Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here comes Christmas!

Wow, November was a blur, literally! We have only one week left and then we are on to CHRISTMAS time!  Yay!

Our past few weeks were filled with regular routine, add in Ken going on a business trip to LA for several days, Remembrance Day and lots of cakes... lots! The weekend Ken was gone turned out to be my busiest week, 9 orders, ack!

My Brownie troop has been busy preparing for enrollment next week. Ariel has been enjoying working on badges, and she is excited to be finally getting most of them at the ceremony as she will finally be an official Brownie. She is a circle leader this year, we only had 2 second year girls, so we had to have some of our first years take on the big jobs.

Working on her gardening badge - building a rainforest in a pop bottle. 

We marched in the parade for Remembrance Day, thankful the day was actually some what warm and sunny. So proud of how many of our girls came too, I think we had the best turn out for Brownie units. Woot!

Ariel leaving her poppy on her school wreath. 

For the past several months we have been looking for the right bed for Xander's room. At first we thought a mate's bed would be good, but we realized that it wouldn't fit the space as we hoped and wouldn't be able to make it up to Xander's loft.  I put out a request on the local swap and shop page on facebook and ended up getting contacted by a lady selling this bed and mattress for $90, which was perfect for our budget and allowed us to take Xander out to pick some fun new bedding. I got to pick the nice neutral comforter and he picked the Angry Bird sheets, haha. He was so excited the day it arrived, big thanks to John for helping with his truck. The first night the kids had a sleepover in his room, so cute.

I got invited to paint the library windows of Ariel's school again this year. The kids picked out the characters for me, and as usual it was a blast to do. 

As promised here are a few photos from Ariel's pageant in October. Here she is in fresh face, the girls all wear the pageant t-shirt and black bottoms.

Glitz beauty wear, her cupcake dress fits her almost perfectly now. Only took 2 years! lol. I ordered a really cute present for Ariel for Christmas, I found a lady who can copy your pageant dress into a mini one for an American Girl doll. She is gonna flip!!!

Outfit of choice , her spacegirl routine. I had to modify her costume since she grew. Made the dress more of a tunic with shorts under, worked perfectly.

Still her fav, Mary Poppins for dollwear. Always a crowd pleaser too. 

Finally, broadway dollwear, Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. Ken is the puppet plant, and she got the best reaction from the crowd from this. 

 In big news, next weekend Ariel will be in the big Roger's Santa Claus parade riding the float with her fellow royalty girls of National Canadian Girl. So today I spend a few hours helping work on the float. Its looking good, lots of pink! It will be televised the following weekend it looks like, so look for our girl! I'll be riding in the truck with a few moms, others are walking, I frankly don't want to be on tv, haha.

Well I am looking forward to posting Christmas fun, so stay tuned!
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