Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This blog is brought to you by the letter 'A'

In an attempt in trying this game, here is a run down on things on my mind this week, all having to do with 'A'

Ariel, my little berrykin has a new game called kick mommy till it hurts. At times its cute and fun, but not when mommy is trying to do some work on the computer, the aim is straight at the ribs, ack!

Annoyed was my mood yesterday dealing with Babies R Us. After chatting with others on my pregnancy message board, it seems I am not alone.

Awake is how most of my nights have been the past several weeks. The heat and growing size of my tummy made it hard to get comfy. It seems things are finally getting a bit better, at least this week.

Amen has been on my lips since I got my new berry flavored TUMS!!! For a girl who has never had heartburn before, the new experience was not one to be dancing about. It was never really bad until now. Has something to do with the size of my ever growing uterus. Eek!

Awe. I truely am in awe of the work my husband has done on his book. We saw the revised cover today, and were both excited and much happier than the orginal one made us feel. Won't be long now. Hee.

Amazed at how quick the days are going. Tomorrow is the beginning of June! In 30 days we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Wow!

Anxious about the coming months. The changes, the mystery and all the wonder we are about to experience. Its an overwhelming blessing and responsiblity.

Angels are watching over us, just like my mom the eagle, who flys by our window everyday since I got pregnant. She has been keeping an eye on me.

Awesome, a word not used much these days. Takes me back to high school. This is the only word to describe life, no matter if its good or bad.

All over! Well, until the story about building the crib tomorrow at some point, heh.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy Day

I shall soon do my all about 'a' post Dianne, so don't worry. Hehe. For now, just a regular update.

I seemed to be running all over today. Up uber early to drop the car off to get the tires dealt with. Ran into Nana and had a quick snack at the coffee shop. Dad came to get her from my place, it was Mike's grad ceremony today, YAY. He only finished back at Christmas, but the ceremony is only in Spring, go figure? Anyhoo, I got a load of laundry done, finally getting on track again.

Got a call that the picture I dropped off to frame was ready. However, had a doctor's appointment first. Got there at 1pm, baby is growing away. Whee. Measured at 32 weeks, and I am 31 and a bit, so thats good. 150-160 heartbeat, nice and strong, never get tired of hearing it. Booked another appointment for 2 weeks.

Went and got picture at framers, looks awesome! Its for the baby room. Hee. Picked up package at the post office. Decided since I had Nana's car I would pick up her dead computer (Mikey is gonna have a go at it). Got home, package was the canopy for over the crib, yay! Tire place calls, car is ready.

Walk to pick up the tank. Several bolts or something replaced, all is good. Got the brake fluid flushed too, all safe and ready for baby now. Went to pick up Papa so he could get their car and drive it home.

Set up canopy, looks good. Called Toys R Us to get stupid crib mess fixed. 45 minutes later problem solved, and crib arriving on Thursday. Long story on the issue, needless to say I will still be sending a letter to the head office on the on going issues I have had with this one particular store.

Trudy comes online and get a nice chat with her. Got some new pics of the boys. Theron's hair is light now and his eyes are now dark like his mom's, too cute. He sure is getting big. Saw Will's grad pic from pre-school. What a little man. Little Lucas is toooo cute! Mike and Trudy have got 3 handsome sons!

Ken calls, is on his way home! YAY. Leftovers for dinner, too hot to cook. That pretty much wraps up my uber busy day. Glad only the prenatal class is on the schedule for tomorrow, I need to rest.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Doesn't get much more exciting than this!

Hehe, I jest! This weekend as I mentioned before is May Days. A full weekend of fair rides, junk food, parade and most usually rain. Some things are just tradition. We missed the pancake breakfast this morning due to me being.... um sick, I was somewhat caught off guard too, which never makes me feel very happy. After the tears, got cleaned up and headed to church in the park. Think there were many 5 or so churches involved and it was a great turn out. Wasn't that cold, and the rain held off.

Afterwards we decided to hang out and watch the parade live this year. Usually, I catch it on ch. 4 later in the day. However, before snagging a seat, we hit the petting zoo where I got to hold a baby bunny. AWE! Excuse my extremely tired looking face. After Ken got some coffee and mini donuts, we found a empty curb and sat down to watch. Lots of creepy mascots, eek. I did enjoy the dancing Mr. Peanut. Hehe. Nana was in the parade with the Curves car. There were lots of tractors, farming related floats, kids and overall happy community spirit! Here are some photo highlights!

Once the parade had finished, we went to see the crowning of the new May Queen and the may pole dance performed by the local Brownies and Girl Guides. I rememeber doing this, ahhh memories. I felt bad that it was so windy, but they managed well.

Well, tomorrow I am helping Nana take her computer in to the shop. Might be a hard drive issue or something, but either way it doesn't work at the moment. Blah. Poor Nana. Thats all for me today, time to chill and prepare for the busy week ahead.

Baby countdown: 9 weeks to go!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pretty Toes

Nothing better than a new pedicure to make one feel pretty! I love the flowers she did. Apparently, she had a client who was in Hawaii, come in and wanted to redo this design that she had done while on vacation. So now after learning this new look, my gal can redo this pretty design on anyone who wants it for a fun summer look. I must say its perfect and I haven't stopped looking at how cute my toes are now. Whee. Complete with tiny jewel in the main flower. Oh, look out Hollywood. I am the wife of the new up and coming author right? Guess I need to look the part. Hahah.

So, I was corrected that the church service is in the park now, not the field. In my defence, it was in the field the past few years. Either way, its outside. Its pretty overcast today, hoping the rain holds.

Rented some movies for my lazy afternoon and got some baked perogies and salad at the Deli, yum. Ken called and said he still feels a bit icky. Hmmm, think its near the end though, cuz he sounds fine, just needs to rest tomorrow. Ken's mom called, the crib is ordered! YAY! They drove to Windsor this morning, good grief. I feel so bad this always happens to her. Needless to say baby better like the crib. I can't wait to get the nursery together now.

Ok, gonna rest and do some stitching.

Friday, May 26, 2006

May Day Weekend

Not that it really is a big deal to me... but it does mean church in the field of the high school. Praying for no rain. Whee. However, it does mean the parade is happening on Sunday and thus the street cleaning machine was out in full force at 6am for an HOUR! Gack! I couldn't figure out why it seemed so loud, but perhapes it was due to my still fresh from a migraine head.

Last night was rough, not so much on sleeping but watching poor Ken suffer with illness and trying to get something done for the book's cd, which was do Friday morning. I had managed to convince him to stay home sick today because he really needed to rest and get better. However, with the technical issues, he ended up driving back to Vancouver at 10pm to redo something and was up till midnight with interesting language to say the least. My husband is the most wonderful man and this rarely happens, so when it does, its extremely hard to take.

Long story short, it was finally fixed and sent! Huzzah! He then rested, and I think is finally coming around the bend on this cold thing. We did get a lovely surprise later that morning, a few pdf's of the final layout of chapters and pics. It really made the pain of the previous evening vanish! Its gorgeous! I was pratically in tears it was so amazing. Its gonna be a real book!!! All those months of work and to see a little peak was making all the sacrifices worth it. Can't wait now!

Also today was the coffee party potluck lunch. All I can say, yum. I really needed a good homemade spread like that. Fun to chat with the ladies and celebrate the birthdays, with Nana cake of course. Hee. Baby was all bouncy coming home, she must have liked the food too. Girl has good taste!

The afternoon is a blur, I was watching tv with Ken and then fell asleep...woke up, dinner time. Strange... but ok.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two posts in one day, wow!

Ken is still at work, doing some sort of composite thing. He still isn't well, in fact he really should be in bed resting, but there are so many stupid meeting this week that he should be there for. Needless to say, I had to cancel our guests for tomorrow night. I don't want to get any of their 3 kids sick, nor did the parents sooooooo, it works out I guess. I think Ken was disappointed but what else could I do. Sigh. There is always a next time.

Ok, my hair is uber cute! Lisa always is so awesome, which is why my next sentence makes me groan. She gave me an envelope when I left, inside was a letter for her clients saying she was leaving that studio and opening up one of her own. On the one hand I totally give her props, the girl is top notch and totally deserves it, however, its in Steveston, not a huge drive, but enough to make it difficult. I like local stuff, works better especially once I have a baby to haul and get sitters for. It really sucks, but maybe I will get lucky and get another good hairdresser at that place. I will give it a try at least. Dang, she really was good with my hair!!!!!!

In better news, Kara got the local job that I agreed to be a reference for. YAY! They never called so I guess she never needed my help, she had the stuff all along. 'Aunty' Kara did surprise me with a baby gift today, too cute! Even though she is technically finished at York and moving on to the Ballet place, its still awesome! What a lucky little girl she is gonna be with all this love!

Stella and I went to Costco and Superstore for a lookie. I got some boring bathroom stuff we were almost out of at Costco along with a new fan (with remote control!) and some random things at Superstore that I practically got for free after I cashed in my points. Woot! Love free stuff. Afterwards I was pretty zonked, and rested on the couch. Had some leftovers and now I am on the net surfing for a bit until Kenny gets home. He just called, the thing he was doing went well and he is on his way home, yay! Early to bed if I can get him to do that, depends how long this other thing he has to do tonight will take. Praying it goes fast!

Can't wait to try the new fan, but need to get Ken to unload it from the car first. Blah, on not being able to do it myself.

Weird dreams have to go!

Another one of the fun things lately has been the really strange dreams. They can be anything from just plain weird to extremely frightening. I am up at 5am this morning thanks to one, need to chill before going back to bed. I think my brain is too imaginative for my own good, blah.

Had our 2nd prenatal class last night. We watched 'The Video' in class, the one everyone knows is going to be shown as some point. It actually didn't bother me, and that made me feel pretty good. Ken seemed more nervous about how I was going to feel during the whole thing. I told him he can't hold anything I say during that time against me. Hehe.

The one thing the teacher stressed was the fact that labour was normal and natural. Being sent home in 24 hours after a normal delivery was perfectly fine, and that our bodies tend to relax in our home environment better than a strange hospital. I could agree with that. I hate hospitals, and plan to get out as soon as I can. Baby will stay with me right after birth, no nursery like you sometimes hear about, unless there is a problem with the child. Its like instantly you are responsible and they want you to understand that and make you comfortable with baby.

Later in class, the men had to put a blowen up balloon under their shirts to see what it was like to be pregnant. Much laughing followed this, and some pretty goofy guys being all silly about it. Yeah, its funny for that 5-10minutes, try 40 weeks! Learned some labour positions and what would be available to us at the hospital and what we should bring. Start making a list soon. Actually, in our class we are the first couple due to give birth... eek!

I think Ken is a bit better after resting yesterday. He was still a little zonked last night during class. We watched American Idol in bed when we got home (taped it) and we were pleased Taylor won. It was one of the better final shows they have done in awhile. More singing than listening to Ryan yak about how many votes there was, maybe since we ALL knew there was no way Katherine was going to win... Meatloaf made a special appearance! He has a new album coming out soon, oh my teenage years are coming back to me. Actually, lots of famous people were on with the idol kids so it was good all around.

Going to get my hair done this morning, there is a good chance I will fall asleep in the chair... oh well. Also, planned to shop with Stella afterwards, something fun I have been looking forward to. Ok, going to get a bit more rest before things get rolling. Later!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Put on a happy face

I am trying to keep myself happy today, even though my sleeping pattern isn't improving. Last night being the worst in awhile. When the going gets tough, look at a red panda! How can one not be happy and laughing after looking at that face! I saw a red panda for the first time ever in Michigan when we went to the Detroit Zoo (which the government is trying to close, boooooo). I bought a stuffed one at the gift shop and he lives in our bed. But the live ones are uber cute and I needed a smiling one today.

Ken is home sick today. Just some sort of flu/cold I think. I feel somewhat responsible since I could have been waking him up in the night with my new routine. Either way, he is here, and has a sore throat and heavy head. When he came home yesterday, he looked like a truck had run him over. He never uses his sick days, so I was somewhat surprised when he said he was going to cash one in today. I think he will sleep most of the day away. He has to pull it together for class tonight... should be interesting.

I am gonna get us some lunch, my boy needs food and so does my berrykin.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Doesn't feel like Tuesday...

Sometimes long weekends can mess up your head. I keep thinking its Monday and if I don't get that right soon I am going to miss an appointment for sure. Blah. I keep checking the calander almost like a nervous twich. I miss my brain.

Took the car in to get the snow tires off and the spring ones put on. Needless to say they got the front ones changed but I need to bring it back next week to have them finish. Have to call Dad tonight to get some questions answered that I couldn't. Either way it works out cuz the car could use an spring tune up in time for baby. If only they washed the cars too. Heh.

Had my birthday dinner last night at Nana's. Very good food and I got some nice leftovers in my fridge now. YAY. Its a plus since Ken is gonna be late today anyways. Deb and Blair were there last night, so it was nice to catch up. They haven't seen me pregnant so it was a bit of a shock I think, overwhelmed maybe is a better word.

I then proceeded to have the worst sleep ever, or should say lack there of. I was in tears of frusteration unable to get comfortable and at one point couldn't turn myself, thus making me a crying mess. Give me the sickness anyday, just let me able to get some sort of rest. I did get a mini nap in today but when I look in the mirror I can't reconize my face. I guess this is what it will be like to have a baby around. Somehow I feel the trade off is getting to watch them, and at this point since baby is still comfy inside, I have to suck it up.

Ken's mom is having problems ordering our crib. I really can't get over what terrible luck this poor woman has when it comes to getting us something. They won't let her order over the phone, and the stupid thing hasn't been available online for months. Sigh. She is going to try and get to Windsor to find the store in hopes she can order it there for us. Last ditch effort is sending us the cheque and us getting it ourselves. She hates doing it that way and I don't blame her at all.

Ok, note to self, tomorrow is Wednesday.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Blues

So, I think I am suffering a case of the blues lately. I think the lack of sleep and growing discomfort is making me difficult to live with. My brain is really starting to quit on me. I am repeating myself a lot more and just generally forgetting everything! To top it off I just feel bored and want things to get going. I haven't gotten everything set up yet which makes me all giddy, and I can't until other people take care of their commitments. I will feel better once the room is set up and I can go in and feel relaxed. 10 weeks to go.... sometimes I hope they go fast and other times I don't think its enough time... Does that make sense?

Last night Ken had youth pastor Dan over for pizza and movies. They had a good time and I spent my time surfing the net, since I don't see the computer much when Ken is home. After Dan left, Ken did some editing and I worked on a mini table runner I may put in the baby's room. The instructions I thought had a mistake in them, and since I was positive that was the case, I walked downstairs to look in the Quilted Bear's window to see the sample. Sure enough, I was right and had to unpick a large section and redo it. All that is left is the back and the binding.

Sounds like Ken's mom and brothers have figured out when they are coming in August to visit. They are planning on the 9th to the 15th. They could end up being here for the birth if baby is overdue (praying thats not the case). My doctor said they wouldn't let me go past the 10th of August. Might be an interesting visit if that comes to pass. Since the baby showers around here happen after the baby arrives, I am hoping one could happen during their visit, so Ken's mom can be included, since its her first grandchild as well. Hard to say with all the wedding stuff happening but it be nice and I think she would be happy too. The distance is a hard factor sometimes. They felt so left out of the wedding, I don't want that to happen again with this baby.

Ordered our maternity prints today, finally. Seems like I keep forgetting to get these things done. But a long weekend helps when there is another brain in the house. We had pancakes and bacon this morning, yum. Nice to have a meal together like that. Ken pretended to feed the imaginary baby pancakes, hehe. He is now doing the dishes, sweet!

Tonight is my long awaited birthday dinner with the family. Looking forward to it indeed!

Friday, May 19, 2006

End of a hot week

I keep checking for the rain that was promised, yet it still looks as if its holding, BLAH! The muggy nights haven't been fun. I must say today was better, its still pretty warm. I have been keeping the bathtub filled with cold water to go soak my feet in every so often, it helps. Today was pretty low key. I slept in a bit, went to the store for some things for dinner tonight, had a nap on the couch and now plan to get dinner started. Yes, its not very exciting, but I am on the following day of a nasty one. My body seems back to normal, I was eating everything in sight last night, making up what I had lost earlier. Have to get in gear, finally getting my long awaited birthday dinner on Monday!

So its a long weekend and I am excited to have Kenny home. He has been finishing the editing, which is practically done, and I'd love to have a nice day off with him. He has been glued to my tummy any time he gets. The berrykin is a bundle of energy these days. We have been having fun asking things and getting a kick for yes. So far, likes her name, pizza, and music. Heheh. Actually, there were bagpipes on tv last night and she went nuts! Must be that Scottish side coming out.

Speaking of TV last night, lots of season finales and shows ending. Will and Grace was very well done. We loved the scene with Jack and Karen singing at the piano. Then ER was really intense, and I mean big time. They always do that massive cliffhanger episode, ugh, now we have to wait till summer is over. Blah. Must find spoilers on the internet. Heh. In surprising news, 7th Heaven was given life again by the new CW network. So, its back for an 11th season, I must admit I had given up hope but this is neat news.

Ok, off to make bok choy stir fry, yum!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ok, I had to post this, I love Hamsters!

Its not a mouse people! Oh well, it was funny, enjoy!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Thats how I am feeling after getting forgetful last night and paying the price this morning. After coming home from prenatal class, which was very good by the way and I shall comment further later, I had a bad headache and took a pill to help it. Needless to say, my silly brain somehow concluded that it was my Diclectin I took and went to bed happy. This morning was not as sunny as it may be outside. I was quickly reminded why I still take the stupid pills, and now have had to sleep away the morning, trying to keep one down so that in hopes I can eat and drink again. With it being hot, I need fluid and if I can't keep it down, its not gonna help me. Ugh.

Ok, good stuff. Class was really good. 10 couples, including us. Some are from Ladner too, whee. The instructor is as well, so you know she is good. Hehe. We just did some basic overview of what would be happening over the 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the class, and feel pretty comfortable. I must point out there were some unhappy hubbys there, apprently there was a hockey game on. Hey, I was missing ANTM so deal with it. Heheh.

Out of all of us, only 2 couples (us being one) knew the sex of the baby. The other couple we overheard had gone about it the same way we did, via 3D ultrasound. They are expecting a little boy. You could tell that the others were curious how we got our info since the Richmond policy is basically no one tells you at all. I think the 3D place is gonna be getting lots of calls from our classmates. It was also my first view of the hospital where I will deliver. Its nice, and we know now where to park when the time comes, Ken's biggest concern. I'd like to point out its very close to Pizza Hut, and perhapes snacks after class maybe in order. Hmmmmm.

Speaking of Ken, the poor guy is really taking an emotional beating at work these days. Its hard, he is taking it so well while balancing everything else in his life these days. I wish sometimes though the complaining would stop, it isn't a perfect world, therefore, why expect a perfect workplace. Places change and grow, and there is ALWAYS growth pains. The need to let go and trust others, bringing more people in to help, and needing to realize that you can't do everything yourself. In the end, both Ken and myself love that business deeply and believe in it. We know its time for growth and change, sure we like to keep it how it was, but then so much good that has come out would have been missed. You may lose things in change, but you gain too. My life has been a constant reminder of that in the most dramatic of ways.

Ok, I think I am ready to try something in my tummy again, sigh. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In the dark....

So during my rest time yesterday, I was chilling on the couch watching Dr. Phil rip some guy to shreds when *poof* there went the power. Somewhat annoyed, but yet not really caring, since we always have the odd outage that lasts only a few minutes (which is enough to have to reset all the clocks) I just waited. Strange.... an hour had come and gone, still nothing. Time to call the trusty 24 hour hydro line. The recording voice then said power to be restored at ... 830pm! Good grief. Pregnant women need their fans! Sigh. However, both Ken and I were to be at the church that night for the ladies tea, so I figured by the time we got home all should be well.

The tea was lovely. Ken was uber cute as a server. My awesome friend Dianne came out for it, leaving her super busy life of work and modules for school. Thats a friend! Yay! The church was nice and cool, ahhhh. We ate realllllllllly good desserts and plently of tea. Dianne won the table runner door prize, yay. I was being shown off to many friends who hadn't seen me or even knew of my berrykin hanging out in my tummy. It was a great night and I am pleased that its over, it was lots of work.

So we drive home and see an odd light in a few neighbouring apartments. Upon further investigation, part of the power is back, yet not all. I have to say I have NEVER seen that before. We were both too tired to care, so we called Nana to be the wake up call in case the power didn't come back during the night.

Woke up and sure enough, no power still. Ugh. Well, we did have like 3 outlets that works, one being the tv, so I managed to make pancakes and watch the morning shows until *poof* everything was out. Ugh. This was getting a little bit annoying. So, I call the hydro people again, and talked to someone this time. Apprently, there was something underground being the prime issue. So I walked to the store and bank to kill some time. Managed to smash my juice bottle before getting home, ohhhh that wasn't what I needed.

Talked to Ken at noon and told him about my new cel ringtone (seriously, I had nothing better to do!) I went upstairs to rest, since tonight is our first prenatal class. As the clock on my phone hit 1pm *poof* I could hear the beeping of the computer, the buzz of the freezer and my clock radio playing some bad pop song. YAY. It was finally over. Not a moment too soon, I was beginning to worry about all the frozen stuff in our freezer.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Shopping Bag

Well, I racked up some dollars on some new summer maternity clothes today, woot! I actually haven't spent much on clothes since getting pregnant, the last time I bought a couple hundred dollars worth was at the very beginning which was still winter time. I have been getting uber hot lately with the sun finally coming out, and the long sleeves had to go! So, now I have several cute things for the sunny days ahead.

With my clothes I got a goodie bag of samples. In the samples was a newborn diaper. Its very cute and small, and got me a touch overwhelmed. Eek. I am going have something that small that fits in that thing! Crazyness.

Papa was under his house today finding tires. He found at least 6 under there and 4 in the shed. Nana at one point had to pull him out because he was somewhat stuck. Not sure what to think of a 79 year old doing silly things like that on such a hot day. Now he is off to sell his tires and get some cash. Good ol' Papa!

Now its nap time, sigh. I have used up all my daily energy. Sigh.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

So it was my first mother's day (sort of) heh. Next year will be the big one but this one was just as nice. Ken surprised me with pancakes and strawberries in bed this morning. Yum! Headed to church and helped our class make cards for the moms, they were pretty nice. Even if one kid made his look more easter related with lots of eggs on it. Had a nice service, got a pretty flower and then went outside for the offical ground breaking ceremony for the ministry centre. I remember the one 18 years ago when the church was built, kinda surreal to be standing there today. Afterwards there was strawberry shortcake for everyone. Very cool.

Then we headed to Nana's for lunch. Penny and Bill had come out the day before and brought food so Nana didn't have to cook anything. Kyle even showed up today to surprise his mom, awe! Nana scored 3 hanging baskets, not bad. I got my birthday gift from Mike and Jo, a lovely Willow Tree figure. Then we filled our bellies on a nice spread of food and crashed in the living room. Mike and Kyle played cribbage with Papa, who I think was cheating, or trying to. Penny was filming it so we should get an offical report eventually.

Did find out for sure that Ken's mom and brothers are going to be booking a flight for August to come visit us and the new baby. That should be nice. Mike and Jo got their wedding registry done. Complete with big screen tv, nice job Mikey. Now I can go shopping for them and Marcy and Stephen's wedding.

Now we are home, ahhh. Time to put the feet up and relax. Its the big finale of Survivor tonight, so that should keep us busy for who knows how many hours. Ken has gone to get the traditional bean dip we always have when its on. Been doing that since the summer we were engaged in 2000, during survivor 1. Memories... hehehe.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Its seems to be getting hotter each day, which means summer is really around the corner. Sleeping is difficult enough, not sure how I feel about added heat. Hmmm. I should have bought one of those misting fan bottles I saw at Disneyland back in 2003, that would have been great.

Yesterday was my old high school's graduation celebration. Its always fun to head down and watch the kids all dressed up in fancy dresses and tuxs. Lots of different looks this year, many retro ones and sooooooooooooooo much black. All I could think about was how hot they must be, since it was extremely sunny. I think my favorite this year was this burnt orange colored one, with nice bead work and cool design. I couldn't get over the amount of backless dresses. Eek, not for this girly.

Ran into some gals from my grad class and we discussed that next year is our 10 year reunion. Assuming since no one will take it on, looks like those left in Ladner shall bear the task. Sure I'll have a baby hanging off me, should make it interesting. Hehe.

Afterwards we went to the house of the grad gal we had gone to see. Her parents were having a little party in their backyard. I use to babysit her, not many of those left that haven't graduated. Strange to think my little one might be graduating someday from that school too.

Ken arrived home from work and we caught a bite at Boston Pizza and afterwards managed to find him a white shirt for his serving stint at the Ladies Tea this week! One more thing off the list. Yay. Walked by the video store and finally rented 'Rent' and disc one of season 2 of 'Corner Gas'. Ken also got me some ice cream, yum! The music in Rent was amazing and made us want to see the live stage show just to compare it. Plays never seem as good on film, there is just something about the theater. Its quite a downer of a story since its all about the lives of some HIV and AIDS infected people, those on drugs etc. Needless to say, the music still was fantasic.
Also this week watched, 'Shall we dance' and I really liked that one. Kinda a deeper message that you don't see coming and a ending that had me in tears. (Darn those hormones!) Discovered a cover of a song by Peter Gabriel that was amazing. Its the new one on my playlist. When its played in the final scene of the movie, its just so cool. One of those perfect romantic moments Richard Gere seems to get, like the one in 'Pretty Woman'. Sigh.

This morning, I am off to prepare flowers for the mothers day service at church tomorrow. Then to Nana's to see the family that is coming in for the weekend, yay. Ken is back at teaching now, and that will go for 12 weeks or something. So, by the end of that we are gonna have a baby. Whoa.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The kicking is back...

After a long day of not really feeling baby, she was back in action today, lots of kicks out front that made my belly pop out in spots. I actually kinda missed her doing that. I have had alot of inward kicks these days so to see the pops was nice. I can understand how sad it will be when they stop for good when the berrykin moves out.

Ken is working late tonight, info session. He took the car this time so he can get home faster, yay! He gets to see Mark P. tonight so he is excited about that. Mark has kids and it gives him a chance to talk dad to future dad.

Kara came today and made our bathroom beautiful again, YAY. She was also kind enough to drive me to the store to get some stuff. Very helpful and very much appricated. I got the chance while she did that to get a huge load of laundry done, ironing and some basic clean up that had been bugging me. Overall, a good day, but boy was I tired. Ugh.

The downside of today was the issue with our life insurance we were trying to get in place. I am fine but Ken is the issue. We have requested the info from the file in Toronto so we can try and figure out what we can do. Basically, we pretty much know its about a particular test Ken had done for a study being done at Harvard University. They are trying to figure out this gene that seems to be popping up in his family, its a kidney related issue. Some of his Aunts and Uncles have had something show up and he was asked to be tested for this study. At this point, his mom shows no trace of it, and if it never does, then Ken can't be a carrier. However, the insurance people seem to think its a bigger deal and are making things a bit difficult for us. Makes me mad to think he got that test done for helping a study and now we are getting the short end of the stick. Blah. I aint going down without a good battle on this one, in a Christian way of course. Hehe.

Had a nap on the couch this afternoon and get leftovers for dinner so it will be a low key evening of ANTM and Amazing Race. Woot. After all the work today, it will be nice to relax. Maybe a bubble bath is in order.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby Clothes Ahoy!

The package from Ken's mom arrived yesterday. She wasn't kidding when she said she went a little nuts. There are some pretty adorable outfits, so I will have one flashy baby. At least one of us will look good. The note included mentioned that Dan (Ken's youngest brother) thinks she needs therapy. Hehe. I think she is excited to finally buy pink, after having all boys, its a new thing for her.

We took this picture to send her in a thank you e-mail last night. Baby Stitch is wearing the cute bonnet, which I love! She also included socks, booties, headbands and a hand and foot print kit that comes with cute frames to hang in the nursery. Whee. I got everything sorted and loaded into the dresser after showing it off at tea this morning with Nana, Stella and Kara. Stella said we better have a girl now. Lol.

After tea Nana and I went to the other nursery, the plant one. I got some cute new plants for my planters and a neat mushroom, made by a local artist, for Ken. It had 2 little frogs on it. Awe. I planted them this afternoon and now I feel better about the look of my deck pots.

Got some cross stitch done today on the baby sampler. Its almost done, and I will post pics soon. Yay. Of course it will be without the name and date, I'll have to steal some time when baby arrives to do that, but it won't take more than a half hour to do. I'm sure there will be someone wanting to hold the kid, hehe. In fact I have been told to expect not to get to hold the baby at church at all. Everyone is waiting to get a turn with a newbie, since its been awhile since there was a wee little one around. Guess I may need to put a tracking device on her ankle.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to the 3rd trimester...

Strange, its so strange. We are basically in the last phase of this whole pregnancy. What may seem like 3 months left really is gonna go fast... scary. I think it really hit us both looking at pictures of Trudy and Mike's new son. Lucas Jude was born on Friday and is the cutest thing. Those guys make the most adorable babies. I can't wait to see them as teenagers one day.

Anyhoo, seeing that little person really made Ken realize what would be arriving sooner than we know. For me, it made me a tad more eager to meet our baby, more so because I am really growing uncomfortable. During church yesterday, the little bean was kicking away during prayer, and I was trying to keep the reaction to a minimum. Its really getting strong now, and becoming alot more frequent during the day.

This weekend was pretty laid back. Ken was gone all of Saturday with the open house and film festival in the evening. I ended up checking out the church garage sale, they made like $4000, which is awesome. Otherwise, I basically just relaxed. Sunday was nice and just getting to spend some time together. We went to lunch and had a huge nap in the afternoon. Naps are somewhat exciting now, I am indeed growing up. LOL. In the evening we had a simple dinner and watched our new favorite show, 'Corner Gas.'

I rented the first season of it from the video store. We have seen the odd one on tv, but never really got into it since it was on during 7th Heaven. It has to be one of the best written shows we have seen in a long time. Some parts were having us laughing so hard we had to rewind what we missed. Its very random with aspects of its humor, something we both like. The best part, its CANADIAN!!! I am ready to drive to Saskatchewan just to see the set. Hmm, family road trip...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hard week at an end

Its friday, and couldn't be more happy to see this week be over with. Thank you to all my friends and family who sent me notes of comfort with the loss of my dear dog Lucas. They were appricated and treasured. Also, thanks for the never ending birthday e-cards! Ken couldn't get over how many I got. Heh. He was always like, ANOTHER ONE!?

Nana dropped off Lucas' ashes the other day. The vet gave them in a beautiful white, pearlized ceramic urn. I put his collar inside and it sits in my downstairs window where he can be in the sun. Ken made a neat comment that we finally are able to have my dog here with us, something I wanted since we were married. Its like we can feel his presence here and we love it.

Ken was on the CBC radio today. He sounded so smart. Hee. I think this was his 3rd time on the radio for something animation related. The funny thing is he can't remember the other times, old age is setting in. He is gonna be gone all day tomorrow for the school's open house thing, and then he is off to this claymation festival. Poor me, alone again. Trip to the video store will be in order. Heheh. Also got a little quilting kit for a small runner, a nice craft to keep me busy.

Also as promised, we got our proofs from Maria. These are 2 of my favs. Simple yet beautiful. So I will be ordering those soon. I want to get the scrapbook going, yay! It was funny as I was showing them to my friend Trudy, via messenger, that it was the first proof that I was indeed pregnant. Since she is in the next province over, it makes it hard to see each other. I guess she had to take me at my word that I was indeed having a baby. Speaking of Trudy, she went in today to have baby #3!!!!!!!!!!!!! They decided to do a planned C-section because baby wasn't really wanting to be born and his size was getting big. Of course the idea of surgery of any type is a pain, but the worst part was she was on a list of sorts, so really had no clue when she would be going in. Good grief. I am hoping that it happened early enough today for her sake. Will be hearing from her early next week, good luck my friend! I worry about the idea of my baby not wanting to come out either. Seems to be a trend with people I know. Eek.

Kara came by today for a visit. In her regular perfect timing, she was able to help me get our stuff to the church for the big garage sale there tomorrow. They have TONS of stuff. I think I may swing by to see if I find any neat things. Pastor Dave was trying to sell me on some weird baby thing that looked like a raccoon trap in my opinion. If you need a washing machine, there are at least 3 for sale. Anyhoo, Kara is coming to help me clean my house next week, namely my bathroom tub, which I can't bend down to clean anymore. Bless her heart, and I will gladly pay her for her services, heh. Trying to get Ken to help in the midst of editing is proving difficult and I want a clean tub!

So, its been a week of ups and downs. Now I go to bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



My friend has gone... there are no words to say how much I will miss my fluffy boy. Even as he lay there, gone from his body, he still was the most beautiful dog.

His eyes showed his age, his face was tired and his legs just didn't work anymore. It was time for him to go home, but why is that so hard. He was with me for so much of my live. 13 years, its kinda weird to think about him not being under the table to beg or to come running to say hi when you would visit. He was a perfect little guy, with such funny quirks that made him human is some strange ways.

Lucas loved salad and his rope toy. He hated being wet, he was quite a priss actually. I always figured if he had a voice it would sound like Niles from 'Frasier.' He use to bolt after the birds in the backyard. Bark when the phone rang or the mail man came. He accidentally destroyed a few letters trying to pull the mail from the slot when it was inserted. He was proud, and walked in such a way like he was prancing. He was well trained and it showed. Lucas had one ear that would always stand straight up, and he would pose whenever he saw a camera.

I took some video of him taking a last walk around the yard this morning before we had to go to the vet. In a senior moment, he decided that he needed to use the bathroom at the end of the footage. Sigh, thats my silly dog. Your heart beat so strong for everyone, you loved to cuddle. Its funny to think how we almost lost you at a few weeks with a bad heart. One operation later and you showed us that you were gonna take the world by storm, well in a dog way of course.

You were the most amazing dog in the world, and truly one of a kind. Ken said he pictures you sitting beside mom's chair in heaven in a large field where you can chase the birds. You were never the same after she left, your heart broke like ours did. Say hi to her for me and give her a good snuggle. I think she has some cookies for you in her jacket pocket.

My Lucas, my friend, my dog... I will miss you forever.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Today I am 27, wow... strange. Its funny how as you get older your birthday seems different. We got in late last night, and at one point I woke up and had to visit the bathroom, when I got back to bed I saw the clock said 12:05am... it was official. It was weird. I didn't feel older, I didn't feel super excited, I just felt...the same. I guess age is now more so a number.

I remember how you couldn't wait to be 10, double digits. Then it was 13, because you were officially a teenager. Then it was sweet 16 and that desire to drive... well maybe for most kids. Then 19 came along and you were legal drinking age, another one of those things I never seemed interested in. Then 21, when you were really somewhat an adult. That never seemed more true on my 21st birthday. My mom had died just a month prior and I was in a tail spin of where to go from here moments.

Suddenly, I was finishing my schooling and getting engaged. Within a year I was really making some of the largest decisions I would ever make. When I look back now, it really was a blur at times, but I wouldn't change a thing. Ken has given me back my birthday again when I felt it was taken away in a moment of change.

He has always been sweet and spoiled me in ways I would ever dream. Just simple things like getting up really early (which is so hard for my hard working guy who gets up early as it is) to make me breakfast in bed. Who takes me to Victoria for my 25th, and gets this huge suite overlooking the harbour. Finds or makes me cute gifts that only he would know I would love. Its a strange, but mindblowing connection we have, and it truly makes me feel blessed everyday I have him in my life.

As I approch the new phase of life and motherhood, I think so many thoughts. Am I ready? Will I be a good mom? And really the saddest thought, will I be there for my kids past age 45? Age is a bit scary now. I know the year I turn the age my mom did when she died will be the hardest thing I will ever have to face. Part of me wishes I could get it over with, but then I would miss all the joy inbetween. I love my life, and I know that when the day comes I will face it head on.

I am 27 today, and do you know why I feel so blessed? I am offically 27 weeks pregnant today. That didn't happen by chance, its a gift from above, and a reminder that the best is yet to come.
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