Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pretty Toes

Nothing better than a new pedicure to make one feel pretty! I love the flowers she did. Apparently, she had a client who was in Hawaii, come in and wanted to redo this design that she had done while on vacation. So now after learning this new look, my gal can redo this pretty design on anyone who wants it for a fun summer look. I must say its perfect and I haven't stopped looking at how cute my toes are now. Whee. Complete with tiny jewel in the main flower. Oh, look out Hollywood. I am the wife of the new up and coming author right? Guess I need to look the part. Hahah.

So, I was corrected that the church service is in the park now, not the field. In my defence, it was in the field the past few years. Either way, its outside. Its pretty overcast today, hoping the rain holds.

Rented some movies for my lazy afternoon and got some baked perogies and salad at the Deli, yum. Ken called and said he still feels a bit icky. Hmmm, think its near the end though, cuz he sounds fine, just needs to rest tomorrow. Ken's mom called, the crib is ordered! YAY! They drove to Windsor this morning, good grief. I feel so bad this always happens to her. Needless to say baby better like the crib. I can't wait to get the nursery together now.

Ok, gonna rest and do some stitching.


Dynamitedianne said...

Gorgeous toes, dahlink! Really really cute :)

I love it when they use the little jewels.

Alfred Kuchinski said...

Hi, my name is Alfred Kuchinski and I have always liked women with pretty feet. Some people call that gross.
Some guys like breasts,legs,lips and noses...I like feet.
Pamper yourself darling and invite your husband to massage your feet.

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