Monday, April 03, 2006

Ups and Downs...

Well, the past few days have had some great ups and then some downs. Nothing I can't handle but still not always fun.

So here is the run down-


Got tickets to the Phantom of the Opera for the afternoon show on August 27th, which is the day after Mike and Jo's wedding. They are leaving right away for their honeymoon so no big things we would be missed. Plus we have a babysitter booked, lol. Ken is very excited to take me, I haven't seen this show on stage before and he has. Row 13, eek! Ken thinks its a great row number for this show. Hehe.

Dad's birthday dinner was fun. Got to see Pat and Phil and Mike and Jo. Had a steak dinner and felt pretty good that night.


Had the worst sleep of my life last night. Getting use to time change, a kicking baby and a stuffed up husband isn't fun all at the same time. The kicks were pretty strong and I actually cried out at one point. Ugh.

Discovered we have a squeak in our bed, argh. Of course the warrenty is over. I tried some home fixes to see if it helps, will find out tonight.

My cel phone rang 3 times this morning and whoever was calling didn't leave a message, boooo!

Some guy called at 830am this morning on our regular phone, and here I was trying to reclam the lost sleep from last night. ARGH!

So a few ups and downs didn't hurt anyone, that life. But I must go find some food stuffs....I am hungry.

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