Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whoa, its Tuesday!

Yeah, I guess I kinda lost track of the days... ack! Ok, lets go back in time with what happened with some random Ariel pics along the way.

Friday night we watched a movie, Evan Almighty. We really loved it, and it was more family friendly than Bruce Almighty, aka no swearing or sexual stuff. It marks the beginning of our 'catch up on all the movies we missed in the summer.' Yes, we missed lots of things we wanted to see, because, lets face it, having a baby around changes how easily you can get away... plus when nursing, just forget it! Haha. Either way, we look forward to all the cold nights ahead, snuggling on the couch watching movies. Ah... heaven!

Saturday morning I had a ladies committee meeting for an hour, then joined Nana at the other church bazaar that was happening. Bought 3 frozen apple pies, yum. I plan on pulling one out for our American Thanksgiving this week. I failed to find any mitts for Ariel... well I did find one pair, in a really gross peach color. Yuck! Sorry if you like peach, this one didn't groove with me.

Once Ken got home in the evening, we went over to our some friends from church's place for dinner and games. It was nice hanging out with another couple, and Ariel loved playing with the kids. She and Maddy watch High School Musical 2, how can you go wrong? Hee. We played Settlers, and low and behold I actually won, just barely. I think we need to get a copy of this game, its super fun, and Ken finally feels comfortable playing it. Yay. Jen made a great dinner, and Ariel loved the garlic bread... she ate 2 pieces. Where does she put it?

Sunday morning came too soon, as Ariel had been up a few times in the night... I think she may be getting sick... I heard a cough today. Ack. Anyhoo, went to church early since Ken is working with the drama part for the upcoming Christmas musical. He was also talking to Pastor Dave about the upcoming Hollywood Jesus gathering we are attending over the holidays. Looks like in January Ken may get to give the message, tying it in with the animation event he wants to put together. I will keep you posted if you wanna come hear him talk.

Speaking of Ken, I can official announce that he will be building an online stop-motion course for the Academy of Art in San Francisco. So for the next 9 months he will be building this course and then will be the teacher when it launches in September 2008! Since its all online, Ken will continue at his regular job, and do this for a few hours a week on top of it. He is VERY excited about getting to teach more and it may also mean a trip down to the school at some point... Yay!

As for this week, not much to say really. I am preparing for our American Thanksgiving feast this Thursday night. I bought a lovely fresh chicken from Jen the other night, and will be doing the apple, rice and raisin stuffing. Yummy. I decided to go this route since we will be having turkey sooner than we think, and Ariel just loves chicken.

Yesterday I went over to Stella's to edge my new table cloth, and its so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to use it. Pictures later this week! Also, with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday... I can't go to the states to shop, but lots of my favorite places online are having HUGE sales. I got a coupon for %20 off at Gymboree from my board buddy Brenda, and added with the %30 off they are having for the sale... well you can't beat %50 off!!! Then add in a strong dollar.... hehehe. Good times! Most of the goodies I will get will be for next year, and a few for under the tree.

Well, since princess is sleeping, and I have finished my jobs on here, I will go off to work on Christmas goodies... because whether you realize it or not, Christmas is coming... FAST!

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