Saturday, April 15, 2006

And so it begins...

On wednesday, we got a second look and a confirmation that we are expecting a little girl come summer. We called Ken's mom later that day to tell her... and this morning awoke to this email from her.

This kid is going to be a clothes horse! I went
slightly nuts - Target has some darling stuff, then I
went to Marshall Field's - big mistake - and then I
hit Baby's R Us.

Soooooooooo, needless to say my little berrykin is gonna be one flashy kid and will be putting me to shame very early on. Hehe. We did some fun shopping too, got some cute things. Take a lookie!

Tee hee, sooooooooooo cute! The white outfit is for Mike and Jo's wedding. Daddy Ken picked out the ice cream outfit (big surprise).

So Ken's mom is also buying us our crib so that will be coming very soon, and I am very excited. It will really feel real when thats in the room.

In other news, the Good Friday service was very well done. The idea of enter the story, using Narnia is really going over well. We had dinner that night at Nana's and she made ham and my favorite potato dish. YUM. Huzzah for leftovers! The Champions were there, and showed us pics from their trip to Disneyland with the Kettlesons. I can't wait to take our kids there.

Ken has been a blur the past few days with all his book stuff. Puppet building and writing have taken up most hours of the day. He is off at the school animating today, so I hit the video store for some Jay picks (aka- movies Ken would never watch with me).

I haven't had much time at the computer, mostly because of Ken needing it, but also because I find the chair very uncomfortable these days. I much favor the couch. So please excuse my lack of personal emails, I try and blog since I know lots of you read it and I can get out an update all at once. Woot.

Ok, chair is getting to me, time to nap. Whee.

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