Saturday, July 31, 2010


Project 365 - Day 212

Meet my new purse I got today on sale, lovingly named Crock as Ariel thinks it looked like a crocodile. Hee. Ariel helps me when it comes to bringing out my girly side, she says 'Mommies carry purses'. She is very excited I have a new one and proceeded to try it out herself. Gotta love being a girl!

Finally a real update! Its been an exciting week around here. Imagine That summer arts camp was a fantastic success. Our celebration night was a blast, a tad stressful but still fun. Basically after our camp wrapped up on Thursday afternoon, we had only a few hours to clean up, set up the gallery and put together the video stuff for the show. The only snag was that the drumming class had to be filmed instead of performing live because of a last minute scheduling issue with our instructor. Since we had to format the footage, it just took up time Ken needed to get the animation project together. So we had to start the show and Ken came roaring in with the file about half way through. I was on edge of course until he arrived, and as usual it was fine but it was a tad nerve wracking for awhile. Ack!

The kids had a wonderful time and the parents were so excited to see what their children did in just 4 days! The crowd was HUGE, like Christmas Eve huge after the official head count from our church usher. If you want to see the video slide show that we shared that evening click HERE. We will be adding more stuff from the celebration night in the next few days, yay!

On Friday Ken went to work and the kids and I hung out having a lazy day. Leah and the kids came by for a visit and we enjoyed lunch together while working on her blog. We had a few other visitors this week as well. First off on Tuesday was Maureen, Darrel and the kids. They brought some lovely birthday gifts for the kids, a cute hair bow and tutu for Ariel and a carrot car for Xander... let me say, he is THRILLED with it. Haha!

Then the following night while Ken was doing an open house at work, Dianne and her daughter Hana joined us for a visit. Ariel went to work checking Hana out... the patient isn't so sure of her technique.

Rub a dub dub, 3 kids in the tub!

We had a wonderful visit and it always makes me long for my friend to return to our province... but maybe that will happen one day...

Today Ken had a book signing and meet the author thing at our local bookstore in the village. It was fun and Ariel helped him out, haha.

While Ken did that I did some odd jobs while Xander slept in the stroller. I picked up some fish for dinner and made some yummy home made fish and chips. Even the tartar sauce, yum! It was fantastic and really easy. Sadly Ariel didn't partake as our poor little girl had a slight fever. We let her rest and take some medicine while she watched some tv. Thankfully by bedtime she seemed to improve and wanted to eat. Hoping its nothing major.

I am excited Ken has Monday off, not sure what we will do... guess we will wait to see how Ariel is feeling. Need to keep her well since her birthday and our trip is coming up. Eek! Speaking of birthdays, her book arrived on Friday! I was stunned, talk about a fast delivery. Now we need to start Xander's book... only we need an idea, gack!

Can't believe it will be August tomorrow... where is the summer going?

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