Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry, hehe. This past week there has been alot changing around me and now it seems tv has joined the list. LOL. First off, Katie Couric announced she was leaving, now this morning, as predicted, Meredith Vierira will replace her and leave The View. Crazy!!!!!!!!! 9 years beside Star Jones, I can understand. Heheh. Still its sad and weird to think how you get use to seeing things a certain way and then it changes.

Then to top it off last night, Mandisa got kicked off American Idol. Good grief! How did that happen? As usual she handled herself in such a wonderful way, giving the glory back to the higher power. Amen sister!

Other interesting news, we booked our pregnancy photo shoot. I wanted to do some art shots for the baby book, nothing extreme, heheh but we do have the option for nudes, EEK! Don't think so, give me flowing fabric to hide behind. Heheh.

Been working on the bulletin this morning, taking a bit longer since I am missing stuff still and with Easter coming, lots of extra inserts to make up. Can't wait for the Narnia stuff to be shown. Very exciting. I was watching the movie last night and got really pumped. Whee.

Its Dan's birthday today, yay. Got to talk to him briefly this morning as well as Jeff. Apprently, Marie's morning sickness has improved and actually never had to toss her cookies as of yet, lucky duck! I am a little surprised since she is carrying twins, but hey I don't wish what I went through on anyone. Mine got really bad around week 8 and if not for the pills, I most likely be doing the same still.

Jeff thinks they will be both boys, not identical. So get your predictions in now!

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