Thursday, November 29, 2007

The countdown is close at hand...

Do you realize that Saturday is December 1st??? Yikes, it sure sneaks up fast. I will be celebrating the first at church that morning making a beautiful Christmas wreath with our Ladies group at church. Yay. I am very excited.

First off, wanted to share the little monkey Ariel, and her new trick of the week. She unzipped my diaper bag, pulled everything out until she found the snack cup. Then took the lid off and had some munchies. Talk about helping yourself! I think in this case, she earned them.

This week has been going by rather fast with tasks like writing up Christmas cards, wrapping and packing up the gifts for Ken's family and the regular household chores to do. I also have a computer room full of boxes of decorations, which is making feel very claustrophobic as I sit here and type. Gack!

I got all the cards finished last night and dropped them at the post office this morning. In total there were about 100 cards, some are for our church friends that will be given out in person, but the majority went in the mail. So you all should see our annual Christmas cartoon sketch very soon!

This morning Ariel and went over to Stella's. Donna was there working on some pj pants for someone, and I managed to get my patterns cut and pinned to the fabric for the night gowns for Ariel and I. If I can clear off the table tomorrow I can cut them out. I also forgot to mention that Tina from church has let me have her old serger! I am so pumped! Its going to make finishing clothes and things so much nicer.

Speaking of sewing, I made up a sock monkey for the little boy I got in the secret gift exchange. I wanted to include something homemade with my gift, and this seemed to be the best idea. I hope he likes it. The plan is to send both that gift and the box of gifts for Ken's family off tomorrow... I guess we will see if that happens or not.

Well I also got tagged by Got Jiltan so I have to give you 6 things/habits about myself.

- I have an obsession with the 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' movies, especially the 'Return of the Killer Tomatoes'. Seriously, its the weirdest movie and yet I LOVE it. Did you know a very young George Clooney stars in it? Haha, I wonder why he never talks about it? Anyways, if I ever find old merchandise at thrift stores etc, I pick it up. I have a few kids books (it was a short lived cartoon as well), toys and collectible stress ball that is shaped like a tomato that came out for the special 25th anniversary. Ken and I quote this movie all the time. I think he fell in love with me after I showed him the film... what guy wouldn't love a tomato gal?

- I am extremely loyal, but if I feel the trust was broken by the other party, it takes me a long time to get over it. I am very sensitive and I think it makes me take things too personally at times, but that's who I am. Over the years I have developed a thicker skin, but I still can be hurt easily. Lets face it, I cry with the best of them.

- I have too many allergies! From medications, food to the world around me... sometimes I think I need to be in a bubble. I have worn a medical alert bracelet for my medication allergies since I was in elementary school. I wore a necklace one for awhile, until I nearly strangled myself on the slide at school... yeah, back to bracelet.

- I love all types of crafts, especially cross stitch. I started when my Aunty Penny showed me during one of our vacation visits to their home when I was a kid. Slowly over time I have taught myself various techniques and styles. It is my way of relaxing while watching tv, although people think that's odd, I'm just at the point where I don't need to concentrate on it anymore.

- Shoes hate me! I never find shoes that are comfortable for me. I have very sensitive heels and I tend to wear my birks or sneakers year round. So sad... I love cute shoes... they just don't love me. Then I had Ariel and my feet grew and the small collection of shoes I did have, no longer fit. Blah.

- I love organizing things. I once spent a few days organizing a co-workers office for them because she didn't know how. I wish I could work on one of those tv shows where they do that for people, its seriously fun for me. Yeah I know, me = weirdo.

Ok, so I tag Dianne, Robyn, Kelly, Erin, Karen and Julie.

Speaking of organizing, I want to try and make a dent in this room before bed... the walls are caving in.... ahhhhh.

Monday, November 26, 2007


In a funny turn of events, last year at this time we were experiencing this! So a year later and look whats happening again! Eek! We had to take Ariel out in it, since I didn't know if there would be any left by tomorrow morning. She got to try out her new 'muddy buddy' Stella made her. What a cutie!

Hi Mom!

Ariel was so bundled up with layers of clothes under her 'muddy buddy' that she had trouble walking. She could take a few steps just to get to Ken so he could carry her.

Finally, some video of Ariel in the snow.

Ariel and the Christmas Tree

We had a good weekend, not a whole lot happened, but enough to keep us all entertained. On Saturday morning, Ariel and I made a run to the office supply store in need of card stock to print out our Christmas cards. While there, we did a stop also at the craft store and then for some bazaar reason, headed to the Lansdowne Mall to stop at Toys R Us. I wanted to get a toy to go with my gift in the exchange, and it was a sale weekend, so I figured, why not.

We arrived to find a very busy parking lot, so you really know that the shopping season has begun. Just to explain to those who don't know this mall, its always DEAD! Such a change to see it busy. Anyhoo, we went in and found a little gift that Ariel proceeded to test while I checked out the store for any other bargains. We got stopped several times by people shopping for someone Ariel's age and wanted to know what to get, or more so where to find the toy she was playing with since she was totally absorbed in it.

In the end, I managed to find a cute little chair for Ariel to sit and read in. I had been looking for one that didn't have Dora on it, which is almost impossible! In the end, we found a Disney Princess one and it was perfect. (Here she is in it today, excuse her messy lunch face)

Walking out with it while pushing a stroller wasn't so easy, but we managed. Then came the huge lines... and this is why I always try to have all my shopping done before December 1st, I hate crowds and lines. Since I have to mail off the gifts to Ken's family by a certain date, so I know they will be there in time for Christmas, it gives me an early deadline to meet with everything. So basically, if I didn't have that time frame, I most likely be a later shopper as well... if it wasn't for those lines. Blah.... another reason I love online shopping, hee.

That evening we rented The Nativity, the movie that came out last Christmas, and really enjoyed it. A nice way to start the season indeed. Sunday morning we headed off to church and got to witness 5 baptisms with the youth and a new member. Such a blessing and always so moving too.

During Ariel's nap, Ken and I pulled out all the decorations and set up the tree. We figured we start slow, and take the week to set up so we wouldn't overwhelm Ariel. When she woke up and saw the tree, we were waiting for her to attack it or something, instead, she was somewhat freaked out by it.

Eventually, she poked it with her finger, but other than that, she wasn't too interested. Guess we shall see what happened as we decorate it.

Ariel was more into her new little play nook, that I rearranged for the holidays. Keeping it fresh makes her smile. Seems like all new toys! Whee!

Later we watched some of the video from last Christmas, and were amazed at how little Ariel really was. I had to show some of the puppet show Ken did for Ariel. We had gotten her this huge hippo toy just to use this song. Haha, yes we are nuts! Might have to turn it up to hear the song, sorry I didn't make it louder.

Today we went over to Nana's so I could wash all the material I have for the nighties I am making Ariel and I. Before we left, Ariel got to put on her new mittens Nana had bought at Gymboree the other day. She was really taken with them!

At Nana's she found 'that book' and was happy playing with it for quite awhile.

Now we are home and princess is napping, so I am going to go get some cards made up and relax a bit. Whee!

Friday, November 23, 2007

We Survived!

Yes, we are home safe and sound after facing the mall! Actually, it wasn't too bad in the end, and I found EVERYTHING I needed to get. Whee! I can't believe its really all done! I was so tired and beat by the end of it all, but its done and I can totally enjoy December. Hee!

Nana decided last night that she wanted to join me, so I picked her up at 930am and we left for town. I wanted to take Ariel to get her picture with Santa, but he wasn't arriving until 11am, so we hit Gymboree first. I was shopping for a boy, as I am part of a gift exchange on my 'born in August' board. It was so strange to be on the opposite side of the store for a change. I was in luck finding a good deal and getting 30% on top of that. I usually shop online now, since the US prices are WAY better than ours, but I didn't it would arrive by the time I had to ship this gift. Anyhoo, I got a skirt for Ariel that I didn't get online, since I wanted to see this particular item in person. Also grabbed some hair clips from the sale bins and checked out. When I left and was double checking my bill, I realized I didn't get the %30 off on all the items, so I had to go back. Argh. Of course there is a huge line now. Blah. By the time we were done, it was 11am, so off to see Santa.

I wasn't too sure what Ariel would think of Santa, but as I took her up she turned the corner and just stared at him. Then she saw his rocking horse beside his chair and ran to that instead. When I tried to put her on his knee she started to whine, so good ol' Santa suggested we sit her on the horse in front of him. It worked perfectly, and we got a cute picture. I thanked Santa and Ariel got a candy cane, which she was thrilled about. Here is our picture, see the horse head peaking up. Heheh.

And just for kicks, here is last year's picture. Awe!

After Santa we shopped a bit more, had some lunch and did one more circle of the mall. Of course I can't say what I bought, since my family read this, hee. All in all, Ariel was sooooooooo good and had complements on her furry white boots from so many people. That's our fashion princess! We came home and I am now going to have a rest while Ariel naps too. Very glad I don't have to cook tonight, but I may be wrapping gifts instead. Whee!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Full of thanks!

We are all stuffed... very stuffed... and boy was it worth it. Hee. So I went all out on our Thanksgiving the Sequel, as we call it around here. Ariel and I made a last minute run to the store this morning for the items I forgot yesterday. During the mission, I helped Nana with a gift for Ariel. I showed her these stuffed dogs that sound and move like real dogs, needless to say Ariel LOVED them. The girl is dog crazy! I guess its easier than a real one at this point... especially since she isn't always gentle.

On our way home we saw Stella at the Quilt shop, and got Ariel's eye spy quilt back. Ariel was thrilled and carried it all around the store. She has even been trying to say blanket... sounds more like 'bank' but its a start.

Came home and started food prep. Since we were having a large chicken instead of turkey, I made up an rice, apple and raisin stuffing. Yummy. Also made up a green bean casserole, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, broccoli and some appetizers of mushroom caps and a butternut squash with coconut curry soup (it was a mix I had saved for a special occasion). Ken left work early and all three of us feasted.

Ariel ate a whole plate of food, loving the sweet potato and stuffing best.

She also wanted to use my fork, that's my big girl!

After a nice long break, we cooked up one of those frozen apple pies I got at the bazaar and ate it while watching Ugly Betty. Ariel really loves pie.

I am happy so say the dishes are pretty much done except a few that are soaking, the princess is in bed and I am preparing my lists for tomorrow as we go to do the last (hopefully) of the Christmas shopping. I got to do my Black Friday online shopping early last night, and got some GREAT deals for some things next year for Ariel, and a few surprises under the tree. Also hope to see Santa, since I like to take her early to avoid it being a rushed and stressful thing. Don't want to freak her out. If it goes well, you should see a cute picture tomorrow. Whee.

In closing, getting to have another Thanksgiving is really special. I feel so blessed to get to celebrate a wonderful day of giving thanks for everything we have in our lives. I am thankful for my wonderful family, our amazing lives and opportunities and for a creator that makes it all possible. Thank you indeed.... plus I am so thankful I won't have to cook for 3 days at least... I love leftovers!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One more day...

Then we can have Thanksgiving, and then move on to CHRISTMAS!!! Woot! Can you tell I am excited. Hee. I spent this morning getting what I thought was the last of the things we needed for tomorrow's dinner, but still managed to forget a few little things. Blah! I guess one more trip will be made but its all good right?

Ariel was enjoying drawing on the window this morning with her finger. Just one of those new things she has discovered.

During our shopping trip, I was on the look out for a little something for Ariel that will just be from me. I saw on Kelly's blog how she and her hubby each buy a little something for their daughter, but don't tell the other, so there is an extra surprise that day. I loved that idea!!! So I told Ken and we agreed it be lots of fun. So I found something really funny that Ariel went nuts over in the store... its kinda creepy but its not going to be my toy right? Either way, there were tears when we left if behind... or so she thought, as I put it under the stroller out of sight. Oh I am sneaky! Now I have to wrap it before Ken gets home tonight. Brew ha ha.

We came home and had yummy grilled cheese, sooooo good.

Now I have a sleeping, but still coughing, princess. She seems to only do it in her sleep at this point. She is feeling fine still, so I guess we will see how it goes. Until then, I will return to the sewing table.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whoa, its Tuesday!

Yeah, I guess I kinda lost track of the days... ack! Ok, lets go back in time with what happened with some random Ariel pics along the way.

Friday night we watched a movie, Evan Almighty. We really loved it, and it was more family friendly than Bruce Almighty, aka no swearing or sexual stuff. It marks the beginning of our 'catch up on all the movies we missed in the summer.' Yes, we missed lots of things we wanted to see, because, lets face it, having a baby around changes how easily you can get away... plus when nursing, just forget it! Haha. Either way, we look forward to all the cold nights ahead, snuggling on the couch watching movies. Ah... heaven!

Saturday morning I had a ladies committee meeting for an hour, then joined Nana at the other church bazaar that was happening. Bought 3 frozen apple pies, yum. I plan on pulling one out for our American Thanksgiving this week. I failed to find any mitts for Ariel... well I did find one pair, in a really gross peach color. Yuck! Sorry if you like peach, this one didn't groove with me.

Once Ken got home in the evening, we went over to our some friends from church's place for dinner and games. It was nice hanging out with another couple, and Ariel loved playing with the kids. She and Maddy watch High School Musical 2, how can you go wrong? Hee. We played Settlers, and low and behold I actually won, just barely. I think we need to get a copy of this game, its super fun, and Ken finally feels comfortable playing it. Yay. Jen made a great dinner, and Ariel loved the garlic bread... she ate 2 pieces. Where does she put it?

Sunday morning came too soon, as Ariel had been up a few times in the night... I think she may be getting sick... I heard a cough today. Ack. Anyhoo, went to church early since Ken is working with the drama part for the upcoming Christmas musical. He was also talking to Pastor Dave about the upcoming Hollywood Jesus gathering we are attending over the holidays. Looks like in January Ken may get to give the message, tying it in with the animation event he wants to put together. I will keep you posted if you wanna come hear him talk.

Speaking of Ken, I can official announce that he will be building an online stop-motion course for the Academy of Art in San Francisco. So for the next 9 months he will be building this course and then will be the teacher when it launches in September 2008! Since its all online, Ken will continue at his regular job, and do this for a few hours a week on top of it. He is VERY excited about getting to teach more and it may also mean a trip down to the school at some point... Yay!

As for this week, not much to say really. I am preparing for our American Thanksgiving feast this Thursday night. I bought a lovely fresh chicken from Jen the other night, and will be doing the apple, rice and raisin stuffing. Yummy. I decided to go this route since we will be having turkey sooner than we think, and Ariel just loves chicken.

Yesterday I went over to Stella's to edge my new table cloth, and its so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to use it. Pictures later this week! Also, with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday... I can't go to the states to shop, but lots of my favorite places online are having HUGE sales. I got a coupon for %20 off at Gymboree from my board buddy Brenda, and added with the %30 off they are having for the sale... well you can't beat %50 off!!! Then add in a strong dollar.... hehehe. Good times! Most of the goodies I will get will be for next year, and a few for under the tree.

Well, since princess is sleeping, and I have finished my jobs on here, I will go off to work on Christmas goodies... because whether you realize it or not, Christmas is coming... FAST!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Early wake up call!

This morning I realized that Ariel was getting more teeth... a nice 5am wake up cry. It was strange because she never really was awake, but in pain, chewing on her hand. I would cuddle, nurse her and put her back only to go through it again in 40 minutes. This happened about 3 times until 630am when Ken was getting up for work. After all that she slept till 915am, which was good for me too after all of that. I hate teething... blah.

Today we had a play date with all the babies over at Erin and Jeremy's new place. After getting confused and calling to double check I was in fact going the right way (our local roads are really stupid that way) we arrived. Ariel did very well for the most part, except for a few toy taking moments and temper issues over not getting her way happened. However, she also was slightly cranky from the early morning, so I can't really complain.

The kids had a good time and it was nice to visit with other moms. Erin made a lovely lunch for us, which was great as well. Yum! After that it was time to go since the princess was fading slowly. Came home for a nap, which she woke up from a few times but got back to sleep on her own. She didn't sleep as long as she usually does, but I blame those teeth.

Daddy came home and Ariel was soooooooooooo happy! She has been super hyper ever since... see that fire in her eyes!

Plus she was cracking us up with her bath time trick tonight. It was totally worth a video of, what a nut!

Ok, off to watch Ugly Betty! Later gater!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Transformation...

From cute and cuddly... death defying acts of stupid!

Yes, this was her latest trick today. Ariel decided she wanted to watch some tv in the office on Daddy's editing equipment. Gack! See that box she is on... yeah, its not safe... big surprise eh?

Other than that, it was a mellow day. Had to get some jobs done around the house, and make a dessert for Life Group tonight. Tomorrow we are joining a few other moms and babies over at Erin's new place for a playgroup. Looking forward to that, and hoping Ariel plays well with the others. Full report tomorrow, until then, I am going to bed to watch some Buffy DVDs. Something relaxing about watching Buffy slay vampires after spending all day with a busy toddler... yes I am saying vamps would be easier! Big time!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bring on Winter...

...we are ready! The box Grammy shipped arrived today, well actually it arrived several days ago but as everyone knows with us, things never are as smooth as it could be. Hah. Well, she sent it to Ken's work address, but that just changed in the summer and the mail is still forwarded, you'd think that would make it easier right. WRONG! Apparently they didn't get the right info and tried 3 times to deliver it to the old location before sending it back to the post office that finally figured out why it couldn't be delivered... duh! Well, at this point they won't reship to the new location and Ken had to go pick it up, which wasn't a quick walk and so he had to take a cab. At the end of it all, Ariel has some super cute winter looks...

I think she looks great in blue!

I have been busy crafting during Ariel's naps, and figured I should show some of the things I have been doing. Can't show much since some things are Christmas gifts. Hee. The first is the bedding for Ariel's new doll crib that is now painted. I need to add some details still before I show that, but the bedding is a good start. I haven't done the mattress yet, still need some foam, but the quilt, sheet and pillow are finished. I had some leftover lace from Ariel's dedication dress and used it for the pillow, so cute.

I have also finished stitching this year's ornament for Ariel. I want to make one every year for her, so that one day when she has her own family and tree that she has some starter stuff. I really liked this pattern, but I had to change the year since it originally said 2004. I am lucky that a seven is a pretty easy number to figure out.

Today we got to go for a walk in the beautiful weather. 'Come on mommy, lets go!'

It was so nice out and not too chilly. I had to go buy a new plate to replace the one that fell prey to hurricane Ariel. This is why you go with open stock dishes! We also got some food at the grocery store for the week, but somehow forgot we needed eggs and butter too... guess we will be going back again tomorrow.

Well, its bath time for a princess, whee!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Family Fun Day!

Also known as everyone stays in their pjs all day... except Ariel, she is too fun to dress up! Haha. We were loving that Daddy got today off from work and we decided that we weren't going to do anything except stay home. It was WONDERFUL! Ariel was in heaven having us both here, and happily played while we made a yummy brunch of pancakes and eggs.

Yesterday, Ariel once again pulled the 'I will not nap on Sunday' routine. She actually was out for about 40 minutes, so it was better than nothing. Not sure why Sunday is so different than during the week. Any ideas? Either way, she loved snuggling on the couch with Daddy watching cartoons.

Check out what she wore to church that day! I did some mix and matching from odd pieces I had, and I think it turned out cute. What do you think?

Later she was playing in the toy basket, what a nut!

During the night there was a HUGE wind storm and it took me awhile to actually fall asleep. The next morning the leaves had covered the parking lot outside, and my wind chime broke again. It breaks in the same spot every year during the wind storms, and I keep fixing it with super glue. Gotta love tradition.

Ken did a lot of animation today, and I painted this year's Christmas card! YAY! I just need to scan it and start printing them out. I really love this year's idea, and it had both Ken and I laughing pretty hard. If anyone wants to get one via mail who hasn't gotten on our list before, please leave your email in the comments and I will contact you. We are more than welcome to mail you one, as we love sending Christmas cards!

We also managed to write our newsletter that goes along with our card, so that's great too! If I get on the ball tonight, maybe I can start printing them out on the pretty paper I got months ago.

I need to return to the family for some more playtime before princess goes to bed. Maybe she will read us a story. Hee.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


We ended up missing the parade and local Remembrance Day service due to rain and wind, something Ariel didn't need to be out in, and went to church instead. Afterwards we drove over to the Cenotaph to leave our poppies, and let Ariel see the wreaths.

During the church service today, there were several moments in which we reflected on Remembrance Day, and the cost of war and the struggle for peace. I wanted to share the story that Pastor Dave read during church today that was in this months MB Herald, because it really puts this whole day in perspective.

A child of war: The victim meets his bomber
By Jurgen Schonwetter

My heart raced and my hands trembled as I took off in my van after the last delivery that day of Meals on Wheels in Abbotsford, B.C. I had just delivered a hot meal to the home of an 88-year-old Canadian veteran.

While he took the meal in its styrofoam container to his kitchen, I fixed my eyes on the feature wall of the entrance. It was adorned with a large photograph of a World War II British fighter plane. A large group of soldiers were posing. On the white edges of the framed picture were handwritten signatures.

When Mr. Smith returned with the empty container, I talked with him about the picture. He proudly explained that had been a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force in joined military campaigns with British and U.S. forces. He had survived a number of 8½-hour round-trip missions in bombing raids over Germany. He named some major cities he had helped bomb.

Smith was a gunner and an expert in opening bomb chambers at specific times and at high altitudes. He smiled when he recalled having been personally honoured with a medal for bravery by King George VI of Great Britain. He also had on display in his basement personal letters of commendation from the famous “Bomber Harris,” the military chief responsible for all Allied bombing raids over Germany during World War II.

I couldn’t resist saying to him, without the slightest emotion, “Mr. Smith, did you know I was a 7-year-old child at the other end of your bomb chambers?” The old man was speechless.

I left with a friendly greeting.

Driving back to Abbotsford Community Services, I told my supervisor what had happened. She was amazed. I asked to continue serving this veteran with a regular hot meal. “It’s a challenge to me, particularly as a follower of Christ.”

The incident triggered a long-ago memory. Years earlier, with a bachelor’s degree in my pocket, I left for Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Ind., where I also accepted the part-time pastorates of two nearby Evangelical United Brethren churches.

The congregations prepared a welcome banquet for me and invited local dignitaries. I shared my life story, including my traumatic experiences during Allied bombing raids over my hometown, Naumburg, a military garrison near Dresden.

My family lived on the campus of a four-square-kilometre ammunition dump. Massive bombing raids unleashed three levels of bombings: air-pressure bombs, then high-explosive bombs, and finally Napalm bombs. These reached their targets, of which I was one. It’s a miracle I survived in the basement of our apartment building.

During the last air raid, all occupants were required to enter a steel-enforced underground bunker. My mother, though not a religious woman, heard a voice telling her not to follow our neighbours underground. Soon afterwards, bombs destroyed the shelter, leaving no survivors.

After the banquet, a member of my church council – a man in his late 40s – approached me. He was visibly shaking.

“Jurgen, I was one of the U.S. bombers over your city,” he said. “Can you forgive me?”

God granted me a cleansing and radical erasing of any animosity towards “the enemy.”

The following Sunday, I preached from the passage in Isaiah where God talks of transforming swords into plowshares. “Years ago,” I said, “some of you saw me as the enemy. Today, I am your pastor.”

Remembering, never forgetting and always praying for peace.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chicken is yummy

My daughter is in no way a vegetarian! When I make chicken, she gets all happy and follows me around until it is served to her. She can eat a whole thigh/leg combo herself! Yikes! Here is a little video we captured this week from a chicken night.

Not much exciting to say, since its been kinda yucky out. On Thursday we went down to the quilt shop to visit Aunty Stella. Ken took the car that day for work, so we had to stay in walkable areas. Ariel loved the new Christmas fabrics that had come in. That's my girl!

Where is Ariel's head? Good girl!

A close up of the funny shirt that she had on day that daddy had picked out from the Homestarrunner website. Hee hee, love that site, funny stuff!

Friday we went to the mall in search of nice shoes for mommy and tights for Ariel. We got lucky in both searches! I found some cute ballet flats at old navy, yay. Found 2 pairs of tights at Gymboree and some socks, plus it was 30% off day, score! We walked around a bit to check out the other shops, but nothing that exciting other than getting some underwear, I guess that's exciting to me, since I am so picky. The big surprise to me was the fact the Christmas decor wasn't up yet? Halloween was over, usually its up the next day, so it was odd but kinda nice.... I give them another week then BOOM!

Today was a reception for Kristina and Jonas, as they got married in Germany back in October. It was lots of fun, and cool that she wore her wedding dress again. I was sitting too far away to get a good pic without it being dark, so here is one I found from her wedding day. Congrats to the happy couple!

Tomorrow is Remembrance day. I really want to go to the service, but if its raining, I just can't with getting over this bug, and its not good for Ariel to be out in it either. So if its a no go, then we will go to church as usual, but if things look clear, off to the memorial. I can't remember the last time this day fell on a Sunday... anyone know?

Ok, off to spend some time with Ken, good night!
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