Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hot Days Ahead

Project 365 - Day 188

So the heatwave is starting. Gack! We filled the deck pool and spent a good part of the morning playing in it. However, before it was ready, the kids were watching a small film crew in our parking lot. I think it was a class or something, maybe a summer program, either way the kids were captured long enough for me to get the tub ready.

Ariel has been going to swimming lessons this week and has gotten back into it with ease. Today she was excited that she had no fear putting her face in the water, something she isn't fond of doing. So we had to celebrate with some slurpees. Who am I kidding, it was hot and we needed them. Haha.

Its been fun actually watching Ariel's class rather than running around taking Xander to his class at the same time. I hope to take Xander for his next set in the fall during Ariel's preschool time. Yay. Saw a friend from church so I got to have a visit with her until I was waved back to the pool and Ariel having to go to the bathroom. Oops. She did go before we left, but all the extra fluids because of the heat must be taking their toll... glad she didn't just go in the pool like some kids do, haha.
Here are a few pictures from the berry picking adventure from the other day. We have been enjoying them with our ice cream, yum.

Been playing with photoshop with a few shots.

My boy in the dirt, hee.

Tonight we had a 'cold' meal. Actually, I made it earlier when it was cooler to use the oven briefly. They had chicken wings on sale this week so I got some and made up a sweet and sour dish. Then some yummy spring rolls with a peanut sauce. Ariel loved those, little packages she called them. She gobbled them up with a smile. Both were perfect cool treat for dinner, nothing beats finger food either. Yummy!

Not much else going on, just trying to stay cool. Looks like I have another photo shoot coming up, just trying to pick a day so that is exciting. In the meantime, I am finishing Ariel's birthday party invites and playing potato heads with the cutest people I know.


Michelle said...

loved the last line... spending time with the cutest people I know...
that's so true enjoy!!

Nathalie S. Roths said...

I love the first photo, the silhouette one. Very beautiful photo. :-)

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