Saturday, July 31, 2010


Project 365 - Day 212

Meet my new purse I got today on sale, lovingly named Crock as Ariel thinks it looked like a crocodile. Hee. Ariel helps me when it comes to bringing out my girly side, she says 'Mommies carry purses'. She is very excited I have a new one and proceeded to try it out herself. Gotta love being a girl!

Finally a real update! Its been an exciting week around here. Imagine That summer arts camp was a fantastic success. Our celebration night was a blast, a tad stressful but still fun. Basically after our camp wrapped up on Thursday afternoon, we had only a few hours to clean up, set up the gallery and put together the video stuff for the show. The only snag was that the drumming class had to be filmed instead of performing live because of a last minute scheduling issue with our instructor. Since we had to format the footage, it just took up time Ken needed to get the animation project together. So we had to start the show and Ken came roaring in with the file about half way through. I was on edge of course until he arrived, and as usual it was fine but it was a tad nerve wracking for awhile. Ack!

The kids had a wonderful time and the parents were so excited to see what their children did in just 4 days! The crowd was HUGE, like Christmas Eve huge after the official head count from our church usher. If you want to see the video slide show that we shared that evening click HERE. We will be adding more stuff from the celebration night in the next few days, yay!

On Friday Ken went to work and the kids and I hung out having a lazy day. Leah and the kids came by for a visit and we enjoyed lunch together while working on her blog. We had a few other visitors this week as well. First off on Tuesday was Maureen, Darrel and the kids. They brought some lovely birthday gifts for the kids, a cute hair bow and tutu for Ariel and a carrot car for Xander... let me say, he is THRILLED with it. Haha!

Then the following night while Ken was doing an open house at work, Dianne and her daughter Hana joined us for a visit. Ariel went to work checking Hana out... the patient isn't so sure of her technique.

Rub a dub dub, 3 kids in the tub!

We had a wonderful visit and it always makes me long for my friend to return to our province... but maybe that will happen one day...

Today Ken had a book signing and meet the author thing at our local bookstore in the village. It was fun and Ariel helped him out, haha.

While Ken did that I did some odd jobs while Xander slept in the stroller. I picked up some fish for dinner and made some yummy home made fish and chips. Even the tartar sauce, yum! It was fantastic and really easy. Sadly Ariel didn't partake as our poor little girl had a slight fever. We let her rest and take some medicine while she watched some tv. Thankfully by bedtime she seemed to improve and wanted to eat. Hoping its nothing major.

I am excited Ken has Monday off, not sure what we will do... guess we will wait to see how Ariel is feeling. Need to keep her well since her birthday and our trip is coming up. Eek! Speaking of birthdays, her book arrived on Friday! I was stunned, talk about a fast delivery. Now we need to start Xander's book... only we need an idea, gack!

Can't believe it will be August tomorrow... where is the summer going?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Paid With Berries

Project 365 - Day 211

Stella got me a bunch of blueberries as a thank you for helping with Chris and Kara's cake at the party... I think blueberries could replace money, haha, yum!

Will do a big recap tomorrow, but still recovering. We just got home from a dinner 'meeting' to discuss the camp over all, make suggestions and what the future plans are. I am excited, but I am also excited about sleep. Tomorrow is Ken's book signing here in the village, eek!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just the Beginning

Project 365 - Day 210

I have no words for this week, it was amazing, it was a dream becoming a reality and it simply is just the beginning... wow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spider Man

Project 365 - Day 209

Our first superhero has entered the house... we must have a little boy! Hee.

Will be posting a big update about the camp soon and other stuff. Woot!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixed Up

Project 365 - Day 208

Those silly animals... this is what happens when you are away all morning.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Imagine That Starts

Project 365 - Day 207

Today the camp started, yay! We were up early so I could set up my space (since I didn't get to as I was wedding dress shopping the previous day.) This is a drawing one of my students was doing and I just thought it was darling. I love kid's drawings! Overall it was a real success and all the instructors seemed pleased with our first day.

Sooooooo, time to catch up. As of today, Ariel's birthday book has been uploaded and is getting printing! Yay... how many nights did I stay up late to paint... too many, ugh. Lets just say I will be looking forward to a normal bedtime tonight instead of anything 1am related. I think painting 12 illustrations in 3 days is a new record for me... one I hope I don't have to repeat anytime soon. We will be starting Xander's book soon, so not much of a break.

Going back to last Saturday, we got all dressed up for Lion King! Ariel was excited and we headed off to the city with our tickets in hand. Thank goodness we left early, we got stuck in lots of traffic and we were wishing we had taken the train instead. Finally we made it and were bustled inside with sea of people. Wasn't impressed I had to 'rent' a booster seat for Ariel, seriously, $2 for a cushion that didn't even lift her that much, boo! She ended up at a point coming to sit on either Ken or my knee (usually when the scary parts were happening). The animals coming down the aisle was AMAZING! Simply beautiful and left me awe struck. I love the theater!

The week was hot and we spent lots of time on the deck in the pool keeping cool. Xander enjoys being in just a diaper and getting covered in dirt, such the opposite of Ariel.

My pretty girl with the purple hair.

On Thursday we had coffee party at Linda's home. She has a beautiful backyard and Ariel had a great time having her ponies explore it, haha.

Friday was a BBQ at friends and we had a great time. Xander enjoyed watched the older kids play and made his way crawling around the big backyard. He just kept going until it was time to go... seriously, this kid has energy for days!

Then the following night was Chris and Kara's big engagement party. My fridge was housing the giant cake for the event... thus not allowing me to get groceries until it was gone, haha! It was a yummy creation of chocolate and white cake with 2 layers of chocolate mousse filling and a layer of Stella's raspberry jam. Delicious! There was one tiny sliver left... so note to self, make it a tad bigger for Xander's big birthday party.

The bride and groom to be! Kara officially asked Ariel that evening if she would be her flower girl, and at first she was turned down and then came around, ha! At the party Ariel helped them open their gifts and on many occasions the gift was a bottle of wine. Well Ariel would yell out, 'another drink', somewhat surprised one would get so many beverages as gifts... not sure if she expected to see toys.

On our way home we passed the wharf and a huge paddle-wheel boat was docked so we hopped out to see it close up. It was gorgeous and they had a live band on it. looks like it was some sort of dinner cruise.

Ariel checking it out...

Snapped a cute picture of my boys.

Got Ken to take one of me with my new hair do. Been curling my hair lately since the heat tends to 'frizz' me. I quite like the change and its super easy for me to do.

When we got home I was finally able to see Ariel's painting from the class she took. I was really impressed with what she learned and she loved showing me her favorites...

Inspired by Andy Worhol

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

Today would have been my Mom's 55th birthday, and I think it just made me a tad sad today because today was Xander's 11 month birthday. As of recently, I am learning of lots of people expecting babies, and its causing a twinge of sadness knowing I won't be following foot. I can't believe my little man is turning one next month... sigh... maybe that adds to it. Feels like my baby is almost a toddler and yet it feels like it was just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital as a tiny hairy bundle. I love his smile... Mommy's big boy!

I decided to share this really cute video of Xander. My boy LOVES the flip video... seriously. He sees anyone using it and he comes running to steal it. Watch and and see what I mean... hee. There is also a clip of Ariel singing her favorite song as of late, 9 Bowls of Soup. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we are back at camp, then looking forward to a visit from Maureen, Darrel and their kids in the evening. Then the following day I get a visit with my good friend Dianne who is in town, yay! On top of the camp stuff I have some projects to finish up too... and then its full on party mode as Ariel's birthday is fast approaching. Yay, fun times!!!

Ok, time to get ready for bed... ahhh a normal bedtime, love it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dress Shopping

Project 365 - Day 206

Today I got to go along with Kara, her 2 friends and Stella to look at wedding dresses! This wasn't Kara's first go around to the stores and pretty much already knows what she wants her mom to make her. Yay! However, in the course of the day, I got to do sketches of dresses that she liked (but I have made sure the dress that is pretty much the 'yes' dress is hidden in this picture, gotta wait till next summer to see that, hee.)

I may end up doing some beading on the dress or veil or both, so I was studying the pieces and taking notes on how to recreate them later if need be... sneaky Jay! It was a fun afternoon, there were many ugly dress moments, some compared to sea creatures and one gold dress that will go down in history as simply 'shocking'. Haha.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Party Time

Project 365 - Day 205

We were out celebrating 2 nights in a row, first evening with friends for a bbq and tonight for Chris and Kara's engagement. Both evenings were fun and filled with food and friends. However, it meant I had to stay up late to paint to make up the missed time. I am feeling like I can most likely finish tomorrow, which is a good feeling... and then I can post some fun things like the paintings Ariel did in her class! As for now, I am heading to bed, I get to go wedding dress shopping with Kara and friends tomorrow... eek!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cake in Motion

Project 365 - Day 204

The other reason I haven't been on... a massive cake for Kara and Chris' engagement party on Saturday night.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Book

Project 365 - Day 203

This the reason I haven't been around... must paint, paint, PAINT!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quilt Boarding House

Project 365 - Day 202

So after dinner tonight the phone rang and it was a friend from church. Apparently she was walking by the quilt shop and some of the quilts had been left hanging outside after they closed for the night. Since she knew I knew the owner, she asked if she could bring them to me so they would be save for the night. Managed to get a message to Jenny that they were save and they are happily resting for the night. Ariel wasn't too sure why there was a Halloween one, but she enjoyed looking at it and began talking about how pumpkins are planted already for fall.

Sorry for the lack of regular posts, its been busy getting ready for the camp next week, working on the kid's birthday books and editing pictures on top of the regular stuff. Ack! Will post more soon... promise.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cartoon Town

Project 365 - Day 201

At least we are nice people! We watched them filming the movie The Fairly Odd parents today down our street in town today. This show is originally a cartoon, and this time they are shooting it in live action... should be interesting. Either way, it looked very cartoonish, bright colors, wacky decor... made for a colorful street.

Not much to say otherwise except I cleaned... a lot! Its nice here, I like it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo Fun

Project 365 - Day 200

I got to go out and take pictures with friends of Kara today. This is Chris, Alisha and little James! We had a great time at Burns Bog and got some cute family pictures. If you want to see more of them, go over to my JayBird Creations website.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Project 365 - Day 199

Had a TERRIBLE migraine again... forgot to upload this. Spent most of the day looking at my feet, aka I was in bed most of the day. Boring! I did get to church in the morning, thus actually wearing shoes, but I was sitting in the nursery with a sore head, should have stayed home to rest, but wanted to go. Ahhh, when will I learn to take care of myself eh?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Circle of Life

Project 365 - Day 198

I wanted to post this on time last night but I ended up getting a migraine after dinner at Dad and Rita's (thinking it was the lilies they had in a vase, they get me every time.) Regardless how the day ended, it couldn't wipe the excitement of the day. We FINALLY saw the Lion King on stage and it was worth the wait and every penny we spent. Oh It was beautiful - the music, the visuals and the actors were top notch! Ariel sat wide eyed as the huge puppet elephants walked down the aisle by us and the birds soared above our heads. Wow!

The theater was packed with families and lots of kids and yet you never heard a peep from any of them. We each got to pick a treat to remember the wonderful day, Ken got a t-shirt, Ariel got a Simba toy and a Pumba for Xander, while I got this program above. Whee!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Project 365 - Day 197

There are many times in a day that I find myself removing any jewelry I happen to be wearing because my dear Xander thinks its wonderful to pull at. I am now wearing tiny stud earrings most of the time and I can count on my hand now how many times he has pulled and broken various necklaces. Thank goodness I took that jewelry making class because I have been able to fix things, but still I wear things and the moment I am home I drop it in a pile... and sometimes the pile grows before I remember to take it upstairs to put away. Ariel likes to call the pile the treasure and tends to start talking like a pirate, ARRRR.

I am so thankful its Friday, but then I spent most of it running around with both kids. First was swimming lessons for Ariel. She finished this set and I ended up signing her up for August as well. She did really well but missed doing her front floats with her teacher's help and doing the 'face in the water' games. I think it be better to do another set and work on those sooner rather than wait and start from the beginning again. So we came home and practiced in the bath tub, lol.

After some one on one coaching she was already doing great with her face completely in the water and blowing bubbles under water! Yay! She just needed to be shown how to wipe her eyes afterwards I think, she hates things in her eyes (a tad like her mommy). She is excited to go back again, and I think the activity will make waiting for our trip easier with something to help eat up the day.

Then we met quickly with Brenda to talk camp stuff. I checked out the room I would be teaching in, organized some supplies and headed out to collect some more supplies. In one short week it will be here, eek! The summer is just flying by!

Came home with the kids and chilled out since Ken was out for dinner with a work thing. Ariel and I had California salad for dinner, yum, and got her into bed and Xander, well... he is still up. He was asleep, but the heat and him don't mix. So he helped me wash my t-shirts and is my blogging buddy tonight.

Tomorrow is the big LION KING day! Yes, we are off to see the show, Xander will be left behind with Grandpa and Rita to babysit. So excited and can't wait... eek!

Oh and big congrats to my friend Julie, Ray and Lillian... they welcomed baby boy Justin Stewart today! Welcome to the family of four club, can't wait to see pictures.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Boy Blue

Project 365 - Day 196

Sooooooooooo, while Ariel was in cooking class today I went to the store to pick something up and ended up coming home with some of those 'blue jean' diapers. They had them on sale and I though, oh why not! Super fun and cute for summer. Xander thinks his butt looks much cuter? What do you think? Haha.

Ariel finished her cooking class today with a bang, little scone like muffins and strawberry jam. Yesterday I forgot to mention they made ice cream sandwiches. So it was a fun class and she was sad it was over. She kept asking when she could go back. Tomorrow swimming finishes too, and then a week break before the camp starts! Wonder how we will fill next week? Hmmm...

In other news, we finally got our tax refund from the good ol' USA. Woo hoo! Glad to see there were no issues, yay! Looks like Ken will be doing a book signing here in the village most likely on the 31st. Will keep you posted if you want to come down and get an autographed copy, hee.

My baby is escaping onto the deck, so I need to chase him. Bye!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Man and his Book

Project 365 - Day 195

Its HERE! Finally!!! After the weeks of waiting for our copies to arrive, they came in 4 boxes of pure excitement and glory! We knew today was the day, however it was a question of when, especially because I had to get Ariel to 2 classes at different points today so I was hoping (praying) that I wouldn't miss them. Thankfully, the delivery man arrived pretty much right between both classes, woo hoo!

Ariel was excited to see all the boxes... they just kept coming.

We pulled open the box to have a peek... oooh

The kids wanted to read it....born animators I guess.

A special tribute to us, aw!

Its amazing to think that Ken has written 2 books... and I am sure there will be more some time down the road, but for now, we are enjoying this moment. Ahhh....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seashells and Sand

Project 365 - Day 194

This was the beautiful displace at Brenda's house today... before Xander climbed the stairs and sent it crashing to the floor. Doh! I am happy to say that the glass miraculously didn't break... but gave everyone a heart attack.

Ariel's cooking class went well today, she made coconut cookies - yum! I am blown away with this class, and highly recommend it to any locals around here. The class also happens to be taught by the lady who will be Ariel's new preschool teacher, which is wonderful! I am happy that she is getting to know her a bit before fall.

During my visit with Brenda today she was talking about the new way of eating her family is doing. Basically no processed foods, white sugars etc. She photocopied some outlines, recipes and stuff from the book she has. Very fascinating, and I think we may adopt several of the things into our daily life as I am always looking for new ways to make us healthier, especially with my heart in mind. Will document this as we go, but for now I have some more reading and organizing ahead.

Ok, its time for bed, swimming lessons come early in the morning.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hanging Baskets

Project 365 - Day 193

One of my favorite sights in the village are the beautiful hanging baskets. They remind me of the oodles of baskets my Nana and Papa always had hanging at their place. I do not have any part of the green thumb gene from my grandparents... or my Mom for that matter. In fact, I am surprised I haven't killed my deck plant this year yet. I must give props to Ariel for that, she seems to have the gene, and is always reminding me to water it... and sometimes just does it on her own (although sneaking up to the bathroom to get water from the sink isn't always keen on my list of 'yay' moments). I think my lack of plant care comes from those endless chores of weeding I got to do growing up. I really do like gardens, and actually I would far prefer a veggie garden to flowers... perhaps we will try that in the pots next year. Either way, the pretty flowers on my daily walk fill my need for flowers.

Ariel had her first 'Chefs on the Run' class today. Oh My Goodness! I picked her up and she was BEAMING! There she sat in her seat clutching a tiny bundle of paper towel, eager to share her treasure with me. Pulling it back she produced a little dough pocket - I made PIZZA Mommy! she exclaimed! We took it home to take a picture of (the reason she saved it so Daddy could see it too). She posed with it...

...then Xander took notice and tried to get it... after the picture in safely of keeping it from him, she ate it... but kindly she shared a few bites with her dear Mother. It was so yummy! Pizza sauce, cheese and green peppers. Yum. When she saw how much I liked it I think she got even prouder. The rest of the afternoon I had to call her chef Ariel. Maybe we have the next Iron Chef in our home?

We finally found out today why we haven't received Ken't shipment of his book yet. (Yep, that is why I haven't shared it yet on here - STILL WAITING!) They wrote 'Providence' instead of the Province of BC. Thus creating the issue of our postal code being 'invalid' since it wanted a zip code instead. Good grief! Poor Ken has been eagerly waiting to see his new book and hasn't yet! Its crazy! He has been so frustrated, especially when his friend in Australia already received his. Thankfully, it should be here on Wednesday, as long as I don't miss the delivery man. Expect a picture of Ken and his new 'baby' soon. Yay! Its getting great reviews, and its selling well! So proud of him!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burger Love

Project 365 - Day 192

We finally hit the market for the first time this summer. Of course our first stop was La Belle Auberge tent for lunch! The bison burger is to die for and I look forward to it every summer. This year they also added some other creations, including a caramelized banana and crepe dessert. Ohhhh yum! Hope to go back to try some of the other yummy things on the menu before summer's end.

Afterwards we walked and looked at stuff. I got this super pretty name necklace for Ariel's birthday. Handmade right in front of my eyes, so cool. Will share it when we give it to her at her party, gotta have some surprises right?

Then it was time for some ice cream and Ariel picked one that looked like the Pink Panther, haha.

Came home and got the kids cleaned up... can we say sticky! Had a chat online with Grammy and hung out as it was hot and tiring. Xander slept all afternoon, yay, so Ken and Ariel had a picnic on the deck of cherries and strawberries. More sticky mess! So into the tub she went, Xander now awake and needing a good bath and hair wash too. Afterwards I managed to give him a much needed haircut and frankly with the hair that was in the sink when I was down you would have thought he be bald... nope, still a wookie!

While the cherry eating was happening, I got the last of Ariel's birthday invitations done. We will take those to the post office tomorrow, woot! Then I will be able to share the cuteness later this week. Ariel has her 'chefs of the run' class tomorrow, so she is looking forward to that. Busy week with that 4 afternoons and 4 mornings of swimming. Yay!

I finalized the photo shoot I have later this month, and it looks like I will be decorating a cake for Kara and Chris' engagement party. More stuff for my site, so yay! I have some more ideas brewing for it as well... but there isn't enough time in the day and its too hot for me to get much done these days. (aka - up most of the night with restless kids).

Ok... completely unrelated, I decided I want to try making bento box lunches for Ariel for her one day she stays for lunch time at preschool this year. I have seen them done before and I just think they are too cute for words and totally up my creative nutty side. I was looking at this cute blog tonight and I am IN LOVE! I am inspired and can't wait to give it a go.

Xander is trying to escape onto the deck, so gotta go!
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