Monday, April 24, 2006

100th Post!

Wow, how exciting. I keep waiting for the balloons to drop from the ceiling.... nothing. Blah!

Well, at about 7pm tonight as I awaited my husband to come home (he was late do to a student having an allergic reaction, medical people were involved and she is fine, yay) I heard a somewhat familar thump at the door of an apartment that sits across from our deck area. Peaking out the window I saw our building manager along with 4 cops. I muted Entertainment Tonight, this was far more interesting then the continuing saga of the Tomkitten.

Not sure what the whole story was, but the guy who lives there seemed to be on drugs or something. The cops came once when he was uber drunk and he had locked his girlfriend out or something along that line. This time he wasn't as agreeable, that made me believe it was more of a drug thing. He tried hitting the cops, bad idea. They had him on the ground so fast. Now at this point the firemen and paramedics are on the scene. He is handcuffed on the cement in the parking lot, twitching madly and trying to kick anyone near him.

I called Ken at this point, since I knew he be close and told him to keep clear since it seemed somewhat ugly. They soon had the stretcher out and after a few moments they were all gone. I saw the girlfriend at this point come out of the apartment. Soooo, will be interesting to see if this incident packs them out of this unit... I'm not counting on it. Makes me sad, especially since they seem nice most of the time.

Ken started editing tonight, the baby is kicking me to no end and I sit and wait for my balloons.

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