Friday, April 21, 2006

The white duck returns

Its a Ladner thing, but here is the back story. When Ken and I use to leave early in the morning to catch the bus to Vancouver, we use to see this pair of mallard ducks (the couple) and this big white duck hanging outside the pub. It was always funny to see them just sitting in the middle of the village, chilling. We would see them practically everyday, and if they weren't there, we would spot them somewhere else around town. Needless to say, one day we just didn't see them anymore. My papa joked that the Chinese restaurant got the white duck and made him into dinner. Not funny. Sniff. 2 years have passed.... Well, during coffee party this morning, Stella was going on about this duck couple with this white duck hanging out in front of the Save-on. I screamed "the white duck lives!" I was very excited and then had to explain my outburst. I am happy to know he is still around, causing trouble with his other duck friends.

So I got a call from the doctors, and I feared that I must have not passed my hour long diabetes test I had done on Tuesday. Ugh. Why else would they call. So I had to wait to return the call because they were on lunch and I sat and stewed about how now I would have to take that 3 hour long test. Finally I called, and waited as the office ladies looked for the info to pass on to me. "You need to start taking Iron pills. 300mg twice a day with a glass of orange juice." Thats it? I said back. "Yep." Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it occurred to me that I had been showing signs of a slight iron deficiency, since I have had this before (aka anemic). It explains why I have been uber pale and tired. Wow, good to know. So went to the drug store and got really confused which iron pills I should take.... there were 3 different types. Sigh. So I have to wait and call the doctor on Monday.

The best news, the book is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, there is still the editing, but its really in a way done. Now we can go out to the fancy french place and celebrate over an awesome dinner of.... duck. (kidding....maybe)

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