Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Days... Lets Avoid Stress!

Ugh, I was hoping to post a few times this week, but we had a brief little moment of crisis. On Monday morning Ariel had her 3 year old check up with her doctor, and we went in happy and totally unaware of things to come. While Ariel played, I could hear people talking in the waiting room about looking for a new doctor. I got a tad uneasy, ummm, why were they talking about finding a new doctor?

We went in and had a great appointment, Ariel is 29-30lb and 47in tall, following her curve perfectly. Then came the bomb, our doctor started explaining that she had to close her practice. Long story short, 3 doctors leaving (2 on mat leave, one for a new position on a board) and she has been unable to find anyone to take their place for the past 6 months. She can't handle the amount of patients, so she had no choice but to close her practice. It was then she started crying, and me being super hormonal went along with her. She felt awful dropping this sort of bomb on a girl who is about to have a baby. Trying to find a family doctor is hard enough under regular circumstances, but to find one asap for a newborn to see is tricky.

Ariel got her lollipop and we walked out to the car. I sat for a few minutes feeling very defeated and just prayed things would fall into place. My phone started beeping and it was a voice mail from Dianne, so I called and tried not to sound too upset, although Dianne heard right through me of course. I was very thankful for their visit now.

They arrived with a McDonalds picnic and we chatted and ate. More importantly, I got to finally meet the adorable Miss Hana. Ariel did 'ok' with meeting Hana. She was excited but of course did the 3 year old thing of 'don't touch that Hana, its mine' and we had several moments of Mommy having to get snippy. The hard part for Ariel usually is the fact she can't communicate with younger kids. If they don't talk, she gets huffy. Ah the joys of children, haha. We did manage to get a cute picture of the girls, and I look forward to seeing them again at the shower this weekend.

After saying goodbye, we were out the door again for my doctor's appointment. I ended up telling her about our family doctor situation and she was going to see if she could help us out in trying to locate someone. Other than that, the appointment was good. Ariel helped take my blood pressure which was normal, almost surprising to me. We then booked one more appointment next Tuesday before the big day. EEK!

Tuesday was a bit of a blur. All I remember is that is was quite warm, and the evening was hot and uncomfortable. I honestly think I was up every 30 minutes to use the bathroom that night. Blah! One thing I do remember is hearing that Rick Springfield was playing a free concert as part of the PNE line up. UGH!!! Seriously, during the time I am in the hospital. I am trying to convince my Dad to go and videotape it for me, haha. Oh, and Stella brought Ariel's cupcake quilt home. Needless to say there was much squealing and hugging of the quilt. Hee.

Wednesday was a far more fun day. We went to Stella's in the morning to do some finishing work on Xander's dedication outfit. Had a nice little lunch, visited and even got to see Kara. Then I took Ariel to my Dad's as I had a hair appointment to fix my seriously ugly mop on my head. My hair was looking rather 'orange' and kinda crispy. Isn't that a lovely description? Ugh. So after 3 hours... yes, I got to relax and read trashy magazines for 3 hours... ahhhh, I had pretty hair! See how pretty it is! I am so excited, I love my stylist. Hee.

We hung out at Dad and Rita's since they had some nice cool shade happening and slices of frozen watermelon, my fav. Since Ken was on his way home, we figured we would leave when he got to the bus loop and pick him up. On the way there, I was telling Ariel how we could show off Mommy's pretty new hair. Ariel didn't miss a beat and said, and show Daddy 'MY' pretty hair too! Haha.

Daddy thought we both looked lovely, and we had a nice quiet evening at home. Ken and Ariel watched some Disney princess movies, hee. I got this picture while they chilled out together. Ken calls it the 'waiting' picture. Yes, we are waiting for Xander to join us, and we are very eager to meet him.

So far this morning, I think I managed to find us a new doctor! Our doctor had left us with a few names, but I really wanted a lady doctor, and the only one on the list I couldn't find a contact number for. Ugh. Well this morning while flipping through the newspaper, I spotted an ad for her and a phone number! I called and made an appointment to meet her a few weeks after Xander is born, so praying she is what we are looking for. I must say I feel good about it and I feel like a huge weight is lifted. Ahhh.

Ok, we are going to get a little walk in before it gets too hot and get some little jobs done around town. Have a great day!


Kristin said...

Wow, I can't believe he is almost here! he He! :)

That would be stressful trying to find a new doctor at such a time like this, I hope she is what you are looking for.

Tera said...

Goodness, what a time to have to find a doctor?! Hope you like the new one. Your hair looks lovely!

Amy said...

A- your hair looks awesome!!
B- I am so glad you found a new dr and
C- only 6 days!!!!! I wish I could meet the little guy in person!!

Dianne said...

Soooo glad you have a potential new family doctor!

I love our visits. See you again soon!! :)

ps - rest easy knowing that Hana could have cared less if Ariel took a toy away. She finds big girls just far too *fascinating* to notice something like that. lol

Kristen said...

Your hair looks wonderful!!! Love it! can you believe Xander is going to be here!! I bet you are so ready with the heat! Can't wait to "meet" him! Love the pics of Ariel too, such a cutie!

Michelle said...

Oh dear what a time to find a doctor.Did you find one? ours is lovely vancouver though..All the very best to you with young sir .

Jill Brochard said...

Hope things work out with your new dr. What a stressful situation.

Your hair looks beautiful! Are we going to get to see one last belly shot before the big day???

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