Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally Home....

Today was our final day in Victoria. It was one filled with highs and lows. We woke up this morning to see the sun shining brightly. It was a little annoying to see that when the day before was to have been the same weather, instead of the rain. Blah. Anyhoo, we had our breakfast again on our cute porch and enjoyed the final time at the cabin. Pretty good place for a freebie! After food, we packed up our stuff and checked out by 930am and decided that since there was a race or something happening in downtown Victoria, and that some roads would be closed, that staying clear of that would be the best thing.

So we drove out and found the Butterfly Gardens that we always see signs for but have never gone before. It was amazing and I highly recommend it! For $10 bucks you get in to the gardens and basically are in a photographer’s paradise. It was really warm for the butterflies and birds, so dress lightly. I was in a tank top and after only an hour I was sweating quite a bit. Ick! When the sun came out and shone through the glass roof, the butterflies went nuts. There were so many types and I got some truly awesome pictures. Over 133 to be exact. We emptied the pictures onto the laptop to clear it.

After that, it was close to noon and decided that we would do Butchart Gardens again, especially since it was spring and last time we came it was fall. Once arriving we went to the Rose Dinning Resturant and had afternoon tea! Oh it was fantastic, and the setting was lovely! I think they could give the Empress a run for its money indeed.

Then we toured the gardens and I was a happy shutterbug. Once again I filled the camera, only to, in the last half hour before leaving manage to delete everything I took there. ARGH!!!!!!!! I was devistated and basically cried in pure shock. I felt so stupid! We did a quick walk through one area so I could retake some pictures but my heart at this point was crushed and just wanted to leave.

Getting back to the car at quarter to 4pm, we hoped to make the 5pm sailing. HAHAHA, boy did we get a surprise. When we saw the new ferry sign that tells you how full the boat is, it said


Oh crap! The one time I don’t make a reservation… again I start feeling like a loser. Ugh. Not the emotional high point of my day at this point. We drive a bit further and then hit the uber long lines of traffic that has come to a halt. There were the flag people asking everyone, reservations to the right please, ugh. Don’t remind me. We heard the American gals in the car in front ask what boat they would get on, and the guy replied that the 6pm boat was now full. We weren’t sure looking at the lines if will would even make the 7pm. We were hoping at least we could get the 9pm but then again, perhapes we could be spending the night in Victoria once again if that didn’t happen either.

We sat for about a half hour in one spot, assuming the lot was packed and they had no room until the 5pm boat was loaded. When we finally reached the ticket window the lady said we be on the 7pm. Woot. Well, here’s hoping as I type this at the terminal. We made the best of the situation, we bought some kettle corn, looked at the shops and found some neat tea light holders made from drift wood and ate the best tub steak dogs I think I have ever had. It was fun sitting on the grass and snacking on the dogs. I was finally feeling better about the whole situation I felt was somewhat my fault. It was an adventure, right? Hehe. Good thing we didn’t have anything important tonight.

So I will continue this once home, lets see if we do indeed get on the 7pm boat! Brew ha ha!

Ok, I return, we are finally at home. We did get on the 7pm boat and crashed upstairs were the tv was. Ken got some fries and we snacked on those and read the new people's magazine. Watched a bit of Billy Elliot on the tv and watched the girls snicker at the poor guy fast to sleep snoring. Hard not to miss him, he was pretty loud.

Once we were off the boat we got stuck again in uber traffic. There was a firetruck taking up one of the lanes, not sure why. We saw a fire on the beach....but wasn't sure if that was the reason. Strange? Got home, and boy it feels good to be home again after a long day of travelling. Ok, off to bed. Yay!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Offically Full!

My goodness, whenever we come to Victoria, we get the best food, its amazing. Its almost sad to say most of our memories of here is the food. Hehe. Today was no exception. We had a nice simple breaky on our porch. It was raining lightly so we had to sit under the covered part, see how cute the little cabins are!

It was too bad the rain showed up, so much for the gorgeous day the weather man promised, blah! We drove to downtown Victoria and parked the car. We walked down the streets enjoying the neat shops. First purchase was at a cute bookstore, where Ken found a children's book by one of his favorite authors. Our child will be well read if Ken has anything to say about it. Then we found the first of 3 Christmas shops, the one with the reindeer busting through the building. Got some cute new ornaments, they always seem to have new stuff everytime we come. Its offical that this year we will indeed need a bigger tree.

The rain was really starting to come down and the one thing I forgot to pack was the umbrella, argh. I always pack it since we never have luck with the weather, but this time I guess I was too excited about getting away that I didn't bring it. Luckly, we ducked in a shop and they had some on sale and we bought one just to keep in the car from now on. We were both pretty cold and so we decided it was time for tea.

Walked down the sidewalks filled with fallen pink blossoms. It was rather pretty if it wasn't pouring rain. We got to the James Bay Tea House, and there was only one family there so fast service, yay. Ken and I had come here when we were first married, on our little honeymoon weekend. Its so cute, and we both had the afternoon tea service. Yum! Egg salad and tuna finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, crumpets and mini tarts. I was most amused by my teapot and the fuzzy cozy they put on it. I kept petting it like it was a little dog, heh.

After tea we walked back and saw the horse drawn carriages all lined up. I guess with the rain, that had somewhat mellowed a bit, no one wanted a ride. They looked so sad standing there, so we put one of them to work. We went for a lovely tour of the Beacon Hill Park and heritage houses. Our horse's name was Michael, we got a kick out of that. It was neat to learn the history of the park and all the little gifts that were given from around the world. There was an amazing tree that California had given, so much character.

The heritage homes were gorgous, it would be amazing to live in one. Apprently, you have to keep them the same paint colors that they were orginially painted. The government buys the paint for you, its a perk the tour lady said. By the time our tour was over, the rain had pretty much stopped, but there was now a pretty strong wind blowing off the water. We decided to hit a few more shops before we would head back to the hotel for a rest. Found out one of the 3 Christmas shops closed, boo. Now there is only 2, I guess thats ok. I went there and found some really bizarre ones, like a toaster and a lobster holding a wreath. I love ornaments.

Drove back and had a warm bath to warm up. The tub here is a wonderful soaker tub, and so for the first time in a long time I was completely covered with water. It felt nice on my swollen belly, and I was trying to figure out how we could talk it home. Since we were tired and hungry, we opted for an early dinner so we could relax the rest of the night on the couch. Went to Chandlers for dinner, and since this could be our last meal there for awhile (be looking for the family resturants soon) we went all out and had the Victoria Feast!

Oh my goodness, it is as big as it sounds. It started with fresh bread, ceasar salads, then a platter of lobster tail, a large piece of fish, butterfly prawns, crab legs, mushroom caps, rice, asparagus and a twice baked potato. Ken was finally filled!!! When the waitress took our plates, I commented how they looked like a grave yard for seafood. I will not need to eat again for many hours, and thats good news for the pregnant lady who seems to snack all the time now.

We waddled back to the car and drove back to our hotel. Of course now the sky is a brilliant blue and clear of any clouds. Argh. Somewhat not fair but, oh well. Saw the ducks and shore birds on the waters edge, took some pics of the flowers and now we are relaxing by the warm gas fireplace. Think we will look for some movie on tonight to chill out with, and rest for our day tomorrow. We have some ideas but will wait to see how the weather goes. Ok, I am stuffed and need to lay down. Life is good!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Victoria Trip 2006

First trip traveling pregnant, well, thats not really true, Michigan was, but I was only a few weeks then, so this is somewhat different.

Baby seemed to like the ferry, was pretty mellow until we were getting off. The boat must have had some updating since our last trip, it was pretty nice. As usually we filled up at the Pacific Buffet. Yummy! So many good things to try. I was all over the salmon and mussels. I seem to be on a seafood kick right now. Ken was excited about the onion rings, lol. His plate was still much fuller than mine. Look below and try and guess who's plate is whose. Hehe. After dinner we walked around, hit the gift shop where I found cute baby shoes, hee. Then we found the new lounge area upstairs with a big flat screen, so we sat and watched Air Farce till we arrived at Swartz Bay.

We found our accommodations fairly easily. Its always a bit harder in the dark, and it was a new place so its feeling our way a bit. We arrived about 930pm and its very cute. Its like a little cabin suite. 2 bedrooms, for the next time when we have baby in tow, a nice little sitting room with fireplace and tv, and a cute deck overlooking the water. Nice. Sure it will be nicer in the morning as we plan to have breakfast overlooking the water.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, its an adventure I guess, but I don't doubt there will be some sort of trip to the various Christmas stores, heheh.

High School Bound

Last night Ken and I went to my old high schools performance of Little Shop of Horrors. This is one of our personal favorites, the music, cheesey story and of course the use of a plant puppet. We would watch the movie version so much that we finally had to get a DVD with the video copy being on its last leg. I haven't seen this play actually performed live before, while Ken did several years ago. We were both curious how they would pull it off, because without strong singing, acting and a good plant, the play would be a stinker.

It was a sellout show, we had really good seats, saw some friends from church and basically were ready to be entertained. Ken had a somewhat bothersome day dealing with non working equipment at work, so he needed a fast pick me up. We were not disapointed. The kids did fantastic!!! I was soooooooo impressed with the quality of the production. They picked strong leads that had a real flare and good voices (something that doesn't always happen). This year we really only knew 2 kids in the show from church, one was in the pit orchestra, the other a chorus member. During the opening song we scanned the stage for him, and couldn't find him. Then on the second number singing of Skid Row (Downtown) there he popped out of the garbage can as a drunk bum singing. Couldn't stop laughing at him, as it was just priceless.

Then we saw the plant. We were not disapointed. They really made the puppets work well with the show and very time we saw a larger Audrey 2 everyone would gasp, it was very impressive for a high school production. Ken even mentioned that the version he saw didn't even try to make the puppets but instead had a plant the actor would step out of to sing (not as cool). I felt bad for the poor kid in that puppet all night. She looked so hot and tired by the time it was over and took her bow.

Overall it was a fantastic performance, and we couldn't be more pleased. The only strange part was being back at my old school. I feel so old seeing the kids there, its almost been 10 years since I roamed those halls and helped out the theater with ushering. But it was neat to think someday we could see our little one up on stage in a show. Full circle I guess.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Strike a pose!

We went and had our maternity photo shoot tonight. Whee. Had a fun time with Maria. Got to see the proofs on the computer right away, and we really got some nice shots. Some are very artistic, while others were more safe for the grandparents. Heheh.

I was practically naked in a few, yet nothing shows. Looking at them afterwards, it was amazing how pretty some were, just capturing the curves of the body with the baby belly. Ken had his shirt off at one point, and its captured on film!!! He is such a shy guy.

I loved the fabric ones, very pretty. Stretch marks and all. We get the proofs this friday so I will post one or two of my favs. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 24, 2006

100th Post!

Wow, how exciting. I keep waiting for the balloons to drop from the ceiling.... nothing. Blah!

Well, at about 7pm tonight as I awaited my husband to come home (he was late do to a student having an allergic reaction, medical people were involved and she is fine, yay) I heard a somewhat familar thump at the door of an apartment that sits across from our deck area. Peaking out the window I saw our building manager along with 4 cops. I muted Entertainment Tonight, this was far more interesting then the continuing saga of the Tomkitten.

Not sure what the whole story was, but the guy who lives there seemed to be on drugs or something. The cops came once when he was uber drunk and he had locked his girlfriend out or something along that line. This time he wasn't as agreeable, that made me believe it was more of a drug thing. He tried hitting the cops, bad idea. They had him on the ground so fast. Now at this point the firemen and paramedics are on the scene. He is handcuffed on the cement in the parking lot, twitching madly and trying to kick anyone near him.

I called Ken at this point, since I knew he be close and told him to keep clear since it seemed somewhat ugly. They soon had the stretcher out and after a few moments they were all gone. I saw the girlfriend at this point come out of the apartment. Soooo, will be interesting to see if this incident packs them out of this unit... I'm not counting on it. Makes me sad, especially since they seem nice most of the time.

Ken started editing tonight, the baby is kicking me to no end and I sit and wait for my balloons.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The white duck returns

Its a Ladner thing, but here is the back story. When Ken and I use to leave early in the morning to catch the bus to Vancouver, we use to see this pair of mallard ducks (the couple) and this big white duck hanging outside the pub. It was always funny to see them just sitting in the middle of the village, chilling. We would see them practically everyday, and if they weren't there, we would spot them somewhere else around town. Needless to say, one day we just didn't see them anymore. My papa joked that the Chinese restaurant got the white duck and made him into dinner. Not funny. Sniff. 2 years have passed.... Well, during coffee party this morning, Stella was going on about this duck couple with this white duck hanging out in front of the Save-on. I screamed "the white duck lives!" I was very excited and then had to explain my outburst. I am happy to know he is still around, causing trouble with his other duck friends.

So I got a call from the doctors, and I feared that I must have not passed my hour long diabetes test I had done on Tuesday. Ugh. Why else would they call. So I had to wait to return the call because they were on lunch and I sat and stewed about how now I would have to take that 3 hour long test. Finally I called, and waited as the office ladies looked for the info to pass on to me. "You need to start taking Iron pills. 300mg twice a day with a glass of orange juice." Thats it? I said back. "Yep." Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it occurred to me that I had been showing signs of a slight iron deficiency, since I have had this before (aka anemic). It explains why I have been uber pale and tired. Wow, good to know. So went to the drug store and got really confused which iron pills I should take.... there were 3 different types. Sigh. So I have to wait and call the doctor on Monday.

The best news, the book is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, there is still the editing, but its really in a way done. Now we can go out to the fancy french place and celebrate over an awesome dinner of.... duck. (kidding....maybe)

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Check out my bleeding heart plant. This is the one that is taking over the pot on my deck. So pretty. I think it is one of my favorite plants.

So today was nice, went to Richmond with Nana and found this really cute skirt that I figured I could wear after the baby, turns out it fits me now! SCORE! It sits under the baby belly, and now I have something really pretty to wear. Plus it was on sale. Nice.

Ken and I are gonna be going to Victoria for the weekend before my b-day. Whee. I had done some work for a friend at church and he gave us a 2 night stay at a nice place as payment. Woot. Its a cute little cabin on the water. I am really excited we can get away and relax. The book stuff has been stressful and with a baby coming this may be our last little trip to Victoria alone. We are planning on taking baby in the fall, gotta make her love it just as much as we do.

Dad came by and gave me a gift certificate to my salon as my birthday present. He is going out of town again like I mentioned before. Stayed and chatted for an hour which was nice, I had just gotten up from my nap so the first half is somewhat a blur. Hehe. Anyways, now I can get lots of pretty toes , I may not be able to see my feet but at least I know they will look good. He also mentioned that he got Ken and I the stroller/car seat we asked for on our baby registry. Yay! So we can rest easy knowing we have something to put the baby in, just have to figure it out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Ok, I just spent a good half hour writing an entry and its gone. UGH! Soooo not impressed at this moment. Thanks blogger!

In short, since I don't want to rewrite everything, here is what you missed.

-Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have baby girl, named Suri.

-Brooke Shields has her second baby girl same day, let the jokes on this circumstance begin.

-Ken has pretty much finished the book, last chapters being sent tonight.

-Doctor visit yesterday went well, pretty soon will be going every 2 weeks instead of 4, we are getting closer. Yay.

-House is a mess, must clean.

So you get the cliff notes version, sorry. I am just too angry to rewrite it all. Blah.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Resurrection Sunday

Thats seems to be the new name we are going by this year at church. Pastor Dave was telling me how the term Easter is a pagan term and perhaps this was the best way to truly remember the reason of the holiday in the first place. I think we will use that with our own children, just like how we will do St. Nicholas Day. Have him on his own day rather than making Christmas all about the 'santa' thing.

Our church service was lovely as usual. I always look forward to putting the flowers in the cross. It seemed extra full this year. It will be fun to have a new person join in on these traditions next year. There was a fun food and fellowship time before the service. Yummy paska was there, I really need to learn how to make it next year. I say this all the time, but if I have kids on the way, I need to do my own batch. Hee.

Had dinner at Nana's house tonight with the family. Got my birthday card early from Dad since he is gonna be out of town again. Blah. Kinda sucks he has been away for my birthday the past few years. Anyhoo, everyone had turkey except me cuz turkey still makes me gag at this point. I am hoping once this baby comes I will love turkey again. Sigh.

We showed the baby ultrasound dvd. Its kinda a surreal experience I think for my brother. Not sure what he thinks of all this stuff. I can't wait till he and Jo are expecting. Brew ha ha. Dad asked what we are thinking for names and we shared what we picked. He then asked if that was a smurfs name? Mike corrected him and said wrong animated show. Its not really the movie that was a influence, but the meaning of the name. Its Hebrew meaning lioness of God. It spoke to both of us on such a strong level that it just fit. But, we are preparing for the backlash, so far, not so much. In fact everyone we tell loves it. Woot.

In somewhat an interesting turn, I found out my young cousin, who is 16, is gonna be a father. Whoa, wasn't ready for that news from Dad. In fact I was down right shocked. I don't know him too well, since there is a huge age gap, but he always struck me as a nice, smart kid. Its sad to think how fast he is gonna have to grow up and make some hard decisions with his girlfriend. They are looking at adoption and possibly taking this on themselves. Being pregnant now, faced with all the things ahead, I can't imagine doing that at his age. I pray he stays strong through this.

Well, its offically Monday morning. Guess I should get to bed. Another late night book session finished. Only 2 days left. Yay!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

And so it begins...

On wednesday, we got a second look and a confirmation that we are expecting a little girl come summer. We called Ken's mom later that day to tell her... and this morning awoke to this email from her.

This kid is going to be a clothes horse! I went
slightly nuts - Target has some darling stuff, then I
went to Marshall Field's - big mistake - and then I
hit Baby's R Us.

Soooooooooo, needless to say my little berrykin is gonna be one flashy kid and will be putting me to shame very early on. Hehe. We did some fun shopping too, got some cute things. Take a lookie!

Tee hee, sooooooooooo cute! The white outfit is for Mike and Jo's wedding. Daddy Ken picked out the ice cream outfit (big surprise).

So Ken's mom is also buying us our crib so that will be coming very soon, and I am very excited. It will really feel real when thats in the room.

In other news, the Good Friday service was very well done. The idea of enter the story, using Narnia is really going over well. We had dinner that night at Nana's and she made ham and my favorite potato dish. YUM. Huzzah for leftovers! The Champions were there, and showed us pics from their trip to Disneyland with the Kettlesons. I can't wait to take our kids there.

Ken has been a blur the past few days with all his book stuff. Puppet building and writing have taken up most hours of the day. He is off at the school animating today, so I hit the video store for some Jay picks (aka- movies Ken would never watch with me).

I haven't had much time at the computer, mostly because of Ken needing it, but also because I find the chair very uncomfortable these days. I much favor the couch. So please excuse my lack of personal emails, I try and blog since I know lots of you read it and I can get out an update all at once. Woot.

Ok, chair is getting to me, time to nap. Whee.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meet my little Berrykin!

Well, after much running up and down the stairs and chocolate, we got her to move enough so we could get a nice clear shot of our little girl.

Here she is, Ariel Lynn Priebe!

We got a neat dvd of her moving around, kicking mommy, and basically hiding her face whenever we got near. Needless to say it was the most amazing experience and I can't wait until she is here.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Palm Sunday and Puppets

Yesterday, was Palm Sunday, and it was a great service. As predicted, Pastor Dave forgot his copy of the Narnia dvd so luckly we had ours. Yay, teamwork! It was pretty cool seeing the scene up on a big screen again, followed by the awwwwwe when the clip was over. Hehe. Looking forward to Good Friday, always so dark and sad, but such a time of rememberance.

My sunday school class was in full attendance, gack. They thought this week was cupcakes, nope, next week. Are you sure? As usual, little David asked if the baby was still in my tummy. This is a weekly question, and I doubt he will get bored of asking.

It was a packed service and we had to sit on the other side rather than our usual digs. But that was also due to the fact we were chatting it up with Toby and Corene in the hall for a long time. I have also become the local attraction to the young people. Those just getting married, or married last summer, were all around me after the service just staring and asking questions. The girls were all excited and full of how does it feel, are you scared questions while the guys were in a state of shock that one day they may too be faced with a wife with a tummy this size of this one. Ken just smiles and drinks his coffee. Then they giggle as I waddle away....just wait, hehe. One day its your turn.

The afternoon was spent gluing bows on invitations for Mike and Jo's wedding. It was alot of fun to gather with the girls. I love Jo's sisters, and spent most of my time talking up Julie. I can't help but be entertained by them. Had some nice snacks too. Yum.

Came home and Ken was out at the school animating. He got back a little after 7pm, so we had dinner and then spent the evening working on the puppet while watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I think I cried through most of it, not a good show if your hormones are nuts. The big draw was that Kermit the Frog was doing Ty's job that week for some reason, I never caught where he was? I love Kermit. Hee.

Did some quick work for my client before bed and went to sleep watching Narnia special features. So much cool stuff on that DVD! Awoke this morning, got sick, blah, and now I think I will search out some breakfast.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quick Check-in

Hi, I only have a few moments before Ken gets back and takes over the computer again. He is not teaching for the next few weeks, and is in the last 10 days of writing the book. Eek. Its coming together, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, yay.

This morning I joined Nana, Taylor and Kitty at the McKee House. They were having a craft sale and I got some new knitted dishrags, a burb cloth for baby and a knitted hooded sweater for baby. Its a pretty blue/purple with white. I have to get my knit wear at the craft sales as everyone I know who does this is too old to make stuff for my baby. Oh well :)

Kitty and Taylor were commenting how they don't know anyone around the McKee House anymore. That they have out lived many of their friends. I often wonder what that be like, kinda sad in a way I guess.

Ken and I made a trip to Michaels craft store to pick up stuff for the puppets. They were having some sort of uber sale, so I got tons of scrapbook stuff for baby's book. YAY. I am really excited. Whee.

OK, I hear Ken coming, byeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry, hehe. This past week there has been alot changing around me and now it seems tv has joined the list. LOL. First off, Katie Couric announced she was leaving, now this morning, as predicted, Meredith Vierira will replace her and leave The View. Crazy!!!!!!!!! 9 years beside Star Jones, I can understand. Heheh. Still its sad and weird to think how you get use to seeing things a certain way and then it changes.

Then to top it off last night, Mandisa got kicked off American Idol. Good grief! How did that happen? As usual she handled herself in such a wonderful way, giving the glory back to the higher power. Amen sister!

Other interesting news, we booked our pregnancy photo shoot. I wanted to do some art shots for the baby book, nothing extreme, heheh but we do have the option for nudes, EEK! Don't think so, give me flowing fabric to hide behind. Heheh.

Been working on the bulletin this morning, taking a bit longer since I am missing stuff still and with Easter coming, lots of extra inserts to make up. Can't wait for the Narnia stuff to be shown. Very exciting. I was watching the movie last night and got really pumped. Whee.

Its Dan's birthday today, yay. Got to talk to him briefly this morning as well as Jeff. Apprently, Marie's morning sickness has improved and actually never had to toss her cookies as of yet, lucky duck! I am a little surprised since she is carrying twins, but hey I don't wish what I went through on anyone. Mine got really bad around week 8 and if not for the pills, I most likely be doing the same still.

Jeff thinks they will be both boys, not identical. So get your predictions in now!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mid-week already?

Sorta in a daze how fast the days go by....hmmm.

Not much to report. I have rediscovered our game cube and have been playing Animal Crossing, hehe. Much fun indeed.

Went to costco with Nana for the exciting items known as toilet paper, laundry soap, paper towel.... stop me if its too much excitement for you. I also got a frozen lasagna to try, apprently its good, I shall be the judge of that. To top off everything I got a huge jug of cranberry cocktail, my newest crave. Man I love juice!

Helped Ken with sewing up some puppets last night. Whee. They look all pretty now. Did some scanning also, and worked on this weeks bulletin for church.

This sunday Jo is having an invitation making party, otherwise known as a cheap labour event. LOL. Ah, love weddings and the countless hours of bow making. I actually enjoy it, and its more relaxation for me. I wish my energy level would rise up a bit.

We are in the midst of booking our photo session for the pregnancy pics. Nothing naked, like anyone wants to see that! ICK! Just some nice shots to add to the baby book and scrapbooks. I wanted to get it done soon before I start looking like a mutant cow. My bump is still somewhat cute, but growing at a rate that is concerning to me, that child's head needs to stay small!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I love egg!

Ok, I forgot to mention this totally weird and wacky flash film Ken showed me on the weekend. If I had thought of it first I would have done this myself. LOL. Enjoy!

I love egg!

Ups and Downs...

Well, the past few days have had some great ups and then some downs. Nothing I can't handle but still not always fun.

So here is the run down-


Got tickets to the Phantom of the Opera for the afternoon show on August 27th, which is the day after Mike and Jo's wedding. They are leaving right away for their honeymoon so no big things we would be missed. Plus we have a babysitter booked, lol. Ken is very excited to take me, I haven't seen this show on stage before and he has. Row 13, eek! Ken thinks its a great row number for this show. Hehe.

Dad's birthday dinner was fun. Got to see Pat and Phil and Mike and Jo. Had a steak dinner and felt pretty good that night.


Had the worst sleep of my life last night. Getting use to time change, a kicking baby and a stuffed up husband isn't fun all at the same time. The kicks were pretty strong and I actually cried out at one point. Ugh.

Discovered we have a squeak in our bed, argh. Of course the warrenty is over. I tried some home fixes to see if it helps, will find out tonight.

My cel phone rang 3 times this morning and whoever was calling didn't leave a message, boooo!

Some guy called at 830am this morning on our regular phone, and here I was trying to reclam the lost sleep from last night. ARGH!

So a few ups and downs didn't hurt anyone, that life. But I must go find some food stuffs....I am hungry.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Remembering You...

When the Narnia movie came out last year, a special soundtrack was put together by Christian artists, being called Music Inspired by Narnia. We heard the songs when we were on the airplane coming home from Michigan during American Thanksgiving. This song brought me to tears on the plane. It was something that hit the true feelings of what Christ did for us and because I lost my mom at this time of year, it really hit me in my heart as well. We are going to be using this song for Resurrection Sunday, and I couldn't be more touched and excited. I miss you Mom, hope you like it.

I found You in the most unlikely way
But really it was You who found me
And I found myself in the gifts that You gave
You gave me so much and I

I wish You could stay
but I'll, I'll wait for the day

And I watch as the cold winter melts into spring
And I'll be remembering You
Oh and I'll smell the flowers and hear the birds sing
and I'll be remembering You, I'll be remembering You

From the first moment when I heard Your name
Something in my heart came alive
You showed me love and no words could explain
A love with the power to
Open the door
To a world I was made for

And I watch as the cold winter melts into spring
And I'll be remembering You
Oh and I'll smell the flowers and hear the birds sing
and I'll be remembering You, I'll be remembering You

The dark night, the hard fight
The long climb up the hill knowing the cost
The brave death, the last breathe
The silence whispering all hope was lost
The thunder, the wonder
A power that brings the dead back to life

I wish You could stay
But I'll wait for the day
And though You've gone away
You come back

And I watch as the cold winter melts into spring
And I'll be remembering You
Oh and I'll smell the flowers and hear the birds sing
and I'll be remembering You, I'll be remembering You

And I'll watch as the sun fills a sky that was dark
And I'll be remembering You
And I'll think of the way that You fill up my heart
And I'll be remembering You

'Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and Caleb Chapman'
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