to do. So needless to say me and the toilet were friends. Totally sucked, and I know better. I just thought it was gone. So this proves I get BAD sickness no matter the gender, that is totally lame. Boo!

Then on Saturday we had lunch with friends Maureen, Darrel and their kids and extended family at Augustine House. Ariel had a wonderful time playing with the kids, and their slinky, which she found extremely interesting. Haha.

Then when the kids played Piano for all the grandparents, Ariel wanted to play too so badly. We made her wait, and finally she got her chance with Maureen.

Later that night we did a mountain of laundry with the help of Daddy and got some more junk cleared out of the rooms upstairs. Ariel's new furniture was going to come this weekend, but that has changed due to owners of the truck being away, poopy. Oh well, we will try again and it does give me more time to wash the walls and vacuum... and finish sewing pillows for Ariel's bedding.

Sunday we had church and I was in the nursery. I was watching Ariel in the next room during her faithweavers class and can I say that my girl has found a new love of gluing and cutting with scissors. Oh boy, why do I see trouble in our future, haha. Next Sunday Ken is giving the sermon! Woot, so if you are in the area and want to hear him, please join us at 1030am. They usually tape the sermon too to post on the online website, so if they do, I will post the link so everyone can take a listen. He is doing another animation and faith topic, focusing on the Pixar movie 'Cars' this time. I am always amazed that he can do this stuff, I am very proud of him. He is also in the process of writing an article for the MB Herald this summer. Such a busy guy!

After church I got to do some cross stitching while Ken and Ariel went to order my birthday cake for my party next Saturday. Ken is organizing it himself, so I am eager to see what he has done. I feel bad since he is so busy, but he wanted to do this for me, what a sweetie! Since he isn't much of a cook, I had picked out a funny cake at Save-On he could get rather than try and make one. I totally wanted a Wall-E cake, and of course Ariel was thrilled. Haha. Can't wait to see it in person, hee.

When they got home Ken had also found Ariel a Quatchi hooded towel. Our girl loves those mascots... and we do too. Haha. She carried it around all afternoon calling it her friend. Too cute.

Here is my progress so far on Xander's stocking. Ariel enjoyed sitting beside me and watching me stitch. I asked if she wanted to learn when she was old and she said yes! Oh that makes me so happy, we can be stitchers together. Whee!

This morning we had ballet class. It was such a wonderful warm morning to walk there. Ariel was excited as usual to go, and decided she wanted to wear her black tights today.

She is so graceful, not like her mother. Haha. Although she does have my clutzy gene.

One of these things is not like the others.... hee.

After class we walked to the store for weekly groceries. I gave up my month shop since my cravings and likes change week to week these days. However, with the good weather, its fun to have reason to walk down. We got our items and as we were walking by the bank we saw a large lion. Ariel was not sure what she thought, but the cookie they gave her helped.

We went inside and got to see a former Alpine skiing Olympian with the torch! That was very cool and such a treat we weren't expecting. Ariel was still more interested in the cookie, but I bet one day she will love this picture.

So the week is filling up with visits and doctor's appointments... not to mention the big 3-0 on Friday. Ack! Well, off to do some sewing, while I still have some energy today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


That was my day in a nutshell. Today was the big cable guy visit to fix our silly internet. As you may remember we have a huge cord traveling from downstairs to our old office upstairs, so yeah, ready to see that finally go. I must say it was almost becoming normal to pass the taped down cord in the hallway... almost is the key word, ha!

Now, as you all know, the famous waiting time is sooooooooo stupid. Sometime between 9am and 5pm. That makes it extremely difficult to plan your day around. Blah. What made it that much worse was the fact it was a GORGEOUS sunny day out. Oh how we wished we could escape and go walking. Sigh... maybe tomorrow. Instead, it had me do several jobs around here that I had constantly put off with boxing up stuff from the old office. So it was a positive in a way, plus I managed to do some more wacky tetris playing in our storage room/new animation space and get several more things in without making it more cluttered, woot!


When the cable guy finally came and did his work, we were free to escape. We dropped off the buns at the church for the Alpha dinner tonight, stopped at the store for much needed bread and potatoes (gosh I am on such a baked potato kick at the moment). Then home again to have a surprise visit from my Dad who had been at the doctors.

Yesterday was a far more emotional day. I had met up with Stella and Kara for a late brunch and boy was that fun. Ariel managed to spill her whole cup of milk on the floor, not so fun. Oh well. Afterwards I went by the local consignment shop to tell the girl about our big boy news, as she was eager to hear. Then we talked shop, and she is letting me bring in my summer stuff early since I am basically 'clearing out' everything now that we know its a boy on the way. I want to sell as much as I can first through there (since I get more than I would via Craigs list) and then sell any to friends that is left, and trust me, there will be lots left. Haha. We are talking about a few summers worth of clothes.

I also boxed up the winter and fall stuff for later consignment and made a box for Xander of things I found that he could use that was neutral or boy things I bought for Ariel just because I thought they were cute, haha. During the whole time, I kept crying. Oh I was a mess, I'd pull out a little dress and cry, remembering when she wore it, how small she was. Ugh. Ariel has grown up so fast, and its sad to think she isn't that baby anymore. It's hard thinking that this could very much be our last baby (unless I totally cave in a few years, haha). I then picked out several pieces that were 'really special' to me. A hat and sweater she always wore, her first Christmas dress, this new born t-shirt with cupcakes on it (I believe this shirt started my cupcake clothes obsession with Ariel, haha), her first gymbo outfit and a few other things. It felt good to see my very small pile, and that it felt right to say goodbye to everything else.

One fun thing while clearing things out was I found several items from last summer that still fit, so here is Ariel in her uber cute cherry outfit. I think I love it more this year than last year. Too cute!

In Xander news, we picked out his bedding already! I had in my mind for awhile what I wanted to get if we had a boy, and frankly, there isn't as much to go through for boys (if you don't do characters) which actually makes it easier to pick. We went with this nice brown and blue set we found on the Target website. Ken's mom kindly ordered it for us since they don't like Canadians or our credit cards, boo! The room is starting to come together in my head, so once we have Ariel moved into her new space, then we can focus on his room. Yay!

I also went through my cross stitch magazines to look for the 'boy' version of patterns of things I made Ariel. I found a stocking pattern, and I think it will be super cute for Xander.

Then I found the Easter 'egg', so I have lots of stitching ahead of me. The stocking will come first of course, since that is the first event to happen...

... well not really. We have Thanksgiving and then Halloween. Oh, is it terrible I found a costume already? Haha, seriously, while checking out ebay I came upon it, and its super cheap price since its summer, and I emailed the picture to Ken who nearly died laughing, so yes, that is covered too. Ah, so much to look forward to... and nope, I am not telling, you have to wait to see the costume. Hee.

Ok, going to finish my ice cream and watch some Survivor, I think I deserve it after all the work I did today, whee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Son Xander...

...gosh its so funny to say it out loud. Makes it so real, almost still hard to believe. I remember being the same way with Ariel too, I was so amazed it was a little person, not an 'it' anymore. Its fun saying our son. A son and daughter, we are truly blessed and excited to have one of each. Now to let you in on my little secret, I kinda knew... in fact I said from the beginning it was most likely a boy, but with my sickness very much like Ariel's, Ken wasn't as convinced.

This whole pregnancy I found myself drawn to the blue things, making plans for color schemes, birth announcements. I think I made myself say well its a 50/50 chance its not, so be prepared. I never want any child to think they weren't wanted, and this little guy definitely is.

Thumbs up to Mom and Dad!

The moment we picked Xander as our name, it was solid in my brain, that was it, that was our future child. Our girl name never seemed to stick as much, which is similar to when we picked the name Ariel. Our boy name kinda was an after thought, and it drifted away. So let me share more about our choice in name, since it is different.

Xander is a short form of Alexander, I have a cousin Alex already, so we decided to do the short version and be really crazy and do a 'X' instead of a 'Z'. We really like the way it looks spelled out, and fits well with Ariel. It is Greek, and means 'defender of mankind'. It felt strong and very spiritual to us... like part of God's army here on Earth. Ambrose is Ken's middle name, and also the maiden name of his Mom. It also turns out to be Greek, and means 'ever-living'... something we believe you gain through Christ. So yes, that is it in a nutshell. We love it!

Hiding again from us.

Our ultrasound was fun and relaxing this time. No running up and down the stairs this time, haha. I ate a chocolate bar before we went, which made Xander very active and jumped around a lot. Oh and for the first time, the heart rate was 146, so that was neat too. The tech looked south and said, ok Dad look at that... and Ken wasn't sure what at first he was looking for. Haha, I think he was so expecting to see girl parts he wasn't sure... then the tech got a very good view and there it was, pretty hard not so see he was all boy. Ken was like, 'REALLY!' It was something I was excited to give him, a son. Wow. The tech also said it looks like lots of hair on this little guy, so that is very cool too.

Ariel was a little confused at first, not sure what to look at on the screen. We said, look its your brother and she was like 'huh'. Then Ken was like, see its a boy, baby Xander. Ariel was 'oh, baby Xander'. Its so cute hearing her say his name. Then she went back to playing with all the toys, since that was a bigger highlight to her at that point, haha.

Then we left and in the elevator I started crying. Mainly due to being overtired, I was up at midnight sick in the bathroom. Ken said are you disappointed, and I was no, I am very excited, but I am overwhelmed with all the work now I have left to do. Haha. Its like starting from the beginning again, which is fun, but I am so tired.

We left for the mall for lunch and some shopping. Yes, I wasn't going home without some boy stuff. I was eager to be on the other side of the store, since I had been eying it for months with the thoughts of 'what if'. So we hit Gymboree and Baby Gap for some cute duds, and let me be the first so say, no sports stuff! Sorry, but we aren't sports people, we are animators, so lots of funny creatures ahead for this little guy. He can wear sports later... although my Dad is very much pushing for at least one Canuck item. Hehe. So while I shopped, Ken called family saying 'hey we are shopping for boys stuff.' So it was a cute way to tell them. Here is what I got, first the piranha outfit from Gymbo, I LOVED this when it came out, and it was on sale now, whee!

I saw lots of other stuff too, mainly some monkey stuff that Ken really wants, but I am waiting for the next sale... and there are lobsters coming next month too, eek! Then to Gap for a few onesies...

...and some crabs for next summer. Too cute!

Came home and emailed Mike who is out of town for work at the moment. For Mike and Jo, its the first nephew after 9 nieces! So Mike wrote back, 'Woot! About time!' Haha. I wanted to film Ariel to share the news, but she was fast to sleep by the time we got home and she is still zonked out on the couch. Big day indeed. Ken went off to work, he also has a meeting tonight, so he won't be home till late. Blah. Oh well, at least we were all together for the morning, that is what is important. Until then, I get the computer to myself and that is good since I have lots of posting to do on various chat boards about our little guy.

So I better finish up on here because I am sure Ariel will be up soon. I shall leave you with some lyrics that I think represent everything I am feeling at the moment. Its the first thing that came to mind when I saw his face...

A new day has...come

I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
Hold on and don't shed a tear

Through the darkness and good times
I knew I'd make it through
And the world thought I had it all
But I was waiting for you

Hush, love

I see a light in the sky
Oh, it's almost blinding me
I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love
Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun
A new day has...come

Where it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now there's joy
Where there was weakness, I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy

A new day has...come

Our Family is Complete!

Hey everyone! I know I promised a video from Ariel sharing the news, but she is crashed on the couch sleeping! Big morning for us all... so without further ado, meet....

Our SON!!! Yes, we are having a boy!!!!! We are thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to have one of each in our family.

Please, let me introduce,

Xander Ambrose Priebe!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown is on!!!

Today was mostly one of distraction, haha. Yes, tomorrow is the big ultrasound to find out if we gain a son or daughter this summer. Eek! More on that later, first off, here is the ballet report. Whee!

This morning when Ariel woke up I told her she got to start dance class again today, her response 'I go to ballet?!' Her smile practically leaping off her face. Oh it doesn't take much to make her happy. Ariel raced to her room and pulled out her gear and started dressing. Ate a quick breakfast and walked to class. When we arrived it was still a tad early, so Ariel watched through the glass door at the other kids and kept whispering, 'when is my turn?' Awwww.

We went in finally and got her into her tutu and shoes. Miss Nicole started class and as she tiptoed over, she gave a final grin to me that I captured. Oh it melts my heart how happy she is here. Dance glory!

It was the parent participation class, but Ariel sure didn't need me (except when she had to go potty). She danced, twirled, listened and did so well. I am one proud Momma.

I have a feeling Mondays are going to be our favorite day around here again. Haha.

After class we walked to the bakery for a cookie, and while she snacked, I went to the Telus store to look at new phones. We were up on our 3 year contract and were in serious need of new phones since ours were practically falling apart. The girl who helped us turned out worked in daycare for several years, so she was a total sweetie to Ariel. She even let her play behind the counter and with all the display phones. Ariel was in her GLORY! She would try them all out and then she even helped me pick a new one. Yay!

Here it is, all pink and cute! I had red last time, so this is a nice change. The best part is has a lock so if Ariel happens to pick it up to play with, she can't dial anyone. Woot! Has a texting keypad, even though I don't text, but it does make it easier for me to use the planner built in since I totally need help with keeping my schedules straight.

Ken got a simple grey phone, similar to his last one. Why mess with what he knows and likes right? Haha. We came home and had some lunch and later made our onion rings... yes Mommy had a craving. In the first time ever, Ariel decided to try stuffing something up her nose! Hello! Where did that behavior come from? She comes to me and says, 'its up my nose.' I was like, what is, but tilting her head I saw something was in fact up there. As I dragged her up the stairs to get the flashlight to see how far back it was, she started sniffing and then proclaimed 'its out!' A chunk of onion, lovely. Ugh. I told her not to try that again so we would have to go to the doctor and have them take it out.

Now I am just waiting for Ken to get home. So I figured I'd post some fun gender predictors since we will find out tomorrow. I know they are wives tales (and all have been proved with science not to be fact), but its a good way to kill time until we find out right. Plus we can see which ones seemed somewhat right and keep us all guessing.

Lets start with every one's fav, the Chinese Gender Calendar. There are 2 different ones floating around on the net.

This one is the lunar version and it says - BOY (when I tested it with Ariel it said boy too, so wrong on her)
This one on the Bump website says - GIRL (this one was correct with Ariel as well)

Heart rate, they say around 140 is a boy, over 150 is a girl- Baby is around 160 every time we listen so it would mean GIRL (Ariel was always 150-160 too)

Carrying high its a girl, low its a boy- from looking at others pictures, my bump seems to be higher, in the same area as Ariel was, so I guess GIRL again.

This one is a fav, is your hubby gaining weight with you, if yes a girl, if not a boy- Haha, Ken has put on weight, so GIRL again, but this is only because he eats what I end up eating, so I hold no truth to that. I crave junk with my pregnancies so its not a surprise he gained a few pounds.

Add the mom's age at conception and the year of conception, if both are even or both odd its a girl, if different then a boy- I was 29 and it was still 2008 so BOY

However, another one said if you add the age and the month of conception together, if its odd a girl, even a boy- so GIRL

Bad morning sickness early in pregnancy means girl, none means boy- Well that one is majorly GIRL (same with Ariel) however I hear lots of people say that they weren't sick with their girls, only their boys. So again, no proof. Haha.

You are craving protein, meats and cheese then its a boy- well I love that stuff, so BOY

But then on the other hand they say you are craving fruit its a girl- that is also a major part of my diet these days so GIRL

Someone posted here saying the hairline of your child can determine the baby's gender. If its straight along the back then it will be the same gender you have, if its a point, then it will be the opposite of what you have. - ok, Ariel is kinda a mix, but after looking at the pictures on her website, she is more of a straight hairline which means GIRL again.

If you have headaches then it means a boy- I had lots of headaches for maybe a week or two, is that enough, I haven't had them since... I'll say BOY

Your belly is basketball shaped, a boy, watermelon shaped, a girl- hmm, don't some watermelons look like basketballs? I guess they mean the oval ones. I am no means a tiny basketball tummy like I see some girls are, but I am not oval either, so I'll say BOY since its more round

The wedding ring test, if it goes in circles its a girl, back and forth a boy- this one is a GIRL (same with Ariel too) but then on other websites they say the opposite, circle means boy, back and forth means girl. So then it could be BOY again, haha.

Ask a 5 year old, kids tend to guess right - I remember asking my Sunday school class with Ariel, and they said mainly boy, but they were all copying each other, so I don't think I got a real answer. I didn't ask a 5 year old this time, but I asked Ariel who is almost 3. She said boy but then said no its a girl... yeah a girl... then said it was red. So that I chalk up as dud, haha.

Finally, what do your friends think, well the votes on here are favoring GIRL, but more people I see here locally think BOY. Good grief, no help at all, haha.

Well, its pretty even in my books, so its any one's guess really. We are going in during the morning to find out (if baby co-operates of course) and should post the results in the afternoon once we notify the family. Expect a little video of Ariel sharing the results, since she is of course the big sister. Pink or blue.... time will tell!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Gosh, it is really starting to feel like Spring now. Its sooooo awesome, I love it. Along with the good weather has continued with our busy day to day life. I haven't been able to blog in the evenings since Ken has been working up a storm most nights... and is giving me a few moments before he starts again. Thanks babe!

Wednesday was a shopping and sewing day. Yes, the big gymbucks day rolled around again and I had my eye on a particular dress (and a few other goodies) for Ariel's upcoming photo shoot on the Friday. So Ariel and I were up bright and early on the road to Richmond. Thank heavens for HOV lanes, or we would have stuck for who knows how long. Yay! We arrived when the store opened, since it gets super busy fast. Ariel was eager to watch the tv (I love they have a tv for the kids to keep them happy while parents shop - good thinking on their part, haha) and I went to work finding the right sizes. There was a really snotty little girl who turned her nose up at Ariel offering a 'fish cracker' to her. She snorted 'only babies eat those'. Ariel didn't seemed phased, although she said, 'I'm not a baby, I'm a girl'. Haha, that's my girl.

One of the things I got was a cute bikini that was just so sweet. Usually I have 2 swim suits for Ariel for summer, and this is the big second one that will fit for a long time since its 2 pieces. (No need to worry about the ever growing torso that out grows everything so quickly. Can I say how jealous I am, since I am lacking a torso... sniff. Hee.

Ariel LOVES this suit, and it came with one interesting feature. The top this time since its an older girl suit, has a closure at the back... something none of her bikinis have had in the past. She was totally taken with it, and said 'Mommy! This is my BRA!' I nearly died laughing, she totally was excited to think she had a bra of her own. What a nut!!!

We went to Stella's after our shopping trip for some sewing and visiting. Kara managed to do 2 french braids on Ariel... and me I had no camera! Ugh! By the time I got home they were trashed, but here is what they looked like after a busy day. When asked how Kara got her to sit still, Ariel quickly pointed to her face and the 'slight' make up application. Haha, did I mention Ariel has gotten a serious helping of the 'pink gene'. Clothes and make up so young, so not like me at this age, it just cracks me up. She is Grammy's girl, that is for sure.

Other big news, we continue to gut the new 'Ariel' room and move things in for her. We brought up her kitchen set so she can start to get the idea that this room will be hers soon. She was really confused when we moved the computer, and even cried when she went looking for it in there. Poor sweetie. I spent Thursday filling holes and washing walls, while Ariel played. I am eager to get her furniture in, but I know until I deal with the last of the 'crap' left in there, I can't. Ugh.

Friday morning Ariel and I went to Maria's for the big photo shoot. This time, Maria took Ariel in her studio room all by herself, while I waited in the other room. It was so much fun to hear her talk and take directions. The pictures were FANTASTIC, and if you are in our area and want to get in there are some spots still available next weekend. Here is the LINK if you want more information. These are a few of my favs...

This morning we had breakfast with Dad, Rita and Katie. After polishing off a waffle, Ariel got to try riding a scooter for the first time... with help from Katie. She was pretty taken with it, and tried to do it on her own, but couldn't even hold up the heavy thing up right.

Then we all went to the church to check out the garage sale and BBQ. I was hoping Ariel didn't spot the various toys I sent that use to be hers, thankfully she was fully distracted with a ride on toy that was 2 sizes too small. The BBQ was awesome, and was perfect in the warm weather. Ariel wasn't keen on the sun on her face, and got her stroller cover to help protect her. I found it so funny that she would stick her hand out to grab food to bring back to her pod. Haha.

The downside of the BBQ, I had a 'rude' comment from someone who didn't seem impressed that we were finding out the sex of our baby. I don't understand why some people take such offense to it? Its really none of their business if we do or not. I am not the first to do this in our church, and most likely won't be the last. I guess it erks me to slam my choice. Oh well, my only cranky moment, haha. The youth group however were very excited that we find out this TUESDAY! Eek! I shared our name picks and they gave thumbs up on both, yay. Can't wait... its been a long wait and I am so ready to start preparing for who ever this little one is.

We came home after a quick grocery store run for a few things we needed for the weekend and made some dough for homemade pizza. Yum. Well, that is about it, and my time is nearly gone. Not much else to say except I reached the big 20 weeks this past week. It was exciting and yet tiring to think I still had another 20 weeks to go. My morning 'belch' routine is still continuing, much to my dismay. It doesn't help either that my cough is still lingering too, so one cough in the morning can make things worse. Oh well... here is my picture for my big day. Have a good weekend, what is left of it. I am off to bath and bed my kid who is running in circles at the moment... pants-less.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movin' Stuff

Things are finally really rolling with the big room switch, yay! As I mentioned in my last post, I got the new desk put together and on Monday we moved the computer downstairs... and that is when we hit a snag. We hooked up the internet only to discover the outlet we were going to use wasn't reading the signal. I called the cable company since I had called the week prior to ask if this could happen (they said they didn't think so by the way in case you were wondering). So we have to have a guy come out and fix it... but they can't come till next Thursday! Oh crap! It wouldn't have been such a big deal but Ken's work with the online classes he teaches kinda need him to have access. You see our problem.

So we ended up hooking up Ken's work laptop to the internet connection that worked upstairs so we could stay online for work purposes... but it wasn't ideal. That evening Esau's came by to look at our old desk, since the boys were wanting one for downstairs. They agreed to take it and during our brief visit, we told them about our internet issue. Shortly after they left, they returned with a HUGE internet cable they use to use at church, before they got wireless. Ken got to work threading it down the stairs (Monty Python is helping guard it), around the room (so that Ariel couldn't get hurt by it) to our computer. Soooooooo, we now have internet on our downstairs computer. Yay! It will help the almost 2 week wait be easier than it would have been. Thanks again guys!

Last night also saw the huge piles of garage sale leave our home. Woot! Dan came by with some of the youth and they hauled it all away. They also delivered our old desk to the Esau's for them, talk about nice. Now the computer room is just a big mess of stuff that just needs to be trashed mainly. Its amazing to see the end nearly in sight.

Ken really wanted to finally get a flat screen monitor, something we always put off since the prices were always a bit high and that we didn't really need to do so until we moved the computer. Well, once the computer was in place downstairs, it really became apparent that it was needed, since the desk sits behind the couch, lets just say the huge monitor was a large heat machine cooking your head. Haha. So in a really smart move, Ken asked the tech guys at work if they had any monitor they wanted to sell, so we got a nice 19in flat screen ViewSonic for $50! Nice!!! I priced it out new and it was well over $280, so that was an awesome deal... and it looks so cute! Whee!

On the Ariel front, the girl had a great night sleep, but woke up coughing. Ugh. Seems to be really bad in the mornings, and then disappears. I hope we are near the end because its driving me bananas. Its been lingering soooooooooooo long. Other than that, she has been a happy little clam, but did fall asleep briefly before Ken got home while snuggling with me. She won't wake up so we tucked her into bed... and that woke her up, of course, haha.

Tomorrow I need to run into Richmond and then I think we are going to go sew with Stella. Woot. Lots of fun ahead, so I am off to do some dishes and watch some Food Channel until the finale of Project Runway Canada, since I TOTALLY forgot to watch it last night. Ack! Have a good night!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Alive!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours is still going today as Ken has today off from work too, woot! At the moment he is still asleep and Ariel has just popped out of bed and is going potty. So things will be rolling soon enough. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Its been a crazy week of continued hacking and sneezing. Ariel and I seemed to take another dip on the way to recovery. Every time I thought we were getting better, one of us would have a terrible night. The worse one for me was up at 3am being sick in the bathroom, ugh. Not fun.

Friday we headed to the Good Friday service in the beautiful sun. It was a gorgeous day. Other than church that morning, we didn't do anything else. Ken did some work on projects and Ariel and I hung out, hacking. Lovely.

Saturday morning Ken only had an afternoon class to teach so we got up early and went to Ikea to pick out a new desk for our computer that would be moving downstairs. Of course we had to have the $1 breakfast, Ariel enjoyed her fruit filled pancakes. Yum.

We found the desk right away after we ate, since I had been looking online for sometime. We paid and scheduled it to be delivered on Sunday, which shocked me that they would do it on Easter Sunday. Either way, it was perfect as Monday we could move the computer and then the youth would come and take the old desk to the garage sale. I love it when a plan comes together. (Insert cheesy A-Team music here).

Ken left for work and us girls didn't do much. I was zonked and Ariel just watched all the Easter cartoons on Treehouse. That evening while Ken and Ariel played, I was watching the first half of the season finale of Project Runway Canada (love it!) When it was over, I was watching the channel that tells you whats on I saw something new and froze.... I typed in the number and *poof* there it was! THE FOOD CHANNEL! I eeked and Ken came running, only to roll his eyes, haha. I had been joking for months that all I wanted for my 30th birthday (which is in a 3 weeks) was the food channel. It had only been available through our cable provider if you had digital. Well, we only had basic and one extra package, I had cancelled everything else since we didn't use them, a waste of money really. I couldn't justify getting digital either at this point, I really didn't care and it would raise the cost. Blah. Well apparently they did some rearranging and added several new channels to the basic line up... including FOOD! I kept telling everyone I got my birthday wish, such a dork I know.... but I am in my glory. Happy Birthday to me! Haha.

Saturday night Ariel pretty much coughed the whole night, it was terrible. She never woke up, but it kept us up, so the early morning wake up call for Easter breakfast with the family was a little rough for us. However, we got all pretty and went out with smiles on our faces into the dumping rain, haha. It was wonderful to see everyone, and even Uncle Bill and Aunt Penny who were passing through on their way home from Mexico.

The marshmallow tree they had, I may need to try this next year, as Ariel was taken with it. Hee.

After visiting and stuffing our tummies, oh it was so good, we headed off to church. Ariel was holding her own pretty well at this point, but the lack of sleep the night before was taking its toll of me. I found myself struggling to stay wake, which I hate feeling like at church, Easter morning especially! Everything was so pretty and blooming.

Ariel and Mommy!

Up at the front there was a beautiful vase. On Good Friday, we had all left a 'broken piece' up at the cross representing us and what we were giving to God to take away so we wouldn't be burdened with it. On Easter morning, the pieces had been made into a vase, symbolizing how brokenness leads to new life through Christ. Wow, very powerful and such a visual symbol to everyone.

The kids then got to go up and place flowers in the vase...

... Ariel on her way back from placing her flowers. My big girl!

Pretty vase!

We stayed until it was almost noon, but left before the service was over, which kinda sucked. We had a delivery coming between 12-5 and had no clue when it would be coming. Plus I was nearly out of it and needed to rest. We came home and shortly after wards we had a buzz at our door with Anna bringing us some paska! Oh what a wonderful blessing, I didn't have energy to make any this year and thought we would miss out. That loaf was our lunch and was pretty much gone by the end of the day.

Shortly following our little lunch, I fell asleep on the couch... and I have no clue how long I was out but it was MUCH NEEDED. I woke up a little disorientated, but after a snack felt good. Ariel had a nice long nap too, so the sickies were catching up on rest big time.

During my nap the desk was delivered in its big box of pieces. Woot. The moment I was strong enough, I got to work putting it together. Ariel my little tool girl, helped until I had to call Ken to take her since she was starting to get in the way. It didn't take long to build, but would have been even easier had I not had a baby belly in the way, haha. Ariel came down when it was finished and was 'oh Mommy, its beautiful!' Haha, she is such a sweet thing.

Well, Ken is up and made us some pancakes, so I am going to have some breakfast... and maybe catch the cake competition on tv. Hee.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I owe you all a big post, so stay tuned for that. Until then, enjoy our card we made this year. Blessings!

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