Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In the dark....

So during my rest time yesterday, I was chilling on the couch watching Dr. Phil rip some guy to shreds when *poof* there went the power. Somewhat annoyed, but yet not really caring, since we always have the odd outage that lasts only a few minutes (which is enough to have to reset all the clocks) I just waited. Strange.... an hour had come and gone, still nothing. Time to call the trusty 24 hour hydro line. The recording voice then said power to be restored at ... 830pm! Good grief. Pregnant women need their fans! Sigh. However, both Ken and I were to be at the church that night for the ladies tea, so I figured by the time we got home all should be well.

The tea was lovely. Ken was uber cute as a server. My awesome friend Dianne came out for it, leaving her super busy life of work and modules for school. Thats a friend! Yay! The church was nice and cool, ahhhh. We ate realllllllllly good desserts and plently of tea. Dianne won the table runner door prize, yay. I was being shown off to many friends who hadn't seen me or even knew of my berrykin hanging out in my tummy. It was a great night and I am pleased that its over, it was lots of work.

So we drive home and see an odd light in a few neighbouring apartments. Upon further investigation, part of the power is back, yet not all. I have to say I have NEVER seen that before. We were both too tired to care, so we called Nana to be the wake up call in case the power didn't come back during the night.

Woke up and sure enough, no power still. Ugh. Well, we did have like 3 outlets that works, one being the tv, so I managed to make pancakes and watch the morning shows until *poof* everything was out. Ugh. This was getting a little bit annoying. So, I call the hydro people again, and talked to someone this time. Apprently, there was something underground being the prime issue. So I walked to the store and bank to kill some time. Managed to smash my juice bottle before getting home, ohhhh that wasn't what I needed.

Talked to Ken at noon and told him about my new cel ringtone (seriously, I had nothing better to do!) I went upstairs to rest, since tonight is our first prenatal class. As the clock on my phone hit 1pm *poof* I could hear the beeping of the computer, the buzz of the freezer and my clock radio playing some bad pop song. YAY. It was finally over. Not a moment too soon, I was beginning to worry about all the frozen stuff in our freezer.

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Dynamitedianne said...

I'm blushing

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