Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3 weeks... ack!

When I read that on my ticker, I nearly fell off my chair... that seems really real. Like soon real. ACK!!! Lots to do... more lists need to be made, but more progress has happened, woot.

Ariel woke up with a bad dream this morning. I heard up in her room yelling 'NO NO NO!' Then footsteps that ran I think to my bedroom, then to the stairs to look for me. I was at the computer and she cries out, 'I had a bad dream, the green garbage truck tried to take me away.' Oh my poor girl. She climbed into my lap and just snuggled for several minutes. My sweetie.

Today Ariel and I went to Richmond, for my last pre-baby trip. We exchanged an outfit for Xander, Ken's mom had gotten us the same outfit I had bought, so I took mine back and got another one that just came out. I love raccoons... but I didn't take a picture, oops. Next time. Then we hit Purdy's chocolate, yummy. I wanted chocolate cigars like we handed out with Ariel, so we found some with the blue ribbons, so cute. So come visit us and you get some chocolate! Haha. Bribery? Of course! Hee. Finally, we hit Old Navy were I got a post baby outfit. Something to just wear around the house that is loose fitting for after surgery. Some waffle-knit draw string pants and hoodie. Easy to nurse in and yet feel covered up when people come over.

Came home and got organized and took Ariel over to Dad and Rita's for the afternoon. The plan was the rest and nap, but baby decided it was a prime time to get a case of the hiccups. ARGH! I kept drifting off and then jumping with my little guy bouncing. Sigh. Oh well.

Yesterday, I got to go out to have a play date with the girls as somewhat the last meet up before Xander joins the group. Erin was kind enough to drive us out to the other Erin's new place. We were going to go swimming, but of course the weather had cooled quite a bit, but I still found it refreshing, ahhh. Ariel was loving the 'lukewarm' hot tub, which apparently wasn't working right, but then the kids could all use it, so not a bad thing.

Then we had a light lunch in the clubhouse and visited, the kids all ate the bar, pretty cute.

Sienna gave Ariel her birthday present during our visit, since they couldn't come to the party at the last minute. It was some super cute wooden play cookies for her kitchen. She was thrilled and once we were home she played with them all afternoon...

... and then a cookie picnic with Jasmine.

The holiday Monday was really low key, just hung around the house and cleaned stuff up. Managed to do a few more things on my list, like getting the batteries in the baby stuff and packing my diaper bag. Hee. That one was fun, and kinda weird too. We are going to have a baby in the house again, and it just makes my head spin a bit. Wild....

So I really do need to get to bed. I know I am tired, but I keep doing stuff and not laying down... and then I post a comment on facebook that was to a friend but didn't realize it came up as my status, oops. Nothing more embarrassing that talking about having to keep going to the bathroom and announcing that to all your friends. Needless to say, DELETED! Ok, bed now! Good night!!!


Kristen said...

3 weeks!! I bet you are so organized for the big day!

It is heartbreaking when they have a bad dream! Ella has themm but does not remember in the mornings.

Can't wait to meet Xander!

SarahRachel said...

YAY!!! You're so close! I'm getting super excited to see pics. I so love babies. I was snuggling Chase tonight and smelling his yummy baby scent of faint milk and lavender lotion and just wanted to freeze time. You're going to love love love your little boy!! And I'm betting Ariel is going to be an AWESOME big sister!

Tyler and Leah said...

not long!!! you are lucky knowing that there is an end to this madness!! With Lilika is just seemed to go on and on and on....with no real plan ending!!! you guys are almost there!

Jay said...

Yeah, we had that madness with Ariel... yeah, I much prefer the eviction notice date. Haha.

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