Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Project 365 - Day 185

A shot of the dancers we saw at the 4th of July festivities today in Point Roberts today.

Another holiday to celebrate today! As usual, I like to make sure we don't overlook Ken's background with the kids. So we drove up to Point Roberts to meet Dad, Rita and Katie for the parade and festivities of the day. Ariel and Xander were sporting their red, white and blue. Ariel, slightly confused kept shouting 'Yay Canada' while waving her American flag. Hee.

Ariel really enjoyed the parade this year... and the candy they threw. The theme this year was Oscar winners... although for humors sake a few took it as Oscar wieners.

I caught this cute shot while watching the dancers, Xander being super cute and snuggly. (He also had spotted me across the crowd and locked in on me, aw)

My new fav picture! I think we will need to blow this up for you Dad.

Yay for family pictures! Thanks for taking this one Dad. Always an accomplishment when we are all looking the right way eh?

This week Ariel starts her swimming lessons, which will be a nice change of pace. The weather is suppose to be getting hot, about time! I have a long list of things I hope to get done, including Ariel's birthday invitations and a table runner... not to mention work on the kid's birthday books. Gack!

Saw ultrasound pics tonight of my future niece or nephew... gosh I can't wait to be an Auntie! Someone told me its just as exciting as getting to be a parent and I totally believe them. I just can't wait! I saw a 4 week old and an 8 week old at the Lilika's birthday party last night and oh man you really do forget how small they are. I look at Xander and I am 'gosh was he ever that little?' My little man is growing so fast... sniff... planning a first birthday party seems wrong!

Well, Ken is home so I need to pass along the computer. If you haven't seen my new space, check it out Lots of stuff coming up to share there soon. Whee!

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