Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

So it was my first mother's day (sort of) heh. Next year will be the big one but this one was just as nice. Ken surprised me with pancakes and strawberries in bed this morning. Yum! Headed to church and helped our class make cards for the moms, they were pretty nice. Even if one kid made his look more easter related with lots of eggs on it. Had a nice service, got a pretty flower and then went outside for the offical ground breaking ceremony for the ministry centre. I remember the one 18 years ago when the church was built, kinda surreal to be standing there today. Afterwards there was strawberry shortcake for everyone. Very cool.

Then we headed to Nana's for lunch. Penny and Bill had come out the day before and brought food so Nana didn't have to cook anything. Kyle even showed up today to surprise his mom, awe! Nana scored 3 hanging baskets, not bad. I got my birthday gift from Mike and Jo, a lovely Willow Tree figure. Then we filled our bellies on a nice spread of food and crashed in the living room. Mike and Kyle played cribbage with Papa, who I think was cheating, or trying to. Penny was filming it so we should get an offical report eventually.

Did find out for sure that Ken's mom and brothers are going to be booking a flight for August to come visit us and the new baby. That should be nice. Mike and Jo got their wedding registry done. Complete with big screen tv, nice job Mikey. Now I can go shopping for them and Marcy and Stephen's wedding.

Now we are home, ahhh. Time to put the feet up and relax. Its the big finale of Survivor tonight, so that should keep us busy for who knows how many hours. Ken has gone to get the traditional bean dip we always have when its on. Been doing that since the summer we were engaged in 2000, during survivor 1. Memories... hehehe.

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