Sunday, August 30, 2009

The First Few Days...

Its Sunday night and Ken is snuggling Xander and Ariel is fast to sleep in her bed. We have survived almost 48 hours of being a family of four. Its been challenging and strange to find a new way of doing things, but I must say over all its been pretty positive, so yay!

Saturday morning Stella and Jack dropped Ariel off. She was a tad whiny and clingy, which was no big surprise, as she had been away from us for 3 days and was getting full attention elsewhere. She wasn't too keen on seeing Xander at first, until I decided that the best way to get him on her good side was to involve her as much as possible. When I asked if she wanted to hold him, she got excited and was really taken with him.

When Xander's nursing time came near, I pumped milk and got Ariel to feed him with a bottle. Well that was HUGE for her. She was so proud and Xander didn't disappoint her and slurped up the whole bottle.

Then came diaper duty! This is by far one of Ariel's favorite things... yeah, I don't get it either, but she loves it. The idea that he poops a lot seems to crack her up. She is very intrigued with his cord stump... no questions yet about the 'extra equipment' he has, haha.

My favorite by far was when Ken read the kids a book. His lap is full of love, and I was pretty much in love with the sight... sigh.

I am still no where near where I hoped to be at this point. I still am in pretty nasty pain, and walking and getting up is proving to be difficult and frustrating. Now with my milk fully in now, it adds the extra discomfort. Someone asked me what it feels like where the incision is, and the best way I can describe what I am experiencing is that the skin feels like it has nasty sunburn. Ouch.

Our transition home with a newborn has been really smooth, I guess it just comes back to you. As for Xander, he has taken to being our son well, haha. He is a really good baby, nurses well, starting to sleep in longer stretches (we got a 4 hour block last night, woot!) and is having more wake and alert time. We love his big eyes taking us in and his little looks that remind us so much of Ariel at this age.

Speaking of which, here is a good look at our babies side by side. Ariel on the left, Xander on the right. Both pictures had been taken in the first 24 hours at the hospital, the only difference, Ariel is 42 weeks and Xander is 39 weeks. Naw, I don't think they are related, haha. The little differences I have noticed, Ariel has Ken's chin while Xander has mine and he has Ken's ears while Ariel has mine. The big question that remains for me is if Xander will go blond like Ariel did. I was a dark haired baby and was blond by a year like Ariel was. I guess time will tell, but I must say I love his dark locks. Hee.

This morning I made the decision that I wanted to go to church. Being stuck inside has been very frustrating and I was eager to get out and see people. I figured I wouldn't be walking far and sitting most of the time, so we ventured out and were the big celebrities of the day. Ariel was proud to show off her brother and kept telling people she was the big sister. We got our rose presented to us, and Xander met the other family in our lives, an important one in his future as well in his spiritual walk. During the sermon I started feeling sore and realized I had forgotten my pills at home, oops. Sooo I paid the price and ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon till I could get the pain under control.

Ken picked up some dinner while he and Ariel were out for a walk, so that was nice. Then after dinner we got a call from Dad who had a fresh blackberry pie that needed eating. Um, yeah we don't turn down dessert, haha. So Dad, Rita and Katie came over for pie and a visit.

Shared with them some funny Ariel moments this weekend, one of our favs was her making up a line in the 'skip to my loo' song on her Raffi cd. While having a muffin snack, she just randomly started singing:

I've got a muffin how about you?
I've got a muffin how about you?
I've got a muffin how about you?
Skip to my loo my darling!

While chatting with Grammy on Skype, Ariel pretended she was taking pictures with her camera. When someone said, oh good job Ariel, she replied 'It was nothing.' Haha, such a personality, and goofball. I wonder what kind of personality Xander will have? I guess time will tell. Well its bedtime for me, Ken and X-man. The public health nurse stops by tomorrow so we should see what Xander weighs, and if he has gained since his loss at the hospital. Dianne and Hana also drop by tomorrow to return the things they borrowed and to say goodbye as they fly home. I leave you all with my new favorite picture... my kids! Hee.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Home!!!

Huzzah! We sprung out of the hospital earlier than expected! Woot. Right now its just Ken, myself and Xander at home at the moment. We had planned for Ariel to be at Stella's tonight since we were told Saturday was when we would come home, so we decided to keep that plan and we would have our first night home with Xander alone before Ariel shows up tomorrow.... especially since we know it will be very crazy.

Everything went pretty well, I am still in some serious pain, but as long as I stay on top of my pills, its not too bad. I must say that certain things are more sore this time around, but other things were far easier. Sooooo, here goes the telling of Xander's arrival.

Wednesday morning I was up around 4am after waking up myself before the alarm did. Had a long shower and talked to Xander for the last time in my belly. It was so weird to think in a few hours he would be out. Nerves got to me and I threw up a few times, mainly due to the fact I wasn't allowed any food. At 5am Dad and Rita showed up to stay with Ariel until she woke up. I went and kissed her goodbye and tried not to cry. We left and got on the road in the dark... totally strange to do by the way, not use to it. No one was on the road and we arrived at the hospital right on time at 530am. Gack!

We were shown to our room and got changed into a gown for me and scrubs for Ken.

The nurse came in to get my IV started, and I remembered how much I hated the IV last time. I have really tricky veins in my hand, and it took 3 stabs last time to get it right... thankfully, it was only 2 stabs this time, but once in each hand. Ouch.

Then we waited for the nurse to take me to the OR, and that is when I started getting all upset and nervous. They weren't going to bring Ken down until I was all ready to go. I had to do the next few steps alone, and I didn't want to. When I left, Ken gave me a huge hug and I tried to be brave. The nurse kept asking questions about Ariel, I think to help me refocus. It helped, but the moment we were at the OR I was trembling... it was cold and I was left on my stretcher alone.

Various people came to talk to me, nurses discussing what was to happen next, my doctors coming to mark my tummy and the anesthesiologist who came and discussed the spinal block. I asked him the most questions, and he reassured me that compared to a epidural, that a spinal was much easier to get. I was skeptical, but trusted him anyways, haha.

Then we went in and I was sat up and was to lean on the nurse... the needle was coming. The freezing was given first and actually it seemed far less painful than I remember, kinda like a bee sting. Then NOTHING! Seriously, I felt nothing, just what felt like finger pokes to my back, but no pain. When he said he was done, I was still floored that no more pain was coming. I was so excited, but I was being swung around and tied down the the table in what felt like seconds. I soon realized why, the spinal was working... FAST. In a matter of minutes, what felt like like pins and needles went to pure numbness. Crazy! Someone threw an oxygen mask on my face and then I started feeling loopy. I can't handle the a/c in our car, pure oxygen was torture. I snorted and tried to not get sick, didn't really want to throw up on the table.

Finally Ken was brought in and I was so happy to see him. He was anxious to see if I was ok, since he knew I had been dreading the needle. I tired telling him I was fine and it was good, but I was so nauseous. Things got going and we heard our doctor say, oh there he is... wow he is big... wow he has some serious hair happening! Then our little boy cried, even before he was lifted out! I felt a sense of oh my goodness he is here and my face hurt from the smile I had. He was lifted up and peeked over the blanket they had up to block things. I didn't get a good look, but I saw him better when they started checking him over.

That is when I saw that hair and was like wow! Ken got to cut the cord, something that he missed out on with Ariel, so I was happy he got to do it this time. They wrapped him up and brought him over to see me. I touched his face, and gave him a little kiss. He was so sweet but I was really starting to feel sick and was out of it. However, it didn't matter, our little Xander was here!

Xander and Dr Salvador

Ken and Xander left to go upstairs and I got to stay and get closed up. Felt like a long time but when I heard the doctor ask for the little strips they put on the incision, I knew it was finally over. I got wheeled to recovery and that started the really bad sickness I had the remainder of the day. I started throwing up, so they gave me some gravol in my IV. It helped and in 2 hours I was well enough to go upstairs. However, the ride up was enough to upset my stomach again and the throwing up started again. I felt terrible! I could barely keep my eyes open. I wanted to focus on Xander, but couldn't.

I kept getting more Gravol but it didn't seem to be working... or it did, but only briefly. I would drink something and in an hour it be back up. Sigh. People came to visit but I really don't remember much. As I look back at the pictures it helps stir the memory but its still kinda blurry. Ken is going to show me the video later, so that will help, haha.

The new family all together! Ariel is making faces at the tv, haha.

Finally in the evening it seemed I was finally turning the corner. I was sitting up and talking, even keeping my eyes open without feeling dizzy. Turns out my doctor had heard the dose they were giving me and said it was far to small and increased it big time, and that did the trick! Woot, I could eat, and I spent most of the night awake (since I slept so much during the day) and eating everything in sight. Thank you everyone who brought muffins and treats to the hospital that day, haha. With finally being able to move and not throw up, the nurses took out my catheter, which was awesome, but remembering how to pee is such a weird feeling. Kinda wonder if that is what it is like for toddlers learning toilet training?

Next morning I got to take my IV out and then I really started to feel like myself again instead of a tied down prisoner. I also had to start taking pain meds as the spinal was pretty much completely out of my system and the incision site was starting to ache. I am still taking stuff every 4 hours, and its helping, although I feel like I can't stand up straight. I got to enjoy Xander more that day and the company that visited.

That evening I was told of the possibility of going home the next day instead of the Saturday. I must say I liked that idea, mainly because I hate sleeping in that uncomfortable hospital bed, and I can't get out of it easily. In fact I tended to stay in the chair more because it was easier, those beds are not made for short people, even with stools for help, blah!

I will say that night was awful, and I remember it being that bad with Ariel as well. My milk wasn't in yet and all Xander wanted was to nurse every 20 minutes. He would fall asleep during nursing but wake up if we tried to put him in his bed. Blah. Eventually Ken had him asleep in his arms and he walked the halls so I could rest, since I was in terrible pain from my surgery.

Sooooooo, this morning when my doctor showed up with released papers and instructions for being at home I nearly cried. I was so excited. I will say I am not allowed to do a lot, no driving for 2 weeks, no lifting anything other than the baby for 6 weeks, no stomach exercises for 6 weeks etc. I let Ken sleep and Xander and I hung out and I took some pictures of him all cute. Hee.

The peds doctor didn't show up till noon, so we had to hang round and watch tv killing time. Dad showed up for a visit which was nice and was able to help us out to the car with our little X-man. Also, my milk started coming in so I was starting to get a tad sore on top now, good grief, haha. However, Xander was pleased and now nursing him is much easier as he is happy and full after wards.

Well, that is pretty much it. At the moment I am on the emotional high of giving birth but super emotional so lots of stupid things are making me cry, or things I forgot to do ( I won't get into it now cuz I am already upset). Anyhoo, going to put my feet up and enjoy Xander sleeping in his bouncy chair at the moment. We look forward to our new life as a family of four, and everything that comes with it. Tomorrow it really starts with Ariel coming home, so I am sure there will be much to say in the coming days, haha.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Xander Ambrose Priebe
Born August 26th, 2009
at 8:29am
8lb 7oz
53cm long

Will be home soon with lots more to share...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few More Hours to go....

Today has been a blur of activity. The one exciting thing for me today was the fact I pretty much had a good sleep, and boy did I need it. I woke up around 4ish to visit the bathroom but managed to get back to sleep instead of my usual walking around the house for an hour or so.

When I did get back to sleep I had a pretty amazing dream... it was very vivid and when I told Ken about it today I could barely tell it since I was sobbing. I was standing outside an old white church, much like another one in our community, it wasn't our regular church, but it wasn't familiar either... a place I had never seen before. It was very bright and Nana was standing there, holding a tiny bundle. As I inched closer I saw a little face that was fast asleep in the blankets. She was smiling and rocking him. I just remember her saying how beautiful the baby was and then it was over and I was awake. I laid there trying to understand what I had just seen... but then I knew exactly what I had seen.... something I had been wanting and aching about since losing her back in May. She was holding our baby... she has been taking care of him. Perhaps I saw a glimpse of heaven, I don't know, but I do know that image of her holding that baby has helped some of the pain I have been feeling knowing she is missing the big day tomorrow.

Ok, I am totally crying again. Ugh, hormones are going CRAZY! Everything is setting me off today. Blah. After our slow start this morning, we dropped Ariel off with Stella so we could go to our appointments in Richmond. First up was our last doctor appointment, and we ended up sitting and waiting an hour. Our doctor felt bad since our visit was literally a few minutes. The exciting news was our surgery time got bumped up! Yes, instead of 9am, we are now at 745am! That means though we have to be at the hospital at 530am, ugh. Dad and Rita are coming over at 5am to stay with Ariel until she wakes up, and most likely before she does there will be a new baby. Whee!

After our appointment, we went to the hospital for some blood work and finalize some paperwork. As we finished up, a little cradle with a newborn came by us, probably from a surgery situation too since he was coming from the elevator. I got all excited and now I am so eager to get in and do this so I can have my burrito baby too, haha.

We then zipped to the mall as my last chance to find Ariel some shoes. With all the sales on now, it was the best time, so I just pushed myself. I found some indoor shoes for pre-school, little ugg like boots and some runners. Yay! Totally feel better knowing she has shoes, since she had that major foot growth spurt and NOTHING fit her anymore. Also snagged some jeans for Ken on sale, woot.

Came home and picked up Ariel from Stella's, and ordered a yummy dinner from the Boot. I needed something very filling... my last meal, haha. Now we are taking care of the last minute details, charging the many cameras and printing schedules for those taking care of Ariel... yes, I made a spread sheet, haha.

Finally, the belly shot... the last one perhaps (we will see, never say never I have learned). My little boy blue, we are coming to meet you... soon! Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words. It really means a lot to us, and we can't wait to share our little boy with you all.

See ya in a few days... but I am sure Ken will be by for a quick update for me. Love ya!

Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Days... Distractions, Anyone? Please!!!!!!!

So last night as I was laying in bed it hit me that in a short time I would be holding a new baby... that made me excited, then within the same thought, I remembered the whole process to get to baby.... then I started crying. I must say although I know when this little one is coming, the whole countdown is taking its toll and I am scared and worried. I get anxious and of course this time I know what to expect, so the whole 'unknown' element is very much missed this time around. I can't worry about something I haven't experienced, so you see my situation. Ken came to bed and held me for awhile as I cried. Personally its just the whole 'needle in my back' thing, it wasn't fun last time and I just pray it goes more smoothly this time.

Today is the last 'normal' day before everything starts to happen as well. Tuesday is filled with appointments at the hospital for blood work and meeting with my surgeon to go over details. Soooo, that leaves me to try and keep busy today to keep my mind off things. I have a few things planned, but I get tired and need to sit and that is when I usually start crying again. Bah on hormones!

Yesterday was far more fun and VERY distracting from things ahead. Megan and I held our Ethiopian shower for Dianne and Hana! It was a great success and so much fun. Lots of green, yellow and red (the Ethiopian flag colors), yummy food and friends.

Little cake welcoming Hana with some yellow roses...

... cupcakes, Ariel had her eyes on these from the moment I made them, haha.

More flowers and the invitation I made up. I framed the original larger painting for Hana to have in her room.

A closer look if its hard to see in the picture...

Megan's awesome flag fruit tray...

and veggie tray! Her dad also made a wonderful Ethiopian style dish for the party, soooo yummy, I ate lots of it. Haha.

Dianne and Hana cut the cake...

This doll belonged to Megan's mom. She cleaned it all up for Hana to have, and she seemed to like it, when she didn't think it was another baby stealing her mommy's attention, haha.

Ken and Ariel returned to help pack up and see Hana (Ken was eager to see her in person). Ariel finally got a chance to eat a cupcake, hee.

Dianne and I with our girls. I think she will have to eventually add a little boy down the road too, hee. Hint hint!

We got home and my feet were paying the price for all my fun. They were REALLY swollen and sore. So I got to bed and tried to sleep it off, only to be up in the night around 3am for an hour or so with general soreness all over. I am so ready to be up in the night with a hungry baby rather than pain. Blah!

Oh, late last week I finally did the finishing touches on the dedication outfit. It needs to be ironed, but I wanted to share and was too lazy to do it just for the picture. Haha.

I also got an email from our church last week saying they had some meals lined up for when we get home, yay! Its those practical things that are so nice and very appreciated.

Oh, last night before going to bed, I found out a friend from high school who had the same due date as me went in to labor and had her baby girl! Can I say how jealous I am that a) she has her baby already and b) that she had her so fast! She had been saying how she was envious that I was having ours this week and then low and behold she beat me! Haha, I couldn't believe it. Had she waited another few days we could have been in the hospital together. Ok, I need to get moving and wash some sheets. I will post one more time before we go in on Wednesday, and one last belly picture, because Jill asked so nicely. Ok... deep breath in... and out...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Days... Lets Avoid Stress!

Ugh, I was hoping to post a few times this week, but we had a brief little moment of crisis. On Monday morning Ariel had her 3 year old check up with her doctor, and we went in happy and totally unaware of things to come. While Ariel played, I could hear people talking in the waiting room about looking for a new doctor. I got a tad uneasy, ummm, why were they talking about finding a new doctor?

We went in and had a great appointment, Ariel is 29-30lb and 47in tall, following her curve perfectly. Then came the bomb, our doctor started explaining that she had to close her practice. Long story short, 3 doctors leaving (2 on mat leave, one for a new position on a board) and she has been unable to find anyone to take their place for the past 6 months. She can't handle the amount of patients, so she had no choice but to close her practice. It was then she started crying, and me being super hormonal went along with her. She felt awful dropping this sort of bomb on a girl who is about to have a baby. Trying to find a family doctor is hard enough under regular circumstances, but to find one asap for a newborn to see is tricky.

Ariel got her lollipop and we walked out to the car. I sat for a few minutes feeling very defeated and just prayed things would fall into place. My phone started beeping and it was a voice mail from Dianne, so I called and tried not to sound too upset, although Dianne heard right through me of course. I was very thankful for their visit now.

They arrived with a McDonalds picnic and we chatted and ate. More importantly, I got to finally meet the adorable Miss Hana. Ariel did 'ok' with meeting Hana. She was excited but of course did the 3 year old thing of 'don't touch that Hana, its mine' and we had several moments of Mommy having to get snippy. The hard part for Ariel usually is the fact she can't communicate with younger kids. If they don't talk, she gets huffy. Ah the joys of children, haha. We did manage to get a cute picture of the girls, and I look forward to seeing them again at the shower this weekend.

After saying goodbye, we were out the door again for my doctor's appointment. I ended up telling her about our family doctor situation and she was going to see if she could help us out in trying to locate someone. Other than that, the appointment was good. Ariel helped take my blood pressure which was normal, almost surprising to me. We then booked one more appointment next Tuesday before the big day. EEK!

Tuesday was a bit of a blur. All I remember is that is was quite warm, and the evening was hot and uncomfortable. I honestly think I was up every 30 minutes to use the bathroom that night. Blah! One thing I do remember is hearing that Rick Springfield was playing a free concert as part of the PNE line up. UGH!!! Seriously, during the time I am in the hospital. I am trying to convince my Dad to go and videotape it for me, haha. Oh, and Stella brought Ariel's cupcake quilt home. Needless to say there was much squealing and hugging of the quilt. Hee.

Wednesday was a far more fun day. We went to Stella's in the morning to do some finishing work on Xander's dedication outfit. Had a nice little lunch, visited and even got to see Kara. Then I took Ariel to my Dad's as I had a hair appointment to fix my seriously ugly mop on my head. My hair was looking rather 'orange' and kinda crispy. Isn't that a lovely description? Ugh. So after 3 hours... yes, I got to relax and read trashy magazines for 3 hours... ahhhh, I had pretty hair! See how pretty it is! I am so excited, I love my stylist. Hee.

We hung out at Dad and Rita's since they had some nice cool shade happening and slices of frozen watermelon, my fav. Since Ken was on his way home, we figured we would leave when he got to the bus loop and pick him up. On the way there, I was telling Ariel how we could show off Mommy's pretty new hair. Ariel didn't miss a beat and said, and show Daddy 'MY' pretty hair too! Haha.

Daddy thought we both looked lovely, and we had a nice quiet evening at home. Ken and Ariel watched some Disney princess movies, hee. I got this picture while they chilled out together. Ken calls it the 'waiting' picture. Yes, we are waiting for Xander to join us, and we are very eager to meet him.

So far this morning, I think I managed to find us a new doctor! Our doctor had left us with a few names, but I really wanted a lady doctor, and the only one on the list I couldn't find a contact number for. Ugh. Well this morning while flipping through the newspaper, I spotted an ad for her and a phone number! I called and made an appointment to meet her a few weeks after Xander is born, so praying she is what we are looking for. I must say I feel good about it and I feel like a huge weight is lifted. Ahhh.

Ok, we are going to get a little walk in before it gets too hot and get some little jobs done around town. Have a great day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Review, Otherwise Known as Killing Time for 10 More Days.

10 days... eek! The fact I am counting on my 2 hands is exciting and scary at the same time. I am trying to keep busy so I don't think too much of the pending surgery, but if I go out, all I hear is 'when are you due' so its hard to escape from unless I hide inside.

Friday as you know was Ariel's official 3rd birthday, and we had a quiet but busy day of celebrating. First off, when I greeted her in the morning I wished her a happy birthday saying 'Guess what?! Your 3 today!!!' Ariel gasped and then looked confused... 'Again?' she replied. Haha, yes, I guess it would be confusing to have a birthday party and think that was the official marking point, but either way, she embraced her new age with smiles.

For lunch we met up with Stella, Kara and Donna at Ricky's restaurant. Ariel was very excited and could barely get words out at times, haha. Then she got some presents, a travel art kit that was loaded with paper, stickers, crayons, pencil crayons and....

....BLUE SCISSORS! If you don't understand the significance, for the past several months, Ariel has been talking about how when she turned 3 she would get blue scissors. Mainly it came from a day when she wanted to play with scissors and I said when you are older... she in turn said 'when I turn 3 I get my own scissors... blue scissors.' Not sure why they had to be blue, but they did. As we got closer to her birthday, trying to suddenly find blue scissors proved to be difficult. Thankfully, Stella found some, we had several people looking haha.

Kara got Ariel a beautiful brown coat, I will get a picture up soon. Ariel was in love with it and wore it home from the restaurant. Kara also got us a cute book about raising boys and Xander a curious george onesie.

Then in the evening we went to Dad and Rita's place for dinner. Ariel, the 3 year old!

Dad had 2 chickens on the rotisserie of his BBQ, yum! While we waited for them to cook, Ariel had a few gifts to open. First was some new pjs from us. Then she got to open her card from Ken's dad. Musical cards are always a hit with her.

Then she opened 2 gifts that were from him as well, some more Mickey Mouse blocks, and a candyland game for pre-schoolers. She was thrilled, and we have played with both several times... the game especially.

After a wonderful dinner, Ariel was excited to see Grandpa had made her a special cake! All day she had asked if it was her birthday if she would get a cake, and I really didn't know. We talked about the possibility of birthday pie, since Dad is an avid pie maker, and thankfully she was up for that idea as well. However, one look at the cake on the table, she gasped and shouted, 'Grandpa made me a CAKE!'

This time, Ariel blew out her candles... maybe because now she was really 3, haha.

The white chocolate icing on the chocolate cake was a HUGE hit, and I am very thankful for the leftovers we got to bring home, yummy.

Daddy and his birthday girl!

Then on Saturday, I was up early and out to the store to get the groceries I needed for the several meals I was planning on making and freezing for after baby comes. I managed to make up lasagna, chicken chow mein, cabbage casserole, baked beans and chicken linguine bake. So now all that remains on my to-do list really is finalizing Ariel's sleeping arrangements while in the hospital (although we are pretty sure we know what is happening) and the finishing touches on Xander's dedication outfit.

That evening, we went out to the night market and opening of the Quilt Walk. We went to see the cupcake quilt up that I entered, and it actually made Ariel mad. She wanted the quilt home, and needless to say we didn't stay out long, lots of tears and grouchy behavior, lovely eh?

Sunday morning we made it to church, which was nice until my hips started getting sore. I can't sit too long, which sucks because I find I can't stand long times either... doesn't leave many options... especially since laying down isn't always an option with a busy girl running around.

After a quick lunch, we walked down to look at the fancy cars and more of the quilts. Ariel was growing tired of everything, so Ken took her home so I could sit and enjoy the cool shade by the quilt store and visit with people. Then I got some exciting news from Stella that I had won something, so I called Ken to come down with Ariel. We went to the main stage and waited... I won a 3rd place ribbon in the Viewer's Choice category. Woot!

Yay! So exciting for our first show, and very special indeed! Ariel kept saying the ribbon was hers, haha, and she marched proudly displaying it held under her chin until she wanted Daddy to put her on his shoulders. Hee.

Me and my winning quilt... gosh I look tired, haha.

Soooo, that wraps up our busy weekend and now we are on to a very busy week. Both Ariel and I have doctor appointments tomorrow and we also get to see my dear friend Dianne and her little Hana as they are picking up some stuff to borrow while they are visiting BC for 2 weeks. Other fun stuff this week is my hair appointment and pedicure and then the shower Megan and I are hosting for Dianne and Hana. Yes, 3 days before I give birth I am helping throw a shower, what can I say? I like living the crazy life, hee. I got the invitations made up and sent out and now I can move ahead with the other things I have left to do. I am sure I'll post updates through out the week, especially once I have pretty hair! Yay!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Ariel!

I can't believe my little girl is 3 today... it just seems like yesterday I was holding you for the first time in my arms. Your eyes wide open to the new world around you. Like any new parent, I thought you were the most beautiful baby ever, and was taken with you. I don't know if you will ever understand the joy you brought to my broken heart. The healing that you brought into my life when I needed it most. Like all things God does, his timing is amazing and I am forever blessed to be your mom.

Now you are 3 and full of energy and life. Sometimes you like to challenge me with your stubbornness, but then you don't know how stubborn I can be, so we are a good match, haha. Your imagination and creativity inspire me daily, and are a constant source of entertainment to us all. The way you smile and how those chocolate brown eyes light up are magic, not to mention how stunning they look on you. My beautiful girl, full of talent and spirit... I can't wait to see what you do with your life in the years to come.

So much is changing in the next few weeks for you. Becoming a big sister, starting pre-school and taking on all sorts of new activities that won't require me to be there with you. I feel sad I won't hold your hand all the time now, I will have to let you go and stand on your own 2 feet. I know you are ready to shine, but I still feel like its gone by too fast. I pray that the Lord protects you in all your adventures, and that you make good choices. I know you will make mistakes, and always know I am here to help you. Your brother will be looking to you as a role model, and I know you will be a wonderful sister to him.

My sweetheart... my joy... my daughter... I love you more than you will ever know. You were made with love by me, your Daddy and the Lord. Happy Birthday, and best wishes to you on the year ahead. I hope it is filled with happy memories and excitement of new challenges. May your wishes come true my ballerina, my princess... my Ariel.

Love Mommy
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