Saturday, September 29, 2007

My daughter is uber cute!

Pictures don't lie! Hee. Here she is, enjoying playing on the deck, transferring the rocks from my bird bath to the chair... remind me again why we buy toys?

I have some funny stories, but they will have to wait till later, since its really late and I should go to bed. Blah. We were up watching the movie "Knocked Up". It was ok, some funny bits but I was kinda mad at the f-bomb being used WAY to much. Before that we watched High School Musical 2 with Ariel. She was totally pumped! Clapped along and danced. Maybe Santa can bring the new soundtrack so the other disc can take a break.

Ok, I need to sleep. Good night people... Zzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long Day

Today was a long day for me, as Ken was staying late for an industry night at the school. Ariel was a busy little bee as usual. Running around, climbing on everything and laughing up a storm. She was a kissing monster this morning, as she kept planting them on me over and over. Too cute.

Had a walk this morning, as the rain held off... not sure how much longer that's gonna last. Saw Nana briefly, and helped her with some shopping. Had a messy snack at the cafe, chocolate chip muffins and Ariel to not mix well.

During the royal nap, I made an appointment for our photos with Maria at Frozen Reflections. I got an email for her Christmas special, and its perfect timing, so yay! Also today got an email from Gymboree of the Christmas dresses that have arrived in the store! *Eek* They are uber cute and now the hard part of picking... I have a few I like, but once I see them in person, I will know if I LOVE them. I am excited I have my gymbucks day coming up, I can get me a deal, woot! So princess will have a picture perfect dress in time, now me is another story. Blah. Hmmm, maybe that Gap dress I got for the reunion would work... we shall see.

Finished up some projects today as well. So I give you my fall decor, first up my new pieces this year. New door wall hanging, table runner and pillow:

And the old favs:

Last night was our first gathering for our life group (Bible study). Its fun to see everyone in a relaxing setting again, and we had some newbies join us, parents of one of the new little ones who Ariel plays with in the nursery. It was mainly a catch up and overview of how things will go this year. Should be good, and Ariel did very well, and loved the toys they brought out for her to play with.

We had decided to walk over since it was a nice night, and got to see the amazing harvest moon. Very cool! Ariel seemed to like it, and called it 'pety' (pretty).

I was in a photo happy mood today, so enjoy. I love my cute subject. Hee.

Well, Ken is on the bus home, so I better go tidy up a bit so we can watch Ugly Betty and ER together when he gets in.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Doing the Cha Cha Cha...

...NOT ME! It was the start up of Dancing with the Stars, Ariel's favorite show (besides Daily Show and Colbert Report). She was very excited for the new dancers and did some fancy dancing for us...

She was pretty embarrassed when she spotted Ken with the camera. It almost sounds like, 'Daaad, stop filming meeeee!' Well, sort of, hehe.

It was a fun weekend and I do believe its really fall now. It was dang cold the past few nights. We all had to upgrade to warmer night clothes. Anyhoo, Ken was back to teaching on Saturdays and it was a hard transition. It was also an early start as Ken woke up at 7am, to realize his alarm didn't go off and in a quick decision, I piled the family into the car to drive Ken to the bus loop to catch his 715am bus. Yes, men can get ready fast and woman can drive fast, its how marriage works. Either way, he could have taken the next bus at 8am, but he had too much to get ready with it being the first day, and only having a half hour wouldn't have been enough.

Since Ariel and I were still in our pjs (thank goodness the rest of town was practically dead and not to embarrass me further with my lack of real clothes) we zipped to the only other house we knew who be up, Nana and Papa's. Had a quick visit and headed home.... ok we sidetracked to McDonald's for an breakfast treat. I think I deserved it. Hee.

Later that morning, when we were looking much more put together, we had a late coffee break with Nana before we headed into town for a walk and shopping. Ariel is really amazed with the food behind the glass...

After a stop for milk and the necessities for making dinner, we stopped to visit the ducks. We bought some food at the pet shop and had fun feeding them. Ariel stood watching for the longest time, then when she got the courage up to approach them, I called it an afternoon and time for a nap. (More so that she wouldn't go running after them into the water mainly.)

Nap was good and Ken came home from a fun filled day of teaching. I kissed them goodbye to run off to my night at church. It was our ladies night and we were learning beading! It was soooooooo much fun. I found a new hobby! Whee. Here is the bracket and earrings I made. See how happy they are. Haha.

Sunday we went early so I could do nursery duty during Sunday school hour. It was the first morning that we had to pull out the warmer clothes for Ariel, and it was cute to see her in some new stuff again. Doesn't she look just like a little doll?!

We FOUND the red bow Ariel lost in the room 2-3 weeks ago, so that was awesome! Ariel also discovered her love of hiding in the shelving.

Sadly this wasn't the best day for Ariel. Her teeth were hurting and she would only have short moments of relief until she went back to crying. Poor baby. She did like the teething ring... hmm cold!

To distract her a bit we went for a walk to get the week groceries. She was just happy to have Daddy home... I think she missed him on the Saturday.

I did some decorating the living room with my fall goodies. Almost done and will have the pics up soon. Right now its a bit messy since I have been in sewing mode this week again.

That leads us to today and our outing with Nana. We drove her to pick something up, I won't say what since its a present for someone. Hah! After a donut break, we came home and Ariel played until it was lunch and nap time. (See her cute booties - Mike and Jo bought those on their honeymoon last summer and they FINALLY fit. My girl has little feet!) She had a nice long one today, which is always nice for me.

Had yummy leftovers, lemon garlic chicken, and watched tv while cross stitching the project the lady is paying me to do for her. Whee. Corner Gas started again tonight, it was great! I love that show, but I did have to explain 'The Beachcombers' reference to Ken. Gotta love those Canadian inside jokes.

Well time to sign out... We will leave the final thought with Ariel and her bee costume that she loves... Bee good.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Birds and the Bees

I think the picture speaks for itself... and no, we didn't have the talk yet. I think we are still safe.

The little bee costume was a gift from the gal at the quilting shop. Her daughter use to wear it and thought Ariel would like it. I dressed her up to surprise Daddy, and it got quite a laugh. I met him at the door saying 'we have a bee problem'. He groaned (we have had huge, nasty bees hanging around here and found one or two in our home. Ugh. So this bee was a better surprise.

This morning Ariel, Nana and I went to Richmond. I picked up the last of my long awaited pictures at Sears. The guy asked if I wanted to book Christmas shots... I may need more time before I try again... yes, I will give them another chance. What can I say...

Stopped at Gymboree to show them some strange marks that appeared on Ariel's tomato dress after being washed. Yes, the tomato dress that I LOVE! I called yesterday and they told me to bring it in, but they didn't have any left in stock. I checked online and was happy to find one on clearance for $10. Whee. A new tomato dress is on the way. Anyhoo, took in the other one and was offered a new piece of clothing at the same value of the dress. I didn't even have a receipt, but no major issues, just a smile and help. COOL! Maybe they should talk to the customer service people at Sears... just a thought.

I am in the process of decorating with my fall goodies. Pictures as soon as its done. Yay. I also am preparing for Ken starting to teach on Saturdays again. I was just getting use to having him home, I am gonna miss him. However, tomorrow night is Ladies Night at church and we are making earrings! Too cool, I am so excited! Whee.

Oh, I just saw the Emmy fashion line for DOGS on Access Hollywood. So if your dog needs to walk a red carpet sometime soon, better check it out. Hehe.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention the big news! Ariel cut her first molar! Explains her weird behaviour last week and the uber drooling. Huzzah for the toothy wonder.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can you tell the fall line up has started?

If not, its why I haven't been around much. Haha. Yes, all my fav shows are getting back into the swing of things. Nothing better than crafting and watching tv when its cold and damp outside. Whee. To top it all off, I am breaking in my new sewing machine tonight. Oh its soooooooo nice. Nana also made an early 'Christmas' donation towards my new toy, and so a big thanks to her and Papa. Its so wonderful to sew on something that works. I had been using my mom's old machine over the years but its seen better days. Plus it wasn't really the best for quilting, which is becoming more and more what I am into these days.

So here it is, too cute eh? It was a AMAZING deal from the sale at the quilt show. Not only was it half price, they also threw in the quilting extender table and box of speciality quilting feet. I have never had all the correct tools for quilting, and it makes a BIG difference. I finished my table runner tonight, and its awesome. Lookie!

Other news... we have been down at the quilt shop visiting Stella the past few days. Ariel loves going and playing with the scrap bin. What a nut.

We also changed the living room a bit in regards to making a play area for Ariel. First we had to take down the play yard.

Then we were left with lots of toys, didn't realize how much that thing was holding.

I put down Ariel's new quilt from Stella that she made for her birthday, and set up her little tent. I want to get some bins from Ikea, but until I do, this will do.

She loves it, and was all excited about her tent being back.

Ariel has also started driving... sort of. I am not ready for this. Lol.

While shopping this week at Safeway, I finally found the baby yogurt I heard so much about. Its made with whole milk and fruit juices, so its made for babies who are just being introduced to dairy. Ariel loves them, and gobbles them down at snack time. She also wants to do more of the feeding herself... which is kinda messy, but then I know she is going to improve that much faster, so its worth it. She somehow manages to turn the spoon and eat off the wrong end daily. That's my girl!

On Tuesday we got an early call from Jaime, who was on route to Calgary during her whirlwind trip visiting from New Zealand. Ariel and I met up with her for lunch and it was nice to have some one on one time. Makes me miss her that much more, but I am so happy she has this amazing life over there with her hubby and 2 boys. We did talk about an arranged marriage for Ariel and one of her sons... hehe.

With the weather turning more into real fall, we have had to find more inside activities. Ariel is getting her first taste of creativity as I let her go nuts with some crayons. She made a lovely picture that we mailed to Grammy along with her new earring she needed made.

Like her mother, she is very concerned about its overall look before she surrenders it to be mailed.

Not much else to say. Car went in to get an oil change and get the heat shield on the muffler fixed. I love that they vacuum and wash the car too as part of the package, its the only way it stays clean! Haha. I got hired to do a cross stitch for a lady, shouldn't take more than a few nights to get it done.

Ken is busy with work and lots of new side projects. He started animating on Galen's new project which is called 'I'm Dirty' which is really funny to me, since its a kid's film. Its based on a book about a back hoe, who likes to get dirty while working in the mud. I had to laugh when the disc of material was held in customs so long, making Galen worry. The disc had the title 'dirty reference'.... well duh! I am sure they thought it was some sort of porno or something. Sadly, the customs people would be disappointed with the live footage of a back hoe. Sorry, no smut here. I did mention to Ken to pass along the idea of a title during production that wasn't so misleading. Hee.

There are also other interesting developments with another project for Ken, but until things are finalized, I will have to keep them quiet. Stay tuned.

Well, I am off to sew. I heart sewing machine!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

10 Year Reunion and weekend fun

Well, I went and I survived! Haha. Last night was my high school reunion and it was a lot of fun. I was glad I got to be a part of planning things, and I am sure it helped make the idea of going that much easier. I loved getting the opportunity to welcome them and see everyone as they signed it. We really all look the same, just a bit older...

The food was good, and the slide show went over really well, which made me happy. I get so uptight before they show those things, so it was good to have it done. Got to talk with some people I haven't seen in ages. The best time was just our group sitting together chatting, it was strange to think so much time has past since we were ALL together. With a soundtrack of that time playing in the background, for a moment I felt like we were back in the gym at a school dance or something. Its nice to go back, but I am glad where I am now.

I left feeling good, and I think that's important. It was sad to see so many people who didn't want to come, and I wonder why? Maybe in another 10 they will be ready... we shall see. Until then, here are a few pictures from tonight, followed by the video we showed tonight. Go Pacers! Hehe.

Earlier in the day, our group met for lunch at Ricky's. We had a wonderful time catching up. Jaime came out from New Zealand, Julie from Kelowna, Ann from Calgary and the rest from around these parts. We had breakfast at that same table the morning after our dry grad. We also all seemed to be wearing blue, except Cindy, that was really weird and funny, it was so not planned.

If that wasn't enough, even earlier that morning, Ken, Ariel and I were at Carter's birthday party. Yes her little friend is the big one too! Very exciting and we had a fun time meeting some new people and their little ones.

Birthday boy!

Ariel brings part of our gift to the party.

The balloons were a big hit.

Presents for Carter!

Ariel and Sienna try out the new toys while Carter continues unwrapping.

So it was a very busy day and I was thankful for a quiet Sunday. We had church in the morning and following it we took part in the Salmon BBQ. Yum. Ariel loves fish and was gobbling up everything in sight. Ken also did a little puppet moment today with Kermit and Animal. During lunch, they came out again for a visit for Ariel and her girl friends.

Ken is heading out tonight with Toby for a cartoon thing, so it will be a quiet night for the girls at home. I need rest... partying is hard work.
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