Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dress Shopping

Project 365 - Day 206

Today I got to go along with Kara, her 2 friends and Stella to look at wedding dresses! This wasn't Kara's first go around to the stores and pretty much already knows what she wants her mom to make her. Yay! However, in the course of the day, I got to do sketches of dresses that she liked (but I have made sure the dress that is pretty much the 'yes' dress is hidden in this picture, gotta wait till next summer to see that, hee.)

I may end up doing some beading on the dress or veil or both, so I was studying the pieces and taking notes on how to recreate them later if need be... sneaky Jay! It was a fun afternoon, there were many ugly dress moments, some compared to sea creatures and one gold dress that will go down in history as simply 'shocking'. Haha.

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