Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Appointments Out The Ying Yang

Ok, the past few days have been jammed packed with appointments for both me and Ariel. We got the ball rolling on Monday morning with Ariel's first visit to the dentist. I found myself caught off guard a bit when we arrived because on the phone they basically said it was going to be a brief 'meet the dentist' sorta thing. Instead, it was a full on teeth cleaning, but thankfully for the most part it went smoothly.

Here is my big girl waiting in the chair for the hygienist to return. I must say the gal who worked with Ariel was FANTASTIC! She was a mom of 2 teens (although she didn't look it at all) and was just super sweet and calm with Ariel (even when she accidentally bit down on her finger.

They also gave her some shades to wear to block the light from hurting her eyes, good idea I must say.

So she managed to count and lightly scrap her teeth, clean them and floss them. However, at that point Ariel was tired (not to mention probably hungry since it was close to her lunch time - remember, I didn't think we were having a full cleaning when I booked it) and wasn't having anything to do with the fluoride treatment. We tried a few times, but she was like, nope! Sooo, we called it a day, and really a success overall for a first meeting. The dentist came and looked at her teeth and said they looked wonderful. Then Ariel got princess toothbrush and a prize from the toy box, she picked bubbles of course. I must say, kinda glad we won't be back for another 6 months, haha.

Then yesterday was a doctor's appointment for me. Stella took Ariel with her to pick up Kara from the airport, which was great for me since I was pretty tired. Afternoon appointments are harder on me for sure. Thankfully I was in and out really fast. My blood pressure and baby's heartbeat were good. We also found out that his position changed slightly from transverse (sideways) to breech. Now this added a new twist on if I went into labor on my own now, since he was really in a tricky position, and they don't want limbs popping out (isn't' that a nice visual). Sooooooooooo, if things start happening, we have to get to the hospital ASAP! Of course Ken is somewhat concerned, as a typical Daddy would be. We just are praying that he stays put until our scheduled date, it would make things easier.

After my appointment, I went to Toys R Us to pick up a present for Ariel's birthday from Ken's Dad. He had sent some money to get her something, so it was fun to walk around the store alone and have some time to myself.

Then today was my pre-admitting appointment at the hospital. Ken came with me and we got the whole outline on how things were going to go. Part of me is still anxious and can't wait till its all over, but then that is how I usually am with things that have my mind racing. The past few nights have found me an emotional mess. Lots of tears, mixed with fears and excitement. I have been missing Nana a lot I think, and just knowing how close we are to Xander's arrival has me sad knowing she isn't here for it. Like most grieving processes, I have my good days and bad days. I think I have been so busy for the most part I haven't had to think about it, but with the less and less I can do except rest, my brain goes to that part that isn't over things yet. Thankfully I have lots of friends here and online that have been loving me and giving me lots of encouragement. Thanks so much everyone, it really is appreciated.

Next week I made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored! Oh, I am SOOOOOO excited, its been um *cough* several months since I had my hair cut. Like most moms, I always put myself at the end of the line for things like this, but I really need to do this to perk myself up. I also have a pedicure booked, woot. I have told Xander he needs to stay put until Mommy is pretty, haha.

This weekend is the Quilt Walk! My cupcake quilt is entered and please if you looking for something fun to do on Sunday afternoon, come out and vote for it! Hee. I am just excited to have it entered, after 3 years of saying I would get something in, haha. I will post pictures for sure... and I must say Ariel is counting the days till her blanket is home, she misses it. Hee.

Ok, I am going to go rest, still lots happening this week... and Ariel's actual birthday is this Friday and we have a full day planned with lunch with Stella and Kara and dinner at Dad and Rita's. Hard to believe my baby is turning 3... sniff... oof, and my new baby has the hiccups, gosh I forgot how uncomfortable it can be, haha.


Amy said...

You have been busy! I am glad you got a hair appt- something to treat your self to!! And don't worry, you are not the only mom who has gone too long in between hair appts- I haven't had mine weaved since April (yeah, you can just imagine my nice grow out roots right now!)

Dianne said...

A great big happy 3rd birthday to Ariel!!

See you sooooooon! I'm so excited! :D

Kristin said...

I can't believe how soon Xander will be arriving! How exciting!
I'll be praying for his safe arrival.
can't wait to see all the pictures. :)

kelly ens said...

so glad all the appointments went well - you will LOVE having your hair freshly cut/colored and toes done after labor (a BIG must for me after looking HORRIBLE after Taeya's birth).
we have SUCH a full Sunday coming up, and are SO disappointed to miss the car and quilt show - i would have definitely voted for yours!!!

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