Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burger Love

Project 365 - Day 192

We finally hit the market for the first time this summer. Of course our first stop was La Belle Auberge tent for lunch! The bison burger is to die for and I look forward to it every summer. This year they also added some other creations, including a caramelized banana and crepe dessert. Ohhhh yum! Hope to go back to try some of the other yummy things on the menu before summer's end.

Afterwards we walked and looked at stuff. I got this super pretty name necklace for Ariel's birthday. Handmade right in front of my eyes, so cool. Will share it when we give it to her at her party, gotta have some surprises right?

Then it was time for some ice cream and Ariel picked one that looked like the Pink Panther, haha.

Came home and got the kids cleaned up... can we say sticky! Had a chat online with Grammy and hung out as it was hot and tiring. Xander slept all afternoon, yay, so Ken and Ariel had a picnic on the deck of cherries and strawberries. More sticky mess! So into the tub she went, Xander now awake and needing a good bath and hair wash too. Afterwards I managed to give him a much needed haircut and frankly with the hair that was in the sink when I was down you would have thought he be bald... nope, still a wookie!

While the cherry eating was happening, I got the last of Ariel's birthday invitations done. We will take those to the post office tomorrow, woot! Then I will be able to share the cuteness later this week. Ariel has her 'chefs of the run' class tomorrow, so she is looking forward to that. Busy week with that 4 afternoons and 4 mornings of swimming. Yay!

I finalized the photo shoot I have later this month, and it looks like I will be decorating a cake for Kara and Chris' engagement party. More stuff for my site, so yay! I have some more ideas brewing for it as well... but there isn't enough time in the day and its too hot for me to get much done these days. (aka - up most of the night with restless kids).

Ok... completely unrelated, I decided I want to try making bento box lunches for Ariel for her one day she stays for lunch time at preschool this year. I have seen them done before and I just think they are too cute for words and totally up my creative nutty side. I was looking at this cute blog tonight and I am IN LOVE! I am inspired and can't wait to give it a go.

Xander is trying to escape onto the deck, so gotta go!

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